Offense-heavy 49ers mock draft

Here’s a mock that reflects the offense-heavy approach the 49ers may take during the upcoming draft.

Round 1, pick No. 7: Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State

A better athlete and a better run-blocker than Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley, who’s a finesse player best-suited for a pass-first team.

Round 2, pick No. 37: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

Has the size, speed, hands, agility, punt-return experience and collegiate production Chip Kelly wants from a flanker.

Round 3, pick Nick No. 68: Nick Vannett, TE, Ohio State

Kelly’s offense needs a quality move tight end, something the Niners haven’t had since Delanie Walker signed with Tennessee in 2013. Nick Vannett can move – he came to Ohio State as a wide receiver. He also blocks extremely well.

Round 4, pick No. 105: Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State (No. 41 in the video below)

Starts at inside linebacker next to NaVorro Bowman Week 1.

Round 4, pick No. 133: Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

Fits Kelly’s zone-read spread offense. A big, tough, agile runner who made tremendous strides as a passer in 2015.

Round 5, pick No. 142: Sean Davis, FS, Maryland

Another free safety just in case Eric Reid suffers another concussion or becomes a safety-first player.

Round 5, pick No. 145: Dadi Nicolas, OLB, Virginia Tech (No. 90 in the video below)

An explosive speed-rusher with long arms who recorded 8.5 sacks and 18 TFLs in 2014. Played through hand injuries in 2015.

Round 5, pick No. 174: Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois

A third-down back who can catch the ball and score from anywhere on the field.

Round 6, pick No. 178: De’Runnya Wilson, WR, Mississippi State

Prescott’s favorite receiver in college. Wilson has the height, weight and collegiate production both down field and in the red zone Kelly wants from a split end.

Round 6, pick No. 207: LeShaun Sims, CB, Southern Utah

A small-school press corner who ran a 4.48 40-yard dash at the Combine, according to Tony Pauline.

Round 6, pick No. 211: Mike Rose, OLB, North Carolina State (No. 90 in the video below)

A 261-pound edge-rusher who ran a 4.66 40 at his Pro Day and registered nine sacks last season.

Round 6, pick No. 213: Vincent Valentine, NT, Nebraska (No. 98 in the video below)

Another nose tackle just in case Ian Williams and/or Glenn Dorsey miss games due to injury.

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  1. Oh man! I think you went way off base in this one. Your previous mocks were more accurate. Then again, you’re predicting baalke, so you get a pass even if you had a long snapper with the 7th pick.

    1. I actually like this one. I love going o-line high in the draft. 9ers o-line needs to be completely rebuilt to fit Chip’s offense. I think maybe Conklin is a bit of a reach there so I’d rather trade down and still get him but still like the pick.

      I also like taking Prescott. Not sure how he will be as a pro but he’s a great leader and could potentially develop into a good pro. I don’t think he’ll be around in the 4th round but if he is then that’s a great pick.

    1. You’re in good company. As you may already know, Cosell never even mentions Prescott in his QB evaluations, and Waldman thinks he’s a career backup. See Brodie’s Waldman video link one or two previous articles ago, if you are interested.

      1. There are a lot of career backups in this draft.

        Prescott needs to go to the right offense. He’ll never be a great pure pocket QB. In that type of offense he’ll most likely never be more than a backup. Could be perfect for Kelly’s type of offense though.

        1. Scooter, I admit to not having a clue and am willing to listen. One of the things I’ve learned from this blog for a couple of years is that the switch from college to NFL is so hard to predict, especially at QB. What do you think about Dylan Thompson, btw?

          1. The latest mock drafts that I have seen show the 9ers taking Goff at #7. That would be an interesting pick. they seem to think that his quick release and his ability to escape if needed from the pocket are good fits for Kelly’s offensive scheme. If you watched him in college you will remember that he can run rather effectively if needed. But fast paced he can do and do it rather well. I would Kap. a run for his money.

        2. Prescott is my mid round value pick for the position. He needs a team that likes him but doesn’t need him. He needs at least two or three years of development before being asked to start a game but he’s my second favorite QB behind Wentz in the draft.

          1. Lol, just what we need. Another guy with a dui, and one who regressed as a playmaker last year to boot. Just what we need. He might be able to complete a pass or two each game. Pathetic. That’s worse than wanting Kevin hogan, hahaha

            1. Cite specific examples of how he “regressed as a playmaker” last year. While you’re not looking for it because you made that statement out of your ass go ahead and actually look up that he had his best year as a QB last season.

              Love it when the kids log on in the morning.

              1. Um, had twice as many rushing yards and was considered a Heisman candidate for most of the year in 2014. In 2015 he completed a couple more passes, but still had a lousy arm overall and couldn’t complete a pass of more than 15 yards. Did you actually watch Miss St. play at all the last few years? This guy is a college quarterback, no more. I mean, seriously… You obviously don’t watch college football. You probably googled a few of his highlights and deemed yourself an expert. What a clown you are. Do yourself a favor and stfu before you start mouthing off about what “kids” say when you don’t know wtf you’re talking about in the slightest. “Best year as a QB” lol.

      2. Prescott doesn’t throw the ball well enough to be a good NFL QB. He’s also not a great athlete so I’m not sure he’s even going to wind up as a backup long term. He reminds me a lot of Logan Thomas who I thought may have a chance if developed properly, but he flamed out quickly.

        1. Last thing I want to do is get into one of the never ending QB debates you seem so fond of being a part of lately so I’ll just say; I disagree.

            1. Just wondering rocket, what are your early thoughts on Luke Falk, from WSU? I assume if you’ve followed Goff and the Pac-12 you have also seen a bit of Falk, too?

              1. I have Scooter and I like him. Really tough kid who is even skinnier than Goff but stands in there and delivers the ball. WSU throws it even more than Cal but it’s pretty much all short stuff with the odd seam route or dig. He doesn’t have a great arm but he is a really competitive kid. The game against UCLA last year was a great one for him. Got his butt kicked all game long, kept coming back and ultimately willed the Cougars to a win.

              2. I like him too. He will obviously come with concerns around the offense he played in, to go along with queries about his arm strength and physical build, but his mental toughness and calmness under pressure appear first rate. He’s won some games against tough opponents and come up big in the clutch. Will be interesting to see where he is projected to get drafted if he has another good season this year and declares.

              3. Scooter,

                That calmness and mental toughness is one of the qualities I like about Goff. I agree with you that Falk has it, and Goff has it too. It’s this fearlessness and ability to ignore the chaos going on around him in the pocket while continuing to keep his eyes down field that gives me a belief he’ll excel at the next level. Pocket awareness is so hard to develop because it really is an instinct more than a teachable skill. It’s a rare quality to see in a College QB.

                Falk could be next years Goff if he continues to improve and they give him more responsibility.

              4. I find it hard to declare someone mentally tough that was never able to beat a top D, and generally tanked the first half of tougher contests. Falk led his team to beat opponents they weren’t meant to beat. Goff… not so much.

                Goff is tough in that he’s willing to take a hit to complete a pass. But until he shows an ability to play his best against the best I will hold reservations about his mental toughness.

            2. Debate would be a conversation with someone that would actually be open to the idea that the other person might be correct. I also have a problem with conversations about prospects that use definitive statements like” he CAN do this or he CANT do that.” Well OK, maybe you’re qualified to make that statement but most likely not and even if so just because he can’t do something today does that mean he can’t do it tomorrow?

              I’m not seeing a lot of debating going on just people trying to convince others that they’re right. I don’t call that debating, that’s just arguing.

              1. “I’m not seeing a lot of debating going on just people trying to convince others that they’re right.”

                Isn’t that normally what a debate is? :) In my experience it is generally the audience that is trying to determine who is correct while the “Debators” are convinced they are correct. However, I agree with your statement on the definitive… can vs cant. I know I am guilty of it far too often. In general one should most likely argue that they are not convinced someone can do something consistently… almost every prospect at this level has the ability to do, what most of us “armchair experts” state they cannot do. Of course this is also why we get paid what we do for our opinions. Obviously the higher ups are missing out on my genius.
                My name is Sarcasm and I approve of this message.

              2. CFC,

                I’m open to being wrong about anything but right now there is no right or wrong; it’s all personal opinion no matter what side you fall on.

                I tend to make strong statements of opinion if I feel the evidence is in my favor, but I also understand I don’t truly know and am throwing out a guess like anybody else. You could be right about Prescott, who knows, but at this juncture I don’t see him as a viable NFL QB. The whole pretense right now is to have conversations stating our views and why. If you disagree with my assessment tell me why. That’s what we are here for, or at least that is my impression anyway.

                I mean we can turn this into nothing but a mutual admiration society where we all give a thumbs up no matter what name someone throws out, but that would be a little disingenuous and boring imo.

    1. That was a good read. Some interesting information and challenged some of my conceptions:

      1) The question regarding “pro-style offense”. From the article:

      “Wentz took 71.0 percent of his snaps from shotgun (or pistol) formations, which sounds high until you learn that Connor Cook (82.1 percent) was the only other major prospect to take less than 90 percent of his passes from shotgun.”

      With these statistics, it seems, imo, that this attribute is overrated.

      2) Tanier seems to value the physical attributes highly even mocking the old generation of QBs who work well in the pocket but couldn’t outrun a sloth. From the article:

      “Wentz could have a Roethlisberger-level upside. That cannot be said of most quarterback prospects, because even the very good ones have obvious physical limitations that would force them to achieve true greatness via the Brady-Drew Brees route, which about two humans per generation accomplish.”

