Predicting the Niners record next season

I’ve got another game we can play as we spin our wheels this offseason. What will the Niners regular record be next season? This is not a fruitless exercise. This is another way of examining how the Niners currently stack up against their competition. Some questions to consider while making your projections: How will the Niners change next season? How will their opponents adjust? How will the Niners adjust to…

July 11, 2012

Preview: How the Niners match up against the Seahawks

Yesterday we broke down how the Niners match up with the Green Bay Packers. Today, let’s check out how they match up with their main NFC West rivals – the Seattle Seahawks. 49ERS DEFENSE VS. SEAHAWKS OFFENSE: Seattle signed Aaron Rodgers’ backup and Mike McCarthy’s newest quarterback protégé, Matt Flynn. Although he’s only started two games in his NFL career, he’s performed marvelously in both of those games and many…

May 24, 2012

Interesting stats re: The 49ers, Raiders and Seahawks

Last season it was a fact of life that the Niners had a great defense and the Raiders had an atrocious one. The Niners ranked fourth in yards allowed and second in points allowed. Exemplary. The Raiders ranked 29th in yards allowed and 29th in points allowed. Putrid. But there was one key stat in which they were similar – opponents’ passer rating. The Niners graded out towards the top…

May 21, 2012

Seahawks sign Flynn, Smith running out of options

Alex Smith will not be flying to Seattle this week, contrary to earlier reports. That’s because the Seahawks just signed free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to a three-year, $26 million contract ($10 million guaranteed), according to Adam Schefter. If the Niners sign Peyton Manning, Smith’s final option could be to sign with the desperate Dolphins. It feels like the world is closing in on Smith. Who knows, he could become…

March 18, 2012

Live Blog: 49ers @ Seahawks

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 16 road game against the Seattle Seahawks. I’ll be updating this after every play from the Cohn Zohn. Patrick Willis and Ted Ginn Jr. are inactive. That means Larry Grant will start again next to NaVorro Bowman at inside linebacker, and Braylon Edwards will get a chance to start next to Michael Crabtree at wide receiver. Here are the other inactive…

December 24, 2011

Week 16 picks

I didn’t do so well with my picks last week, and I’m accountable for that. I rush to my computer to take accountability. Now that I’ve taken accountability, let’s move on to this week’s picks. 49ers @ Seahawks: 49ers 16-3. Marshawn Lynch has rushed for at least one touchdown in the last 10 games, and I’m sure he thinks he’s going to be the first running back to score a…

December 23, 2011

Cosell says the Niners are “built in a way that always leads to success,” but he has one final question

NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell spoke on KNBR this morning about the Niners. Here’s the transcript of what he said. Q: Jim Harbaugh is saying that the Seahawks defense is better than the Steelers’ defense is right now. Is that a fair statement? COSELL: I think it’s a very fair statement. In fact, one could easily make the argument that the best young secondary in the NFL resides in…

December 22, 2011

Roman says the Niners 31st-ranked third-down offense is “moving in the right direction.” Really??

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of Greg Roman’s Wednesday press conference. I have a question for you at the bottom. ROMAN: “How’s everybody doing? We’ve got a short week here. As soon as we got in here early in the morning on Tuesday – right to Seattle. Not going to look at the Pittsburgh game probably unless we play another 3-4 (defense). A lot of water under the bridge…

December 21, 2011

Alex Smith on the Seahawks and the Pro Bowl

SANTA CLARA – Alex Smith was a surprise speaker in the media tent this afternoon. Here’s what he said. Q: Before when you faced Baltimore it was an unfamiliar team. Now you have Seattle on a short week but you play them twice a year and you’ve already faced them once this season. Will facing Seattle be easier? ALEX SMITH: No question, more familiarity there. It’s difficult in the sense…

December 21, 2011

A look ahead at the Niners next three games

If the Niners win the last three games on their regular season schedule, these past two losses over the last three weeks will mean bupkis. They’ll be the No. 2 seed and they’ll get a first round Bye. If they have to play the Saints, they’ll get to play them at Candlestick Park. I think the Niners can win all three of their last regular season games, but it won’t…

December 13, 2011