49ers @ Redskins live blog: First quarter

This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 12 Monday Night game in Washington. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

5:27 The 49ers’ inactive players are McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Quinton Patton, Tarell Brown, Mike Iupati, Garrett Celek, Ray McDonald and Tank Carradine.

Tramaine Brock will start for Brown, and Demarcus Dobbs will start for McDonald in the 49ers’ base defense. In their sub packages, look for Aldon Smith to play defensive tackle, with Ahmad Brooks and Corey Lemonier playing defensive end.

5:34 Things to watch: Will the 49ers double-cover Pierre Garcon? Will the Redskins single-cover Anquan Boldin or Vernon Davis?

5:36 The Redskins win the toss and elect to receive.

5:43 The Redskins run zero times and go three-and-out. Garcon dropped a screen on first down. Brooks almost sacked Griffin on second down. Griffin threw a horrid pass on third down. 49ers’ ball at their 31.

5:47 Kaepernick throws a first down to Manningham on a quick slant, and then the 49ers go three-and-out. Kaepernick scrambles and slips for a 4-yard loss on second and 5. Kaepernick forces a pass to Vernon Davis on third and 9. DeAngelo Hall is covering Davis, and Hall knocks the pass away. The 49ers punt. Redskins’ ball at their 20.

5:52 Justin Smith tackles Roy Helu after a two-yard gain on third-and-3. The Redskins punt and tackle LaMichael James at his 30. Michael Wilhoite is flagged for holding, so the 49ers start at their 21.

5:57 Kaepernick throws a 13-yard pass to Manningham on the first play of drive No.2, and then the 49ers’ go three-and-out. On third-and-8, Kaepernick drops straight back, decides not to throw to his first read and gets sacked for a loss of 3. 49ers punt. Redskins’ ball at their 22.

6:01 Ahmad Brooks hits Griffin’s arm on first down, then Griffin tackles Morris for no gain on second down. On third down, Griffin moves forward in the pocket and overthrows his deep receiver by 10 yards. After the punt, the 49ers have the ball at their 38.

6:09 Kaepernick throws a 19-yard TD pass to Boldin on a “sluggo.” 7-0 Niners. The play before, Kaepernick threw a pass up for Boldin and it he caught it – gain of 24. On both plays, Josh Wilson was single-covering Boldin. What was Jim Haslett thinking?

6:16 Griffin scrambles for 11 yards on third-and-11. Then Helu gains 12 yards on the next play. Then Kyle Shanahan calls a play-action bootleg. Bad call. Griffin drops back, Aldon Smith is in his face and Griffin throws a lolly pop to Donte Whitner. The Redskins could have just run the ball. 49ers’ ball at their 42 when the second quarter begins.

  1. okay guys, ante up;
    which is it?
    Do the Niners score a TD on their first series
    or do they go 3 and out?
    or do they pick up a few first downs and then
    cough it up via a fumble or an interception?

    Write your own first chapter on this one.
    My guess/prediction? …. 3 points maximum,
    and no Niner TDs at all in the first quarter.

  2. Hopefully the passing game looks like it has some life tonight, I know we’re getting Crabtree back likely next week but theres always a chance he won’t be the same player for some time.

  3. It’s kind of funny that we ran with Captain Checkdown for 8 years and now we have a QB that won’t checkdown at all. One guy wouldn’t look downfield at all and the other only looks well downfield. What will it take to produce a more complete QB???

  4. Two of my 78 keys to the game…
    - TJE and Dobbs have to stop the run
    - WRs not named Boldin recognize blitz and alter their routes so Kaep can hit them on the hot read.

    1. If they can’t burn them when they blitz, they will keep blitzing. So far Washington has won 2 third downs because they blitzed.

  5. Good job d, what up the middle one yard,? Are we in the forties? Hey mammogram caught it, no progrssions by ck, gore middle, hope can get creative, cap falls on face, I need a walk!

    1. Again, Kaep can’t throw short passes. Every screen I’ve ever seen him run has ended horribly. I’m guessing that’s what happens in practice too. Kaep’s strength is throwing the ball down field with reasonable touch.

  6. Colin, when is Coach Harbaw gonna teach you
    how to score on your first drive?
    I predicted that you would pick up 3 points.
    You are making me and the entire team look bad.

  7. Positive- they called a screen!!!
    Negative- the defense was all over it.
    At least it was called. Let’s see a couple more. Kap not gonna do the whole “go through his progressions” to complete a pass. Just give the one read easy passes.

  8. If I was an NFL owner….the first sentence in my head coaches contract would read: NO RUNS UP MIDDLE ON FIRST PLAY OF ANY GAME…..EVER!!

  9. if we fail to score on this drive,
    then the 15-yard holding penalty
    is gonna loom large.
    Nothing like beating ourselves, huh?

    Such penalties are a coaching issue, okay?

  10. Ok so nothing has changed offensively we still suck. Hopefully our d can score the points and avoid a prime time embarrassment

  11. Good pass, then up the middle and more happy feet by kap, hope he gets this this third nope no progression, grudgen is on him for getting out to fast, we may not see improvement until next year like what cam went through, I need some peptones or a sledgehammer!

  12. Colin,
    two sacks?
    ” Sack n’ Pick” is evidently your real name, huh?
    So when do you serve up the interception?

    1. They just need to unleash Kaep on broken plays. This coddling of the QB isn’t going to get us anywhere except outside the playoffs looking in.

  13. First of all… none of y’all know what its like to be an NFL quarterback. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH. If your gonna be a fan, be constructive. Don’t be a dick.

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