      I guess the ideal is the Aaron Rogers type – a guy who is very good in the pocket but is elusive and can be a legitimate threat running. But what about the fact that QBs who run might get injured more often. OTOH, it does seem like OLs are routinely outmatched these days making QBs sitting ducks.

      1. Yeah, this analysis and one or two others I read seem to indicate that Wentz’s size and build makes him a safer pick than Goff for a typical O line (i.e, one that is inconsistent in pass protection). Browns probably will grab Wentz.

        1. Mood, there are some offensive linemen complaining about the newly passed penalties for what used to be legal chop blocks. They say it will make it even harder for the OL to stop the DL.

          1. Running game will schematically adapt to the new rules. Cut blocks on the back sides of plays in ZBS will still be legal, I think.

  2. Good stuff Grant. That would be a pretty good draft IMO, even though I would prefer they look at D early on.

  3. On Rotoworld:

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the 49ers will “keep” Colin Kaepernick “unless they are blown away” with a trade offer.

    “The 49ers would also fully guarantee his salary right now if it got Colin Kaepernick to come off his request to be traded,” added Rapoport. Coach Chip Kelly has said all along that the team will retain Kaepernick, and their lack of action on his contract has seemed to back that up. But it’s Kaepernick who’s the one who is believed to want out from an organization that benched him last year in favor of Blaine Gabbert. The bad blood may be with GM Trent Baalke. At the end of the day, odds are Kap is the 49ers’ starter come Week 1.

    1. If he can beat Gabbert and or Goff or Wentz or whomever. Keep in mind #7 is not a great practice player based on the training camp reports from the past 2 years!

      1. Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming….

        However much you want it to happen, the Niners are not going to draft either Goff or Wentz, and Gabbert is not going to beat out Kaepernick.

        If Kaepernick is on the roster week 1, he will start. There are 11.5 million reasons why. Better get used to it.

        1. I won’t get used to it cause unlike you dreamers I remember the last 2 years of his play. Pretenders like you and others think it’s 2011. Wake up!

      2. Prime you do remember what Grant said about Gabbert’s practice performances right? When the 49ers practiced here in Denver the radio shows feasted on how bad Gabbert was. Its just practice my friend. Chip is a huge believer in what’s practiced gets performed. Both those guys will have to step up. If Kelly’s even half the QB coach people think he is and can do what he did with Vick, Foles, Sanchez, heck even Tebow was throwing TD’s in preseason. Both Gabbert and Kaep will be functional.

        What are you going to do If Kaep stays and competes? At least from reports like the one above like he’s hanging around.

        1. What will I do? What can I do but hope that the light has come on and he is able to do what a QB is suppose to. Read defenses, be accurate, get the ball to the playmakers, and be a leader on the field.

          Based on the last 2 years, do you think he is capable of doing all those things? I’m just not very optimistic about him because those are all things that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t. Kelly, like Harbaugh before him, has a very daunting task just to get #7 to be functional. Is that what you want from a guy making franchise QB money?

          Everyone on here thinks they can turn back the clock and expect CK to be like he was 4 years ago during the playoff years. What they forget is the league is very defense orientated now. Teams have spent offseasons studying him and his tendencies. It was evident teams are no longer puzzled by his skill set. Players have publicly come out and said what he lacks and they game planned accordingly.
          Stop for a minute and look at how the other teams in our division have adapted to his style of play? Does that bring confidence to you? No, it makes me even more worried because they own him. Chip Kelly is a smart coach but how smart? Smart enough to instill a system that is mindless for him to play in? I say that’s impossible.

          1. “Is that what you want from a guy making franchise QB money?”

            Prime, that’s got to be the fumiest line of the week. Congratulations!

          2. Prime, I wasn’t advocating anything, just asking what you’d do if he’s back since you can’t wait to rid SF of him. I am glad you at least hope since he’s looking like he’ll be back. We’ll see if he puts the work into be a starter.

            I don’t buy that QB’s are born and people can’t learn to do the things you listed. Steve Young did. People forget Drew Brees got booted from San Diego for mediocre play (his numbers we worse than Kaep’s). It wasn’t till Payton got a hold of him that he excelled. Carson Palmer was written off after the Bengals as a turnover machine, look what Arians has done. I think never is a little to closed minded.

            I think there’s a better chance Kaep learns to play better than Gabbert will ever figure out where to throw the ball on third and long no matter what Oregon says. Do you think Sanchez, Barkley, and Foles are better than Kaep? Vick? Your dislike blinds you sometimes. Kaep will always have deficiencies.

            1. Jim Harbaugh was and is one of the best coaches in America. Played the game, knows the position and even he could not get CK to play at a higher level.
              People want to put the regression on the coaches he’s had and yes last year he had terrible coaching, but it started in Harbaughs last year.
              You say he can learn accuracy, touch and leadership? Wilson he spent an entire offseason working on his game and the fundamentals. How did he look Week 1 last year after spending all that time in AZ?

              1. I believe Kap’s QBR numbers regressed each season relative to the previous season. Niners Nation contributor SoCalSteph spoke to a Harbaugh staff member who told her that he thought Kap’s development had plateaued by the beginning of his third season (Harbaugh’s last season).

              2. And your forgetting Harbaugh is backing Kaep still. I am not saying he will improve, just don’t say never. Why won’t you engage on whether you think Sanchez, Barkely, Foles are better or worse and what Chip did with them?

              3. Have you ever known Harbaugh to throw anyone under the bus? He’s in the recruiting business so any bad press is not good for business.
                As for what Chip did with those other QB’s, I have no idea. Didn’t really follow those teams or their careers.
                My simple question to you is he spent an entire offseason working on his fundamentals, did he improve?

              4. So don’t you think in recruiting if you support lousy players that’s bad for your status as a talent evaluator? JH had thrown York and Baalke under the bus plenty. Brandon Jacobs, Braylon Edwards, LMJ also.

                Last year was awful. Why is it everyone can give passes to the OL, RB’s, WR’s TE’s for bad coaching but the it’s the QB’s fault? Kaep has his issues and he’s willing to do the work. I wouldn’t want to work with these guys. Those QB’s are not as talented as Kaep and Kelly worked wonders with them. Vick was electric but less accurate that Kaep. His best completion % came under Chip.

                As to whether leadership innate or trained, you really need to read Jim Collins on the subject. Leadership can be learned. You love to vilify Kaep and add every negative trait possible to him. People scoffed that Cam’s numbers being the same as Kaep’ until he pulled up short in the SB, threw a tantrum on the field and pouted in the loss. It’s fleeting. Cam’s gone from hero to goat pretty quickly. Cam still has a great coach and defense. I always wonder what Cam would have played like with Logan and Chryst plus our offense. It’s look much the same.

                All those QB’s are back up quality save for Vick.

              5. Wilson:

                I am not anti-Kap. I hope he succeeds wherever he is. But of course I want the best available QB to lead our team; let the chips fall where they may.

                But if Kap’s talent is so obvious why has he received so little attention when it is well known he wants to be traded? Especially since if he really is a good QB, his salary is quite reasonable. Further if his current contract can be taken over, it would be easy for the new team to rid themselves of Kap each year, if the need were to arise.

                Maybe it’s all just gamesmanship by the Broncos at this point as the consensus now seems to be that nothing will happen by the April 1st deadline. The real date of interest appears to be draft time.

              6. Enough with the comparisons Wilson and answer my question about the offseason work he did and did he get better?
                That’s the issue. He’s worked on his craft and never got better. He has not progressed as a football player. Forget the fluff of blaming everyone under the sun. Look at his skill set over the 4 years and tell me honestly if he is getting better? A lot of players on the 49ers that came in the same time he did and had awful coaching have gotten better so what’s the problem?

              7. Prime you can pretend your argument of declining performance is an end game for what a failure Kaep is. Andrew Luck has declined as have many other QB’s. Even Warner got cut, benched and had a great run with Arizona after people wrote him off. Jake Plummer is another one. There’s no absolute that he’s done, last year isn’t a great year to judge by. I do admit he could be done, but it’s not as black and white as you wish. Alex Smith was thought to be done as well here on this board. You can’t read the future and neither can, just keep your options open. Kaep will never be Brady, Rodgers or Brees. He only works in certain systems with a strong run game and defense. That’s all he’ll ever be.

                By the way Reid has declined in his play, McDonald, Bowman, should I keep going? I have already said last year was awful and not good. You are so blinded by your dislike that you can’t imagine any universe where Kaep might get better. All I am saying is that it’s not a given that he’s done forever.

              8. I’ve never said he could not resurrect his career. I just don’t think it’s in the best interest in my team, the one I follow, the 49ers, the place for him to do it. Why?
                1. I see a diminishing product
                2. He alienated himself from the team.
                3. He asked to be traded.
                4.I don’t like his game. Ive never believed you can win with a running QB
                5. For what Kelly requires in his offense, to me it’s not a good fit!

  4. Grant, are you expecting Doctson to be gone by pick 37? I sure like him and think he fits Kelly’s system perfectly.

  5. I realize you are doing these mocks with a new theme each time Grant, but I liked your last one better. I actually like your mid round picks better than your first day pick.

  6. Grant,
    Gotta like your tenacity in going with offense in the draft, but I just have to tow the line and stay with defense with our top picks. I don’t love but wouldn’t be mad at Conklin with our first pick. Conklin could be our next Staley who could hold down the position for the next 10 yrs.

    I believe Tyler Higbee, Frm. Western Kentucky could be just as good as Vannett and we could draft him between 4-5 rd allowing us to draft someone like Jeremy Cash, frm. Duke Safety who has great tackling prowess and can be a game changer.

