A viewer’s guide to the 49ers’ upcoming loss

This is my Friday column.

Here are five things you should know about the San Francisco 49ers’ upcoming Sunday loss to the St. Louis Rams.

1. At least it won’t be a blowout

Or it shouldn’t be one. These are the two worst offenses in the NFL. The Niners rank dead last in yards gained — The Rams rank second-to-last.

St. Louis’ quarterback, Nick Foles, is even worse than Colin Kaepernick. Seriously. Foles’ passer rating is 78.8 this season, and Kaepernick’s is 82.8. The Rams will draft a new quarterback next year.

They probably will draft new wide receivers, too. Kenny Britt, the Rams’ leading receiver, has 224 yards on 12 catches this season. He’s averaging two catches per game.

Put your money on San Francisco this Sunday — not to win, but to cover the spread. The Rams are eight-point favorites. They won’t win by more than three.

Final score will be Rams 16, 49ers 13.

2. The difference between these two sorry offenses is their running games

After Week 1, the Niners seemed to have the best running back in the NFC West.

Now, Carlos Hyde seems like no big deal. He has a stress fracture in his left foot, and is averaging only 4.1 yards per carry. He tried to carry the 49ers’ offense and broke down.

Meanwhile, rookie running back Todd Gurley is carrying the Rams’ offense all by himself after missing the first two games of the season. He was recovering from a torn ACL he suffered at the University of Georgia in 2014.

Gurley seems to be gaining confidence in the knee. The past three games, he has rushed 68 times for 433 yards (6.4 yards per carry), and scored four touchdowns.

Part of the reason Gurley has been so effective is little Tavon Austin — the Rams’ fastest receiver. He’s not particularly dangerous downfield, but can run reverses and jet sweeps. Teams must respect his speed, and the Niners’ linebackers aren’t fast enough to catch him.

Sometimes you’ll see Austin run a reverse one direction while Gurley takes the handoff and runs the opposite direction. And sometimes you’ll see opposing defenses chase Austin when Gurley has the ball.

The Niners could do the same thing with Hyde and little Bruce Ellington, but choose not to. Ellington almost never plays, so Hyde gets no help.


3. Another difference between the Niners and Rams is their special teams

Jeff Fisher’s special teams usually play well. Austin, the punt returner, is terrific, and so is the punter, Johnny Hekker.

Let’s focus on Hekker. He’s special. He can punt the heck (or the Hekker) out of the ball (47.3 yards per punt, 10th-best in the NFL this season), and he also can pass.

During his four-season career, he has attempted eight passes and completed six of them for 99 yards and a touchdown. Hekker is a master of the fake punt. He is the Rams’ secret weapon.

The Niners don’t have a secret weapon, but they used to have someone who could punt farther than Hekker. I’m talking about Andy Lee, the guy the Niners traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason. He’s averaging 48.8 yards per punt — fourth-best in the NFL.

Lee’s replacement — rookie fifth-round pick radley Pinion —– is averaging only 43.5 yards per punt, which ranks 27th in the NFL.

Probably shouldn’t have traded Lee.

4. Colin Kaepernick will get bruised in this game

The Rams have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, and the Niners’ O-line is terrible. Kaepernick will be running for his life all game.

The Niners right guard, Jordan Devey, is one of the worst starting offensive linemen in the NFL. He has to block Aaron Donald, the league’s premier defensive tackle. Donald is like a young Bryant Young, only better.

Sometimes, you will see Donald blow by Devey and take down Kaepernick before Kaepernick even finishes dropping back.

And when Kaepernick peels himself off the turf, watch to see if any teammates care enough about him to help him up.

5. Kaepernick will NOT get benched in this game

The 49ers’ suits aren’t ready to relegate Kaepernick to the sideline, even though some fans want them to.

If the Niners were to bench Kaepernick at halftime this Sunday, and his backup, Blaine Gabbert, who has a history of failing miserably, were to play even worse, then what?

The Niners couldn’t go back to Kaepernick and expect him to play with confidence, or even to care. He’ll know he’s dead in the water for next season as soon as he gets benched. So, why should he risk injury after that? Better to preserve himself for the next contract, wherever that is. But if the Niners don’t bench him, he’ll keep trying hard, if not well.

The Niners are stuck with Kaepernick at least for a few more weeks.

Mixed blessing.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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        1. If Long and Quinn don’t play then there is no excuse not to limit Donald. But of all things, what we need is to be able to run the ball. If not, it might not matter if their DL is missing some key players.

  1. There is nothing about football that calls for slime like this:

    “And when Kaepernick peels himself off the turf, watch to see if any teammates care enough about him to help him up.

  2. Grant, nice piece. Particularly liked the ending sentence. The only reason I’m gonna watch the game is because we have a good friend over and my wife’s gonna make blueberry pancakes.

  3. Hyde could be shut down for the year. He should! Niners have a great chance of losing out for the year without him. #1 pick here we come.

