Steve Young explains the over-my-dead-body quality in great quarterbacks

Here’s one more excerpt from yesterday’s Steve Young interview on the Razor and Mr. T show.

Ralph Barbieri asked Young about Tim Tebow, and he replied in general terms about what makes great quarterbacks great.

Q: What’s your explanation for Tim Tebow’s success?

YOUNG: “There’s no question in my mind that there’s a relentlessness to his personality. All of the great quarterbacks – I always would see Dan Marino and John Elway when we’d meet together at the quarterback club, Troy Aikman and Jim Kelly, and then Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, people I’ve known over the years. And everyone does it differently.

“So what are the common things? One of the common things that all those guys shared I would describe as the over-my-dead-body quality. In other words, it’s going down a certain way and you’re going to have to kill me if it doesn’t go down my way. Whether you want to call it a little bit of an assassin in them, or a mercenary, or just a little bit of crazy, too. Just like, “This is going to happen, over my dead body.” And there’s a lot of guys who plays that I kind of put that standard on them, and they don’t have that quality. They play great football at times, but without that quality they aren’t kind of those superior players that I saw. Tim has that quality, and the only reason he can do it week to week is he has that wonderful quality in spades. It’s like, “We are going to do this,” and that’s infectious, it gets everybody moving in the right direction, and you get luck on your side and divine intervention and things go really well.”

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