    Staying with the Tyler theme I would go with an explosive RB like Tyler Ervin from our own backyard frm. San Jose St. product that could bring immediate help in the Return game and leapfrog Mike Davis in TC.

  7. Well, Grant, you just doubled down and went from suggestions to a mock.
    Conklin does look good, but many other mocks have him going from 16 to 24. Therefore, the Niners should trade back and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. the best target IMO is Indy, at 18 and 48. The Niners should trade their first for Indy’s first and second, and another pick in 2017 to balance out the trade.
    With those picks, the Niners could draft Conklin at 18. Walter football had Conkling going to Indy at 18 in their mock, so he is right where he is rated.
    With the 37th pick, the Niners could select from (Draftek rating)- Kenny Clark (34), Ryan Kelly(35), Bronson Kaufusi (36), Leonard Floyd (37), Emanuel Ogbah (38), and Shon Coleman (40).
    With the 48th pick, they could select- Vonn Bell (44), Jonathan Bullard (45), Carl Nassib (46), Jason Spriggs (47), Vernon Butler (48) or Tyler Boyd (50).
    In the third, with their 68th pick, the Niners could select- Shawn Oakman (63), Su’a Cravens (67), Kyler Fackrell (69), Paul Perkins (70), Dak Prescott (71)
    My mock that follows Grants Offensive leaning would go- Conklin, Ogbah, Boyd, Dak Prescott.

    1. The reason Indy would be a candidate is because they may go for youth in the running game, so Luck will benefit by not having to drop back to pass so often. They could leapfrog Philly who moved up to snag Elliot. Luck and Ezekiel Elliot would pose a legitimate threat.
      My alternative mock that is more practical, would still entail a move back with Indy to get 3 picks in the first round. My more practical defensive mock would be- DT Andrew Billings (18), OLB Leonard Floyd (37), OL Jason Spriggs (47) and DE Shawn Oakman (63)

      1. Do you really see Elliot going that high?
        I don’t see him as being as good of a prospect as Gurley was last year even with the injury. I don’t mind drafting a RB in the first, but considering you might be able to get a player that is almost as impactful in the second or third round.

        1. I also feel taking Elliot that high would be a reach for any team. Having said that, I could totally see a team like the Colts taking him. They need a run game to balance out their offense (something Luck hasn’t had since he’s been there).

        2. I think Elliot had an outstanding combine, and even the Cowboys may be seriously considering him, since they lost Murray, and their RBs were mediocre last year. You may be right, the Cowboys may go Jack or Bosa, then Henry with their second. If the Colts stay where they are, many pundits have them going O line with their first, and a pass rusher with their second. There are good RBs that could be chosen later on, like you said.
          Colts said they want to get younger, and I think Frank Gore may have been who they were talking about.

          1. Seb, I totally agree that Elliot probably goes in the Top 10. I just wouldn’t take him that high with so many other quality players on the board. Of course, all bets are off when Jerry Jones is involved…

            1. I think when Draft day gets closer and Romo may not be rehabbing as well as he could, Jerry will remember what Gruden said to Goff. He told Goff to remember 2 numbers- 1-11. That was the Cowboy record without Romo. Cowboys may be forced to select a QB.

  8. Keep 1st three picks use other 9 to turn into 3 maybe four more picks in top 100 and draft 5 r 6 day 1 impact players dline n oline n linebackers let our young defensive backs show how much they improved as well as wr give the guys a chance to prove self on field maybe they actually impress

    1. Ty, you hit it on the head. Improving our O line, pass rush will only elevate our secondary play and give our running / passing game a much needed boost…

  9. Repeat after me: you shop for franchise QB’s in the first round, not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Brady was a once in a generation long shot lottery ticket that hit, as he was drafted as an after-thought in round 6. The only reason that Belichick took him over future 49er Tim Rattay? Brady was taller. Russel Wilson was drafted to be a back-up, nothing more.

    Discounting the anomaly of Brady, in the last 24 years, 70% of the Super Bowl winning QB’s were drafted in the first round, and the majority of those were taken no. 1 over all. Let that sink in for a minute. If the 49ers want Goff, then they need to trade up and get him at 2 or 3 or whatever it takes. Don’t give me the price is too expensive BS. Since Baalke took over, SF has wasted draft after draft for five years with very little to show for it. How expensive is losing? Remember the “Aints” fans and their paper bags in the 70s and 80s? If not, look it up. How about the Buccaneers run of 12 consecutive seasons of DOUBLE DIGIT losses from 1983-1994? The 49ers were fortunate to win 4 games last year, and should have gone 2-14 if not for some miracle plays. Kaep is done, and Gabbert is not the answer. The back up always plays better when there are no expectations and the season is already over. Whole different story if he takes over on opening day.

    The 49ers need to do whatever it takes to get Goff and then build around him.

    1. that doesnt always work either. for majority of super bowl qbs being picked in 1st rd and most number 1 you show a ton that have been busts. ryan leaf, or maybe the huge bounty washington gave for rg3. any of this ringing a bell. hell montana wasnt a first rd pick. in the lasy twenty years only elway, aikman, eli, peyton and jim mccmahon were the only qbs selected in top 5 picks to win a super bowl. steve young was first pick in usfl dispersal draft. there are a ton of vince youngs, jamarcus Russells, akili smiths etc etc. which all blow your statement away.

      1. This QB class has been rated mediocre. Goff may be more like Alex Smith than Joe Montana. Joe had that intangible knack to rise to the occasion and win the big one. Goff seemed to do poorly against quality opponents, like AS.

    2. No..the Niners need to rebuild their Oline and Pass rush, you can’t give any QB expectations when he has terrible pass protection and the RB have no running lanes. Gabbert will do and if Kap figures out its not about throwing hard you throw but accurate then he will be fine. But as of now, I’m rolling Gabbert, especially if we can get 2 new starters on the Oline.
      Adding Miles at 7 will be great and drafting 2 Pass rushers would be ideal, lets say, Dodds and Callhoun to compete against last years pass rushers.

  10. In the past I was very adamant about not taking a qb early in the first round due to the financial constraints it puts on a team due to the amount invested on an unknown talent.
    With that said, I no longer have an issue with investing a qb early in the draft as they don’t require the investment that they once did. So if the Niners believe in either Wentz or Goff I think they should take one of them.
    When taking into account that most starting qb’s were 1st round selections… which is quite amazing considering the number of selections outside of the first round (over 190 vs 32). Ideally a team would get lucky and land a Tom Brady or Joe Montana but the odds are against it. So with the cap investment not being the killer it once was I have no problem taking one in the first.
    The only thing I would be opposed too, would be trading up if the required draft capital was not minimal. Either a playmaker or a qb should fall to the Niners and in either case the upside should be high with minimal risk. But and this is a big but, the niners have to do much better in rounds 3-5 regardless of the first pick, these are the picks that will determine the overall talent level of the team. They have to start getting solid contributors in these rounds.

  11. Mike Glennon, who is a free agent next season. This article on Rotoworld suggests he can be had for a third or fourth round pick:

    Bucs GM Jason Licht told Pro Football Talk the team is interested in keeping Mike Glennon “long-term.” “At some point we’re going to make a decision whether or not we’re going to keep him,” Licht said. “And when I say keep him, keep him now, try to keep him long-term, extend him for a couple years. Having a backup quarterback that we think has starting ability is a huge asset for us.” The Bucs undoubtedly want to keep a quality backup like Glennon around for several more seasons, but it is difficult to see Glennon signing a long-term extension to sit behind Jameis Winston when there will be plenty of opportunities to compete for a starting job once he hits free agency next offseason. Licht knows that, and these comments are likely just a ploy to drive up the asking price. Unless the Bucs can get a third- or fourth-round pick, Glennon will play out his contract in Tampa.

  12. Hmm, just watched Prescott against A&M. He fell down for a sack on the second play. He missed a wide open WR that could have been a TD. He missed the pass to the flat to the RB. He overthrew several balls. He did run OK, but NFL players will stuff him because he did not look lightning fast.

  13. This discussion regarding whether or not to take a QB in the first round, especially since we have a high pick, prompted me to start trying to find some hard data as to what the success rate is, however, success rate is defined.

    The following link contains a chart titled “Starting Quarterbacks Originally Drafted in First Round”. The chart spans 1970 through 2012 and a “starting” quarterback is anybody that started at least eight games at the QB position that season.

    What’s interesting is that 74.2% of the “starting” QBs were first round picks in 2012, which is the highest rate since 1970. In 2011 it was only 57.6% and 2001 it was only 21.9%. The author provides this statement in an attempt to explain the rise in QB value:

    “One reason for the shift, may be the growing importance of the quarterback and the rising salaries of first round draft picks. As the NFL becomes more dependent on the passing game, more teams may feel the need to draft a quarterback early in the draft. And teams may feel more pressure to play those picks based on how much money they are making…”

    I’m trying to find some similar data for 2013 through 2015.

  14. There’s a lot of wierd stuff flying around this morning….the QB (Wentz) stuff is most interesting, but I don’t believe that we’ll take a QB before the fourth round….I hope that Kaep has shown over the last 3 years that he is not going to lead us to the promised land and should be traded, cut , or waived to prevent any kind of QB controversy. Gabbert has outplayed him, out practiced him, outstudied him, and proven to be a stronger presence in the locker room. It does sort of sound like a no-brainer doesn’t it ? Well, Doesn’t it ?

