49ers draft CB Will Redmond in Round 3

The San Francisco 49ers just spent their third pick pick on cornerback Will Redmond from Mississippi State.

Redmond (5’11”, 182 lbs) tore his right ACL during practice last October. Before he hurt his knee, he had given up just 11 catches on 23 targets, according to the Pro Football Focus 2016 Draft Guide. And he had intercepted five passes in his last 18 games.

Grade: B. Inside linebacker was a bigger need, but the Niners would have reached if they had taken one at Pick 68.  Redmond is much more talented than any inside linebacker the Niners could have taken at this spot. But, Redmond’s knee is an issue. Can he play his rookie season, or will he be another medical red shirt? The Niners need him on the field.

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    1. I prefer Vigil out of Utah St. in the 6th. I worry a little about size, but if the D-Line can keep 2nd level clean, he’s super fast and a strong tackler. Think Borland but faster, and around longer than a year…

    2. Nope, still got hope we’ll take Connor Cook the Qb, but so far, fudging it as usual. But that’s good though, go 0 and 16 or 2 and 14, brilliant Baalke. So far the 49ers grade is an F to draft a player with a torn ACL adn wow, I was scared we’d take Miles Jack. But if there’s one injured player, there’s another one. Gee, why didn’t we take that player in the first round Miami took that smoked the bong pipe? Wow, Trent, how can you miss that one IDIOT?

  1. I like the pick.

    Yes, there’s the ACL (classic Baalke), but it’ll be just under a year from injury to season start. I’m don’t think we should be concerned about it.

      1. Fair. I guess my point is that this was a clean tear, a while back. I’m sure they’ve scoped it out. Given that, I think there’s just as much chance a non-Redmond pick at that slot blows their ACL in camp as Redmond ends up not being ready…

    1. You’re right as we don’t even have a Qb or WR or a RB or an Oline or a defense, yeah, no need to be concerned of our boat taking in water, the plane crashing into it, and maybe a car falling off the Golden Gate onto our boat. Nope, Baalke has done a great job fudging the draft: 2 players that won’t do it, traded our picks to KC like suckers that we are, and then taking a kid with a torn ACL. I’m going to be so happy to not watch this team fall all over themselves. They are going to lose to the NFC South and AFC East very badly. They’ll be lucky to go 2 and 14, with Jared Goff failing in his debut.

      1. Baalke lives in his own little isolated and disconnected dream world. He drafts like the team went 11-5 last year. The need in the DB was not as great as a back up running back, LB, OT and a QB. Dream on Trent.

  2. I don’t understand the pick. There is a surplus of young corners on the roster. Even if he is the BPA, the injury? What does Baalke have an affinity for guys coming off injury!

      1. Omar,

        One question, do you think the 49ers “garbage” secondary might’ve looked better if the front seven had generated any pass rush of any note?

  3. From what I’ve read he will be ready for camp. Clean ACL tears aren’t to difficult to rehab. If he can stay healthy I believe he is a solid pick.
    Will the 49ers move back into the late 3rd? I think they might to get the ILB they need so badly.

    1. Fat chance, the 49ers should be trading for picks for next year as maybe we’ll get it right and draft a QB that was the REAL NEED! The 49ers have not fixed the team at all. Failed season once again.

      1. Maybe you do not know this, but I am happy with the last QB to lead the Niners to the SB. None of the remaining rookies are considered franchise QBs. I question if even Wentz or Lynch gets on the field next season.
        I am extremely happy with the draft so far, and can understand why they chose Redmond when Baalke went so hard after Sean Smith in free agency. Obviously, the Niners wanted to improve that position.
        I recognize your name, and remember you as an unrelentingly negative poster. I see you have not changed.

        1. Let’s be fair Seb. The 49ers have not given us much to be positive about since they announced the firing of the only successful head coach since Mariucci. Whether we are positive or negative it has no bearing on the outcome of any game. To those who chose to believe that Baalke is competent I say the same thing, It makes no difference what we think. The only thing I will agree with about Baalke is that the jury is still out and hopefully the verdict will not be too much more into the future. I waited until next year for 26 years before the 49ers first championship. I don’t have another 26 years now!

