Which teams does Football Outsiders project to win more than nine games?

Our friendly poster Ribico wondered which teams Football Outsiders projected to do well next season. It’s a good question. Here are the nine teams they project to win more than nine games. I’d love to hear what you think.

  1. Patriots: 12.0 wins.
  2. Packers: 11.1 wins.
  3. Bears: 10.2 wins.
  4. Steelers: 10.1 wins.
  5. Falcons: 9.9 wins.
  6. Bills:  9.7 wins.
  7. New York Jets: 9.2 wins.
  8. Ravens: 9.2 wins.
  9. Saints: 9.1 wins.

To purchase the Football Outsiders 2012 Football Almanac and read their reasoning on each team, click here.

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