Q&A with 49ers quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst

“You know there were stories about Steve Spurrier – the last thing he thought he’d do when he was playing was end up being a coach. And he kind of came to coaching once his playing career was over. I think Jim knew all along and so he was trying to get the most out of those situations.”

February 23, 2011

Kindred spirits Chryst, Harbaugh reuinted in SF

Harbaugh is the millionaire ex-quarterback who didn’t go into broadcasting – among the league’s top-75 in career pass attempts, he is the only NFL coach. Chryst is the Ivy League graduate who didn’t go to Wall Street – he played football and baseball at Princeton and went on to add a master’s degree from Wisconsin.

February 22, 2011

Harbaugh, Niners still searching for lost treasures

“We’ve been tracking it down through NFL Films and trying to retrieve some of that intellectual property that belongs to the San Francisco 49ers. So we’re trying to build that library back up and that legacy back up. I can’t wait to watch it. So we’re making progress.”

February 18, 2011

Harbaugh: ‘I like Alex … I like what I see on tape’

But Brian Murphy saved the obligatory Alex Smith questions for last so here are Harbaugh’s latest public comments on The Quarterback Who Inspires Quite An Emotional Response (the full audio is already up here, scroll down on page). Also, I’ll blog more highlights of the interview after getting out of bed, guzzling some coffee …

February 18, 2011

Harbaugh suggests Gore will be his latest workhorse

Harbaugh has twice had running backs returning after 1,000-yard seasons. In each case those backs have ranked among the top three in the nation in carries per game, averaging more than 26 a contest (perspective: Kansas City’s Larry Johnson set the NFL record for single-season carries in 2006 with 416, or 26 a contest).

February 15, 2011

TEs a towering presence in Harbaugh’s offense

Vernon Davis (6-foot-3, 250 pounds) and backups Delanie Walker (6-0, 242) and Nate Byham (6-4, 268) are the type of big-bodied, athletic and versatile tight ends that Harbaugh targeted at Stanford: The Cardinal’s tight-end trio this past season featured Coby Fleener (6-6, 244), Zach Ertz (6-6, 249) and Konrad Reuland (6-6, 257).

February 3, 2011

Oliver Luck: Experience makes Harbaugh unique

No other assistant or head coach in the league has dropped back and examined an NFL defense more than Harbaugh, who ranks 46th in NFL history in pass attempts with 3,918. None of the other 45 quarterbacks ahead of him on the list is an NFL coach, assistant or otherwise. In fact, Harbaugh is the only NFL coach among the league’s top 75 in career pass attempts.

January 20, 2011

Niners hire Morton; Singletary lands in Minnesota

USC wide receivers coach John Morton, 41, will join Harbaugh’s coaching staff, presumably with the same job description. Morton and Harbaugh were assistants with the Raiders in 2002-03 and Morton worked under Harbaugh as the passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach at the University of San Diego in 2005.

January 18, 2011

Playing for Harbaugh: A quarterback’s perspective

In last week’s blog (click here), I included some of Mortensen’s thoughts on the offense. But he said much more about playing in the system and playing for Harbaugh. It was good stuff — so good that I’ve included a transcript below featuring the highlights of the 30-minute conversation.

January 17, 2011

Seifert a fan of Harbaugh, Roman hirings

George Seifert, 70, who had a 98-30 record and won two Super Bowl titles in San Francisco, had Niners offensive coordinator Greg Roman on his staff and coached Jim Harbaugh during his career-ending, three-year tenure in Carolina from 1999-2001.

January 15, 2011