49ers @ Rams live blog: Second quarter

This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers Week 13 game against the Rams in St. Louis. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:41 On first down, Gore gains about 15 yards up the middle, but Joe Staley is flagged for a hold.

10:43 Kaepernick completes a five yarder to Crabtree on first down and a five yarder to Manningham on second down. On third and ten, Kaepernick dodges two potential sacks and runs out of bounds for a one-yard gain. Andy Lee punts and pins the Rams at their nine yard line.

10:45 The 49ers couldn’t dig themselves out of the first-and-20 hole. Once again, Greg Roman has failed to get Vernon Davis involved early in the passing game. He has not been targeted.

10:49 Sam Bradford hits Kendricks on second and eight for a nine yard gain. Bradford play faked and Kendricks was wide open. Bowman was flagged for holding Givens over the middle, but the Rams declined the penatly. First and 10 at their 21 yard line, and the 49ers take timeout No.1 of the first half.

10:53 On second and nine the Rams are flagged for holding, and they can’t recover. NaVorro Bowman, Ahmad Brooks and Carlos Rogers all made outstanding tackles on the series. The 49ers are not bringing a pass rush. They’re dropping seven and sometimes eight men into coverage and forcing Bradford to throw short passes. Then, the 49ers are tackling the ball carries immediately. The strategy is working so far. The Rams punt 63 yards. The 49ers will start this drive at their 18 yard line.

10:56 On first down, Roman calls the Y-Stick and Kaepernick hits Vernon Davis for a six yard gain. Finally.

10:57 On third and three, from the shotgun, Kaepernick catches a low snap and fires a seven-yard pass to Delanie Walker. First down.

11:00 Next play, Kaepernick hits Crabtree on a slant for an 11-yard gain. Remember that play.

11:01 Gore follows that up by gaining two yards on first down, and then losing two yards on second down. On third and ten, Roman calls the same slant to Crabtree from three plays ago, but Crabtree drops the pass. Andy Lee punts. The 49ers tackle Pettis at the Rams 18 yard line.

11:04 Justin Smith tackles Jackson for a 2-yard loss on first down. On second down, Aldon Smith sacks Bradford, tying the 49ers franchise record qith 17.5 sacks. On third and 18, Bradford hands off to Jackson, and Whitner tackles him after a gain of one. The 49ers have only missed one tackle, I believe.

11:06 The Rams punt. Ginn makes the fair catch at the 49ers 39. The Niners have 2:16 and two timeouts.

11:08 On first down, Kaepernick throws a low pass to Crabtree at the line of scrimmage. The refs say the pass hit the ground, but on television it looked like Crabtree actually caught it. On second and ten, Gore ran up the middle for three yards. The 49ers face third and seven from their 42 yard line after the two minute warning.

11:11 The Rams blitz, Staley gets beat around the edge, Kaepernick gets flushed out of the pocket to the right and fires to Manningham on the sideline, but Manningham can’t catch the pass. Andy Lee punts. Rams ball at their 13 yard line.

11:15 Bradford play fakes and hits a wide open Kendricks in the middle of the field for a 20-yard gain to move the ball into 49ers territory. On third and two, Aldon Smith pressure Bradford, who throws behind his receiver. Incomplete. The Rams are going to a attmpt a 58-yard field goal.

11:17 Zuerlein misses the long field goal wide left. The 49ers get the ball at their 48 yard line with 25 seconds and two timeouts left.

11:20 Kaepernick tries to extend second and third down and takes sacks both times as a result. On fourth and two, Kaepernick drops back and throws the ball out of bounds to kill the clock and send the game to halftime.

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