49ers’ magic numbers vs. Panthers

Here are some stats which may inform our discussion of the 49ers’ upcoming Week 10 game against the Panthers.

Rushing attempts per game:

49ers: 33.8 (1st in NFL)
Panthers: 32.6 (3rd)

Rushing yards per carry:

49ers: 4.5 (9th)
Panthers: 4.0 (18th)

Yards per carry allowed:

49ers: 3.9 (11th)
Panthers: 3.7 (6th)

Passer rating allowed on play action passes:

49ers: 80.1
Panthers: 97.8

Opponent’s third down conversion percentage:

49ers: 33.04 (3rd)
Panthers: 36.27 (11th)

Passer rating on play action passes:

Colin Kaepernick: 114.3 (6th)
Cam Newton: 127.2 (3rd)

Third down conversion percentage:

49ers: 40.19 (11th)
Panthers: 47.0 (3rd)

Passing when blitzed:

Kaepernick: 42 for 75 (56.o %), 621 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, 108.8 rating.
Newton: 60 for 99 (60.6 %), 695 yards, 5 TDs, 5 INTs, 77.6 rating.

Passing when not blitzed:

Kaepernick: 71 for 123 (57.7 %), 963 yards, 2 TDs, 4 INTs, 74.7 rating.
Newton: 94 for 140 (67.1 %), 1106 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs, 104.0 rating.

Composite record of opponents each team has beaten:

49ers: 18-30
Panthers: 8-33

  1. This is a GPS game for the Panthers. With the amount of time to prepare and the new faces, perhaps the 49ers have a few wrinkles the Panthers have not had an opportunity to study for….

      1. Not when you haven’t sniffed the playoffs since 2008, and you’re going up against the defending NFC Champions. The Panthers have some swagger coming into this game, but the 49ers will neuter them….

      2. Ron Rivera is looking at the 49ers as a measuring stick game. “It will give us a good indication of where we are.” Looks as though the Coach agrees with me Hammer…..

    1. Are you still sore! Come on man move on and go to the kc blog to cheer your golden boy. Alex is history in the niner land and we wish him all the best.

  2. Those are pretty interesting stats. The Panthers are more similar to us than I realized (offensively AND defensively). However, I think the 49ers are going to manhandle the Panthers and here are 3 reasons why:
    1) We’re at home and will be having none of that “upset” B.S.
    2) Jim Harbaugh picked Colin Kaepernick in the same draft as Cam Newton, and would like to prove that he got the best QB in that draft. It’s a point of pride. He wants to have the hottest young QB in the league. He wants to win, but if he can have both…So expect to see a slightly heavier dose of CK7 passing. It’s perfect timing because he’ll be getting Mario Manningham back.
    3) Too much on the line! We need to win from here on out. Seattle is going to lose at least 2 more (maybe as many as 4).

    It’s gonna be a good game, but expect our defense to try and convince Cam Newton not to run, but giving him a few big hits. Also, expect us to 2 INTs.

    1. NinerRoc, I hope you are right. Panthers are a very dangerous team to my opinion since they can run the ball and play good defense. In order for us to win we must stop their running game and put pressure on cam!

      I would like for this offense to utilize the running backs in the passing game, specially hunter or LMJ. Go Niners

  3. Panthers D is quite tough. Big test to run the ball on them. Cam is playing smarter and thus better.
    As to tonight: Rogers>Cutler>McKown>Wallace.

  4. the 49ers 3rd test of the season. Panthers should give us trouble, but the 49wrs should have enough to pull. we will probably see this team in the post season.

  5. This will be a huge game. Glad we had two weeks to prepare for them. The panthers have been playing lights out football. Key will be to contain Newton. Their offense is far from spectacular but newton has been making big plays recently. Their front 7 is one of the best in football. These teams are mighty similar. Should be a fun one.

    1. Adam707,

      We are blowing them out.they have played nobody. Not even remotely concerned about Carolina. They are the same team they have always been. They are soft on the road. We will continue our assault on the record books with another blowout. They can’t stop us from running the football. Book it Niners!!!

  6. Panthers are in for a rude awakening… Niners are on a roll and know they must keep pace with Seattle… As long as they play to their strengths and avoid turnovers they’ll be fine.

  7. I still hold a deep hatred of the Panthers ever since Dom Capers brought Kerry Collins and Muhsin Mohammed to the Stick and beat us in the playoffs. This game is payback!!! Well it is for me anyway…

    1. I remember that. I bet you most people do not remember that. Kerry Collins of all people. I wonder if Grant remembers that game.

      God Bless

    2. You are correct Jack. The game I was thinking of was for the Division Title back when the Panthers were in the NFC West. Just had to look it up to confirm.

  8. You missed some numbers Grant.

    9-1-1.  49ers record with extra prep time under Harbaugh.

    6-0. 49ers record when they have extra prep time and their opponent is coming off a regular week.

  9. Here’s a good one.

    Passing when blitzed:

    Kaepernick: 42 for 75 (56.0 %), 621 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, 108.8 rating.
    Newton: 60 for 99 (60.6 %), 695 yards, 5 TDs, 5 INTs, 77.6 rating.

    Passing when not blitzed:

    Kaepernick: 71 for 123 (57.7 %), 963 yards, 2 TDs, 4 INTs, 74.7 rating.
    Newton: 94 for 140 (67.1 %), 1106 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs, 104.0 rating.

      1. Mark,

        Just make sure you come back Sunday and apologize for being so delusional. The Panthers are still the same old Panthers. When you play softies at home, you’re supposed to win. You’re team is going to get a beat down on Sunday. So badly that you’ll ask the guys on this blog if there is room on the bandwagon for you to be a Niner. No worries, we got a seat for you. In he trunk, next to the spare!

      1. Waah, everybody has to deal with bye weeks. I had

        missing from my team.

        Take out the three lowest scores from each team and I still win. Maybe starting RG3 over Nick Foles wasn’t the best idea.

  10. Packers will resign Matt Flynn in the coming days if Rogers is out for more than 4 weeks. Flynn was cut today by the Bills.

  11. Anyone watching how well alshon Jeffrey is playing this year? And to think we chose Jenkins over him. Our so called scouts need to do better research.

    1. Niners don’t know how to use, or draft usable, WRs. Crab was a McLoughan choice, and since taking him, the Niners have disregarded size in favor of speed and fluidity. Alshon and Marshall show what size can do. The 2 Johnsons are 6’4″+, and most other top WRs in the game are 6’3″+ (Green, Jones, Gordon, Thomas). If Harbaugh keeps Williams over Baldwin, he is just asking for more ridicule. The Niners should have traded for Gordon, because small guys generally are role players nowadays (Welker and TY Hilton aside).

