Why Alex Smith might go to the Chiefs

I don’t know for sure, but as I analyze it, it seems the Chiefs are the team that will most likely trade for Alex Smith. Here’s why.

The Chiefs legitimately have no realistic quarterback options on their roster. Matt Cassel has exhausted his nine lives, and Brady Quinn is not the answer.

The Cardinals, the other team reportedly interested in Alex Smith, have at least three quarterbacks on their roster (Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley) who, at times, have displayed some semblance of productivity. You could call the  Cards QB-needy, but they’re not desperate like the Chiefs.

Also, I sincerely doubt the 49ers would trade Smith to a rival they play twice a season. That rules out the Cardinals.

The Chiefs have the first pick in the draft, and they most likely will not take a quarterback with that pick because there is no quarterback worth that pick. The consensus No.1 QB in the draft is Geno Smith. He would not be a serious starter for the Chiefs his first year, unless the Chiefs want to go 4-12.

The Chiefs also have the first pick in the second round and almost surely will take a QB there. But they still need a starter.

Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ new head coach, drafted Nick Foles for the Eagles last season, and Reid may want Foles to be his starter this season, but the Chiefs should not overpay him. The Eagles reportedly want a second or third round pick for Foles, who has started six games in the NFL.

Although Smith’s contract is far more expensive than Foles’ rookie deal, Smith would be worth the Chiefs’ money because of his experience and maturity.

And let’s be honest, despite the valid criticisms of Smith’s calculating and conservative play, he has put up some good numbers. Reid could probably live with Smith’s results after having failed with Mike Vick, the turnover machine.

The Chiefs would be a pretty good destination for Smith. They’re probably going to draft Luke Joeckel, a stud left tackle, with the first pick in the draft. They also have an excellent running back in Jamaal Charles, and they have talent at wide receiver if they re-sign Dwayne Bowe. Their defense is not terrible, either.

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