    1. Only in your brain. In the real world Gabbert has shown he can’t reach the level of Kap from even 2 years ago nevermind when he was leading them to a SB and NFCCG. What sense would it make to cut Kap if your plan is Gabbert, a 4th round pick and Lewis or Thompson? At the very least keeping Kap gives them a true alternative to push Gabbert or take over if he falters.

      1. Rocket: It sounds like you don’t buy into the proposition that if you’re going to pay a QB on the team about $14 million for the coming season he should be the defacto starter going into training camp.

        1. Cubus,

          I don’t think either one of them deserves to be the defacto starter. New Coach, new system, let them compete and see who wins. The money shouldn’t dictate who plays.

          1. “The money shouldn’t dictate who plays.”

            In a vacuum I would agree with this statement. But in reality having a $14 million dollar player sitting on the bench while a $2 million dollar player starts certainly gives the perception that the team is inept not only in identifying talent but also in moving on from a player when it’s time. I would also add it just supports the idea that there is no concrete master plan to rebuild this team in the time frames that Jed has been implying.

            It’s also possible and maybe even highly likely that if Kap is still around and competes he will be the defacto starter for the very reason I mentioned above. The team doesn’t want to look that inept at the start of the season especially after the turmoil of the last two years. Maybe during the season, they’ll have no choice but to make the switch again, if warranted. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Kap starts the season even if Gabbert has shown he is the better choice during training camp.

            1. Cubus,

              If they make a decision based on how it looks outside the building, then they are inept and we have no reason to hope for a positive future. I doubt the team could look any worse than they do right now whether Kap plays or not. Everybody knows Kap wants out and the team is making a business decision by keeping him. If he plays well enough to start then great, but if he is the guy who lost his confidence and struggles to hit a 10 yard throw, he has to sit. Players aren’t going to stand for the FO making decisions based on how the optics make them look. They will support the guy they think can help them win and will completely tune out if that edict isn’t followed by the Coaching staff.

              I think it’s pretty clear at this time that there is no master plan. More of a lets see what happens if we do this mindset.

              1. Actually I wasn’t thinking so much “outside the building”. I was thinking more of Jed, a guy who holds up Silicon Valley companies as a model and therefore a guy who expects a “plan”. People can hate him all they want, but he’s still going to make the decisions for the forseeable future.

            2. Cubus Kelly has to win over this locker room and if he gifts the starting job, in fact any starting job based on contract, he will lose that locker room very quickly.
              Whoever wins the job will have to do it this offseason, into training camp and in the preseason games. The players playing for whatever QB will also have to know that he earned it.
              Keep in mind, there is already players on this team who have publicly said #7 is not a great teammate. Now if he wins the job by default, you think guys are gonna go thru a wall for him? I know I wouldn’t.
              Regardless, for Kelly to get guys to buy in, he will have to show its an open competition and the best guy won.

              1. Prime and Rocket: Good point about the players and the head coach. Just to be clear, I am all in favor of open competition, but my job’s not on the line either. I still think that in the final analysis a situation as I suggest doesn’t inspire confidence by anyone.

              2. Prime, please list those current players and what they have said to you, reporters, or anyone outside the team. I can’t think of anyone but maybe you can help me out here.

              3. “Keep in mind, there is already players on this team who have publicly said #7 is not a great teammate.” … Prime Time

              4. Cubus, if the Niners want to trade Kaep for the best compensation, they should have promised him his job back that he lost due to 3 surgeries. With holding the starting job by saying it will be a competition just said that Gabbert is the starter and Kaep is the benched second stringer. leaking smears may have felt good to Jed at the time, but now those leaks have lowered his trade value. Why would the Broncos give more than a third round pick to a benched second stringer who lost the locker room, did not study, and quit on the team?

            3. This is the logic most commonly asserted by most NFL experts but one I have always disagreed with.
              I believe most teams would start with Kaep regardless of how he plays because the switch from Kaep to Gabbert is easier than the reverse.
              I personally don’t like the logic because I believe in what Seattle does, best player wins, period… this is why Russel Wilson became the starter even after they invested heavily in a FA qb but it most certainly is not the norm at this position.

      2. rocket, I do not understand why you make the assumption that Gabbert has shown he can’t reach the level of Kap from even 2 years ago. That was a better team (better coaches, better talent), which I know you know. Gabbert is more accurate, has a faster release, has better vision, responds better to pressure, is almost as fast, and, I would argue, is more elusive. So how come?

        1. If neither QB can play better than the past two years it’s going to be like off season twelve months a year for the foreseeable years to come.

        2. George,

          I’m going by what Gabbert has done to this point in his career which is nothing worth being optimistic about. He’s going to get a chance to compete and he should, but suggesting Kap should be cut and Gabbert given the job is ridiculous. BG hasn’t earned that and based on what I’ve seen through his College and pro career, it’s highly unlikely he ever will.

          BG as a stopgap is fine. Relying on BG with no other real option is not.

      3. Rocket

        “two years ago…three years ago…” Don’t you ever get tired of regurgitating the same old crap over and over ? That was 2 and 3 years ago… and Alex won half the games on the SB year . LEADING..? Hardly…he had his shot and …he blew it….

        1. Kap in the 8-8 season was better than Gabbert last year. Gabbert has done nothing to warrant the praise you keep lavishing on him. Whether Kap stays or goes, Gabbert is not the longterm answer.

          1. And you should follow that sentence up with neither is Kaepernick! Neither guy is the long term answer but I’d rather have Gabbert who studies and knows how to be a pro so that he can instill that in the new drafted rookie QB.
            What #7 can teach anyone? How to wear headphones and a hat sideways?

          2. For me after the Pittsburgh game, Kap inspired no confidence whatsoever. The Arizona game speaks for itself and the inability of Kap to see a wide-open Torrey Smith at the LOS during, I believe the Rams game, sealed it for me. Gabbert had me and many others believing that there was real potential. He seem fairly poised and confident, seemed more accurate. Granted he was far too conservative on third down which he acknowledged in a post-game presser. If he wants to have a real chance of leading this team he has to fix that and I believe he knows it since he acknowledged it at the presser.

            You like stats, I like stats. The stats I see show a QBR for Gabbert of 86.2 versus Kap at 78.5. Gabbert threw for 2031 yards versus Kap’s 1615 yards. Yards per game for Gabbert was 253.9 versus 179.4 for Kap. Gabbert’s yards/attempt was 7.2 versus 6.6 for Kap. Percent completion again is in favor of Gabbert at 63.1 percent versus 59% for Kap. Gabbert threw 10 touchdown versus 7 interceptions. Kap’s line was 6 TDs versus 5 interceptions. Finally, the 9ers won 3 games with Gabbert at the helm and only two with Kap at the helm.

            So, I don’t know how you can say “Kap in the 8-8 season was better than Gabbert last year.”

            Having said all of that, at this point in time I don’t believe Gabbert is the long-term answer. But I think (and I believe you agree) that he has shown enough to warrant the opportunity to show that he might be the answer this season.

            1. You know Cubus for me Gabbert might not be the long term answer, but he looked ready every week. Ready to lead, to compete and sacrifice his body for his teammates. The other guy looked like he didn’t want to get dirty.

              1. I agree that Gabbert looked prepared every week and I was glad to hear the he is already studying Chip Kelly’s system.

              2. “I don’t believe Gabbert is the long-term answer.” should be “I’m not sure Gabbert is the long-term answer”

            2. In fairness I want to cite one more statistic which is actually in favor of Kap. And this is the statistic that plagued Gabbert last year:

              Only 38% of Gabbert’s 3rd down completions were good for first downs whereas Kap’s conversion rate was 61%. Nevertheless, I don’t believe this one statistic changes the fact that Gabbert had a better season last year than Kap.


              1. Cubus, you need to factor in the fact that Kaep had Martin Devey and Pears, while Gabbert had Kilgore, Tiller and Brown.

              2. Yeah because Kilgore, Tiller and Brown made Gabbert more accurate and was willing to stand in the pocket and sacrifice his body. Meanwhile the other guy didn’t want to get his jersey dirty.
                I love the lame a$$ excuses!

              1. No worries Cubus, and I didn’t say that as an endorsement for Kap anyway. It was more a reality check for the Gabbert supporters who somehow believe he came in and played so well. The same people were all over Kap for how poorly he played in the 8-8 season. It’s all perception over substance.

                At this point it’s a long shot to bet on Kap or Gabbert which is why I’m so fixated on Goff being the pick if he falls.

  15. As we get closer and closer to April 1st, reports are now surfacing about the 49ers willingness to guarantee Kaepernick’s 2016 salary, as soon as today, if necessary.

    I’ve been telling everyone on this forum for the last few weeks, that the April 1st date means nothing to the 49ers. They were simply never going to release Colin in order to prevent his salary from becoming guaranteed.

    However, a trade could still materialize, if Trent, Chip, and Colin cannot mend the relationship. The next, best opportunity for a trade should materialize during draft week.

    But I’ll say it one more time: THE 49ERS WILL NOT RELEASE COLIN KAEPERNICK IN ORDER TO PREVENT HIS BASE SALARY FROM BECOMING GUARANTEED! There is no chance the team will allow their division rival to swoop in and sign Colin. The 49ers 2015 starting QB, and a guy they like a lot, is only being paid $2.25 million after bonuses this season. The Niners have more salary cap space left than any team in the league, even with Colin’s contract on the books. It’s well worth their money to control where Colin plays in 2016. Things could change in 2017, but as I have said before, Colin picked the wrong year if he expects to force the 49ers hand.

