The 49ers are ‘plane’ talkers


Players will be available for interviews at noon, so I’ll have some transcripts up around lunch time today.

Before I go, here’s a taste of what it’s like to conduct an interview here at the 49ers practice facility. It is about five miles away from San Jose International Airport, so every time we’re interviewing someone there’s a twenty-second period when a plane flies overhead and we can’t hear a single word.

It’s frustrating but it’s also funny. We’ll be listening intently to, say, Patrick Willis explain, say, how he’s adjusting to a new defensive coordinator, and all of a sudden there’s a huge booming noise and the interview becomes a silent movie – Willis moving his mouth and no sound coming out of it.

It’s tough to ask someone like Patrick Willis to repeat himself, so we nod and pretend we can read lips, but really we have no idea what he just said. In the moment, he sounds like “It’s something different, it’s a challenge, let’s see how we can handle it. I’m looking forward to…” and we miss the pay off.

The trick is to get your tape recorder as close to his face as possible during the fly-over so you can hopefully decipher the words later in the media trailer.

I’ll be back at you later with actual news, if the planes allow.


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