      1. I liked what Patton showed in the pre season but he quickly was over matched once the season started. He’s a slot guy going forward. Crabtree is a #1 wr that can get you 100 catches. But he isn’t the megatron or andre Johnson or larry fitz type. Those are the guys you can throw the ball up and they can make the play to catch it. If you watch Alshon that’s exactly what he’s turning into. Niners need that. Let’s hope we find it in this years draft.

      2. Generally agree with favoring big receivers. I just hope Steve Smith’s role this week is greatly reduced by the Niners D.

    2. I agree Adam. I said we should have taken Lacy and not Lattimore. Our running game would be scary with Gore, Hunter, and Lacy. Oh well.

      1. Lacy over Reid? Was that the team’s need? Was Lacy there in Round #4 or wherever they got Lattimore? I guess SF should’ve drafted Brady back in the day too.

      2. Matt,
        disagree. First off, Lacy’s is more of a power back. He would have rarely been used with our crowded backfield. And trust me when I say this, he does not have the beast mode that Lattimore has. Lattimore is quick, fast and powerful. IMO, the two are not even close. Lacy is an Earl Campbell type runner that will break down.
        The Lattimore pick and the Tank pick were genius if their injuries hold up.

      3. But we couldnt have kept Hunter, LaMichael, Lacy, and Boobie on the roster. Lattimore was a perfect choice because we could stash him and his potential (providing he can return to form) is just as good if not better than Lacy.

        Dont discount Boobies contribution with all the hats he wears on game day.

      4. Lattimore was much better (more complete) RB than Lacy in college. If Lattimore recovers fully, he will be a better back than Lacy in this league. Lacy appears to my eye to be a bowling-ball type of runner who uses brute strength more than vision. Of course, he may get better.

      5. Matt,

        Did you see some of the holes Lacy and Starks were running through last night. Lacy is a good player don’t get me wrong, but anybody could have had the big gainers those two had last night. There were no run fills at all on a few occasions. Player out of place, it was ridiculous.

        Getting Lattimore in the 4th round will prove to be a major steal as long as he can return healthy. He’s a better overall prospect than Lacy who fell because of a terrible injury.

      6. Lacy reminds me of Steven Jackson, although not as nimble. Big, strong and fast. He threatens the edge with his speed, gets the pursuit running all-out, then makes a cut and breaks reach tackles. He’s dangerous. He’s a load on a screen pass too. Jackson runs lower inside the tackles.

      7. Matt, Lacy has looked good but he was the packers second round, 61st overall draft pick so i do not understand your comment about Lattimore pick in the fourth round! Also we needed to beef up the defense by drafting Tank in the second round.

    3. Adam707 says:
      November 4, 2013 at 9:53 pm
      Anyone watching how well alshon Jeffrey is playing this year? And to think we chose Jenkins over him. Our so called scouts need to do better research.
      And Tom Brady was a sixth round pick, what’s your point? Every season players get passed over and/or cut that go on to have a good or great career. There isn’t a single coach, team or scout that has a crystal ball and all of them have made mistakes and will continue to overlook good players. It’s part of the game and if you are still surprised by it then you should probably just get over it.

  12. Hyperbole:

    “Bolstered by a couple of fortuitous bounces and what is quickly becoming the NFL’s most dominant ground attack, Wallace held the offense hostage after replacing Rodgers. By the middle of the third quarter, the Bears defense was stacking the box to stop Eddie Lacy and daring Wallace to beat them through the air.” – NFL dot Com

    Really? The Packers have the most dominant running game in the league? That’s awesome!!! And the best passing offense!!! McCarthy is a genius!

    1. I am definitely glad for Alex since he seemed like such a nice guy. He’s turned himself into a decent NFL QB that rarely makes mistakes. He is exceptionally talented at one thing which is landing on teams that have great defenses that secure wins and mask the lack of offensive production. The success KC is enjoying right now proves that if you have an offense that can make a few plays without turning the ball over you can have a great season if you have a great defense.

    2. He’s a smart, tough guy with extraordinarily limited tools, so it’s a wonder he’s able to win with such frequency. He’ll never win a Superbowl, though, so all this talk of eating crow is for people who are cool with losers. Are you a Matt Hasselbeck fan by any chance?

    3. Lol same old onelame. Blinded. How does he get them there when he can’t throw a td? Good for 49ers fans he’s gone. He’s a true bum now that he’s wearing Maroon and yellow. Beat it CK hater.

      1. MD, Houston, and Bay

        You just can’t get it through your heads, that Alex wins games…doesn’t kiss his arms, sees the entire progressions, doesn’t brag, it’s simple math…9-0
        Get a book….

      2. Oregon… Sorry bro but his teams do the work and he benefits. You want to call that winning… By all means call it that. He’s not a 49er, so I won’t defend his honor anymore. He’s just another cut player on the list of ex 49ers. He sucks.

      3. Well, Oregon I’ll accept Jim Harbaugh’s judgement over yours on this issue. JH felt like a guy who brought a little excitement and more production was better than Smith and that judgement was rewarded with a Superbowl berth even though the new QB kisses his bicep from time to time.

        I find it quite hysterical that you say Alex “sees the entire progressions.” The knock on Alex from day one and still to this day is that he didn’t see his progressions, missed wide open receivers, held the ball too long and took unnecessary sacks as a result.

      4. Between love and madness lies obsession.

        ninermd, want me to tell you my opinion about where on that spectrum you fall?

        You won’t like it because I didn’t just make it up, but based it on actual facts

      5. Oregon,
        I guess the entire NFL doesn’t get it. Nor do the writers at NFL.com, The NY Times and countless other articles that are written about a QB that is a “winner” despite not throwing a TD in 4 of his last 5 games. In spite of his pedestrian passing yards.

        I’ll give you an example of a QB being managed so that there is a justification for throwing less and having low passing yards.

        During the 49ers current 5 game winstreak, Colin has attempted 20 passes per game on average. Their average margin of victory during that span is 22.6. The number is actually a bit higher as they gave up garbage time touchdowns in two of the games.

        Alex on the other hand is attempting 33 passes a game during the same span. The Chiefs average margin of victory is roughly 8 points during that span. He’s been in some dog fights.

        What I’m trying to say is that CK’s lack of attempts is due to game management. Running the rock and moving the clock. The lack of attempts prove that. Alex’s attempts have been futile. He is actually throwing the ball 60% more than CK in attempts to move the ball and score and he’s been unsuccessful. What is more fascinating is that Alex and his 33 passes per game are netting him an average of 192 yards per game over the last five games. Kaepernick and his 20 attempted passes per game are averaging him 179 yards per game. Add up the numbers and they will tell you that Alex is averaging 13 more yards per game passing on 13 more attempts.