    1. Just heard Hyde is a scratch. It’s M Davis, Bush, and Hayne. Would love to see Davis have a big game. If they start Bush, I’ll puke.

        1. In theory he’s ideal for a ZBS. Decisive cutter, shifty, and is short. Also gives a second effort. At least that’s how he was in college. I don’t know what’s going on with him. Do they question his pass protection?

  4. If the Niners want to win, they must stop being so desperate and sit Hyde to let his fracture heal. Playing on a hurt foot may lead to crippling pain and degenerative problems in the future. Playing some one who is hurt is not fair to the player, and not fair to the team if the hurt player cannot perform to his best ability.
    The Niners need to activate Hayne, and utilize his skillsets. They should put both Hayne and Bush in on covering kickoffs and punts, and each should position themselves to run reverses and accept laterals, depending on who initially fields the ball. Pete Carroll brainstormed with his coaches on all the ways Hayne could be utilized. PC schooled the Niner coaches. Maybe the Niner coaches should stop being so arrogant and accept the fact that they cannot figure out ways to utilize Hayne, and reach out to offensive gurus to learn quickly, before the season gets worse.
    If the Niners do not bench Devey, Pears and Willhoite, I will conclude that they are so obtuse that they deserve what is coming to them.

  5. Kaepernick is not alone at Rock Bottom, NFL Rated Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and Cam Newton are all below an eighty-three rating….

    Pinion kicks off to save Dawsons’ leg along with punting. He’s punted 35 times to Lee’s 33, with a difference of about 100 yards, favoring Lee….

    I do not see Kaepernick finishing this game….

          1. Will Colin’s OL lift the stretcher into the ambulance, or will the Santa Clara homicide squad arrest the OL right there on the field?

              1. I was replying to “The line can get a guy killed out there.” with sarcasm.

                Grant was enjoying implying that the OL dislikes their QB so much that it would be fun to count how many times no one helps him up after he’s smashed by the Ram.

                I’m sure you get the difference. It’s typical of the worst of Cohn writing.

              2. Ht
                The ‘seething’ post post related to an earliest post where Grant related that Colin blocked him from Twitter due to a critical post. I’m assuming tit-for-tat on the exchange.
                I agreed with your complaint about the whineiest negativity Grant offered on the ‘help him up’ issue.

              3. BT, these days I’m sarcastic about almost all things 49ers and Cohn except the need for a football brain with power in Jed’s building.

                On the other hand, I can be cheerful about the 49ers and the Cohns when they, the 49ers and Cohns, are not carrying out cheap personal attacks on individuals.

  6. “The Niners are stuck with Kaepernick at least for a few more weeks. Mixed blessing.”

    I have mixed feelings about Kap. I cant help but wonder if we would be having this conversation if he had a playmaker WR and solid Oline. his best season was the superbowl season and he had the best Oline in the NFL. He also had a pre-achilles crabtree and Vernon was close to his prime. The WR situation and oLine have both significantly deteriorated. Dont get me wrong, I think kap has some major issues, but to what extent were those issues compounded by baalke’s inability to bring in NFL caliber talent.

    1. In the past when he’s had protection, he’s been ok. We’ve won some big games with him, for sure. But accuracy has always been an issue, and even when protected he’s missed wide open receivers. And his delivery has always been slow. The game’s still too fast for him. I think he’s shown he lacks it above the neck to be elite.

      1. George, it’s not all the 49ers offensive line’s fault. Kaepernick is much to blame for the 49ers offense not producing. You’re right Kaepernick does good against mediocre defense against teams with bad secondary groups. But Against good defense he always have trouble playing a clean game and struggles a lot..

  7. 49ers have a new team award – The scapegoat
    The winner of this award get to leave the team and go enjoy himself at another pasture.
    The scapegoat is never voted on its awarded by rumors. Only Jed and Baalke can designate the scapegoat award winner.

  8. Since when is 4.1 yards per carry an “Only” number? Eddie George averaged 3.6 ypc in his career (half a yard less) and that guy gets HOF talk (undeserving). 4.1 is pretty good, especially for how poor this team, the oline, has played and dealing with injury.

    1. Bingo…. This o line is ridiculous! Hyde, on 1 foot carried this team.. Don’t agree with u grant. Because to me, Hyde is special

              1. Good info, TK. I just hope Hyde isn’t used up before the 49ers put together a decent OL for him to run behind.

        1. That still doesn’t explain his disappearing act since the beginning of the season or his newest attempt to keep hiding so that he isn’t held accountable.