    1. And the reality is, if Colin decides to fight management, he does more damage to himself, than he does the 49ers. The team did their part. They gave Colin permission to seek a trade. The team has also gone on record stating that they believe in Colin, and believe he’s a good fit for Chip Kelly. And now they are on record stating that they are happy to guarantee Colin’s salary today, if that’s what it takes to make him happy, and get him into OTA’s, even if Colin isn’t cleared to play physically.

      The front office has played this perfectly in terms of public relations. And, because they are not constrained for salary cap reasons, they have most of the leverage. The draft is still a month away. The 49ers will have a better idea of whether Colin is ready to come in and compete, which everyone believes is his best opportunity at this point. If Colin is still unhappy, the team will draft a QB, and be very content with Blaine Gabbert as their starting QB in 2016. The 49ers will again try and trade Colin during the draft, but will only pull the trigger if they get the type of compensation they feel is equal to what they consider Colin’s value to be.

      And if they don’t get an offer that they feel is fair, I hate to say it, but Colin Kaepernick could very easily find himself “twisting in the wind” for 2016.

      1. “Colin Kaepernick could very easily find himself ‘twisting in the wind’ for 2016.”

        Sitting on the bench collecting around $14M in Al Davis type money will be Colin “twisting in the wind?” I’m not sure how good that look will be for 49ers public relations. Oh horrors, what will happen if the 49ers retain Kaepernick, don’t play him, and start 2 and 6? Someone (a home town writer maybe) might claim that Baalke doesn’t know quarterbacks, or that Jed is as vindictive as Al.

        1. htwaits, I hear what you are saying. However, I don’t get the sense that Colin has a lot of public sympathy on his side at this point. $14 million dollars is a lot of money. We’ve all had to deal with bosses whom we didn’t see eye to eye with, and I’m guessing for a lot less money than $14 million. Starting QB’s are at high risk of injury. Colin stands a decent chance of starting in 2016, even if he isn’t named the starter coming out of training camp. It would be one thing if Blaine were getting paid starting QB money, on top of Colin’s salary. But between the two of them, for the 2016 season, $17 million is a reasonable amount to spend. It simply doesn’t make sense to cut Coilin now, and get nothing in return, even if it isn’t a sure thing he beats out Blaine in camp. Does it?

          1. “Hanging in the wind” is your punch line for Colin. It’s also your evaluation that admires the 49ers public relations campaign with regard to Colin.

            I disagree. I’m interested to see how it works out by game 8 of the 2016 NFL season, but I’m not predicting any given outcome, only that there are some very uncomfortable possibilities out there in the coming months for the “organization.”

            1. I don’t have a dog in this fight, htwaits. Of course, first and foremost, I’m hoping this works out for the 49ers. I do believe the FO has handled this situation rather well in terms of PR. They didn’t have to allow Colin to seek a trade, but they did. They could be asking Colin to take a pay cut, but they aren’t. They’ve offered Colin a clean slate, and have gone on record stating that they would guarantee every penny of Colin’s salary today, even with Colin’s health status up in the air, as long as Colin drops his trade request and comes in to compete.

              IMO, they have acted reasonably during this process, and therefore they have effectively pulled the rug out from underneath of Colin, in terms of grounds for discontent.

              1. So you are backing off from “hanging in the wind” and other stronger evaluations of what tools Jed has to deal with Colin?

              2. 49, allow me to snort in derision. Jed and the FO has acted like they can cut players on the team bus, then proclaim they are a class act.

        2. As for Tim K. Tim’s always trying to frame the 49ers FO as the bad guys, regardless of the facts. But Tim always leaves himself an “out” by never fully committing to what he’s writes. It’s an easy trick. He uses generalities and innuendos, while rarely masking a definitive statement. He’s just as willing to “leak” information as the next person, but then criticizes others for doing the exact same thing.

          I used to enjoy Tim’s work. BUt somewhere along the lines, something happened between Tim, and the 49ers front office, something so personal that Tim has been unable to separate his personal feelings from his journalism. So he become nothing more than an “OP-ED” writer, who dresses up like a journalist.

        3. Sir, I did not think that Jed could look more mean, petty and vindictive, but if he sits Kaep and prevents him from playing, he will do just that. Kaep should just claim it will be a hostile work environment, and after all the backstabbing, he will have a good case.
          Niners will look even worse, and if they try to force Kaep to play when he wants to leave, they will become toxic, even more dysfunctional, and no one should expect more than 3 wins next season.

    2. 49reasons

      You and I have mostly agreed in our posts, and I’m not sure that we don’t agree here. I may be taking a sarcastic bent on your statement “…division rival to swoop in and sign Colin” ..I say ‘so what ?’ If he goes to a division rival, who’s to say that he won’t stink it up with them as bad or worse than he has here. ? IMHO, I think that the most good Kap can do for the niners, is to be on another team. Let’s get some fresh blood in his roster spot that is not so expensive and not so old and predictable.

      Frankly, I’m tired of the FO trying to screw him out of his contract….

      1. Oregoniner, I’m a little confused as to why you think the FO is trying to screw Colin out of his contract? I think it’s reasonable to assume that a lot of other teams would, in fact, ask Colin to restructure his contract, and take less money, considering that he has played as poorly as he has, and lost sis starting spot. However, the 49ers aren’t doing that to the best of my knowledge.

        As for Colin playing for a division rival. I hear what your saying, but I don’t think the 49ers FO believes Colin will never be a viable starter in this league again. I think they believe that if he ever grows up, and gets his priorities squared away, he might be able to regain his confidence and become a decent starter again. And if he were able to do it with a division rival like the LA Rams, as much of a long shot as it might be, can you imagine how much damage he would do to Jed and Trent’s legacy? It’s simply a worse case scenario, that would be so painful that Jed simply isn’t willing to take the risk. Especially without compensation. It’s one thing if the 49ers trade Colin to a team outside of their conference, and he eventually ends up as a division foe. At least in that situation it would be viewed as something that is mostly outside of their control, and that they would have received ample compensation in return.

        Remember, Colin was a second round pick who the 49ers traded up to get. And they have invested time, energy, and money into developing him. To release him outright, and get nothing in return is tough enough. But then, to have him possibly comeback as a division opponent on top of it, would simply be too much to swallow for anyone’s ego, let alone leave their legacy damaged beyond repair.

        1. Ample compensation is Jed’s term as well as yours. What would you call ample compensation for RGIII given what he cost Washington? Is it in any way relevant? Is what the 49ers spent in draft choices for Colin in any way relevant?

          Maybe it’s worth $14M to Jed to avoid the possibility of a major embarrassment for twelve months.

          Maybe they should focus on what Colin is likely to do for them this season, and make their choice based on that simple evaluation. Maybe you are right and Jed wants to show Colin who’s boss.

          1. Show who is boss? A good boss appreciates and values his employee enough not to leak smears then send the leaker to negotiate a pay cut. A boss that treats his players like chattel does not deserve their services.
            Eddie treated his players well, and they responded with 5 rings. Jed beats his players with a stick and they flee or retire rather than playing for him.
            Ye shall reap what you sow.

        2. 49reasons

          I am with you as far legacy goes, but which is harder on legacy…having him here ..or there ? I would say whoever wants him, give me your best offer even if it takes some of next years middle choices. Remember Colin was Harbaugh’s pick, and he did it almost over Baalke’s dead body. I (unlike many here) have a great deal of respect for TB’s football knowledge, and together with ‘Chip’ and the new coaching staff, we’re going to be cheering loudly again…..except for those who even boo Santa Claus…

          1. “Remember Colin was Harbaugh’s pick, and he did it almost over Baalke’s dead body.”

            I missed that “over Baalke’s dead body” part. Do you have a link?

            1. htwaits

              No, I do not have a link…I was paraphasing (at best)…I remember that JH was very insistant on Kaep, and that Baalke was very set against him. I believe that was the beginning of the battle between the two of them, and that TB released a couple of other players that Peeved JH…sorta like ‘ I’m the boss of personnel!. sorry, no link….

              1. Your memory fails you again Oregon, or it’s just more selective memory to try and blame everything you don’t like about the team on Harbaugh. There is absolutely nothing to suggest Baalke was against the selection of Kap. He was in charge of the draft, and even traded up to take him. That is not something a GM does if he doesn’t want that particular player. Baalke has been a Kap supporter from day one.

    3. Reports are also saying the 49ers on big on Goff. We’re not going to know what’s going on until we reach Point A (the draft) and then Point B (the start of the regular season).

    4. 49reasons,
      So let’s say that the 49ers keep Kap past April 1, and pay him accordingly. If they decide to trade him during the draft week, will the 49ers still responsible to pay out his monies even after he’s gone?

      In this scenario, I see teams becoming more interested in a trade if the 49ers are willing to take on dead money. Perhaps there is still something in the works by way of a trade if the 49ers take on all or the bulk of paying Kap’ contract.
      Just random thoughts on a lazy Tuesday afternoon.

      1. If the new team agrees to take on Colin’s whole contract, the 49ers are off the hook. The question is, who is going to do that?

        If Colin agrees to renegotiate his contract, the 49ers are off the hook.
        The question is, who is going to do that? Colin?

        If the 49ers release Colin and the new team pays Colin less than his guaranteed contract, then the 49ers then the 49ers must make of the difference. There is probably a clause in most NFL contracts to that effect.

        1. “then the 49ers then the 49ers must make of the difference”

          then the 49ers must make up the difference

          No edit: Uggg!

              1. I can’t spell a lick, but the “/” that I left off caused an HTML error and the bold face type didn’t know were to stop.

