49ers @ Chargers preseason live blog: First quarter

This is the live blog for the 49ers preseason game against the Chargers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

6:56 Seneca Wallace did not make the trip to San Diego and has informed the 49ers he is “walking away,” according to Cam Inman.

7:05 The 49ers receive first.

7:10 Two terrific plays by Quinton Patton just now. First, he catches a quick WR screen, jukes Marcus Cromartie and picks up 11 yards. Next, Patton catches another quick screen, jukes Cromartie again (this time Cromartie falls over), and Patton sprints 43 yards for a touchdown. He’s going to shoot up the 49ers’ depth chart. 7-0 49ers.

7:20 Charlie Whitehurst leads the Chargers’ offense to the 49ers’ 22 yard line against the 49ers’ second team defense. He throws an errant pass on third-and-long and the Chargers kick a field goal. 7-3 Niners. Whitehurst completed four passes to backup tight end Ladarius Green. Craig Dahl couldn’t cover him one-on-one.

7:22 Patton returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 29 yard line, and Colt McCoy is in the game for Kaepernick.

7:26 Patton catches a nine-yard pass on first down, but James loses six yards on the second-down run. McCoy completes a short pass to Vance McDonald on third down, but he’s two yards short. The 49ers punt. LaMichael James has been terrible this preseason.

7:32 Dan Skuta gets a sack-fumble on second-and-seven, Charlie Whitehurst recovers but can’t convert on third-and-long. The Chargers punt.

7:37 McCoy completes one pass on this drive, a quick seven-yard completion to Garrett Celek. McCoy also missed a deep pass to Celek. Tim Ryan suggests McCoy is afraid to stand tall in the pocket.

    1. negotiating tactic to get Colt to reduce his salary? or they would have cut Colt and see what Daniels and Wallace have?

  1. I’m glad Wallace walked away. He’s a loser. The 49ers are way better off without him. That douche does not deserve a spot on this roster.

  2. recommendation for Coach Harbaw:
    please be sure to use a designated driver/cab/limo…
    the San Diego Police Department is out in force tonight.
    ” To Protect and Serve ” …. their long-term motto.

    The Coronado P.D. may be setting up check points… FYI

  3. Can’t watch the game so I am following the highlights here and on my phone. Patton is making a strong case for being the #2 if not #1 WR by the end of the season. Or sooner than that.

    1. The team has to find another way to get him the ball. He’s not a straight-ahead, hit the hole type of runner. He is more like a Sproles: swing passes, routes into the flat, and screens…

  4. Wallace walking because the 49ers were done greasing him for intel on the Seahawks. Quite possible the Saints too.

    Game not shown up here for another 19 minutes. Keep it down!

    1. I feel bad for Seneca. He’s had 5 different offensive coordinators, crap receivers and horrible blocking. If he’d just been on a good team he could have been great.

    1. LMJ looks awful back there. It must be frustrating for Rathman to watch LMJ take 3 steps to the right, 2 to the left, and 4 backwards every time he touches the ball.

  5. I hate to drag out another name from the 80′s but LMJ reminds me of Dexter Carter. He never did very much either…but dance around the backfield.

  6. Last season LMJ’s biggest runs last year came when he ran straight forward or with no more than 2 cuts. If he get’s back to that, he’ll be better.

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