49ers-Cardinals preview

Carlos Hyde, Kyle Juszczyk and Jaquiski Tartt are active. Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • SS Eric Reid
  • LB Reuben Foster
  • WR Kendrick Bourne
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon
  • LB Mark Nzeocha
  • LB Pita Taumoepenu
  • OL Erik Magnuson

Check out my 49ers-Cardinals preview below.

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  1. Grant – You make excellent points regarding changes that could lead to more success on the scoreboard. Saleh is certainly far from the point of getting the benefit of the doubt – even from himself. The thing that confuses me is that you insist that it is likely that your columns are read by the staff but yet you confront KS et al with your ideas in public and put them on the defensive. It seems to me that if they defend themselves in public as to why they did what they did, it puts them in the position of having to save face by digging in on something that you correctly identify as a poor choice. If your points are likely to be considered, why not cross them up and not make them the subject of your live questions? A slight bit of subtlety and diplomacy may actually lead to better progress which would make us all happy. As far as the sloppy play is concerned, it is looking more and more that the only answer is the “culture change” that has been talked about much and there is really not much the staff can do about it until the roster evolves over time.

  2. Niners will win if they-
    Play more disciplined and in control.
    Line up Hyde deep in the I, and let him build a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage.
    Stay balanced. Do not let the Cards shape them.
    Dumervil on Jared Veldheer, every third down.
    Coaches need to be more innovative, and make quick adjustments.
    Niners need to stop running into the teeth of the defense.

    1. Grant says 46 defense with Thomas at nose, with Bowman blitzing up the middle. I agree.
      Additionally, Buckner and Armstead should push the blocker back into the pocket to collapse the pocket, with a hand in the air to tip the pass.
      Robinson should shadow Fitzgerald, with safety help over the top.

  3. No. Did not watch the MNF game. The NFL has so wrecked the product for me, with all their BS, that I can barely watch 49er games now. I mean, they can’t even figure what a ‘catch’ is anymore. Goodell is a disaster. The rapacious greed of the owners has reached epic, Rail-Baron proportions.

    1. Suddenly, you’ve recognized NFL owners greed? What gave it away Moses? Decades worth of lobbying congress in order to exempt themselves from anti-trust laws wasn’t enough? Blackmailing hard working taxpaying Americans to fund their fancy, money making new stadiums wasn’t enough for you Moses? NFL officiating has been a problem for, I don’t know ……. FOREVER? The NFL have only now finally decided to employ a lot of their officials as full time employees in order to foster continuity and consistency, yet it’s only now that you realize the officiating is ruining your enjoyment of the game?

      What’s really changed? Oh yah, could it be that African Americans, who account for over 70% of the NFL’s players, are using their platform to bring awareness to social injustice?

      Just be honest Moses! We know what ‘BS” you are referring to. If you’re going to call the league out for being political, even though it’s been the most political league in professional sports for decades now, just be honest and call them out. Don’t pretend that it is suddenly the league’s greed and poor officiating that has turned you off.

      Nobody is buying your fake outrage. At least I am not!

      1. 49ereasons,
        I agree with your take regarding the NFL, but aren’t we part of the hypocrisy when you take into account that we continue to watch, pay and in some cases gamble on the game we know has been marred with all the flaws you pointed out?

        For me, it’s still the core of the game that keeps me coming back:
        Speed, strength, skill and intelligence.
        It’s getting more difficult every year, but I do my best to keep my focus on the game these days.

      2. Christ but you’re a complete, moronic-virtue-signalling jack*** who projects his idiotic world-view on others because he’s too arrogant to understand that others might just not fit into his narrow-minded and bigoted boxes.

        The game has gotten tedious. Its been years since I’ve watched anything but a 49er game. The Falcon/Patriot Superbowl was the first Super Bowl I’ve watched in seven years and that was only because Shanahan was going to be the next 49er coach. Otherwise I would have skipped it because I don’t care, especially now that you can watch the commercials on YouTube.

        And the draft crap. It used to be a few guys at a table talking players and showing clips. It was great football for the football geeks. Now it’s a ****ing three-day spectacle where every idiot who can steal an opinion from some half-baked website thinks he’s a college player evaluation expert and spends all the rest of the offseason talking out his *** like he has a clue. You don’t. Not even the pros really know and everything they do is an educated guess and projection.

        Then add the click-bait media. So called experts that couldn’t find their ***es with both hands. Even former players have shown themselves to be clueless. Clowns like Warren Sapp raving about how ‘great’ Crabtrees hands were… Crabtree had an 11% drop rate his first three years and is one of the biggest pass-droppers in the NFL today. Butterfingers should have been his name. And it goes on and on and on like that.

        1. Moses,
          The game is hurting itself both outside (owners greed) and on the field as well.
          Many players on the field in today’s NFL are ridiculously undisciplined and must be catered too or they throw a tantrum.
          Have you had a chance to see the Antonio Brown outburst this morning?
          Not sure how much these players realize that they hurt the game with these ugly episodes but it’s definitely a turn-off for me.
          I admit, that players who make multi-millions of dollars throwing tantrums and making the game about themselves rather then the team is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
          Long gone are the days of Bart Starr, Gayle Sayers and Jim Brown who never did a customized dance, goal post slam-dunk, mimic squatting for a dump (Randy Moss) and mimic a dog by lifting a leg to take a leak (Odell Beckham Jr).

        2. I am not defending the NFL MosesZD. I have been complaining about the NFL’s greed, and laughably poor officiating for years. The NFL has more than their share of problems, and I understand why the fans have lost faith in the league.

          I am simply calling BS on the notion that you’ve suddenly seen the light of the NFL’s problems now, when these issues have been persistent for decades. The only thing that has changed, is that NFL players are unified in protest of inequality and social injustice, and are now using their platform in order to bring awareness to these issues.

          You have every right to express your own feelings on the issues. And you have every right to disapprove of the substance and/or actions of the player protests. However, if you’re going to pretend that you have suddenly decided you can no longer support the league for reasons that are nearly as as old as time itself, without acknowledging the elephant in the room that seems to be at the heart of your complaint, you’re going to get called out on it.

          In other words ….. just be real.

  4. Like the Shanahan / Lynch regime. Like most of their moves so far. A few things concern me…

    – NFL discouraging underclassmen declaring for 2018 draft. Trying to cut their number.
    Saints are finding their stride. Mistake trading pick 67 for Saints 2018 2nd?

    – Armstead has flaws, but he spent two years pushing OGs into the pocket with one bad arm. Staley said he was the star of 2016 training camp. Moving him outside, dropping him from 293 to 270 a mistake? Better to have quality depth than a guy out of position?

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