49ers @ Rams live blog: Pregame

This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers Week 13 game against the Rams in St. Louis. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

8:31 Danny Amendola is inactive today.

8:34 Chris Givens will be the Rams No.1 wide receiver.

8:35 LaMichael James is inactive today. 67 percent of you thought he would play.

8:35 A.J. Jenkins is active.

8:36 Here is the full list of 49ers inactive: Scott Tolzien, LaMichael James, Trenton Robinson, Jewel Hampton, Joe Looney, Demarcus Dobbs and Ian Williams.

8:39 Here are the Rams inactives: QB Davis, LB Haggan, WR Amendola, T Barksdale, RB Ganaway, OL Williams and DT Conrath.

8:40 Do you expect A.J. Jenkins to play? If so, how many snaps? Will he catch a pass?

8:44 Greg Roman loves to call the toss sweep run. That was Kendall Hunter’s specialty. It is not Brandon Jacobs’ specialty.

After Hunter got hurt last week, Anthony Dixon came in and ran a toss sweep for a five-yard gain. I’m guessing he’ll run two or three of those plays against the Rams today.

9:00 LaMichael James tweeted “Life isn’t fair…” two hours ago.

9:46 If Aldon Smith gets 1.5 sacks in this game, he will set the 49ers’ franchise record for most sacks in a season.

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