        Before you go an argue that Alex is dinking and dunking moving the chains, you better check the numbers. The 49ers are converting 3rd downs at a 40.2% clip while the Chiefs are converting 36% of theirs.

        Looking at these stats make it ultra clear why one QB is rarely mentioned even though his team is undefeated, while the other is the face of his franchise.

      6. Bay,

        Reid runs a true WCO. The short passes are just like extended hand offs. That’s what kills me about what you guys are posting here. The offense that the Niners built their legacy on is very similar to the one in KC. Smith’s increase in passes is really just trying to get Charles out in space to try and make a play rather than just running it. The strategy employed between KC and SF is very very similar even with Kap now at the helm.

      7. Houston:

        Thanks. It cracks me up how some of these guys can’t stop writing about Alex Smith. I’d be willing to bet that until the Feeling No Pressure troll showed up, the vast majority of Smith-related threads on this blog were started by jordan, bay or ninermd. They can’t seem to help themselves. And the comments sometimes get very unbalanced, like what I imagine a Team Edward rant against Jacob would look like.

        Bay: No sh!t it’s not my line. It’s one of the most memorable advertising slogans from the 90s. I’m only responsible for recognizing how it applies to you, jordan and ninermd. I’m not sure what point you were trying to make by calling me Robert Jackall, but I suspect it is the result of some sloppy research.

      8. Ah Claude,
        you know it’s just me playing around. I know you are not in advertising. You are an ambulance chaser. Personal injury scrub lawyer.

      9. Oregon, your blog name must have been hijacked since you typically do not make such silly comments! Come on man, lets not be so shallow! this is an entertainment so whats all the hurt feelings for ck kissing his bicep and can you please reference the bragging! Also please do not even bring up the progression topic since he is a veteran with 8 years of NFL experience!

    4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000276814/article/kansas-city-chiefs-perfect-record-obscuring-serious-questions

      This paragraph from the article sums it up regarding the Chiefs who by the way have to play the Broncos twice, the chargers and the Colts.

      “The problem, of course, is that they are not scoring like everybody else, or at least not like the everybody elses that the Chiefs want to beat. The Chiefs have scored 215 points, an average of 23.9 per game. That places them at 16th in the league, but the figure is a misleading. Of the Chiefs’ 23 total touchdowns, the defense has accounted for six, just one fewer than K.C. has scored running the ball and just three fewer than the number of touchdown passes Smith has thrown.

      1. Basically Alex found the mirror image of his 2011 team. And he’s playing the same role. He is a stowaway on a flight filled superstar defensive players. Basically along for the ride.
        Now true Niner fans want Alex and his Chiefs to lose weekly to improve our second round pick….

      2. Bay, Md

        19-24 for 124 yards? His defense scores 2 touchdowns and his punter and special teams flip the field for 3 field goals. Bay, the star pitcher from your baseball team could’ve started for the Chiefs last week and won that game.How do you complete 19 passes in the NFL for 124 yards. Alex Smith broke an NFL revord with that performance. A tiger can’t change his stripes. He is what ive always said he was. The Chiefs are 9-0.

        Their defense saved the win in 4-5 games this year.


        The defense prevented all these teams from scoring on the last drive or two drives of the game. The offense, led by Smith has not one game winning drive for the Chiefs this year. The defense is the offense.

      3. Bay,

        And yet the team is almost exactly the same as the one that went 2-14 last year with the exception of the QB and Coaching staff. You guys keep saying Smith found the only team that he can play for, yet this is two teams now that he’s won with when presented with a similar gameplan. When are you going to realize that a big part of the defense playing so well is the offense not putting them in bad situations? Look at the games this season and check how many times the Chiefs offense has put together long time consuming drives in the 4th quarter to put games away. You want to give all the credit to one area of the team and it’s not possible. Football is built on 3 phases and you don’t win with one or two playing well and the other playing poorly as you are trying to pass off here.

        The bottom line is, you, along with MD and Jordan, don’t like this style of offense. You didn’t like it here and you obviously don’t like it any better in KC. That’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean that style does not work or will be exposed by these mythical superior teams that the Chiefs will play in the future. KC will struggle against Denver I’m guessing because every team struggles with that offense, but there isn’t another team on their schedule that they can’t beat playing the way they are right now.

        The Ironic part of all this is the Niners are playing the same way and winning because of it. Kap will maybe take a couple of shots more than Smith will, but overall it’s the same style of game with the same low passing numbers, high rushing totals and most importantly…wins.

      4. Jordan,

        “19-29 for 124 yards?”

        Why are you so fixated on this stat line? Just 2 weeks ago Tom Brady won a game when he was 13-22 for 116 yards.

      5. Rocket,
        nice try. I’ve watched most of the Chiefs games. The offense has put the defense in some pretty tough spots and the defense has come through time after time. Call it game planning all you want. I’ll call it good defense coupled with a soft first half schedule.

        As for taking more shots down field, all I can say is “really?”. It comes down to DNA. You know it and I know it. Kaep is built to attack and Smith to sit back.

      6. Rocket an yet both teams got new coaches. Hmmm go figure. Let me ask you rocket. Would you rather have ck or smith as the qb for this team?

      7. Hammer… Why do stat lines work for your argument but nobody else’s? You’ve thrown up bad stats for ck to make a point.

      8. Bay,

        The offense has not put them in many bad positions. They are number one in turnover ratio and have turned the ball over a grand total of 8 times in 9 games, 4 by int. and 4 by fumbles. They are also 6th in time of possession which is due to the long drives they put together that I was telling you about.

        What’s also ironic is that not only are the Niners and Chiefs playing it this way, but the Seahawks are too. Two of the top teams in the NFC and favored to get to the SB are run first, low passing total teams that rely on rushing and defense. It’s a winning formula. It isn’t pretty but it works.

      9. md,

        You are right. The difference is that in this case it is being held up as though it is some type of singular case that does not happen anywhere else around the league.

      10. MD,

        I’d rather have Kap and have made no secret about that. I simply don’t accept the arguments you guys try to make that Smith is a bum who is being carried by others. There is a rationale to the way he plays and it works. You can’t argue it any other way when he’s at the top of the league in wins over the past 3 years. with two different teams.

      11. Hammer…. Stats are stats. I don’t care about them. And there is no difference then if everyone wants to give team wins to smith. So I guess team wins count on qb’ stats only. I don’t have a problem with folks using stats, but you can’t call someone out for using stats if you do. No matter what the stats are. You have also posted ck’ single game stats before.

