49ers @ Chiefs preseason live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:27 Chase Daniels drives the Chiefs to the 49ers’ 23 yard line, but the 49ers force the Chiefs to turn it over on downs. Nick Moody made five tackles on that drive.

7:27 B.J. Daniels goes three-and-out. On third-and-11, he hung on to the ball too long in the pocket and as he took a hit, he threw it too low to Austin Collie. The 49ers punt.

7:36 Cox knocks away Tyler Bray’s pass on third-and-four and the Chiefs punt. I’d be surprised if Cox doesn’t make the team.

7:45 Daniels has found a rhythm and he’s driven the 49ers’ offense 69 yards down the field.  He has made four terrific throws on this drive – a 13-yard completion to Gray on a stick route, an 11-yard completion to Collie on a slant, a 16-yard completion to Hawkins on a slant and a 14-yard completion to Jacobs on a dig. It’s third-and-three at the Chiefs’ 21.

7:49 Daniels converts with four-yard pass to Hawkins on a quick slant. Three plays later, Daniels throws a fade to Jacobs and he catches it in the end zone for a touchdown. That was a spectacular drive.

7:49 The extra point gets blocked. Lee recovers, rolls right and throws and interception. 15-13 49ers with 2:02 left in the game.

  1. I really hate to say this, but is I it possible that we should have kept Smith for insurance this year. I don’t think we have a backup QB.

    1. We are absolutely worse at backup qb. But we all knew that was going to be the case since Alex was by far the best backup qb in the league last year.
      That said,, McCoy and Tolzien are disappointing thus far

    2. Ha! 23J

      It’s good to see that you still have more reverse gears than an Iranian tank….Hey, Alex is playing….!

    3. Have you looked around the league this preseason? Not too many teams really have a decent backup qb (see green bay if Rodgers goes down etc…). I think with our coaching staff Colt McCoy will suffice if the sh!t hits the fan. He has not looked great this preseason though, but at least he has game experience. Green Bay would jump all over McCoy if he was made available. You guys need to realize Alex Smith being a backup qb last year was a luxury and is not the norm.

    1. GoKaep,

      Remember, I said backup. Our backups are horrible.I trying to see if Daniels has a chance to win himself a job.

  2. On the plus side – it was nice to see the 49ers 2nd string D shut down a starting offense.

    Granted, it was the Chiefs offense but it’s still a good showing.

  3. I was a big Tolzien fan two years ago, but he’s had time to improve and it’s not there. Never been a McCoy fan, so hoping Daniels makes it. Wish we had signed the Washington State dude.

    1. Tyler Bray is going to be the future of KC. I liked him at Tennessee and is probably the only good thing Lane Kiffin did while he was there…

  4. I’ve never been a smith basher, but they just read off his stats for the evening and I had to chuckle.
    7/16 with 3 sacks

      1. There were a good number of dropped passes by that receiving corps plus times that they couldn’t get off the LOS at times. And the OL reminded me of our OL when we had guys like Synder, Rachal and such as the starters. Hopefully Reid straightens all of that up so that the Niners can get an extra second round pick in the next draft.

  5. Daniels has got a cannon and some accuracy. I think he might make a spot. He’s looked better than anything else we’ve had play so far.

  6. This kid Daniels can spin it! Granted, it’s against scrubs but still..

    What are the chances he gets more playing time next week with the 2′s?

    1. He’s a rookie an he’s smacking the others like he was a veteren. Not saying he’s ready to go to a superbowl but I think his potential is far superior than our other two.

      1. Daniels passes the eye test. He seems to have more upside that’s for sure but his lack of real game experience will hurt him vs. Colt to be any kind of real backup qb.

        It’s basically Tolzein or Daniels. I think Scott Tolzien is a goner.

      2. I agree. He did face some pressure and darted through their defense. That’s a good sign also. Tolzein has no game experience either. So at this point they would be crazy to get rid of this kid. Plus if he continues to grow he will keep CK on his toes and focused. I know it’s pre season but this is where you see true talent shine. And he shined. I like him.

    2. Daniels may make the team for his read option skills. His ability to run it in practice as well against our defense. We do play Wilson and RGIII this year.