          1. Whine, I have seen the Niners during their glory years, and have endured the past 22 years. They will still be the team I love, but when Ol’ Darren gets back on and starts throwing snark, I just have to comment.
            I may have been one of the biggest Baalke detractors on this site, but when he does well, I must in all fairness, give him kudos.
            You and I need to be patient, and at least agree that the Niners took baby steps in the right direction. Unrelentingly distasteful diatribes will not help them win, and it just reveals the animus, and nature of the poster.

            1. I’m sorry to say sebnyenh that I get my education from listening to Michael Savage about the state of our country and I easily compare it to the 49ers because the common theme is California won’t do anything with the illegal in the same way JEd York doesn’t want to fix the 49ers. Also in that same sentence sebnyenh, what do the SF Giants and the GS Warriors have in common? Answer: THE OWNER SOLD OUT AND NEW OWNERSHIP took over and what is the other common theme for the 2 teams? Would it be CHAMPIONSHIPS? SF Giants, 2 World Series, GS Warriors, champions last year, could be again because why, Seb? The OWNER SOLD THE TEAM. Isn’t that what JED YORK should be doing? But no, Seb, you sit back like the pout like voter and do NOTHING but support a dying breed that is rigged.

        2. So far, sebnyenh, the 49ers didn’t fix the WR, didn’t fix the QB, defense is still pathetic, Oline wasn’t fixed, drafted a hurt CB, nothing has changed as you’re still a bicep kissing supporter of Colin Kaepernick, the man that can’t pass 300 yards or find a WR. Enjoy another losing season paying 12 million wasted dollars for Kap to POUT on the bench.

          1. Go ahead, snipe away, but I think that Kaep is the perfect QB to run Chip Kelly’s offense. Just his threat to run will put the defense on their heels, and I anticipate others of your ilk will be complaining that Kaep scores too quickly so the defense does not have time to rest.

            1. Show me the games where he has thrown 300 yards. show me the games that he rallied the 49ers. Show me games that Kap behaved with class. Kap can’t pass for 300 yards or lead this team. He’s a 12 million mistake. I don’t know why we’re paying this guy. Kap shouldn’t be running with the ball. That’s why Payton Manning always threw for high amounts of yardage. BTW Sebnyenh, Michael Savage, language, boarders, culture. Top rated broadcaster on the radio.

              1. If you are trying to impress me by claiming you get your insight from Savage, I am sorry, but you a doing the exact opposite.
                Lets keep politics out of this site, like many are asking me.

              2. When a team is rushing for 156 yards per game, there is little need to throw the ball. In the GB playoff game, Kaep spotted them 7 points, then ran for 181 yards, a playoff record. The team rushed for 323 yards, which is a lot more impressive than throwing for 300 yards.
                In the Atlanta playoff game, I think he spotted them 17 points, and came back to win. In the SB, he made a furious comeback, only to fall 5 yards short.
                Kaep, in the Chip Kelly offense, will take the league by storm, again.

  4. Redmond would have been in the first to second round discussion if not for the ACL injury. The 49ers need a true #1 CB, and Redmond has the potential to be just that.

    Grade: A

    1. 1st round 7th, F
      1st round 28th, F, picked Kwayne Harris
      3rd round, F, torn ACL

      Worse draft ever. The real need was a Qb and once again, did everything to F up the team. Thanks Chip and Baalke.

      1. Hey Darren, this is supposed to be FUN! Ease up and enjoy the ride — or get off and go hide under a rock … or maybe, your Ray Ratto in disguise?

        1. What great ride? We lost not 1, not, 2, not 3, 4 potential QBS to choose from. We let 2 teams trade up to take 2. We lost another QB somewhere, but I know COnnor Cook was a potential 49er and we let the Raiders snatch him up. Now instead of having hope, we have continued ‘plumbing problems’ with Colin Kaepernick that is an utter failure. He’s not a Rudy. He’s not the feel good hero of a movie. He’s the one you want to get rid of in a movie. Then you got Blaine gabbert another do nothing. Neither QB can pass for 300 yards. This is our hope for the season to have no QB? I hope we go 0 and 16. This was a poor draft all the way around. To trade with KC was dumb and stupid.