        Rocket…. C’mon dude. Alex smith isn’t a top tier qb. Meaning he isn’t a top employee at his job. He doesn’t turn the ball over. Good for him. But he doesn’t score td’s either. That’s what qb’ are supposed to do.
        So it’s like hiring a telephone operator that doesn’t make a sell, BUT doesn’t hang up the phone on accident either.
        He’s not a 49er. So why does any 49er fan care about what’s said about him? Do you defend other “controversial” players in the league that 49er fans think suck? I just don’t get the anger over an ex 49er who wasn’t a great. Smh

      12. md,

        I’m not calling Jordan out for using stats. I am asking why he is so stuck on that particular stat line, as if it is something that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

        Let the man answer for himself.

      13. The defense of Alex Smith continues because guys like you continue to disparage the guy MD. If I see what I think is wrong information or a close minded viewpoint, I will argue against it. In this case it just happens to be Alex Smith. Nobody has ever said he’s a top tier QB which is another example of how you take this discussion in different directions and straw man arguments that have not been started by myself or others that defend Smith.

        Here’s my argument in a nutshell MD:

        You can’t win the amount of games Smith has the past 3 years by being a bad QB. It’s not possible. The stuff you take for granted like his ability to not make mistakes and still put together drives with short passes is something a lot of teams don’t have. The defense plays a big part, but so does the offense. They go hand in hand and you are seeing that with the Niners over the past 5 weeks as well. Kap isn’t throwing picks, he’s playing within the system, letting the running game help him with playaction and relying on defense to hold a lead or even get one for him. It’s a formula that works which is why 3 of the top teams in the league – SF, KC and Seattle – all do it.

      14. Why do you care what stat he uses? Why don’t you let him post what he wants? I’m not answering for him, I’m asking why do you care if you do the same.

      15. Rocket,
        how are you going to call the Chiefs a running team when their QB passes the ball 33 times per game on average?

        In terms of production they are barely top ten. In terms of rushing scoring they are roughly 16th. So their running game is not carrying them. Their passing attempts are 10th highest in the league. Did you get that? 10th highest in the league. That is not a sign of a running team. That is the sign of a team that is trying to be a passing team but unfortunately is not getting it done.

        The only difference points to the DEFENSE.

      16. md,

        Please show me where I have made a comment like, “Not 19-29 for 124 yards. Who completes19 passes for 124 yards? Has that ever been done in the history of the NFL??? ” regarding anyone.

        Again, let the man answer the question. It shouldn’t be that difficult for him.

      17. Rocket…. Maybe some people believe that if you’re not a top tier qb then you’re a bum. To top tier comparison. He gets credit for all of these wins like he’s the only player on the team, like he’s doing the most to help his team win. We know that’s not the truth. So IMO he’s a bum. Trent dilfer win a lot of games with Baltimore. He was a bum. Alex smith isn’t a duel threat like ck either. With around 200 less attempts than smith he’s thrown for the same amount of td’s and ran for 2 more. Two totally different players. I’m not a stat whore like some on here. Winning is the most important thing. But lets keep it real. Ck can put this team on his back and win. Alex smith can’t. Alex smith IMO is a bum. I want qb’s that can change the game, not one who plays it safe and relies soley on his teammates to do the bulk of the work. You better believe the 49ers and chiefs changed their losing ways because of coaching. NOT Alex smith. He’s simply the boring old non mistake guy.
        Want to congratulate him on not turning the ball over. Go ahead. But he is the last reason why they’re winning. Part of it? Yes. Worthy of giving HIM the wins? Hell no. The top tier winning qb’s throw td’s and no int’s.

      18. Bay,

        They are 9th in rushing attempts and 10th in passing attempts. They are 6th in totals plays from scrimmage. They are 12th in points scored. That is called balance and controlling the football. That is a big part of why the defense has been so good.

        Reid runs as close to the original WCO principles as you’ll find in the game today. Short passes are just like running plays in many instances. It’s about isolating players and the Chiefs do it well.

      19. Rocket,

        We’ve leaned on the running game more becsuse we lacked weapons at the receiver position. We are not tbe team that plans on winning the way K.C. has won. Weve dominated teams in the last 5 weeks. K.C. has skated by on the strength of their defense.

      20. MD,

        I’m not giving Smith all the credit for the victories. I’m saying his style is conducive to winning when paired with a good defense.

        Have you forgotten where the Niners were a few years ago? Do you remember when Smith came back from the shoulder injuries and took over in the game against Houston? From that game on through the rest of the season, the Niners threw the ball all over the place and he wound up with 18 TD’s in 10 and a half games. The problem was he also threw 12 picks. He isn’t incapable of throwing the ball around. This is a measured strategy he’s adopted because it’s working for him and winning games.

        That’s the part I don’t think you guys really focus on or understand. This is not something he’s doing because he can’t do it another way. It’s the way that has worked best to win games.

      21. Jordan,

        The passing game will improve with the return of Manningham and Crabtree, but don’t kid yourself; this team will still be a run first offense and rely on defense in many situations. That is Harbaugh’s philosophy.

      22. Jack

        I underscore that stat because I know the Chief cant win playoff games with those numbers. And they wont. If you dont think thst Chiefs defense is tiring, look at the rushing yards they are starting to surrender. Just like Seattle.

        We all know thst when your offense cant move the ball in the NFL, even thegood defenses began to tire and start getting exploited. Those two teams are beginning to get gashed Iin the run game because they are wearing down. K.C. wont stand a chance in tbe coming weeks against Rivers and Manning. Those guys are scoring on offense and scoring a lot. Kansas City has issues with this offense. Yeams are figuring out what we’ve always know. Alex Smith cant throw effectively consistent past 12 yards. Move your safeties up 5 yards closer and watch the slants, screens and swing passes. Bowe is having the worst season of his career. Luckily he got that contract. Now he knows how Crabtree felt.

        Kansas City is about to get their wakeup call from within their own division. So is Seattle.

      23. Rocket…. I’m saying exactly what you’re saying. And every smith backer on here beats the “wins” drum constantly. That’s all they say. The type of qb he is, is the reason I think he’s a bum. He rides the teams strengths. And doesn’t do what he’s paid to do. Throw td’s. I’d bet if you asked Reid if he would want smith to continue to do what he’s doing, he’d say yes. If you offered a qb that throws td’s, runs for td’s and doesn’t turn the ball over. He’d trade Alex smith in a heartbeat. Sound familiar? What some don’t remember is he was traded simply because he wasn’t good enough. Harbaugh used him for the time being. Harbaugh knew he wasn’t the future if he thought ck was what he thought he could be. Well Harbaugh got his answer and the rest is history. Qb’s like smith get benched every year when the coach finds out there is someone more talented on the bench. And don’t doubt Reid will do the same if he has another player with better skills. Smith is a career backup with luck. Reid will want more from his qb at some point.