          1. His next presser will be like a tooth extraction and root canal without any anesthesia. Imagine his face when Bob Rang briefed him on what kind of questions he’ll be facing. They also have to train him on how to dodge any shoes thrown at him at the podium.
            Bob: Well, Jed, you probably will have to face them some time.
            Jed: Why? Why the heck should I? I’m the boss. I should be the decider. I decide No.
            Bob: um, it’s a business, boss. We have customers.
            Jed: Customers? Really?
            Bob: They’re called Fans, Jed.
            Jed: But don’t Fans have to be Faithful Fans? Aren’t they like slaves?
            Bob: No, not all of them, Jed. Some can quit; like all those Corporate Fat Cats in Silicon Valley who don’t suffer fools.
            Jed: Well, F them. I ain’t doing it, but release some lame statement that says I will ‘eventually’. Oh, and get some bakeries into Levi’s as Concessionaires, so the fans can eat cake.

    1. Eventually can be anywhere from here to infinity.

      When Jed has finished setting up the next cancer to be removed from his organization he will speak to not with the local press.

  9. I predict Bush will find a way out of the game before 2nd quarter. Vernon I predict will find a way to 2-3 quick catches, then knee soreness will end his day. Look for Vernon on the sideline, he will be the one with the big smile

    1. Good article. This actually supports the belief that Baalke likes to use a scatter gun approach to drafting to make up for an average ability to hit on picks.

      1. If I understood this article, it looks like Baalke does a good job of actually drafting better (expected AV) than was anticipated just prior to the draft based on the draft order (initial expected AV). However, the actual AV of those players some time later (I’m not clear on the time frame; I would guess it is the end of 14 season) is essentially the same as the expected AV. The Seahawks, on the other hand, “kill” this statistic. Now it would seem to me that the actual AV has a strong development component to it; i.e. the coaches developing the draftees. If I understand this, then perhaps a major issue is that our coaches don’t develop the draftees as well as Seattle’s do. The disasterous 2012 draft probably skews this significantly. The author does seem to suggest in his comments that the niners have done better in the last few drafts than either Arizona or Seattle. The stats he provides are for 2010 through 2014. I think I’ll ask him if he can provide the stats just for 2013 and 2014.

        1. So the article is interesting and does point out some fundamental flaws in player assessment and development. Some players we have discarded Seattle has been able to plug and take full advantage of, why is that? Better coaching? Perhaps…but maybe the organizational support stymies everyone.

          I mean we couldn’t get the basics of the playing surface right – and it is still not fixed. How can a state-of-the art stadium be built and still have a field that would not be used for a high school game?

          Somewhere the organization needs a overhaul. I asked this elsewhere, but what would it take to attract the top talent (coach, GM, types of players – and who might that be-key people like a Justin Smith type to build around). What does the organization need to do to make that happen and is it feasible in the next week, month, 3 month, 6 months or longer?

          I fear we are in a death spiral and I cannot see a way out – fire sales are not the answer in my opinion. Firing everyone is also an act of desperation, though some key heads rolling initially might be a good start. What is the cultural change that needs to occur? What kind of identity does the team need to build and what key pieces will make that happen?

          1. I would target an innovative college coach who is hungry for success. Shaw from Stanford might be a strong candidate. Malzahn, Helfrich and Peterson are also possibilities.
            However, I hope Tomsula succeeds, and he should keep his job if the Niners can manage a 7-9 season with all their player losses.
            The one person who I would feel most comfortable with if Tomsula leaves, is Ken Norton Jr. He has the bloodlines, being a former Niner, and has vastly improved the Raider defense.

            1. Shaw already has success and it’s hard for me to see him thinking that he can be even more successful working for Jed and Baalke. The problem with Shaw is that he is also smart.

              1. Sorry, but I am the eternal optimist. Niners do have talent. The coaching is the limiting factor, but Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago are all very winnable. Niners just need to go 2-4 with their other games.

              2. You have to realize that Seb is a celebrity. He collaborated on the lyrics for “South Pacific” and wrote one of the big hits from that show. I know this is true because I was there.

            2. Sebynan, You picked Detroit to lose the the 49ers. They barely loss to some good teams and there’s no way that we can beat Detroit. Maybe the Browns are the only team that’s easy for the 49ers to beat, and Chicago just maybe.

              1. Niners usually split with the Rams and Atlanta beat the Titans by 3 points. Detroit is 1-6 and can easily be beaten since they have a -7 turnover ratio and allow 123 yards per game on the ground.and allow an average of 9 yards per pass completion.

        2. Cubus, that’s my read on it. Gets good draft capital value compared to the initial starting point. But does pretty much on average expectation with those picks.

          1. Yeah, but what I find interesting is the strong suggestion that draftees might not have been developed as well by the 49ers as compared to the Seahawks. It’s been brought up many times that Harbaugh and staff didn’t seem to develop most of their draft picks. Also, after Harbaugh et. al. were let go, both Baalke and York said that they wanted coaches who are teachers. At the time I didn’t take that comment seriously, but now I wonder if Baalke/York already had this type of information when they made those statements.

            Still as we’re seeing, winning coaches are better than coaches who only know how to teach. Ideally, you would like to have both.