      2. Darren 5000,

        What I love about your comments is that they just ooze objectivity. Very nice.

        Just like a certain Cal fan who bags on Pac12 players selected from any Pac12 school, other than Cal.

  5. Rookie corners rarely make a huge impact anyway. It happens, obviously. But whether he’d suffered an ACL or not, Redmond most likely would not be counted on for big minutes until year two at the earliest.

  6. This is a medical redshirt to replace Brock in 2017. He won’t be able to practice in real time until July or August at the earliest. Hopefully he maintains his athleticism.

  7. Well I predicted Balke would go corner in Rnd 3.. Took a very talented guy. 2016 doesn’t matter.. Have this guy ready for 2017 when we arrive.

    1. Should’ve went Qb, but oh no, baalke can’t do it simple. Needs to take another failed athlete with injury.

  8. They added to the pass rush with Buckner, now have added an excellent athlete at CB with a nose for the ball. If they can add a decent ILB option and perhaps another edge player, this D will be starting to take shape.

    The only reason Redmond was available here is the ACL.

    1. What pass rush? We don’t even have a secondary! Hope the 49ers lose again this year. That’s my only hope. We have no team out there. NFL should make this team move to LA or Las Vegas.

    2. How many times has that been true Since Frank Gore? Has an ACL made an impact since Frank Gore? Maybe, but I can’t list them.

    3. I am with you Scooter, I like this pick a lot, they will need multiple cb’s with the up tempo systems that will be played. This kid can jump, I like the building blocks so far. Our pass rush will be better with Buckner and at stead, this will free lunch more and I bet he will have 10 to 15 sacks.

  9. Damn Baalke can’t help himself. There are plenary of healthy players in the 3rd round that you don’t need to reach & hope. Injured value picks are one thing when your roster is loaded and coming off Super Bowls. Even then tell me Grant how many injured players have Sesttle or NE drafted the last 5 years? This is becoming a bad irresistible habbit that Baalke has & will one day cost him his job!!

  10. Everyone’s getting too hyped on on the “we need an inside linebacker” bit. We need the best player available, period. Truth is, you only leave one ILB in on passing downs anyway. It’s a need, but nothing we need to reach for.

    1. and Wilhoite/Hodges is a serviceable platoon for 1st & 2nd down…

      Wilhoite was way better than serviceable as a fill-in when Niners had a great D-line. He was really good 2 years ago. If this draft rebuilds that line, we may not actually need a replacement…

  11. Interesting two days. I’m feeling more encouraged about the corner’s knee after reading tweets and quotes.

    – Baalke said he’s not making anymore picks tonight.
    – Some seem to be forgetting we don’t have pick 105 anymore. The remaining 4th (133) can’t be traded.
    – Remaining picks 133c, 142, 145, 174c, 207, 211c, 213c, 249

  12. According to Mississippi St., Redmond was timed at 4.38s in the 40, 3.92s in the 20 yard shuttle, and 6.5s in the 3-cone before the start of last season, as well as a 35″ vertical. Can probably take that with a little bit of a grain of salt, but given how he looks on film I’d accept he isn’t far off those times when healthy.

  13. Inman – “Trent Baalke envisions Will Redmond as a nickel back, which is 2014 top pick Jimmie Ward’s job. Baalke says ‘Can’t have enough cover men’… ”

    Ward to Safety? Reid to…?

      1. More likely though is Ward remains the nickel this year, then moves to safety next year with Redmond taking over nickel role in 2017.

    1. Inman – “Baalke noted Jimmie Ward will eventually transition to safety. Not sure how that impacts Eric Reid. Not good for Bethea’s future.”

        1. I think the whole point is that you carry an obscene number of DBs on the active roster. And DBs, because they’re taking on bigger blockers, RBs, TEs, even WRs… They get injured in clusters. I’d love to see us become 10 deep in the secondary.