      24. MD,

        I guess I have a different view of what constitutes a player being a Bum. I see Smith as a middle of the pack talent that can win games in this league because he is smart and unselfish. Few QB’s in this league have both of those traits and it’s why he not only still has a job, but is leading an undefeated team. Of course there are more talented QB’s out there, but few of them play with the mindset and selfless attitude that Smith does and that is a big key to the success he has and his teams have because of him.

      25. Jordan,

        How do you come to the conclusion that the Chiefs defense is wearing down? The Offense is 6th in time of possession. The Defense isn’t on the field enough to wear down.

        The Bills just happen to be a good rushing team and one who plays extremely well at home. Don’t overthink it.

      26. Thanks for the response Jordan. I don’t see KC as a Super Bowl team either.

        In all likelihood the Chiefs will end up as the 5 seed which would probably put them in Cincy for the Wildcard round.

      27. The Chiefs are a flawed team, like most teams. Alex has a lot of limitations, he also has strengths. 9-0 is 9 and 0. That’s all you need to know. You can make excuses, but it won’t change anything.
        The Chiefs will be in the mix for the SB, mainly because they have a strong defense.
        The Niners are in the mix, same goes for Seattle. Seattle’s offense is horrendous, but they make plays to win. The Niners tried to open up the offense in the beginning and they got hit up with 2 losses.
        Even against these inferior teams in recent weeks, they have played a very vanilla offense.

      28. If Dexter McCluster doesn’t drop that wide open, perfectly thrown bomb down the left sideline, suddenly Alex is 20/29 for just under 200 yards. That stat line doesn’t look bad to me, but who cares anyway? Stats don’t matter, and this is a 49ers blog, so why the hell is Jordan still so fixated on Alex Smith?


      29. Also, Charles had 6 catches for 6 yards. They often use a short passing game that is basically an extension of the run game to get Charles (obviously their best player) opportunities in space. It didn’t work well Sunday.

        Again, stats are for losers like Jordan.

      30. Grant, I really hope you get paid by the number of times Alex Smith gets mentioned in this blog. If not, work it into your next contract negotiation!

      31. LSX,

        You must be Alex Smiths !itch! So because I bring him up in a blog im a loser? Yeah you must be his -itch like I said.

      32. >>Now true Niner fans want Alex and his Chiefs to lose weekly to improve our second round pick….

        Barring that (unlikely that the Chiefs go worse than 13-3, that pick will be be what it’ll be), what “true” Niners fan wouldn’t get a kick out of a Niners – Chiefs SB?

      33. >> Smith is a career backup with luck.

        Funny thing to say about a QB that, absent injury, has been a starter all his career.

    5. First off, I’m in the middle of this silly Alex convo exercise. The bottom line is style points only mean something to fantasy heads, advertisers and people who like shiny things. The real world and NFL football games are decided by which team can score more than the other team for that given day. Players would rather WIN ugly seven days a week and twice on Sundays as compared to ‘style points’.

      That being said, I’m glad ‘we’ have Kap instead of that guy that everyone loves to hate.

      Some people should be careful with their bashing of Alex, they just may be rewarded with a SEA v KC Super Bowl.

      1. Bray… Why be careful of bashing Alex smith? He’s not a 49er. And you’re dreaming with that Seattle vs KC superbowl. Ill say it right now. If that happens I will leave this blog for one full season.

      2. Correct MD, I’m dreaming not predicting. But you gotta admit, both of those teams have had some pretty serious ‘luck’ in a handful of games this year. KC and SEA appear to be the favorites of the football gods with their good fortune they’ve had this year so far.
        I believe in what go around comes around, those who cast stones will most likely be the unhappiest in the end. You’re not alone in this category. :{)

      3. Alex smith isn’t the only player I have ever called a bum. He’s not even on my hated list. And most of the other players who I think suck, haven’t made it to the superbowl. I just call it like I see it. And this last stand for Alex smith and giving him these “wins” is pathetic. You better bet if he had top tier stats the word wins wouldn’t be mentioned. All he does is win my A**! He’s a bum with a great entourage. Nothing more.

      4. Here’s the thing MD,
        Alex would fly under my radar is he was a second or third round draft pick. He had the unfortunate luck to be picked #1 in a year where there was no clear cut #1. Unfortunately that came along with expectations. It’s those expectations that make me judge him differently. He cashed those checks that paid him as a #1 over all pick, so in my mind he needed to produce like one.

        If you rank on a scale of 1-10 the last 13 #1 draft picks, IMO Smith would rank a 5.
        Andrew Luck – 9
        Cam Newton – 7
        Sam Bradford – 6
        Mat Stafford – 7
        Jake Long – 7
        Jamarcus R – 1
        Mario Williams 7
        Alex Smith 5
        Eli Manning 7
        Carson Palmer 6.5
        David Carr -5
        Mike Vick – 7

      5. Bay,

        That is a fair statement. Smith was not worth the #1 overall pick, but unfortunately that just happened to be one of the worst draft years to have the #1 pick. Just our luck…pun intended.

    6. Actually most of the core on this team..did go to the playoffs a few yrs ago..with matt cassel as Qb and todd haley as the headcoach..they won 10 games then..Good situation for Alex and Andy to be in..lol

      1. No..3yrs is not a long time ago.. They won 10 games..so the whole taking over a 2-14 team is a lil misleading..if u wanna compare it to our situation…harbaugh took over a team that hadn’t been to the playoffs in eight /nine yrs..Now that’s almost a decade…Sh#t! That’s a long time..lol.

  13. More numbers for you Grant. Cowboys are 17-1 vs teams below .500 since Jason Garrett’s first game as head coach and 4-19 vs teams .500 or above.

    1. But Jerry Jones resents that people think he’s got a .500 ball club. Jerry, did you hire an Architectural Engineering Company to design your stadium, or your cousin, BillyBob? Right, you hired engineers and let them do it. Hire a Coach and let him do it! You undermine your coaches and then wonder about team discipline. You’re not the genius you think you are. Few of us are.

      1. Why in the world would you want to give good advice to the Cowboys? My advice to Jerry Jones is to keep doing what your doing. Change nothing! The world will be a better place for it.

      2. Yeah I agree with Houston. It’s broke and we don’t want them to fix it.

        The Cowboys are a marketing creation and little else. They have been a poor team for a long time yet people continue to talk about how talented they are and how this is the year the Cowboys will make some noise. The reality is, they have some talent but not nearly as much as a lot of other teams do and they also don’t have a GM who can fix the problem areas. The Offensive philosophy that was supposed to change to a more balanced attack under Bill Callahan first time playcaller, has never been more one dimensional. The defense which has been a problem since Wade Phillips was fired, is the worst rated unit in the league under an 80 year old man who ran some of the worst defenses in the history of College football the past few years.