            1. Do we know that the current coaching staff is teaching effectively? The high draft picks that were let go didn’t bloom under other coaches either. Miller, Kaepernick and Hyde are the only Baalke drafted offensive players that I can think of as contributers. At my age I may be forgetting one or a few dozen of them.

              1. My last statement assumed that they are good teachers. It would seem that that was Baalke/York’s plan as they stated; whether the CS really are good teachers remains to be seen.

              2. Right.

                How long do we give them based on their track record coming in? How did the OC do as Colin’s QB coach? Who has the DC been given credit for teaching. Tomsula’s team in Germany had to keep five (?) German players on the roster, so we can assume he tried to teach them.

                Maybe the top three coaches are really good at finding position coaches who can teach. The ST coach doesn’t sound to me like he puts up with much of a learning curve. He also justifies changes by pointing out mistakes by some of his least experienced players.

                The whole teaching thing sounds to me like another way to say that Harbaugh couldn’t make effective use of the great young players that Baalke provided. It’s possible that is true because Seattle has done better with some people cut by Baalke. Others cut by Baalke have flopped elsewhere. Chicken or egg?

                Our challenge is to enjoy Sunday morning’s game. Are we up to the challenge? If the players are not allowed excuses, are we?

              3. Well, I’m gonna follow George’s lead and see if I can get my wife to make me blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning.

              4. The reason I’ve been married for 52 years may be that my wife has never fixed my breakfast, and I’ve never asked. When the kids were young enough to be willing to eat breakfast I was usually already gone.

              5. I can practically guarantee the Seattle’s huge lead in the actual performance category is based mostly on two players: Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. The author said as much, himself.

                Ask yourself, what other successful FO is known for having built their team primarily through late round picks an UDFA? None come to mind.

                The reason is late round and UDFA success is heavily dosed with luck and is difficult to repeat.

                If the Seahawks have such a good FO, why shouldn’t they succeed in the early rounds, as well?

              6. Ex, I would say the Patriots. Their SB QB was a 6th rounder, and the SB MVP was a server at Popeyes in the preseason.
                Pats could take schlubs off the street and Brady would complete passes to them.

              7. My wife’s idea of pancakes are frozen ones put in the TOASTER!!
                Frisbee jacks anyone??
                Lol bless her heart she is a beast when it comes to cleaning but the cooking is all on the chef/grill master!
                My best friend does say she makes the greatest ice cubes ever though. Chalk one up for the wifey. :-)

  10. Prehaps you should update your prediction since you probably did it before finding out Hyde was out.

        1. After that point the interesting stat might be touchdown passes versus pick six interceptions.

          In reality the punt versus first downs numbers look the most interesting.

      1. Yep. 30-0 in favor of the Rams. Kaepernick will be sacked 5+ times, be intercepted twice, and barely get to 150 yards in the passing game.

          1. I’m a realist Seb. The bread-and-butter of the offense is on the sidelines against the Rams. I’d love to break out the rainbow-colored unicorns and pretty flowers, but there’s absolutely no way to make $@#/ look good. And that’s what this offense is without Hyde. A big steaming pile of $@#/.

            1. I hope they allow Kaep to move, and he becomes the gunslinger, the Sundance Kaep. I hope they sit Devey and Pears and put in Tiller and Brown. I hope they unleash their secret weapon- HAYNE.
              Rams have a good defensive front, but the secondary is vulnerable.

              1. Jed and Baalke, in their infinite wisdom, cut your secret weapon…could this season get any worse?

  11. 49ers 9 – Special teams TD and a Safety.

    Rams 23 – Defensive TD, special teams TD, running TD and a safety.

    49er offense does nothing. 49ers defense will play admirably early, but wears down late in the game after playing 70+ snaps.

  12. Really don’t like agreeing with the Cohnmen but I do this time… I would love to see the Niners win but they’ve been hardly convincing against any sort of average+ defense. The Rams’ front will eat our C, RG and RT alive and their CBs will jam our receivers all day. 10+ sacks is possible along with a few Kap fumbles… Foles on the other hand will slice and dice our Mangina defense with short crossing routes that our LBs can’t cover. Gurley will have at least 4.4 ypc… Great work, Jed…

  13. Niners season is about over and done with. Just please don’t let Kaepernick get injured. We don’t want to see him in the IR through April 2016. Or else, they the 49ers management have to pay this guy big money after April 2016. The 49ers can use the millions being paid to kaepernick for a good FA Qb.

    1. Now you’re making up problems.

      The only way Jed has to pay Kaepernick any more big money is if he has a career ending injury. In that case, Jed gets reimbursed two thirds of the guaranteed money through an insurance policy paid for by Kaepernick.

      There is one game plan that includes benching him to avoid that small risk. Trading him Monday is another possible way to avoid the same small risk.

  14. Well in my ever continuing effort to buck the trend I’ll go with CK7 rushing for 120 yrds with one run for a TD, passing for 280 yrds, throwing for 2 TD’s against no INT’s.
    Oh, and I’ll add the icing on the cake by having CK kiss his bicep for the first time this season.

