Trent Baalke takes the practice field, and more


Frank Gore was suited up and active for the beginning practice today, making cuts and catching passes, but he wasn’t the center of attention.

Why? Because general manager Trent Baalke was on the field. For the first fifteen minutes he stood ten feet away from the offensive line and stared at them work with his arms crossed. He looked like a coach.

It seemed like he was studying new center Adam Snyder. This would make sense, as Baalke’s reportedly interested in signing Saints center Jonathan Goodwin, a nine-year veteran and a pro-bowler in 2009.

Twenty feet away, Jim Harbaugh struck the same pose as he watched Colin Kaepernick throw 40-yard lofted passes to the right sideline. Last week was footwork training for the rookie, and today Harbaugh moved on to throwing mechanics. Kaepernick can throw line drives with the best of them, so Harbaugh wanted to see him drop deep balls over invisible defenders. Harbaugh seemed pleased with Kaepernick’s work.

Josh Morgan got the superstar treatment, working alone with wide receivers coach John Morton. Morgan practiced catching passes over each shoulder and looked good doing it.

Michael Crabtree also practiced catching passes today, but he couldn’t move because he’s in a protective boot for his injured foot. So, to make things interesting, as the ball was thrown from 10 yards away, he would clap twice in front of himself, then once behind, and then he’d catch the ball. He only dropped one pass in this drill, from what I could tell.

11-on-11’s start soon. I’ll keep track of the best and worst performances and report back to you.

Also, Frank Gore will speak to the media after practice, so stay tuned.


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