        2. Tarts roll isint fuzzy… He’s the starting SS. Reid on the other hand, is a sneeze and fart away from another concussion. My money would be on him to be the odd man out

    1. I bet Steve Kerr gave a glowing recommendation, and was happy to see Luke get rewarded for helping coach so well.

    1. Yet this may be the most important part of the draft. The obvious picks are done, now Baalke needs to find that diamond in the rough. Hope he relies on a collaborative process, less analytics, and more gut instincts for intuitive selections that utilize intrinsic parameters.
      Maybe channel Bill Walsh, and ask- What would Bill do?

  14. Every offensive skill player sucks without a good O line. Every defensive secondary player sucks without a pass rush. Every linebacker sucks if the d line in front of him can’t allow him to roam free. The trenches dictate who wins, the skill players get the glory. A good cover corner allows you to play the odds to your advantage by loading the box to stop the run, or sending an extra rusher. Great teams have 3 things in common: Good O line, good D line, and at least one good cover corner. These things allow all the other players to shine, and with these things, many “skill” players will appear to be awesome. Skill players are a dime a dozen. Build the O and D line, and get a good cover corner.

    1. Ken Willard,
      Even a Ferrari can’t do well on a road with potholes. First fix the infrastructure (OL and DL) and we’ll see the skill players deliver.

      1. There are plenty of good QBs in the league who appear mediocre when hit frequently by 300 lb genetic freaks. Give a mediocre QB protection and he gains confidence and vision and wins. Gabbert and Kapaernick can both be exceptional if you protect them. IMHO

  15. Plenty of talent left. Please no Cook. Look at WR, DB, LB, etc. If you think Dixon can come in and eventually displace Hyde if need be, take him with the comp pick if he’s still around. He has slid.

  16. Baalke quote late March….

    But one report this week indicates Cook is a favorite of 49ers general manager Trent Baalke.

    Longtime NFL reporter Jason Cole of Bleacher Report said this week, following the quarterback workouts and interviews at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, that Baalke “has put a priority on Cook.”

    Don’t ever believe a thing this guy says.

    1. During the Combine, Kaep asked permission to talk to other teams, so many expected him gone. Of course, Baalke would target a replacement. Now that Kaep is staying, Baalke will not have Cook as a high priority.

  17. Grant

    I think I heard Trent Baalke address you by your first name in his Redmond discussion today, after you asked a question about Tartt’s role potentially as ILB, correct? If so, great, and here are two more questions, unrelated to each other, but both offshoots of that interchange:

    (1) Do you sense Baalke is attempting to be more personable? He used your first name, and then in a response to the ACL theme question, he made a concerted effort to say he was trying to be honest, as opposed to hostile or evasive, in answering that particular question. I’ve always been somewhat troubled by his seeming weakness in drafting offensive skill players, but have thought that his most troubling flaw is that he is a weirdo by nature, as in, not personable, borderline anti-social personality disorder (which is true of a lot of highly analytical, intelligent types). This would mean that he would be very capable of outmaneuvering people in power struggles (Harbaugh, for instance), but quite incapable of managing people over whom he already wields power (Kap and Bam come to mind). In essence, I’m asking whether it seems that Baalke is showing any contrition about his perceived aloofness, whether he is behaving any differently now that there is another highly capable manipulator (Chip) in the building who might be threatening his place at the top, even if all is publicly rosy and nothing resembling a power struggle appears on the horizon. So that’s the first question; I hope it’s clear. I’d be interested to know what you see happening here, in some detail. I think the Baalke story could be extraordinarily compelling, if you were to really study the man (former scout, EoY, weirdo, workaholic) as he has remained so close to the top in what looks like a dysfunctional FO that has included the genius of Scot McCloughan, Harbaugh, and Kelly, as well as the incompetence of Nolan, Singletary, Tomsula, and York. How does he do it, and why does he do what he does, and is 2016 a fulcrum in his career? If you’d be so inclined, it could be fascinating.