    Torrey Smith will channel Michael Crabtree and own Patrick Peterson. Bruce Miller will run over the honey badger on a short pass out of the backfield. J. Simpson makes his season debut and quickly establishes himself as our 3rd WR.
    Reggie has a blast from the past type game and the defense rattles Nick Foles into having (bad) Kaep type numbers. Gurly will make the game a little interesting for the Rams, but his stats will go for naught,
    31 – 22
    Nice surprise win – and goodbye Goff.

    1. Add a sprained ankle for Gurley to your dream and I would like it even more. Oh, also no free runners from the right side of the OL. Maybe that last one is asking too much. I take it back.

      Goff doesn’t come out this year.

      1. HT,

        You could well be right, but if he’s seen as a top prospect this year, there’s a lot of history that shows he should come out. Top QB prospects seem to be hurt far more often than helped by staying in college. This makes sense, as, if a QB is already highly rated, there’s limited upside and plenty of downside. Plus, the scouts often seem to fall in love one season, then get a little tired of the romance I the second season and start finding flaws.

        1. That’s all true. Much of it will have to do with how much he thinks he can learn with another year at Cal apposed to the likely teams that would draft him. I don’t think he’s going to have stars in his eyes about playing for the “home” team.

    2. AES,

      I agree, Smith will have no trouble creating separation from Peterson today.

      As for Miller running over the Honey Badger, that I’m not so sure about…

        1. Mid,
          Had a senior moment (flashback to when Cardinals were in St. Louis). But since I like my first entry I’ll just save it for when we play Arizona.
          Been a rough week.

    3. Arrrrrrgh! You know that you’ve had a long day when you start mixing players and teams (senior moment!).
      Janoris Jenkins rather than P.Peterson.
      Steve Laurinaitis rather than honey badger.

      But I must admit I like my first vision which I’ll resubmit when we play the Cards ;-)

  15. During the Harbaugh era when the Niners stepped into the field you knew they were going to win. There was never any doubt they were not going to win. Now you know they are going lose, and they know they are going to lose and make fools out of themselves.

  16. “And when Kaepernick peels himself off the turf, watch to see if any teammates care enough about him to help him up.”

    It’s comments like this that perfectly encapsulate the douche factor of the Cohn name. His teammates have always had his back. If you were on fire in the locker room, the players would consider extinguishing you a waste of urine. They might even roast some marshmallows.

  17. Paxton Lynch? Jared Goff? Conner Cook? Been watching footage of all three tonight.

    Its way too early to tell. Goff’s been my favorite, but Lynch jumps off the screen.

    Lynch – Reported measurables vary from 6’6′ 225lbs to 6’7″ 240lbs. Quick release for a big guy. Throws a lively deep ball and deep outs, but also throws good touch and screens. Caan also throw a soft deep ball, laying it right in there. Plays in a shotgun so its hard to see how he will handle dropbacks, but re-sets his feet well when moving in and out the pocket. So far in 2015 he has 17TDs and only 1 INT with a 71.6% completion percentage.

    1. Many think he is too raw and unpolished, but I like Cardale Jones. Good size, fast, rocket arm, and helped win a championship.
      The best thing is that he will probably be available in the second round, so the Niners can draft that stud Pass rusher or O lineman they desperately need with their first pick.

    2. Agree, B2W. I’ve been saying that I think Lynch might do better in our division. However, I’m concerned about the strength of competition. Ole Miss is the strongest team they’ve played. Their schedule from here on out looks pretty easy. Need to see more from Lynch.

    3. B2W,
      You’ve got me curious regarding P. Lynch – I’ll have to check him out.

      Do you remember the seahags drafting a player with similar dimensions – Dan McGwire was 6’8″ with respectable numbers coming out of San Diego St. but was a complete bust in the NFL.

      I like Kessler of USC and believe he might drop to the late 2nd to early 3rd rd.
      Like the kid from Penn St. as well.

      1. Size isn’t everything… as those traumatized by the Druckenmiller experiment can attest.

        P. Lynch can throw every ball. His release isn’t Marino quick, but still fast considering his size, and the ball comes out in time because his feet are in the right place. Maybe that’s why he has a 17-1 TD/INT ratio. His high completion percentage is no short passing scheme mirage. His offense is more downfield passing. He can throw every pass with varied speed at touch. Screens, bullets, deep outs.

        1. Lynch has very nice feet for a man his size, and moves quite well. He’s at the top of my list right now. Keil has probably the quickest release from what I’ve seen….

        2. Lynch has very nice feet for a man his size, and moves quite well. He’s at the top of my list right now. Keil has probably the quickest release from what I’ve seen….

