49ers @ Chiefs preseason live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:27 Chase Daniels drives the Chiefs to the 49ers’ 23 yard line, but the 49ers force the Chiefs to turn it over on downs. Nick Moody made five tackles on that drive.

7:27 B.J. Daniels goes three-and-out. On third-and-11, he hung on to the ball too long in the pocket and as he took a hit, he threw it too low to Austin Collie. The 49ers punt.

7:36 Cox knocks away Tyler Bray’s pass on third-and-four and the Chiefs punt. I’d be surprised if Cox doesn’t make the team.

7:45 Daniels has found a rhythm and he’s driven the 49ers’ offense 69 yards down the field.  He has made four terrific throws on this drive – a 13-yard completion to Gray on a stick route, an 11-yard completion to Collie on a slant, a 16-yard completion to Hawkins on a slant and a 14-yard completion to Jacobs on a dig. It’s third-and-three at the Chiefs’ 21.

7:49 Daniels converts with four-yard pass to Hawkins on a quick slant. Three plays later, Daniels throws a fade to Jacobs and he catches it in the end zone for a touchdown. That was a spectacular drive.

7:49 The extra point gets blocked. Lee recovers, rolls right and throws and interception. 15-13 49ers with 2:02 left in the game.

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