    (2) As Baalke said, 67% of the defensive plays use nickel and dime packages, which mean the ILB position must feature a stalwart air defender. It’s obvious that Tartt fits that description, if you say he is an ILB, but so does Gerald Hodges, who played both QB and Safety before transitioning to ILB in the wake of the Sandusky affair at Penn State. He is only 25, and when he was coming out, was pegged by Mayock to be drafted by the end of Rd3 (went in Rd4). His strength, and why Mayock said he would develop into a good Will, was his ability to cover RBs and TEs and make tackles in space; his short area quickness was praised. With Ward, Reid, Bethea, McCray, and Tartt at Safety, and Hodges, Bowman, Wilhoite, and Skov at ILB, have we overemphasized the need to draft Willis’ replacement? Perhaps Tartt and Hodges are vying to take that playing time, and we’ve just been slow to see it? You seemed to be going there today with Tartt, but is the 25 year old Hodges perhaps more highly regarded than we’ve realized?

    1. 1. Baalke and I are cordial. We’ve done business together almost half a decade. I do think he’s trying to be more personable.

      2. I don’t think anyone thinks much of Hodges. I expect they’ll draft their base ILB in Round 4. My best guess is Scooby Wright. Chip Kelly loves Pac 12 players.

      1. Thanks for taking the time. Makes sense. Curious to know what you think of Baalke’s motivations and place within the hierarchy these days as compared to the past half decade.

        Insomnia … smh

        1. Johnny – Your take on Baalke is very interesting reading. If I were to use a term to describe him it would be very defensive, like no self confidence. A GM has to exude a air of confidence and his answers should reflect that. When Baalke answers a question, his immediate instinct is to try to find a way not to answer it. To my mind that is a reflection of a lack of self confidence. Were I the owner and assuming that Baalke had certain valuable skills, I would put him in a place where he could work alone, or with others behind the scenes, and have no contact with the public. The reason I say that is that his lack of skills with the public have forced him to always be trying to hit the ball out of the park which has led to bad decisions too many times.

    1. I’ve got a feeling the 49ers will take a WR a bit earlier tomorrow than you have them taking one. Keep an eye on Malcolm Mitchell with the 4th round comp pick if Cash and Kwiatkoski are gone. If not Mitchell, then Garrett could also be a strong option there. Otherwise De’Runya Wilson is a guy you’ve left off they may look at in round 6.

      You have Mike Thomas from Southern Miss in there twice btw. Once as Michael, once as Mike. :-)

    2. I think Booker is on top on Baalke’s list and will most likely be the comp pick due in part to fitting what Baalke usually drafts with the mid round comp pick: a promising prospect derailed by a knee injury.

  18. There are a lot of Baalke apologists on this blog. This draft could have been A+, but Baalke f&$@ed up like he usually does.

    Tunsil + Jack >> Buckner + Garnett

    1. You cannot blindly trust Tunsil’s character or Jack’s degenerative knee cavity. I think Baalke did what I said he needed to do. Net three starters with his first three selections….

      1. Razor,
        They got starters, but could have had stars. BTW, the 3rd round pick is risky too. I’m not sure if Redmond will be the same post ACL injury.

    2. Balke nailed this draft Nick. Jacks knee is ruined! Tunsil is moron. You mention below you would like to see a QB. It’s pointless. They will target a top QB next year cause the 2017 class is MUCH better. Although don’t rule out V Adams in the 6th.. Great job Balke!

      1. The only thing Baalke has nailed is the last nail in this teams coffin.

        1) Used the #7 pick on a player that will likely spend less then 50% of the defensive snaps on the field.

        2) Used a first round pick and traded away a 4th to rent a guard for 5 seasons.

        3) Picked another ACL player that MAY or MAY NOT be any good IF he ever fully recovers. What’s his track record so far on these types of players??

        Nobody sucks more at the draft then Trent Baalke.