      2. Its way early in the process. I don’t have an official draft crush yet. I tend to like QBs with

        – A quick release
        – Nimble pocket footwork (Goff)
        – Vision
        – Accuracy
        – Progression passer
        – Can get chaos yardage when necessary

        Strong arms are nice, but everyone here knows that’s not everything. That’s why I describe Lynch’s passes as “lively.” Passes jump out of his hand, even when he’s on the run, but they don’t land with a thud. The balls are very catchable.

        1. B2W,
          I really like Goff, but don’t think that we will be in position to draft him. We will likely need to draft between 4-7 in the 1st rd to have a shot at Goff. My thinking is Goff doesn’t last past the 5th pick.

          That is why I feel that someone like Kessler could be a steal in the 2nd or 3rd rd.
          Kessler reminds me of a young Drew Brees – but slightly bigger.

  18. 49ers will cover the spread: under 6.5 wins for the season, which is what I took. If I have to watch Baalke and York f*** this team, I might as well make some $$$!

  19. Remember when we had a coaching staff that use their strengths against them? (Opposing d-lines) with an OK O-line. I miss those days. BUT!!!
    The reasons why the 49ers win on Sunday.
    1 and most important. Grant picks the Rams.
    2 they will move ck all game… They fear stl Rush they didn’t with Seattle.
    3 ck will be the rb to counter their rush. (Option is coming out)
    4 they will stack to stop Gurley
    5 I really need Gurley in my Fantasy and this season is atrocious for me so far. (That’s my luck this year) and my qb doesn’t have that “Luck” if you catch my drift.
    SF 12 Stl 9
    Fg fest

  20. Niners will win if they-
    Unleash the Sundance Kaep
    Stop shooting themselves in the foot.
    Utilize all the player’s skillsets.
    Play smart.
    Be bold.
    And have a ton of luck.
    Niners 28 -24.

    1. Unleash Kaep… Like he’s been forcibly held back. Not shooting feet works for everyone–Rams could stop shooting feet too; same with utilizing skillsets and playing smart. What about coaching–what will it take for 9er coaches to make a real difference? Luck? Yes, Much luck needed, and a total Rams collapse would help too. Remember that Jeff Fisher does rather well against the 9ers.

      Rams 24, 9ers 13

  21. The product on and off the field doesnot meet minimum acceptable standards. If the 49ers wete meT they wkuld be pulled from the shelf under a product recall. They risk making me sick e ery week.

    1. That’s why I use a self portrait for my avatar.

      Going through life with a triangular shaped head, buggy eyes and only one tooth… its no surprise I spend alot of time in internet blogs.

  22. Despite losing all those pro-bowl players on defense, and a mediocore DC, the Defense is going to be okay.
    It’s the offense, with a rickety O-Line. But you can fix that with a couple of good players.
    What you can’t fix is a QB who has no pocket presence, a slow release, and the inability to read defenses.
    So everything gets stuck in neutral until Kaep figures it out, or we put in Gabbert.
    What’s the most frustrating when Kaep is off, is what does he think he’s trying to do back there? The minute the first read is taken away, the play is dead. He can’t find the check-down, instead he makes all the big mistakes of running backwards, and running into sacks, which he then blames the O-line.
    You can fix alot of problems with the offense if we just got a journeyman, like Ryan Fitzpatrick, heck even Josh McGown, and least you can DO SOMETHING!

    Right now the offense, for the past two years has revolved around Kaep trying to make a play with his athletic ability. Last year we thought it was because we didn’t have any WRs. Now we see that it’s Kaep all along.

    1. Nice try Fan. Our 31st ranked defense is even close to decent. I know you hate stats but at least make an effort to give us something besides your astute opinion. You Fitzpatrick is a statistical tie with Kaep. Neither of those QB’s you named solve anything. Our team is near the worst in the NFL and it goes way beyond the QB.


      1. If you base everything on stats, you’re doom. It’s about “managing” the game. Not putting your team in a worst position, Making plays that are there.

        The defense is not great, but it can collectively get better. It doesn’t matter how good the O-Line is, how great the WRS are, if the QB doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time, that’s the point.

        Throw out Colin’s garbage stats against PIT, NYG and BALT, how good is he?

        I mean seriously — would you really take that guy over any efficient QB?

        It’s all going to come to an end when Gabbert steps in and we start to see a functioning offense. We saw it in the preseason!

        1. “We saw it in the preseason!” Lmao.

          We see a lot of things in the preseason. Most of them don’t translate to the field. The propaganda is nonstop with you. It’s pathetic. I bet you have a Kaepernick voodoo doll.

        2. But stats don’t lie unless you’re trying to push your Alex smith agenda huh? You’re to funny.

          ” mean seriously — would you really take that guy over any efficient QB?”
          Translation….. You wouldn’t take a black athletic qb over a game managing scrub you can’t read past a first read or throw further than 15 yards downfield. Aka Alex smith.
          True agenda… Fan isn’t a fan of a black kid with tats and headphones wrapped around his neck. He would rather suck with a whiteboy qb.