        Is there any wonder the Cowboys are struggling to be 500? This is not a good football team. It is an artificially inflated football team that has so many holes and problems you don’t know where to start. The only saving grace for them is their offense can put a lot of points on the board and the NFC East is comparable to the NFC West of a few years ago in futility.

        1. If the Cowboys are so bad, why are they over .500 and why did they lose by a combined four points to the Chiefs and the Broncos? The 49ers lost by a combined 46 points to the Seahawks and the Colts, a couple of blowouts. The Cowboys haven’t gotten blown out.

      3. Grant,

        They are 5-4 and were very close to dropping a game at home to the Vikings who have one win on the season. The passing offense is very good and is the only reason they are where they are.

        You can’t seriously look at this team and tell me they are a SB contender. They don’t run the ball, they have a terrible defense and their QB tends to melt down at the end of important games. What is it you see that gives you the idea they can get to the SB?

        1. Romo has 18 fourth quarter comebacks in his career including one last week against the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers has 5 fourth-quarter comebacks in his career.

          Murray is very good and his injury isn’t serious. When he’s healthy the Cowboys have a running game. Because they play in the NFC East, they have more leeway to bring him back slowly so he’s healthy for December and January.

          The 49ers lost by 11 to Christian Ponder and the Vikings last year and still went to the Super Bowl.

      4. You have to hand it to Grant, most people know when they’re flogging a dead horse but he just keeps on whipping that sucker. Look if he wants to put faith in a team that barely escaped with a win at home over the hapless Vikings then by all means let him.

        We’ll all have our fun at the end of the season when reality sets in once again in Dallas.

      5. Grant,

        The problem – at least most of the time – isn’t Romo, so his comebacks are nice but not the reason they are not SB contenders. The problem is they are fixated on the passing game whether Murray is there or not as last weeks 50+ pass attempts to 9 runs will attest.

        The other elephant in the room which you did not acknowledge is the Cowboys defense is at the bottom of the league. Not having Ware is significant, but he is not going to make them a middle of the pack defense on his own. The problem is they are playing Cover 2 with 3-4 personnel. Their CB’s and Safety’s are getting abused in this scheme and they can’t generate a consistent pass rush. That is not going to change until they change the personnel.

        1. The Cowboys are very good at passing. Murray is an elite threat running the ball and catching it out of the backfield and Callahan was giving Murray 22.4 touches per game before he got hurt. Gore is getting 19.3 touches per game this season.

          The Cowboys’ defense was pretty good a few weeks ago against the Redskins when Ware was healthy. And even the next week when he was out the Cowboys held the Eagles to just three points. Clearly the scheme isn’t the issue. The issue is injuries. When Ware, Claiborne and Wilcox get back, the Cowboys defense will improve.

      6. Rodgers doesn’t have as many 4Q comebacks as Romo… because his team is usually in the lead by then.

        On the flip side…How many times has Romo had a lead in the 4th, only to lose the game on a turnover?

      7. “If the Cowboys are so bad, why are they over .500″

        Simple. They have beaten 5 teams who are under .500 and lost to 4 teams over .500.

      8. We aren’t talking about touches Grant but nice try. We are talking about running the ball and in all but two games he has played this season, Murray has run the ball 14 times or less. He’s had two games with 7 and 4 rushing attempts. The Cowboys do not commit to the running game and it kills them.

        1. How does it kill them? They’re in first place with a 1.5 game lead and they have all of the tie breakers. They’ve demonstrated they’re very good at running the ball with Murray. It wouldn’t be smart for him to take too many hits between the tackles early in the season. They need him healthy for December and January so he can carry the load when it matters. Callahan is handling him correctly.

      9. Grant,

        The scheme is the issue along with not having the boat load of talent people seem to think they have. Claiborne has been struggling all season. Wilcox is a rookie who has not been a difference maker. Ware is the one guy they miss that plays well no matter what when he’s in there and that is not going to change the direction of the defense.

      10. Grant,

        It’s killed them when they can’t run the ball and keep their defense off the field. How do you think Detroit kept getting chance after chance even after turning the ball over 4 times. They don’t commit to running the football Grant. If they did, they wouldn’t have to keep sending that sieve of a defense out there so much.

        1. That was one game. Murray was hurt and they still scored 30. Ware was hurt too and if he hadn’t been, the Cowboys probably would have won. But that game has no bearing on how Ware and Murray and the Cowboys match up with the 49ers in the playoffs if it comes to that.

      11. “The Eagles would be over .500 if they hadn’t gotten dominated by the Cowboys.”

        The Eagles haven’t beaten a team over .500 either.

      12. “That was one game.”

        No it wasn’t. They only ran it 9 times on Sunday. Their 87% pass attempts was the biggest % in any game in the league this year.

      13. Cowboys have everything on offense needed to be elite, Romo has flashes of being a top notch qb, the first 58 minutes of the Denver game, and flashes of being a choke artist, the last two minutes of the Denver game. Many people rag on romo and call him unclutch but since 2011 he has the most 4Q/OT comebacks. And as of last year he had one of the best 4th quarter qb ratings in nfl history. With Dez and Williams and witten they have elite passing options. And Murray, when 100%, is one of the top running backs. Dallas’ problem is defense, healthy or not. Thier safeties are horrid. And claiborn is atrocious. But I will say that Sean Lee is an absolute monster. Would be DPOY if the defense as a whole wasn’t among the worst in the nfl.

        I see a lot of people discrediting the cowboys, saying they haven’t beaten anyone, well you can only beat those who are put on your schedule. The niners have only 1 win vs a team over .500.

        Point I’m trying to make is don’t over look the cowboys. They can be a dangerous team come playoff time, even with romo at QB.

        1. I agree, Adam707.

          And it’s a wonder how Greg Roman can’t develop Jon Baldwin and Kyle Williams like Bill Callahan has developed Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley.

      14. Adam707,

        The Cowboys do have a lot of talent, yet they have only won 4 games in 2 1/2 years against teams at .500 or better.

      15. True jack. I’m just saying not to sleep on them. They have the talent to beat anyone. Although a cry baby, Dez is a game changer, and possibly the 2nd or 3 rd best WR in the NFL.

      16. “They have the talent to beat anyone.”

        Apparently not, and your comparison to the 49ers is off. While Dallas has beaten 4 teams with a record of .500 or better in 2 1/2 years, the 49ers have defeated 3 such teams this season. (GB, Arizona, Tennessee)

      17. Adam,

        It’s true you can only beat the teams on your schedule. The problem is the Cowboys have lost to every team over 500 they have faced.