    1. Wow.. B.J. Daniels to Chuck Jacobs for the 14 yard touchdown. Ummm we might have to keep this kid. It’s the first time a 49er has thrown a td this preseason too.

    1. * excuse the type. It is supposed to read:
      How WILL Baalke/Harbaugh justify keeping AJ Jenkins in the final roster?

    2. I heard that Baalke went into OTAs with an envelope that contained the names that would make the 53 man roster. Just so happens Jenkins name was in the envelope.

    1. Snow way that happens unfortunately. The likely thing is that ck plays the first half at least, leaving little time for the backups. And I don’t think the pecking order will get up-ended so quickly

  7. Like what I’ve seem from BJ.
    Good arm strength and really impressed by his poise and confidence in the pocket.

    Maybe we’ll see more of him next week. This guy looks like he can play with the big boys.

    1. I’m wondering if perhaps Andy Reid didn’t follow the coaches code and call Harbaugh this week to arrange a gentlemen’s agreement on how the game would be played so Harbaugh got pissed and blitzed the hell out of Alex Smith.

  8. McCoy and Tolzien struggled because of the game plan. They seemed to look on AJ’s direction at every pass, holding the ball, and waiting. Those plays went nowhere but that appeared to be the game plan. The moment AJ took a seat, other WR’s became more involved in the game…and the QB came alive.

    1. I believe there is some truth to that. I noticed they were looking AJ’ way quit a bit. Their accuracy was horrible though. Gonna be an exciting qb brawl next game.

    2. You must of been watching something else. These backups have weaker arms than Alex. They could not even look at their progressions. In fact AJ was on the left, and they had a hard time going from the right, to the middle and to the left. Arm strength is noticeable. Would be better suited having BJ Daniels as back up. Tolzien. And McCoy are much worst than Alex.

      1. I know where Jenkins lined up. However, it doesn’t matter where you line him up, he can’t get any separation. The QB’s waited for him to open up, and he couldn’t get away from the CBs. He finally caught a pass, against the Chief’s 3rd string CB.

        I am not defending the poor showing by McCoy/Scott, I just don’t think they are as bad as they showed today. I think it was due to the play calling, which called for heavy targeting of AJ.

      1. Jacobs deserves a long look and more work. I think he’ll end up on PS.

        I didn’t see a replay of the TD. I saw Jacobs get some separation from the CB in other plays, he seemed slippery.

  9. Howdy all. Hi Grant. Looks like we have the gang back together! How about that BJ Daniels? Only caught Q4. How long was he in?

  10. “He looks really raw, unpolished.” At least he plays with some heart, unlike some other receivers who have a higher draft pedigree.

  11. Keep the Daniels performance in perspective. He looked good, but was playing against a bunch of guys who will be cut on the 27th. Meanwhile McCoy and Tolzien were playing against the starters the entire first half.

    1. ^This.

      I do think Daniels makes the cut over Tolzein if we do decide to keep 3 Qbs. B.J. has nice arm talent and athletic ability to work with for the coaching staff. Despite Colt’s unimpressive preseason play thus far, i think he sticks as the immediate backup.

    2. Hammer,
      I’m certainly not overreacting to BJ’ play. I know exactly who he is. He’s a 7th rd draft pick that likely received more than a few negative scouting reports because of his size and level of college competition.

      But what saw tonight was a young player who was not overwhelmed by the moment.
      BJ showed poise, confidence, and leadership (directing Hampton a couple of times in the backfield).

      Sure he (BJ) played against many camp fodder players, but so did Tolzien and McCoy and they looked more rookies than did BJ.
      Here’s a sobering thought; It looks like our backup QB will need to have the ability to extend plays behind the line of scrimmage.
      I’m not convinced that either Tolzien and McCoy can do this.

      Not saying that BJ is the #2 by any stretch, but its becoming apparent to me that ST and CM are not the answer either.

      1. McCoy and Tolzien played the entire first half against the Chiefs starting D.

        You are right though that they are not very good. When everyone was fawning over Tolzien last preseason I kept bringing up the level of competition. This year playing up against starters and backups instead of 3rd and 4th stringers we are seeing it play out.

        Daniels at best is a 3rd stringer, but more likely will end up getting cut and placed on the PS for a year.