        3. Fan your so effecient at making a dumb argument and then turning everything around to be about the QB. You said our defense was decent. 31st in the NFL isn’t decent, its awful. They’re just one place higher than the stats you listed for our offense. So you tell me stats make you doomed, right why are you quoting our 32nd place offensive stats. You didn’t list any decent QB as a replacement. You made a stupid argument than McCown and Fitzpatrick could do better. They both suck too and would have the same miserable performance. While our QB isn’t good right now why can’t you plainly see this team sucks every where and its not all the QB’s fault. He contributes for sure. You are so blind sometimes by saying things like any QB in the league is better or that Newton is an advanced passer. You’d hate Newton as much as Kaep. The defense isn’t getting any better nor is the offense. With Bethea out we’re in trouble and our weak ILB’s in pass coveage even Foles will light us up.

          1. Wilson,
            Seems like I was making a pretty smart argument last year on how much Kaep sucks and was remedial, but you and the idiot Niner coaching staff didn’t want to listen.
            My point was with the Defense, and they do suck, they have the potentially to at least come together with the right scheme and at least be decent.
            We are not seeing how limiting Kaep is, because you can’t do anything with him other then play freestyle and hope for the best. He will make a feel plays that dazzle, but that’s it.

            You are far better off with journeyman like Josh McGown and Ryan Fitzpatrick, because you can at least build on something and have the team work together.

            We’ve seen the Kaep offense since he took over as a starter and it’s wildly inconsistent.

            If you listen to Cosell, you will see him even admit that Chyrst is actually creating plays to get wrs open.

            Your hero and love of your life Kaep is just too slow to process the info to do anything.

            And oh yeah — he’s horrible at time management too.

            Our team as a whole is not good. But your fix that QB play and watch how everything starts to improve.

        4. I actually want to see Gabbert play. We’ve got nothing to lose. One thing you won’t even consider is how bad our coaching is that they can’t replace a guy like Devey or your favorite QB. Doesn’t that say something about where this team is as a whole.

    2. Where are you going to find the “couple of players” to fix the offensive line. If it was that easy, Baalke would have done it this year.

      You are so transparent you must be made of glass. You have just one agenda, get rid of Kap. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure you will get your wish in the off season. Kap is as good as gone.

      I hope you will have the balls to show up here next season when the Niners are 2-10 with your journeyman QB and Kap is leading some other team to the playoffs. Somehow I doubt it.

      With Kap gone, at least we will not have to put up with your single issue rants next year. Hopefully you will disappear along with Kap since you won’t have anything new to say.

    3. Fan77,
      You’re on loop mode – hit the stop button.

      You keep repeating the same thing bud.
      If you just leave your avatar (Fan77) without any comment it would be fine since we know what you are going to post.

    1. cubus,
      Goff’ OL has been fairly solid and even when the OL starts to collapse he seems to feel the pressure and make a quick release.
      Goff threw a couple of INT’s one for a pick six, but he looks to have the all the tools and instincts the pros look for.
      I still believe that it will come down to him or Conner Cook on who is the first QB drafted in 2016.

  23. Would you look at that offense
    Would you look at that line
    The line that’s hung you out to dry
    And left you on the field to die

    Just listen to the crowd noise
    Now hear what they shout
    Together as one, “We want Blaine”!
    Get Kaepernick out!

    Gabby’s Coming
    He’ll make a new start
    Gabby’s Coming
    All he throws are darts!

    1. Sorry for the contrarian lines, but at least they’re in a limerick:

      If we hope for a savior in our boy Blaine
      We’ll find soon enough our hopes were in vain.
      We’ll be needing more than just good luck
      If we pin our success on Mr. Chuck & Duck
      Who plays less like Tarzan and more like Jane.

      1. We have big issues on the o-line
        An owner who hides, and back has no spine
        A qb with little pressure runs for his life
        Who kisses his guns but packs a knife
        A HC who a newbie and sweats like a pig
        Like a 70’s porn star who’s sword
        was big
        Other coaches who don’t have a clue
        A fan base waiting to boo.
        To believe they will win we have no reason
        Sorry to say it will be a long season.

  24. MM with his decoder ring:

    “Obviously, York would also be asked about whether he regrets not signing Harbaugh to a contract extension. In speaking with a lot of people close to York and those in the front office, there does not seem to be any regret. It was a working relationship that had soured and the perception was that it was only going to worsen. Things have worked out pretty well for Harbaugh, who landed at his alma mater and has willed Michigan back into national prominence.”


  25. Just saw where they waived Hayne. Are they purposely trying to alienate their fan base? I hope he gets picked up by someone who puts him to good use. Even if its the Seahawks. Can’t help but think the ST coach just didn’t want him to succeed.

    1. That chaps my hide. How much? More than a little bit.
      That was Trent and JT. I’m not sure there’s anybody in that organization that I would defend or even give the benefit of a doubt anymore. These guys suck more than a Black Hole. Boggles the mind.