        The Detroit game is the freshest in memory and that’s actually a game in which they ran the ball more than usual. They didn’t lose last week but probably should have after Romo’s pick in the 4th quarter. Lucky for them they were playing a 1 win team that couldn’t close it out.

        In their 4 losses they have run the ball a total of 63 times. They refuse to run the ball consistently and it plays a part in why they are losing as much as they are winning.

        1. The Cowboys lost those four games for a lot of reasons but the run game is low on the list.

          The fact is the Cowboys almost beat the two best teams on their schedule so far – the Chiefs and the Broncos – but the 49ers got blown out by the two best teams on their schedule so far – the Seahawks and the Colts.

      18. Adam707
        Many people rag on romo and call him unclutch but since 2011 he has the most 4Q/OT comebacks.
        But Romo was almost unclutch vs. the Vikes. Threw INT w/ 4 mins left. I read that some Vikings players were miffed with the DC when they went to the prevent D on Romo’s winning drive, and miffed with the OC for not burning the clock.

      19. Grant,

        “The fact is the Cowboys almost beat the two best teams on their schedule so far – the Chiefs and the Broncos – but the 49ers got blown out by the two best teams on their schedule so far”

        And the fact is that almost beating someone in the NFL means diddly squat. The actual fact is that the Cowboys haven’t beaten a team with a record of .500 or better this year, and only 4 in 2 1/2 years. They will get a shot to make that 5 on Sunday.

      20. Why is this conversation on a 49er blog? The Cowboys haven’t made the playoffs in almost 4 years. They are a mediocre team at best. If they do luck into a playoff appearance it will be due to their horrendously weak division. The Wildcard team that draws the Cowboys in the playoffs will have the easier route to the NFCCG than the team that would have to play the NFC North Champion. This conversation could only happen in some stupid sportsbar in Dallas where a drunk delusional Cowboy fan actually thought the Cowboys had a shot.

      1. Woodshed… Ask your girlfriend about it.
        And your post only proves you’re a joke and no real 49er fan. Your positive comment about your ex is more positive than anything you’ve said about the 49ers this season. What’s that saying you bum?

        Face it onelame. A tattoo’d freak of nature took your ex’s job, and if I ever met your honey, id take her.
        Oh who am I kidding nobody would date a spaz like you. Ill remind you again onelame. You’re irrelevant now. And you’ve been banned 3 times, but yet you continue to come back. That’s just sad.

      2. Grant is’nt wrong yet. The cowboys are in first place and very injured. If they can get healthy they can win and have a home game in the playoffs so no the cowboys are’nt a complete reach at this time. All i want out of Grant is if the Cowboys do’nt make the playoffs or are a complete flop in the playoffs he will say these exact words loud and clear I WAS WRONG with NO caveats

    1. If Smith sucks then where does that place Kaep? Their stats are very similar with the exception being that Smith has thrown for more yards. Both Smith and Kaep have done a serviceable job given their own current limitations and the fact that neither has more than two capable options in the passing game.

      1. Midwest,

        The difference is that Kap has played 1 less game. That will settle the yardage issue. Smith has thrown morw but Kap yards per attempt based on those passing yards dwarf Smith. Last 4-5 games, we’ve not had to rely on Kaps arm to win games. We’ve started to use his legs again. Hes had the 2 highest ESPN QB rankings by any QB ever this year as well. You also have eyes. Watch Smiths last 5 games. Then watch Kaps. Its night and day the way Kap has controlled those games.

      2. Incorrect 23. At the end of Week 8 Smith had thrown for 1,795 yards compared to Kaep’s 1,584 yards.
        I don’t care about QB rankings. They can be inflated and very biased. I care about results and they say that both have done a decent jobs in spite of their own limitations and those also of the offense around them.
        You also keep saying that Kaep controlled the last five games, which is another term used for managing.

      3. Accounting for the yardage difference is actually quite easy, and it really doesn’t have to do with the number of games.

        Alex Smith has thrown 315 passes. Colin Kaepernick has thrown only 198.

        Put another way, Smith averages 6.09 yards per pass, and Kap averages an even 8. Smith has more yardage because he’s thrown more passes. That’s pretty much it, plain and simple. According to an ESPN article I read today (which called Smith the weakest link in the Chief’s starting lineup, incidentally), 55.1% of Smith’s passing yards are after the catch. Now, he has a significant part in setting up his receivers to get those yards, so I don’t take anything away from him, but his 44.9% of yards through the air is the lowest in the league. I’ll let the reader draw their own conclusions from that.

        ESPN’s total QBR is supposed to rate how much a QB helps his team win. Where 50 is average, Smith is clocking in at 46.8. This supports the supposition that he’s an average QB. Kaepernick, on the other hand, is at 75.2. I know some regard that stat with skepticism, but it does tell a story.

        I like Alex. He seems like a nice guy. He was a great example of rising above adversity. I just wish he hadn’t had so much of that adversity in SF. Glad he’s found a favorable situation in KC, and wish him well there. You don’t get to 9-0 without doing some things right. However, I’m also thrilled that Kap is our starting QB, and not Smith.

      4. Euclidite,

        Very nice. Love is so blind. Ive said this was Smith for years. Ive told them all that hes just not very good. Hes playing worse this year because Andy Reid doesnt hold his hand and blow up his behind like JH used to do.

      5. Really Jordan? Here is Reid’s response from yesterday to people calling Smith a game manager.

        On Monday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid suggested that, if Smith knew what the term means, he’d be proud.

        “I think it’s a tribute to him,” Reid told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN. “I don’t know one great quarterback that hasn’t been a great game manager. So I think it’s a heck of a compliment, and he does that, he’s taken the youngest offensive line in the National Football League and helped them become better. One great thing about great quarterbacks is they make everyone around them a little better than what they are and he’s able to do that, including the head coach.”

        It’s a brilliant response from Reid, taking a term that seems negative and making it a positive. And it comes from a guy who has taken a team that had plenty of negatives after the 2012 season and turning everything positive.

        The biggest difference on the field has been the quarterback/game manager, who has managed the Chiefs to the franchise’s first 9-0 start since 2003, and Reid’s first 9-0 start ever.


      6. Jack, after Coach Reid’s recent experiences with “elite” QBs such as Vicks, I bet he is thanking the football gods for a game manager.

      7. “One great thing about great quarterbacks is they make everyone around them a little better than what they are and he’s able to do that, including the head coach.”

        Who has CK made better around him outside of already established players in Q and VD? He already has great coaches who have dialed it down cause they overlooked his development and what he could handle.
        These 2 things will be huge negotiating points for Parrag Marathe when determining how much money CK gets next year.

