Statistical look at Jimmy Raye’s O.C. history

Here’s a closer look at how Jimmy Raye has fared as an offensive coordinator through the years.

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The Raye File

Jimmy Raye, 62, has been an NFL offensive coordinator for 12 seasons with six teams. Working from the most recent at the top, here is how those teams fared:


2005: Raiders (4-12) Head coach: Norv Turner

Total offense 21st, Rushing 29th, Passing 10th, Pts 23rd

2004: Raiders (5-11) Head coach: Turner

Total offense 17th, Rushing 32nd, Passing 8th, Pts 18th

Note: Turner oversaw the bulk of the play-calling. Kerry Collins was the quarterback during these two seasons. The Raiders’ top rusher in ’04 was Amos Zereoue, while LaMont Jordan rushed for 1,025 yards in ’05.


2001: Redskins (8-8) Head coach: Marty Schottenheimer

Total offense 28th, Rushing 8th, Passing 30th, Pts 28th

Note: His quarterback was Tony Banks, while Stephen Davis rushed for 1,432 yards.


2000: Chiefs (7-9) Head coach: Gunther Cunningham

Total offense 8th, Rushing 25th, Passing 5th, Pts 9th

1999: Chiefs (9-7) Head coach: Cunningham

Total offense 12th, Rushing 4th, Passing 22nd, Pts 8th (tie)

1998: Chiefs (7-9) Head coach: Schottenheimer

Total offense 19th, Rushing 23rd, Passing 16th, Pts 14th

Note: Elvis Grbac was the primary starting QB during those seasons. The Chiefs did not have a 1,000-yard rusher during these three seasons. When the Chiefs ranked fourth in rushing in 1999, it was the ultimate RB-by-committee. The Chiefs had four rushers with 230 yards or more.


1991: Rams (3-13) Head coach: John Robinson

Total offense 18th, Rushing 27th, Passing 7th, Pts 24th

Note: Jim Everett was the QB, and Robert Delpino led the ground game with 688 yards.


1990: Patriots (1-15) Head coach: Rod Rust

Total offense 26th, Rushing 25th, Passing 20th, Pts 28th

Note: They started three different QBs this season. Marc Wilson, Tommy Hodson and Steve Grogan got their chances. John Stephens led the way with 808 yards rushing.


1986: Buccaneers (2-14) Head coach: Leeman Bennett

Total offense 27th, Rushing 12th, Passing 27th, Pts 26th

1985: Buccaneers (2-14) Head coach: Bennett

Total offense 23rd, Rushing 21st, Passing 17th, Pts 21st

Note: Steve Young and Steve DeBerg split time as the QBs. James Wilder rushed for 1,300 yards in ’85. Wilder had 704 yards rushing in ’86, and Young chipped in with 425 yards on the ground.


1984: Rams (10-6) Head coach: Robinson

Total offense 21st, Rushing 2nd, Passing 27th, Pts 12th

1983: Rams (9-7) Head coach: Robinson

Total offense 12th, Rushing 9th, Passing 12th, Pts 11th

Note: These are the only two seasons Raye experienced the playoffs as a coordinator. Eric Dickerson gained a league-record 2,105 yards with 14 TDs in ’84, but the Rams ranked second in the league in rushing. Jeff Kemp was the team’s QB that season. In ’83, Dickerson gained 1,808 yards. Vince Ferragamo was the QB.


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