    2. The Hayne Plane has landed. It would have been a great accomplishment to make the practice squad, let alone the 53 man roster.

      Unfortunately many around the world unfamiliar with NFL football won’t see it that way.

      If he clears waivers, I hope he’s on the PS.

          1. Pete Carrol should sign Hayne, then use him against the Niners, just to show them how many ways Hayne could impact the game. It would be poetic justice. The Seahawks could rest Marshawn Lynch, because Hayne would slice through the Niner defense.
            Since Hayne is gone, I would just like to wish him well where ever he lands, and hope the new coaches utilize his skillsets.

            1. If Harbagh was still around I could see it happening but with Tomsula it’s like picking on the special needs kid.

            2. I feel for you Seb, and for the rest of us. This vision is in your honor.

              Wilson laterals to Hayne who sweeps right with Wilson trailing.

              After ten yards Hayne cuts back to his left leaving five 49ers behind.

              Hayne laterals to Wilson who sweeps past three 49er defenders who were trying to triangulating Hayne.

              Hayne slips through those defenders to take a lateral from Wilson at the 49er twenty.

              Hayne is tackled by the last 49er left standing at the five yard line only to lateral again to Wilson who modestly crosses the goal for a 7-6 victory.

              At the press conference both heroes are neatly dressed in well coordinated slacks, sports jackets and sedate ties. They modestly give Pete Carroll credit for his brilliant introduction of the lateral into NFL lore.

              Later Pete gave credit to an unknown fan who was last seen riding his horse Silver out of town heading South.

              1. HT,
                And Carroll reiterates that he never knew Reggie Bush’ family was living rent free in one of Reggie’ marketing agents home.

              2. Well, I was in Berkeley and saw ‘The Play’ in ’82. In it, they had 5 laterals, and was one of the most thrilling and bizarre plays I had ever seen in my life. Earlier that year, I was at the Stick to witness ‘The Catch’, so I feel fortunate to see 2 of the most iconic plays in Bay area sports history.

        1. The sooner you realize that the NFL is all about expanding its reach and market, the better you’ll understand why Hayne was on the 53 initially. Now, give SF +1 in favors the NFL owes them.
          Let’s just see what SF trades this favor in for.

        2. Oh no, oh no
          They let Hayne go
          Oh now, oh now
          There he goes now

          Got a crazy owner I don’t understand
          ‘Gotta get him out of here
          Feelin’ like I should have kept my foot in the door
          Waitin’ for the York to appear

          Baalke’s gonna worry
          He’s been a bad, bad boy
          No use sayin’ sorry
          Can’t wait ’til you’re unemployed!

          1. There once was an owner named Jed,
            Who put the Hayne Plane/Train to bed
            What a clueless tool
            A sorry pathetic fool,
            And now all the playoff hopes are dead.

  26. Waiving Hayne must be the “big coming move” that was leaked after the loss to Seattle. Sure, let’s blame somebody who barely played, but was prominent in the public eye. This looks like SOP for this FO.

  27. I just finished watching the first half of the California-USC game; I’m not impressed with Goff. Mainly because his coach HS not given him much opportunity to throw the ball. Which if I’m using some people on here’s logic, his coach doesn’t have confidence in him. I’m hoping I can see more of hm and his arm in the second half.

      1. Definitely a bad decision on his part. But he shook it off, made some very nice throws, and lead them down for a TD. Now the CAL defense needs to step up.

  28. Wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers originally wanted Hayne for the practice squad, but there was too much good preseason film of him to risk waivers.

    Now that he’s had a few “grassers”, he’s a safer bet to clear 24 hour waivers… especially on a Saturday when many teams are preparing for games.

      1. Hayne’s agent “Jarryd will most likely be back to work on Mon or Tues either with the Niners or another team. he has to clear waivers now over next 48 hrs.”

  29. Sure would be nice for just once this year to pull up the PFT webpage and see a 49er headline that doesn’t turn my stomach.

  30. Without Hyde, they need a big, strong back, who is Gaskins, so I’m guessing they had to cut someone at the position. Should have cut Bush. We suck. Just gets worse and worse. Unbelieveable!

    1. Like Dockett and Wright cutting Bush would have showed how bad Baalke has been this year at signing veterans. More guaranteed money wasted. Bush is useless at this point. Hayne must have been bad at practice. Baalke should have picked up another decent RB to spell Hyde.

  31. Being that this game is the essence of NFL parody, all the 49ers need are a handful of bounces to tip the scale and their in business. Realistically our poor, ineffective F troop will be turf fodder. I will be watching for verbal haymakers among the 49ers. This team becomes increasingly dynamic every week.

  32. noun: parody; plural noun: parodies

    1. an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

  33. As usual everything that can be said about the Niners has already been said. I’m in Maui; game starts 8AM local; should be in the surf 8:15, maybe 8:30 tops. Aloha.

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