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  1. Jed, fire Trent Baalke. Hire a GM who can draft. That is one way you can hold yourself accountable because you are not going to fire yourself.

  2. Inactive: Lynch, Devey, Thomas, Boone, Wilhoite, White, Davis.

    I know alot of you will be disappointed Devey isn’t playing.

    Seriously, why aren’t the 49ers getting a better look at White? I hope its because they are deciding weather to fish or cut bait on Ellington and Patton.

  3. Jed!
    Who’s the 9er prez
    That’s a buffoon and a clueless man?
    You’re da*n right
    Who is the man
    That would leak info on his brother man?
    Can ya dig it?
    Who’s the cat that won’t cop out
    When there’s danger all about?
    (Ain’t Jed!)
    Right on
    You see this cat Jed is a dumb mo*
    (Shut your mouth)
    But I’m talkin’ about Jed
    (And we can dig it)
    He’s a complicated man
    But no one understands him but Grant Cohn
    (Jed York)

  4. I understand and agree to a point with those that say that these messages are pointless in that the owner isn’t going to pay attention to what’s written on it. However, If you don’t already go to games then continuing not to go isn’t really much of a protest. Buying these banners and putting up messages are the ways that people that don’t go to games can show their displeasure with the team since their lack of ticket purchasing isn’t going to be a factor.

    It’s about being active in getting the fans voice out there that they are insisting on change, otherwise if you do nothing but complain about the team at the office or on these blogs how can you continue to complain about a lack of change you are doing nothing about. It’s like complaining abut a politician and then not showing up at the polls.

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