      8. We will see if Reid loves his game manager when they play real offenses that can score. Then smith won’t have the luxury of just getting by. SD twice, den twice, and Indy. Gonna be a long 6 weeks for Reid and his game manager.

      9. “We will see if Reid loves his game manager when they play real offenses that can score.”

        We’ll see how it plays out. The Chiefs are #16 in scoring at 23.9, only 1 spot behind SD at 24, and have already defeated the #4 and #13 scoring teams.

      10. ESPN’s total QBR is supposed to rate how much a QB helps his team win.

        And it is horrible at it. It supports fantasy stats and nothing more. Fantasy stats do not win championships.

      11. Jack,
        they are not scoring that much. You are not factoring in all the scoring the defense has done. It literally drops them by about 7 points a game fyi…..And ranks them at the bottom of the league.

      12. 23jordan:

        If you think that what Euclidite wrote in any way supports the counterfactual nonsense that you continually spout on this blog, then your reading comprehension skills are worse than ninermd’s. Sorry for insulting you so deeply, but you were asking for it.

        See how Euclidite used actual facts instead of making stuff up the way you do? See how he paid attention to the relevant facts (pass attempts vs. games played) and conformed his argument to those facts rather than trying to conform the facts to his argument? See how he didn’t reach conclusions that weren’t supported by those actual facts? See how he wasn’t afraid to acknowledge that Smith does some things well?

        You could learn something from Euclidite. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will.

      13. We will see if Reid loves his game manager when they play real offenses that can score

        That prediction of certain defeat sounds so familiar; where have I heard it before? Oh yeah, the same three geniuses (jordan, bay, ninermd) said the same thing when Smith was with the 49ers. “He’s a game manager! That’s not good enough to beat teams with high powered offenses, like the Saints and the Packers!” As usual, they were wrong. The 49ers, with Smith at QB, beat both the Saints and the Packers.

        They say that smart people learn from their mistakes. Jordan, bay, and ninermd? Not so much.

      14. The big difference between the Chiefs last year and this year is the QB play. Matt Cassell was a turnover machine.
        Smith plays within the system. He’s smart and he does what’s asked of him. During the Norv Turner/Jimmy Raye years Smith was asked to throw a lot of deep intermediate routes which may not have suited him. Now he plays in a dink and dunk offense and he moves the chains, gives the D rest, and is more ball control oriented. It also wins games.
        They are not even supposed to be in the conversation of elite teams, so it’s a tribute to Smith not screwing up. That’s the game plan.
        It seems to work.
        Get over it Mr. Jordan.

  14. Looks as though the Panthers offensive line, specifically their right guard position, is the weak link going up against the Magnificent Seven. The Panthers running game will suffer, and Newton will be forced to throw and run. More opportunities for the 49ers secondary to empty out more olives….

      1. Jack Hammer says:
        November 5, 2013 at 8:32 am
        Perhaps Harbaugh will go with the “hot hand”.
        The “hot-hand fallacy” (also known as the “hot hand phenomenon” or “hot hand”) is the fallacious belief that a person who has experienced success with a random event has a greater chance of further success in additional attempts. The concept has been applied to gambling and sports, such as basketball.[1] While a previous success at a skill-based athletic task, such as making a shot in basketball, can change the psychological behavior and subsequent success rate of a player, researchers have often found little evidence for a true “hot hand” in practice. It has been reported that a belief in the hot-hand fallacy affects a player’s perceptions of success


  15. Grant and everyone else, what do you think the odds are that KC signs Jay Cutler next season? I know it’s a long shot, mainly cause it seems like the Bears like Cutler but I see Cutler as a more accurate Donovan McNabb and I think Andy Reid would love to have Cutler as his QB.

    1. The crazy thing is, he still manages to make great plays anyway. He doesn’t throw the ball away, he gives his receivers a chance to make a play on the throw.

      1. “The crazy thing is, he still manages to make great plays anyway.”

        Wilson has been pressured on 48% of his drop backs so far, yet still has a rating of 79.8 on those throws.

        By comparison:

        Kaepernick has been pressured on 34% of his pass plays and has a rating of 56.5.

        Newton has been pressured on 35% of his pass plays and has a rating of 96.7.

        Luck has been pressured on 40% of his pass plays and has a rating of 83.8.

        Griffin has been pressured on 36% of his pass plays and has a rating of 70.6.

  16. Jordo, you were right, The pack smelld blood at halftime and started hitting the waiver wire, Matt Flynn is now a packer…

    Per The Dan Patrick Show

  17. Sorry I haven’t been able to post the last two weeks of the Quest4Six league results and standings. I had a nasty cold/flu the first week that kept me from doing much expect make a couple of posts via my phone. Then when I had recovered and started to post normally, BAM…. my internet connection failed on me for the second time in less than a month! Needless to say I am thanking God that October is behind me now. Anyways, here are the results and standings from Week 9 of the Quest4Six league:

    1. Amsterdam Invaders 8-1
    Lost to Coffee’s for Closers 100.48 to 94.94

    2. GreenDart 5-4
    Defeated TeamSF 103.64 to 84.68

    3. NF_HAS 5-4
    Defeated Uaaaatchi 158.82 to 133.32

    4. barnone dmp5 5-4
    Defeated West Coast Bias 99.58 to 90.26

    5. West Coast Bias 4-5
    Lost to barnone dmp5 99.58 to 90.26

    6. MidWestNiner 4-5
    Defeated Orenthal Hernandez 99.68 to 52.96

    7. Orenthal Hernandez 4-5
    Lost to MidWestNiner 99.68 to 52.96

    8. Coffee’s for Closers 4-5
    Defeated Amsterdam Invaders 100.48 to 94.94

    9. TeamSF 4-5
    Lost to GreenDart 103.64 to 84.68

    10. Uaaaatchi 2-7
    Lost to NF_HAS 158.82 to 133.32

  18. Panthers starting right guard Chris Scott is out, so I foresee their run game suffering. Backup Jeff Byers is also out for the season, and thus they are forced to play Nate Chandler, a former defensive lineman at guard. They are so desperate they are bringing Geoff Hangartner back from retirement to try to fill in. Hopefully, Fangio will get out of his head, take advantage and finally start blitzing, pulling stunts etc…

  19. Since we can’t seem to resolve the Alex/CK question to everyone’s satisfaction, maybe we should reopen the discussion also on the wisdom of trading Casserly and keeping Tittle; after all………..

  20. LSX says:
    November 5, 2013 at 12:40 pm
    I used to have an IROC-Z back in the day. Miss that car all the time.

    And Came Newtown is a bum.

    Uh ummmm. Where is the hands in the air about this statement?

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