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  1. I know it’s already been mentioned. But where are the links to the recent comments? It’s gonna be a pain to scroll through the entire live game thread while trying not to miss any of the game.

  2. Some good material, some a bit over the top. I can see a simmering battle between Grant and Shanahan for several years–should Shanahan and Grant remain in their present positions. Unfortunate.

    Not saying Grant has to spew the company line (channeling Sebbie here)–nope. A professional sports media type can chose to be critical in a polished, subtle way (cutting if needed), or choose to splash around in sarcasm and thinly-veiled insults. Hope we don’t witness Skip Bayless behavior often.

    Of course, posters on this blog are little constrained by most forms of social behavior ethics…yeah, I’m one on ’em.

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