Jim Harbaugh says the defense dominated the offense “about every which way it could be dominated.”

SANTA CLARA – Friday in the media tent, Jim Harbaugh explained that his defense dominated his offense in practice. He also explained why Mike Iupati did not participate and why Alex Boone did not finish the team drills. Here’s a transcript of the press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.   Opening statement: “Hello. [G] Mike Iupati was excused from practice today, expecting their first child, [his wife] Ashley and Mike…

August 3, 2012

A.J. Jenkins by the numbers

Some readers have expressed concern regarding my minicamp analysis of Niners rookie wide receiver, A.J. Jenkins. I called him the biggest letdown of minicamp and one of the worst wide receivers on the field for those three days. Some readers said those statements were hyperbolic and lacked evidence. Below are my unofficial stats from last week’s minicamp. Hopefully, they clear up my statements from my minicamp review. Keep in mind…

June 19, 2012

Top-five reasons I’m thankful for Vernon Davis

This Thanksgiving, among other things, I’m thankful for Vernon Davis. He’s my favorite 49er, and here are the top five things I like about him. He’s always available to talk. Some star veterans insist they talk only once a week, after they’re fully dressed, after they’ve put in their ear rings. Vernon Davis is not that kind of guy. If you go up to Vernon Davis and ask if you…

November 23, 2011

Is Harbaugh hard-hearted?

I want to take you back to a scene from practice yesterday. Second-year tight end Nate Byham landed wrong on his left knee and he was writhing in pain on the ground. Two trainers ran over to him immediately, and Vernon Davis ran over too. Jim Harbaugh did not run over. He blew his whistle and ordered the team to run to the other end of the field to complete…

July 31, 2011

TEs a towering presence in Harbaugh’s offense

Vernon Davis (6-foot-3, 250 pounds) and backups Delanie Walker (6-0, 242) and Nate Byham (6-4, 268) are the type of big-bodied, athletic and versatile tight ends that Harbaugh targeted at Stanford: The Cardinal’s tight-end trio this past season featured Coby Fleener (6-6, 244), Zach Ertz (6-6, 249) and Konrad Reuland (6-6, 257).

February 3, 2011