Whitner on the 49ers’ offense: “Trick ’em, and then we’re going to go deep on you. I like it.”

Donte Whitner spoke at his locker Tuesday morning. This is what he said about defending the 49ers’ offense.

Q: How tough is it for a defense to defend the 49ers’ read option?

WHITNER: It’s tough for everybody on a defense to be disciplined with their eyes, especially safeties and cornerbacks. It’s tough. If you get your eyes out of position one time and take a false step, it could be a big play. That’s what they’ve been doing. They’ve been taking advantage of that, and hopefully it continues.

Q: Can you blitz that scheme?

WHITNER: I don’t really know if there are too many coordinators around the league right now who really know how to stop it yet. When you watch Washington, you see guys out of position. When you watch our offense now, you see guys out of position based on where the football is and where the football is and where their eyes are. Everybody has a key on the play, and when you don’t read that, you move your eyes one second and you can be beat. And that’s what these offenses do. It’s really a “trick-‘em” type of type of offense. It’s trick ‘em, and then we’re going deep on you. I like it.

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