Why not call more screen passes? Harbaugh: “That’s not a bad point. Point well taken.”

SANTA CLARA — I asked Jim Harbaugh three questions at his Monday press conference. Here are those questions and his answers. I’ll post the rest of the transcript shortly.

GC: The offense ran one screen – it was a pass to Kyle Williams in the second quarter on a third-and-twenty-something. Why not call screens more often in this game and in general?

HARBAUGH: That’s not a bad point. Point well taken.

GC: Colin Kaepernick bootlegged twice against the Panthers. Why not move the pocket more frequently, especially considering how fast he is?

HARBAUGH: That’s something that is always in our game plan. That’s another area we didn’t have a good result. You bring up a great point which frustrates everybody involved in the unit when you’re not in the rhythm picking up first downs and being able to get in deeper to your playbook – get into the screen, get into the movement game, keep things off balance. It’s frustrating to all.

GC: What does Eric Mangini do during the game to contribute to the game executing?

HARBAUGH: Several things. I’m not going to go into all the assignments for all the coaches on a week-to-week basis, but he does several things for us.

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