        1. Your wrong just like all your mocks and now you feel like Idiot. You pounded the table with many others about taking a corner real early and it didn’t happen. Surprise Surprise. He nailed the first 3 picks. Got a blue chip defender at 7 and improved the O line. Took a kid at corner that’s more talented then every other corner except for Ramsey. His ACL injury is just about healed. Way different then past ACL guys he has taken. I told you guys for months and so did Razor that Buckner should be the pick. Would give us one of the better young D lines in football. That’s exactly what we will have. Come September 2017 we can debate if this draft was soild or not. I think this draft is the beginning of a turn around. If I’m wrong I will be right here talking grief.

        2. Used the 7th on a defender, need was offense, F
          Used the 28th on Kwayme Harris, F, remember Stanford?
          Got the injured defender
          Got another defender with a criminal record
          Drafted the 6th best Qb, he won’t make the team
          Drafted the 9th best WR, won’t make the team
          Drafted a poor RB, won’t make the team, maybe be kept as a 5th string RB that we’ll need when the other 4 get hurt easily.

          So all in all:
          Did not help the offense
          Did not help the defense
          Did not get a QB
          Did not get a WR
          Did not hire Shanahan
          4 and 12 coming up.

    3. Tunsil may disappear like a puff of smoke. I commend Baalke for passing on Jack. He could maybe last only a couple seasons with that knee, and never regain his quickness.

  19. Grant – My daughter is getting ready to hatch my fourth Grandson (Her first). They came up with a name, yup you guessed it, the name they choose was – Grant.

    1. Grats Under, just hope and pray he does not grow up to be a …..blogger.
      Just kidding.;p
      Maybe he can become a NINER!

      1. There is some upside to Cajuste. David Shaw’s staff hasn’t developed receivers well. Cajuste has great measurables for a receiver, including speed. His only issue is that he doesn’t run routes that well — but that can be learned.

  20. Some of the available for the 4th:

    Billings DL
    Perry ILB
    Collins RB
    Dixon RB
    Higgins WR
    Brothers ILB
    Cash S
    Williams RB
    Day DL
    Perkins RB
    Booker RB
    Shobert OLB
    Peake WR
    Mitchell WR
    Kwiatkoski ILB
    Adams TE
    Reader DL

  21. Day 3 to do list:
    1.Replace Michael Wilhoite
    2.Get a playmaking WR/KR/PR ace
    3.A pass rusher/OLB
    4.Draft Connor Cook!

    1. Prime there targeting A QB in 2017.. Much better class. Watson and Kayaa are big time prospects. We most likely will be picking high next year cause of our schedule. I know you like Cook but what do you think of Dak?

      1. Yeah, but will the 49ers screw it up and finish 5 and 11 again and draft 7th again and once again, 2 teams leap over them to take their QB?

  22. I don’t generally care for the Seattle G.M. all the much either but they’ve had a good draft so far. Reed is going to be a heck of a player.

        1. I thought it was Awful… Reed could be nice but all the others we’re garbage. I thought there were better backs on the board then procise as well.

  23. It is interesting they drafted a CB before edge rusher or ILB. Does this mean Eli Harold is having a good off season and they are confident about his progression? I think I saw a blurb about him putting on 15 lbs of muscle . Is ILB next pick?

    I just noticed Grant’s tweet about AA being “ripped”. That is encouraging – I guess.

  24. Baalke has done well with his first 3 picks. Perhaps two potential starters in Garnett and Redmond with Buckner logging substantial playing time. But I believe that today (day 3) will provide the players that will either put a positive stamp on Baalke’ 2016 draft or prove to be his last as a 49ers GM.

    There are many skill players on the board for day 3, Baalke needs to grab as many as possible.
    Still perplexed on Andrew Billings’ drop. Maybe teams found out something about him that is not being reported, but if he’s healthy and clean, he would be a steal on day 3.
    Paul Perkins would be nice as well.

