Why don’t the 49ers move Kaepernick’s launch point more often? Harbaugh: “Don’t know that 10 percent is not enough.”

SANTA CLARA — I just had a brief exchange with Jim Harbaugh at his Wednesday press conference. Here is a transcript:

GC: Colin Kaepernick has incredible speed, arm strength and body control to the throw the ball on the run, and he has displayed that admirably here and at the University of Nevada. But this season, your offense has moved his launch point by design on just 10 percent of his passes. Why is that?

HARBAUGH: Don’t know that 10 percent is not enough.

GC: Why not 20 or 30 percent?

HARBAUGH: It’s part of the plan. It’s been part of the plan. And here’s the thing. You’re only as good as your last quarters of football and I understand that. It’s very convenient, very easy to say, “Why not run? Why not pass? Why not move the pocket? Why not throw a screen? Why didn’t you go for it on fourth-and-1?” Those are convenient things to do. When you don’t get the result that you wanted, anybody would rather see how it would have played out in that situation – what would it have been like if he had gone for it? You know how it was when you didn’t get it and how that affected the game, etc. Hindsight is very convenient.

GC: I’m talking about a yearlong trend, not your last game.

HARBAUGH: Yeah, I understand. I’m just making the point I’m making, I guess.

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