  12. From Evan Silva;

    ” Smith’s supporters were falling all over themselves when he went 7-of-8 against the Saints’ soft-zone defense in the preseason opener. We didn’t hear much from them tonight. Smith played tentatively versus a heavy San Francisco pass rush and couldn’t move the ball even when the 49ers’ backup defenders came in. Through two exhibition games, Smith has completed 14-of-24 passes (58.3 percent) for 130 yards (5.42 YPA), and no touchdowns. Smith lacks arm talent to be an effective fantasy contributor”.Aug 16 – 10:52 PM

      1. Just stating the obvious Crab. But honestly I am glad that this game is over so that (hopefully) everyone can focus on our team from hereon out. Until the conclusion of the season where we fans will know whether or not if the team has an extra second round pick I am talk about Alex Smith as much as I possibly can.

      2. Mid,

        It will be a topic throughout the season because of the draft pick, and next year as well when the Chiefs come to Santa Clara in the regular season.

      3. I will talk about it next year then Jack. The only time I will this season is if he and the Chiefs are close to winning their eighth game this season. There are plenty of other things to talk about than our former starting QB.

      1. The K.C Chiefs fans just got their 2013 Alex Smith wake up call. Unfortunately, they are realizing that they got fleeced by our front office!!! We’ll take the 2nd and the 3rd picks. Hahaha!

      2. “Smith couldn’t move the ball even when the 49ers backup defenders came in”. Which was every series but the 1st. That’s the money.

    1. 23 takes a handoff from Silva, Silva drops back and says

      “Smith lacks arm talent to be an effective fantasy contributor”

      And there it is, spoken as a fantasy football fan! Thank you, thank you!

    2. There were 3 drops but of the drops, only 1 pass was for more than 10 yards. Only one pass was going to gain more than 10 yards. Smith is still checking it down.

      1. Don’t want to get to excited but from what we have read about him this last week and the one play tonight it looks to me that if we were to cut him he would be picked by another team and not make it to the practice squad.

  13. This is for Old Coach. Interested in your thoughts and everyone else’s on the db’s. I see some improvement. Cox looks good and just about all wide receivers are having separation issues. What do you all see?

    1. “Just about all”—Well, not really, just AJ.

      Hall was open and caught a couple of nice balls. So did Hawkins…and Grey, and Jacobs.

  14. Moody, Gray, Wilhoite, Daniels, Jacobs, Skuta, Johnson, Celek all had their moments tonight as late round selections/free agents, not to mention Ian Williams and DeMarcus Dobbs. It appears that the 49er personnel department has it together.

  15. Keep: M. Gray, Perrish Cox, BJ Daniels,
    Cut: Tolzein

    Bright spots: defense, second team defense
    Worries: backup OL, special teams

    Next game
    1. Starters need to play longer
    2. If you are going to keep AJ Jenkins, let him build some confidence in the third and fourth quarters. When he was in, the QBs were not effective. He had one nice catch that nullified by a holding call. He needs confidence.
    3. I would like to see Dixon get the ball more. He seems like a better fit for a power running game than James.

  16. So many of you are enthralled with the possibility of a second for a third from KC in next years draft; then quit bellyaching about last years # 1. We seem to draft better in the later rounds…maybe it’s a new strategy….?

  17. I have to chuckle at the topic of this 2nd rd draft pick.
    I’m calling bs on those who are using that to continue to root for Alex. This team is hardly starving for draft picks. This potential 2nd rd pick is peanuts. Man up and admit you’re not over your Alex hangover. He’s on another team now so a real fan should care less about his success or failures.
    When a “fan” takes shots at our qb and an overthrow for the defense of an ex qb, it’s sickening. Let it go smith fans. Let it go Smith haters. He’s in burgundy and gold now!

    1. I am a fan of several QBs including Rodgers, Brees, both Mannings, Smith, RG3, Luck, and Kaep MD. I am also a Niners fan first and foremost.

  18. All the backups struggled. Daniels did do some good, but what I liked from Colt wasnt his throwing, but he made some good decisions when it came to tucking and running. If he gets the mentality that he’s just back at UT again, he can be the QB he was expected to be when he got drafted. I think in cleveland they made him think he has to go downfield though. Let him throw it short, west coast style, colt will shine.

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