        2. I think there is a good chance the niners would owe CK his salary regardless of if they cut him or not due to the fact that he would need to pass a physical. With that in mind, if the niners are on the hook for the money regardless, why would they cut him? If Colin truly wants to leave he and his agents could agree to renegotiate his contract with the new team provided the niners agree to the trade, he would have no reason to negotiate with the niners as he was given permission to seek a trade. Then the only sticking point becomes the compensation the niners would receive for him.

      2. Good question AES, htwaits about covers it.

        Though it looks like a certainty Colin will still be a 40er come April 1st, we still don’t yet know how far out he is from being healthy enough to pass a physical.

        I agree with htwaits, I think if the 49ers find a trade partner who is willing to give them a 3rd round pick, the team is willing to take on a portion of Colin’ contract. However, their is zero chance the 49ers will simply release Colin anytime in the foreseeable future.

        1. I agree.

          The chance that Colin is going to recover his mojo and even improve is worth $14M to the part of the 49er brass that worries about such things. They would benefit greatly if that were to happen, and they would suffer greatly if it happened in LA. Actually I would suffer greatly too. I don’t mind sort of following the Chiefs or the Colts, but there is no way I could sort of follow the Rams.

          The fans that can’t stand Colin may just have to chew their cud — maybe more than twice.

          Find some football players and enjoy.

  16. If the Niners are not getting an impact star player with the seven pick, then trade out of that pick and collect another second round. Too many holes to fill. TB needs a homerun in this draft.

    1. Different types of receivers, though. Boyd is smooth and a reliable pass catcher. He’s more a possession type receiver. Doctson is a playmaker, capable of some spectacular catches.

          1. True, although Boyd isn’t just a possession receiver. He averaged 16.2 yards per catch as a sophomore, and he’s almost two years younger than Doctson.

            1. Hey, no need to convince me Boyd looks good, I really like him. CfC and I had a discussion about him a few months ago and I think he’d be an excellent 2nd round pick. Underrated in my opinion.

              But to me he is more of a possession type WR than explosive WR, though its probably unfair to label him as a possession WR. Perhaps it is better to just say he is a well rounded WR that can make tough catches and is a good runner that can pick up yards after the catch. Runs pretty good routes, has good hands, the type of guy the QB can trust.

              Doctson is more of a vertical threat due to his leaping ability and body control, has excellent hands and can make some exceptional catches, but isn’t as good a route runner, over the middle or after the catch.

            2. The Niners should pass on both Boyd and Doctson because they have bigger needs to fill with their first and second picks, and they both look to be long gone before the Niner third round pick.
              The Niners should wait until the later rounds and target Charone Peake, Cody Core or Geronimo Allison. Maybe even select Grant’s favorite, DeRunnya Wilson.
              Also, they should take a hard look at the Cal and Stanford WRs, who might be UDFAs.

            3. Age is the most overlooked stat in the draft. That’s why I like Billings, who turned 20 three weeks ago. To think he was throwing around guards and centers like sacks of potatoes at the tender age of 19.

              Goff too. He’s only 21, should naturally fill out a little, and get a wee bit more zip on the ball as his body develops.

              1. Rotoviz likes to put together a comparison of production vs age, and they do indeed see age as a key metric (basically the older the prospect, the higher the production they should have).

                I’ve most often seen it for WRs, with % of team total receiving yards during the season by the WR on one axis, age at the time on the other. Tyler Boyd kills it on this metric, as evidenced in this article.


              2. Scooter,

                I follow Rotoviz and like their stuff a lot.

                I’m with you on Tyler Boyd. He would be a great pick, specially if he falls to early 3rd round.
                He just shows up in any kind of study.

                In Jon Moore’s “Visualizing WR College Career’s” he was one of the only WRs who was above the age trend line for all 3 years.
                The WRs who did it last draft: Diggs and Crowder.

                He is top 3 in the Phenon Index.

                In Kevin Cole’s WR Regression Tree he is one of 2WRs who fall in the best cluster, with 61% of success rate.

                He got a very good grade on Football Outsiders Playmaker Score too.

                Like I said, he just shows up very well in any analytical study of prospects. I hope SF gets him or maybe Pharoh Cooper in the 4h-5th if someone takes Boyd earlier.

              3. Allan, I don’t see Boyd falling to the 49ers 3rd round pick, but I would be more than happy with the team taking him in the 2nd round. I personally think he is the best WR in the draft (as do the guys at rotoviz), and is very underrated. The only reason he is underrated in my opinion is because he isn’t particularly big, fast or explosive.

  17. Grant, I like your pick of Boyd,and I do believe Doctson will possibly be gone by pick 37 but I think Charone Peake will be there in 3rd round and feel he is as good a prospect as Doctson and Boyd with better measureables.

    1. Mood,
      Sounds like a great piece of technology, but wonder if the NFL would buck against it’s use if endorsed by the NFLPA?

      1. It may not matter.

        I was listening to Dr. Bennet Omalu on City Arts and Lectures on NPR a couple of weekends ago. The amount of effort that NFL put in to discredit his research is impressive. They had his work evaluated by non-pathologists. Because these evaluators are not pathologists, i.e., not experts in the field of figuring out WHAT may be causing CTE, they hemmed and hawed about Omalu’s conclusions. He’s a forensic pathologist, and he made it clear that the root cause of CTE is repetitive hear trauma. It’s a cumulative effect. Concussion is sufficient but not necessary to develop CTE. So in a sense, concussion protocol, etc. are red herrings and really does not make much sense. Other pathologists are begining to support Omalu’s conclusions.

        I think the cat is out of the bag, and the evidence that most NFL players will develop CTE symptoms at some point in their lives will become stronger. Amir Abdullah, the Chief’s safety, just retired at 30 after his 5th concussion. Expect many players to make decision on how long much cumulative trauma they are willing to tolerate before retiring.

        1. Mood,
          The NFL knows that they have a concussion issue. They may not want to validate Dr. Omalu’ work, but there’s a reason why they have paid out millions of dollars to former players and families of diseased former players that suffered from chronic concussion problems.

  18. I would like the NFL to get serious about concussions, and give every player a brain scan to begin the season, which will be used as a base line. This way, they can see if there are any changes, and it would help with the determination the severity of a concussion. The more the change from the base line data, the greater the severity of the concussion.

  19. About Drafting Receivers – I don’t enough of those “point guard” throws from KaeperBlain. The kind of throw where the receiver’s covered, but can body up against the DB and make the contested catch anyway.

    Boldin gets some (because Boldin’s a Buh-dass) but its not really a featured part of the offense. Generally speaking if the receiver isn’t clearly open the ball does not go his way.

    That could be by partly by design of the offense. I’m not entirely sure. I think what receivers to draft might hinge on the QB situation after pick 7. If its Goff, I’m fine with drafting strong possession guys where its not all about separation. If we stick with our current QBs, I’m not so sure.

    1. Haven’t Kelly’s offenses previously required QBs to be able to throw into tight windows – hence one of the reasons he needs an accurate QB. I’ve rarely seen CK do it, although I do remember a great throw to VD during the 2014 NFL championship near the end of the game. Not sure about Gabbert either.

      1. I have heard that too Cubus, but when NN ran the story on the passing concepts it looked like a lot of the throws were to flooded zones or to players in space with defenders trailing. We should go back and watch those again. I didn’t see a ton of timing routes or throws into coverage. I am no expert but it looked more friendly to me than many other offenses in the NFL.

        1. The kind of throw I’m pointing out is kind of the way a point guard throws to a forward or center in the paint. The receiver is technically covered but he has body position and strength to haul it down Dennis Rodman style.

          What passer would compliment a Smelter, Boldin, Treadwell, Dotson the best? I’m thinking the accurate guys that can put touch on the ball.

          1. Niners did not do well because the other teams would stack the box and dare them to throw. Then they would force the Niners to throw on third and long, and jump the routes because they had a good idea where the ball was going to.
            It does not matter who the receivers are if the O line cannot block. Niners need to get a cohesive unit at O line and establish the run. Chip and his Zone read might be able to do that, but the O line was so bad last year, it made the whole offense pathetic. If Stanley falls to 7, the Niners should take him. Smelter may be a key piece to the offense because he is a strong blocker. Vance may keep his job because he is the best blocking TE they have. The Niners should re-sign Boldin, not only for his leadership, but also because he is a beast blocking. They should improve the WR corps by drafting Charone Peake in the 4th or 5th round, because he showed good blocking skills.
            Once the blocking becomes adequate to allow for third and short, instead of third and long, the Play Action Pass will be most effective.

      2. I keep hearing the phrase “repetitive accuracy.”

        That’s our CK… who can be spectacular at times, but generally has to see the receiver clearly open.

  20. Amazing how many younger players are at the top of this draft. Notable is Billings, who made havoc of offenses at the tender age of 19. My latest trade up draft crush to take in the late first of he drops.

    20 Years Old [Baby Brigade]

    Andrew Billings – March 6, 1996
    Vernon Hargreaves – June 3, 1995
    Laquon Treadwell – June 14, 1995
    Joey Bosa – July 11, 1995
    Ezekiel Elliott – July 22, 1995
    Eli Apple – August 9, 1995
    Kenny Clark – October 4, 1995
    Myles Jack – September 3, 1995

    21 Years Old [Toddler Territory]

    A’Shawn Robinson – March 21, 1995
    Sheldon Rankins – April 2, 1994
    Shaq Lawson – June 17, 1994
    Chris Jones – July 3, 1994
    Sheldon Day – July 1, 1994
    Laremy Tunsil – August 2, 1994
    Jack Conklin – August 17, 1994
    De’Runnya Wilson – September 14, 1994
    Robert Nkemdiche – September 19, 1994
    Jared Goff – October 14, 1994
    Darron Lee – October 18, 1994
    Jalen Ramsey – October 24, 1994

    Deforest Buckner, Noah Spence, Kamalei Correa – unconfirmed

    1. It isn’t uncommon, Brodie. A lot of underclassmen are often taken early in the draft, and naturally tend to be a bit younger than most seniors (though there are exceptions).