  25. There is a lot of talent still on the board (I have to disagree with those of you who think this is a weak draft class) and before I get labeled a Baalkeist let me say I’m glad we got Garnett ,I mocked him here as our second round pick,but didn’t like trading up for him . I’m not a GM but I would have gambled on M Jack as our annual knee problem and gone E Murray CB(he still is on the board) my go last round would have been A Billings or K.Dixon both still there but we are picking low this next round so my expectation/hopes are tempered given that situation.Lots to look forward to however besides Dixon ,Billings and M.Thomas here are some favs still available:(OL)C.Westerman; Conner McGovern;E Boehm ;J Haeg;J Dahl;S Drango.
    (Defense)DJ Reader ;K J Dillon;E Murray;M Killebrew to name a few.

  26. How many of us has ever come back as better players after an injury?

    With analytics being so prevalent today has there been any studies on a players ability before and after surgeries?

    There are too many good and healthy players to draft. Why continue with taking players who may or may not come back to their level of greatness after their injury? Especially with picks this high in the draft?

    Yes Frank Gore and others have come back but also many have not. I just don’t like taking these red-shirt chances this high in the draft. We have too many needs to fill. To me it’s a wasted pick.

    1. Wrong, he should’ve been on the 49ers. We need a Qb and we failed to get one just liek the entire draft is an F minus on our 49ers. 4 and 12 early odds.

      1. Just a friendly word of advice Darren.

        When you exaggerate, and use hyperbolic statements to express yourself, you tend to lose credibility. If you are unhappy with the players Baalke and Kelly drafted this week, you’ve got every right to express that. However, making blanket statements claiming EVERY player they selected is an F minus, without any substance to back it up, gives the impression that you’re either trolling this forum, or so unhappy with Baalke going into the draft, that you were going to criticize his picks no matter who he selected.

        I’m leaning towards trolling, however you may just be a fickle, fair weather fan. If I’m wrong, how about you explain your reasoning?

        1. 7th pick, should’ve taken the QB. Paxton was there, I don’t care if you pay a king’s ransom, take him, take Cook, the Oline taken in the 28th, I would’ve taken him in the 7th or trade the 7th, simple as that. Instead, wasted pick on a defender that’ll have bad habits like Aldon Smith. The other 2 defenders taken, one ACL, other criminal record, how is that good? QB, 6th best, didn’t we do that with Cody Pickett and Ken Dorsey? WR, 9th best, wont’ make the team. The 49ers draft overall, you didn’t help your offense, you didn’t help your defense, the secondary is not improved. F is not trolling at all. I say again in the draft:

          Didn’t help the D
          Didn’t help the O
          Took the wrong QB
          Took the wrong WR, not going to help
          Took the wrong RB
          Took the hurt player, took the criminal player

          I didnt’ watch the draft, but I know the habits of the 49ers in who they take that do not pan out ever since Baalke has been there. Can you show me a draft where he did progress? Let’s not use Patrick Willis, he’s just one of the few.

    2. Grant, one thing that’s become glaringly obvious throughout the NFL draft coverage this weekend on every major network, is that your opinion of Connor Cook’s physical talents as a pro prospect, apart from the questions surrounding leadership, is in a very, very small minority.

      If I had a nickle for every time I heard a prominent, well respected analyst, journalist, former player, and/or scout, express his surprise, if not straight up shock, watching Cook fall past the middle of the 2nd round, I’d be a wealthy man.

      And the shock was widespread, affecting everyone from Jaworski, to Gruden, Brooks, Rang, Prisco, Brugler, Miller, Burke, Mariucci, Mayock, Jaremiah, Davis, King, Maiocco, Barrows, Lynch, and on, and on, and on!

      And now the beauty is, we’ll have an easy, and very convenient opportunity to follow the early part of his career, now that he is a Raider. We’ll know sooner, as opposed to later, just how promising he looks as an NFL QB. Do yourself a favor, and stay a way from making any kind of wagers, because I have a very strong feeling he’s going to surprise you.

      Hey Connor, if you’re out there reading this forum, I have some advice. Don’t let the silliness of your draft fall define you as a QB or as a man, because you aren’t the first guy who fell in the NFL draft, and made teams regret it. As the late, great, Al Davis famously said ……….. JUST WIN BABY!

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