      1. Scooter_McG Thank year the heads up. I was going to write alot more about how astonishing it is for a 19 year old to be playing at that level in some other blogs.

        Google “Andrew Billings” and it displays “March 6, 1996 (age 20)” right next to the wiki link. I just clicked that wiki link. It has him exactly a year older “March 6, 1995 (age 21).”

        Dang! That’s what I get for trusting google. Most bios (like the NFL’s) don’t list age/DOB.

        He’s still a monster for Toddler Territory.

  21. Here’s my first mock draft.

    Trades: 7th and 68th pick to the Bears for the 11th, 41st, and 206th picks

    Round 1
    WR Laquon Treadwell
    Round 2
    CB Mackenzie Alexander
    ILB Deion Jones
    Round 4
    QB Vernon Adams, Jr.
    ILB Jaylon Smith (comp pick)
    Round 5
    OT Willie Beavers
    C/OG Graham Glasgow
    OLB Stephen Weatherly
    Round 6
    WR Devon Cajuste
    CB KeiVarae Russell
    DT/DE Adam Gotsis
    RB Tyler Ervin
    Round 7
    C Matt Skura

    1. Nice.

      – Who are the Bears trading up for?
      – Alexander in round 2 would be bucking what most pundits believe will happen – if he isn’t available, who would be your fallback option?
      – Deion Jones and Jaylon Smith – potentially overkill with other needs?

      1. -My current guess is that the Bears could want to trade up in order to draft Ezekiel Elliott whom I don’t think would make it past the Eagles at 8.
        -The backup options could be Vernon Butler, Kenneth Dixon, and Devontae Booker. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander does fall into the second round due mainly to teams over drafting other prospects.
        -I think the last couple of seasons have shown how quickly a stacked position can be depleted by injuries. Smith is also most likely out for longer than one season, so drafting him wouldn’t really be overkill.

              1. If it could be done, I’d trade Hyde for a 2nd round pick and package that with one of our later round picks to move up to get him. Throw in Miller if that would make it happen and/or one of our backup CBs or a pick from next year.

            1. Sorry, he may turn out like Trent Richardson. Bama Player did well behind that behemoth O line, but struggled in the NFL.

              1. Different animals Seb. Richardson is also on record saying that he became lazy.

              2. Actually, I prefer Kenyan Drake over Henry. Think he is more shifty, and Henry is more of a road grader.

              3. Drake comes with injury concerns and is a candidate to be overvalued.

              4. Henry was showcased and fed the ball to win the Heisman, so Drake was overshadowed. In the games i watched, Drake ran well, and caught the ball,too.

              5. You don’t have to convince me Seb. I know that Drake would be a great change of pace back behind Hyde, but I doubt we’ll draft him because he’s injury-prone and we already have Ellington on the team.

          1. The Bears signed an ILB during free agency. How old is the information on that site?

            1. It must be old. No way they draft ILB 1st round after signing Trevathan. DL and secondary are their biggest needs, along with a RB to replace Forte.

              1. I see a draft needs for Bears from 1 day ago.They say DE, safety and TE. Still do not see a RB as a need, although they lost Forte. They have Jeremy Langford, Jacquizz Rodgers and Ka’Deem Carey as their RBs

              2. Fox generally prefers a two back system, and only one of those guys is capable of that.

              3. If the Bears are content with that lot at RB then they are braver than I give them credit for. Does any of their current RBs have a career rushing average above 4.0 ypc?

              4. Yes, didnt they try for the Bronco RB? So that means they want to upgrade. Personally, I think they will go D line in the first round, and get a RB in the later rounds. There are several decent ones like Booker, Drake, Perkins, Prosise, Lasco and Ferguson.

        1. CBS Sports has him listed as a DE. I see him called a developmental prospect. I like his 40 time, but sure hope he does not play the tuba…..

          1. I know he is, but CBS Sports shouldn’t be the only source of your information on potential prospects.

    2. Glad to see Vernon Adams and KeiVarae here Mid both guys I have in my last mock.You surprised me with Treadwell.Love to get Jaylon in the 4th.Nice to see Mighty Mouse(Ervin) in the 6th.Small point-don’t think we have a 7th round pick this year.

      1. Right. The 206th pick for the Bears is a 6th round pick. Unless Mid meant to say that the Bears are trading the 230th instead of the 206th.

      2. Thanks for catching that. I forgot to mention Miller gets traded for a seventh round pick.

      3. hightop,
        There is another ‘mighty mouse’ RB in the draft Marshaun Coprice, frm. Illinois St.
        This guy is a combination of Joe Morris (Giants) with low level strength and Kendall Hunter’ cut on a dime ability.

        He has the ability to hide behind the LOS and suddenly explode into open space for big chunks of yardage. He is only about 5’8″ 210 lbs, but has great balance, can surprisingly block well for his size, runs well between the tackles and has the speed to turn the corner on the outside.
        I don’t see him getting out of the 4th rd, but he would usurp Mike Davis’ roster spot by the end of TC.

      1. OH BOY! another unnamed source to throw mud at ‘Chip….Does this unnamed source have a job ? Maybe that’s why he/she was wondering “what am I doing here?” Most newspapers won’t post from ‘unnamed’ or ‘anonymous’ ….it eliminates tons of garbage and vindictive BS…

    1. The Niners do not need to go offense, except for the O line. They need defense.
      Here is my new draft strategy. Niners should trade Gabbert to Denver because they need a QB and if that need is filled, Kaep has no place to go, so he will be forced to play for the Niners, who basically will be granting him his starting job back he lost due to injury, and will pay him his full salary which is looking like a great deal considering what other QBs are getting.The Niners should ask for a second and a conditional 5th round pick next year. Denver will get a QB that fits under their salary cap and Gabbert was a high first rounder with comparable skills to Kaep.
      The Niners should trade DuJuan Darris, Shaun Draughn, Eric Pears and Jordan Devey to the Colts for their second pick which is number 48. The Colts will fill 2 big needs and get younger, and the 4 for 1 trade is a good deal for a single pick. If they balk, throw in Quinton Patton, or accept a third round pick.
      The Niners should trade back with the Raiders. They should offer the 7th pick along with their 5th and 6th round picks for the Raider first and second. Raiders will be able to select Elliot, who may be the last piece to the puzzle, and get them over the hump and into the playoffs. Carr, with Cooper and Elliot would be a formidable combination.
      Therefor, the Niners would end up with the 14th, 37th, 44th, 48th, and 63rd picks. It would hit the sweet spot of the draft, and allow them to fill all their needs with quality players.
      With their first pick, they could possibly draft Darron Lee, Shaq Lawson, Sheldon Rankins, Reggie Ragland, Jack Conklin or Andrew Billings.
      My mock from those numbers would be DT Andrew Billings, OL Jason Spriggs, DE Jonathan Bullard, OLB Joshua Perry and WR Braxton Miller.

    2. Not sure what to think of the article. I think these barbs will go on for a while.

      Its common to hear sour grapes from scouts when coaches discard their recommendations. If I recall correctly 49er scouts lobbied hard against trading up for Jerry Rice. They gave JR a 3rd round grade.

    3. Cubus,
      If these reports are true, then the eagles need to move on by supporting their new regime and putting all things Kelly behind them.

      Hopefully Chip’ fresh start in 49erNation leaves a much better imprint then what he left in Philly.

  22. Who is saying that Gabbert is the long term answer? Isn’t it possible to state the obvious, that Gabbert was better than Kaepernick without it being about the long term, or that Goff may not be all that either at the next level?

      1. George,

        The thing is, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say that Gabbert is the long term answer. Maybe I missed something because I mostly just skim through most of the comments.

  23. Some how I posted my first mock draft in the wrong place. I posted at the very bottom of Grants post “49ers blueprint for draft”… I invite you all to take a look and give me your feed back. OC

    1. Brodie: I just find it hard to believe it would be for a QB. They’ve just signed Bradford and Daniels to an average of about $25 million per year in new contracts.

      1. Bradford’s on a 2 year deal. The perfect time to let a rookie develop. Bradford can also be traded. I’m not predicting outright a trade-up to 6, but it sure smells like on.

        I’d agree arguments to the contrary can be made for the Eagles not trading up.
        – They can stand pat at 8. There should be some pretty good talent falling to 8, especially of both Goff and Wentz go.
        – They can stand pat at 8. If a QB falls they don’t want, they might clean up on a trade back with the Rams.

        1. Do you think they tried to trade with the Ravens and were turned down? Or do you think they are just trying to get their a step at a time. Still, wouldn’t they need to have a player in mind for pick #8 in case the Ravens or another team won’t trade with them?

          1. I think its either

            1) Because they are confident a valuable player will be there at 8 no matter what the position. I agree. I like the top 8. (by “valuable” I mean all aspects of the word… drafted or lucrative trade-down bait)

            2) Or they are trying to move up in steps. The Ravens are supposed to be nuts about Ramsey, but he will probably be gone. A small trade back could be attractive to them.

            Picks 8+78 are perfect chart to move to 6. Teams sometimes give general hints (offense or defense) when trading up.

            If the Ravens know the Eagles are going QB, its a simple question: is 2nd best player left +78 > best of the remaining player?

  24. On Rotoworld:

    Mike Klis of 9 News Denver stated on Sirius NFL Radio that one “holdup” in trade negotiations between the Broncos and 49ers is that Denver wants Colin Kaepernick to accept a pay cut.

    In other words, the Broncos want Kaepernick to sign off on a reduced contract before giving San Francisco compensation. Kaepernick’s $11.9 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, so he wouldn’t have to accept any pay cut should he stay in the Bay Area. Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco, but at this stage it appears he’ll have to take less money to play elsewhere.

    1. Makes sense that Kap hasn’t been traded then. He isn’t going to take a pay cut to make it easier for the Niners to trade him. He is either making the guaranteed money in his contract or getting released to sign with whatever team he wants.

      1. “He isn’t going to take a pay cut to make it easier for the Niners to trade him”.

        Seems a bit myopic of him if that is truly the case. The 49ers can easily absorb his cap hit this year, but the longer he spends on the bench the less likely it is a team will pay him like a starter in his next contract, and he simply wastes a year by sticking with a team he doesn’t want to be at.

        1. Scooter,

          Next year is next year and if he was being asked to take a paycut now, then he likely isn’t going to lose much by sitting in SF for another season. He also could win the starting job and increase his value.

          He’s doing what’s best for him at this point in time, which is either getting paid or becoming a FA.

          1. All he is losing is the chance to restart his career somewhere away from the team he doesn’t want to be at. What he is doing is wrangling every penny he can now, while running the risk of wasting away for a year, or being in a position of doing his darndest to win the starting job for the team he doesn’t want to be at and improve his value for next year.

            Of course that is exactly what the 49ers are banking on. They win pretty much regardless. They either get him off their books for a nice draft compensation, or they get a QB trying his hardest to play well. Only if Kaep is happy to languish as a backup all year do they really lose, and even then they don’t lose a whole lot. Kaep would lose more by wasting a year of his career.

            1. “Kaep would lose more by wasting a year of his career.”

              IMO, Kaep is no position to waste a year. People’s memories are short and if he languishes on the bench, I’d think any interest would wane. Can you imagine coaches and GMs from other teams saying, “well, maybe we’ll get CK7 form 2012, only to hear a response of “that was so five years ago.”

              Unfortunately, for Kap, I think the RGIII deal pretty much set the magnitude of what other teams will offer unless there is a sudden desperate need.

              Baalke loves draft picks. I’m not convinced he won’t “buy” a draft pick from a trading team by picking up part of CK’s 2016 salary.

            2. I completely agree cubus. Kaep will be 29 and turning 30 during next season – not a good age to be trying to salvage your career for a guy that has yet to show he has progressed beyond being a running QB. And he will be at least three years removed from the days when he was considered the next big thing if he wastes a year this season.

              His best scenario is to be playing somewhere he has a good chance to start this season, and start rebuilding his career. And the best way to do so is to join such a team asap, and getting to work to know the system. At this stage, his best bet may be to stay with the 49ers for another year and work his tail off during the pre season to win the starting job.

            3. Money is still king. Players don’t like to give it up and Kap is no different. I also don’t buy the angle that he’s wasting a year of is career. He may not want to be here, but he’s a competitive guy who also wants to play, so he’ll either win the job and up his value or he’ll sit on the bench and get released next year. His value won’t be much lower a year from now if he doesn’t play than it is right now. No team is offering much in trade and they want him to take a paycut, so my guess is he’s come to the realization that playing for the Niners is his best opportunity to play and make his money.

      2. Seems like the niners are playing hardball and so is Kap. He’s refusing to make it easier for the niners by taking a paycut, but they are refusing to make it easy on him by just cutting him. It seems like the relationship is severed and each side is just waiting for the other to make a move.

        I still think the ball is in the niners court, they don’t have to cut him due to having all the cap space in the world. If he shows and competes, great, if he decides to holdout, well great too, they can just fine him everyday.

        I used to think the silence was a sign that each side was reconciling and tempers were cooling, but no, its getting more heated the longer it takes. Kap has more to lose IMO, if he truly does not want to play for SF he’s wasting his precious time, when he could be on a SB caliber team and participating in offseason activities. It’s hurting him more.

        If this is correct I think the Niners get Goff if he’s there, regardless if Kap is on the roster or not.

    1. Hammer,
      Good looking out on Boehringer. Heck, I never even knew that Germany had interest in American Football because of their great Soccer teams over the years.

      Looks like his measurable are getting some NFL attention and that’s good. He reminds me a little to one of my draft crushes of a couple of years back, Jeff Janis, now playing for the Packers – though Boehringer is a bit bigger.

  25. I won’t go into the trade details as I already posted this [in the wrong spot]
    RD1 #15 Robert Nkemdiche DE Ole Miss
    RD2 #37 Noah Spence OLB E Ky
    If Spence is gone already
    RD2 #37 Kamalei Correa OLB Boise
    RD2 #45 LaRaven Clark OT T. Tech
    RD3 #68 Austin Hooper TE Stanford
    RD3 #94 Kevin Hogan QB Stanford
    RD4 #133 Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
    RD5 #145 Jared Norris ILB Utah
    RD5 #174 Nick Kwiatkos ILB W. Virg
    RD6 #178 Wendell Smallwood RB W. Virg
    RD6 #207 LaQuan McGowan OT\OG Baylor
    RD6 #213 Caleb Benenoch OT UCLA

    1. Not a fan of Nkemdiche. He has top 10 talent but fails to showcase it most of the time. Huge boom or bust prospect leaning more towards the bust category.
      I wouldn’t mind a TE, but I doubt Baalke will draft one since Kelly’s offense doesn’t utilize the position very well and Celek was extended.
      Garrett’s small hands scare me if Kaepernick is the starting QB.

        1. Yep, but as time went on I came to see what you were talking about. We don’t need another player that checks in and out on a regular basis.

    2. You have a gambling nature Coach. Those first two picks are like putting it all on red. You could wind up with two great talents or two guys that are out of the league.

      I’m not a Hogan fan, but the rest of the picks are solid.

    3. OC – Thanks for the mock. I think the Eagles would move up to 6 to snag a QB… but if the board went as you lay out I’d fix the D…

      15 – Lee
      [trade 45+68+142 to up to 24-ish]
      24 – Billings or Chris Jones
      37 – Spence

    4. OldCoach,
      Nice overall draft.
      I’m thinking that (counter to my opinion) the team will draft either Wentz or Goff with their 1st pick. But I like everyone else on your board. Defense!

  26. So, I’m looking at the niners salary cap situation over at For CK they show the following:

    base: $11,900,000
    signing bonus: $2,465,753
    roster bonus: $1,125,000
    workout bonus: $400,000

    Cap hit for 2016 is the sum of these amounts or $15,890,753. Dead cap money is $7,397,260, which is I believe is the remaining signing bonus.

    So even if the 49ers release Kap without an injury settlement wouldn’t he still get $7.4 million. So, why can’t the 49ers offer to pick up some of the salary another team would incur in a trade. The niners are on the hook for the dead cap since the remaining signing bonus, I don’t think, would normally transfer in a trade. Seems like a relatively straightforward way to move Kap to Denver and for Baalke to effectively “buy” a draft pick (“buy” in the sense that he is picking up part of Kap’s 2016 salary to make a trade palatable).

    1. The 49ers have already paid him the signing bonus. He got that the day he signed his contract. It is just a salary cap thing where they pro-rata it over the length of the contract (to a maximum of five years). If the 49ers release him today, they owe him nothing.

      Any team trading for Kaep would not be on the hook for the signing bonus. But picking up some of the difference in salary would add to the salary cap hit for the 49ers.

    2. Well, the more I think about this, I don’t think what I said was correct. Kap has already received the signing bonus so another team could care less and there is no way to use any of what’s remaining on the “books” to help a deal. Kap wants cash for the year and the signing bonus is past history and doesn’t count. So strike my last post.

      1. Kelly wants a more mobile QB. Glennon is a pocket passer with a nice arm, but had every opportunity to win the starting job, yet struggled at times

        1. Glennon is a pocket passer with a nice arm, but had every opportunity to win the starting job, yet struggled at times

          No he didn’t Seb. Lovie Smith was the Bucs HC the last two seasons and he never even gave Glennon a chance.

          1. OK, I do not know why he did not get a chance, but before Winston, the other QBs did not stand out, and if he had been good enough, they would have let him start.
            I just thought he was highly touted and was slated to become the starter.

            1. Glennon never got a chance because after his rookie season the Bucs brought Smith in as the new HC and Jason Licht in as the new GM and those two wanted their guy so they signed Josh McCown in free agency and never gave Glennon a shot at the job.

              1. And yet despite being cast aside first of all for McCown and then for Winston, and being forced to play on his rookie contract, he hasn’t once complained or become sulky or tried to force through a trade. Instead he has been quite respecting of the decisions made, and continued to work hard for his team from all reports. Shocking.

              2. You’re correct Scooter. I think that’s part of the reason the reason the Bucs want to either trade Glennon for a high pick or extend him.

            2. He wasn’t really given a chance to Seb because Smith pretty well indicated by his actions that he had zero interest in doing so. Glennon had an okay rookie season, but that was before Smith was hired.

      2. This is the last year of his rookie contract. I’ve read that he wants to start somewhere, understandably, and that the Bucs would trade him for a 3rd/4th round pick. Cheap for a possible starter.

    1. Sorry but Baalke will draft a JH QB when pigs fly. Still, he looks good to me also. Hope he does not go to the Rams.

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