49ers @ Seahawks live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 2 road game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

1:02 Here are the 49ers’ inactives: WR Kendrick Bourne, CB Ahkello Witherspoon, FS Lorenzo Jerome, DE Pita Taumoepenu, LB Reuben Foster, OL Erik Magnuson, DT Xaveri Cooper.

1:03 Jimmie Ward is active, but he may not start. Jaquiski Tartt most likely will be the free safety for the second game in a row.

1:04 Laken Tomlinson will start at left guard in place of Zane Beadles. Tomlinson should be an improvement over Beadles as a pass protector, but not necessarily as a run blocker.

1:05 Aaron Lynch is active, and the 49ers should use him. He is talented enough to beat either of the Seahawks offensive tackles — Rees Odhiambo or Germain Ifedi.

1:06 Here are the Seahawks’ inactives: RB Eddie Lacy, RB J.D. McKissic, FS Tedric Thompson, LB Terence Garvin, G Jordan Roos, G/T Oday Aboushi, OT Isaiah Battle.

1:25 The 49ers win the toss and defer. The Seahawks receive the opening kickoff. They will start from their 25-yard line after a touchback.

1:36 Dontae Johnson knocks down a jump ball from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin in the end zone on third-and-goal, and the Seahawks kick a field goal. They lead 3-0.

1:37 The key play on the drive came on fourth-and-1 from the 49ers 41-yard line. The Seahawks ran a zone-read play, and both Solomon Thomas and Ray Ray Armstrong overplayed the running back and allowed Wilson to keep the ball and run off left tackle for a nine-yard gain. Thomas and Armstrong needed to contain Wilson and force him to hand the ball off. Big mistake.

1:39 Victor Bolden Jr. is the kick returner. He takes a knee for a touchback.

1:42 Carlos Hyde runs up the middle for no gain on third-and-1, and the Niners go three and out. Brian Hoyer took a deep shot on second-and-6, but the pass was high and it bounced off of Marquise Goodwin’s outstretched hands.

1:47 Wilson throws over Tyler Lockett’s head on third-and-9, and the Seahawks go three and out. On second-and-8, Wilson tried to scramble between the right tackle and right guard, and Aaron Lynch sacked him. Great play by Lynch. Preventing Wilson from running is one of the keys to the game for the 49ers. If Solomon Thomas had prevented Wilson from running on fourth-and-1 during the previous drive, the score would be 0-0.

1:50 Trent Taylor returns the punt 11 yards to the 49ers 39.

1:50 First and 10, the 49ers use an empty formation — no one in the backfield. Brian Hoyer throws to Hyde running a crossing route and gets intercepted. Horrendous play by Hoyer. The Seahawks defender was standing right there.

1:56  Jaquiski Tartt and K’Waun Williams break up a pass in the end zone intended for Tanner McEvoy, and the Seahawks kick another field goal. They lead 6-0. Tank Carradine sacked Wilson on the first play of the drive but, on third-and-11, Dontae Johnson gave up a 16-yard catch to rookie wide receiver Amarah Darboh.

1:58 On third-and-3 from the 49ers 14, the 49ers played soft zone coverage and allowed Tyler Lockett to make an uncontested six-yard catch. Unacceptable. The Niners have to play tighter and deny the short catch on third and short. The Niners have played soft zone coverage on two third and shorts.

2:02 On first-and-10 from the 49ers 43, Hoyer throws a play-action screen pass to George Kittle, who gets tackled for a one-yard loss. That’s the final play of the first quarter.

2:07 On third-and-8, Hoyer completes a five-yard pass to Trent Taylor. Pierre Garcon has not touched the ball once in this game. Bradley Pinion punts and Asa Jackson downs the ball at the Seahawks 3-yard line.

2:13 That play on third-and-8 was a pick pass to Taylor, which would have been a good play call on third-and-5. But it was a bad play call on third-and-8. Kyle Shanahan has to do better.

2:16 On third-and-8 from the Seahawks 29, K’Waun Williams almost intercepts a pass intended for Paul Richardson.

2:17 Trent Taylor returns the punt 21 yards to the 49ers 35. Good return.

2:21 On first-and-10 from the 49ers, Brian Hoyer commits an 11-yard intentional grounding penalty. He has been just awful in this game. The Niners punt three plays later. The Seahawks will start from their 19.

2:28 On third-and-7 from the Seahawks 48, Wilson throws a deep pass to Paul Richardson who catches the ball out of bounds. Eric Reid injured his left leg on the play. Non-contact injury. He still is sitting on the turf.

2:32 Trent Taylor makes a fair catch at the 49ers 11.

2:35 Carlos Hyde cuts back to the left on an inside zone play and gains 61 yards. But three plays later on third-and-6 from the Seahawks 18, Hoyer takes a five-step drop, holds the ball and gets sacked by Michael Bennett, who beat Joe Staley.

2:38 Robbie Gould makes a 40-yard field goal. The Seahawks lead 6-3 with 1:55 left in the first half.

2:42 Seahawks go three and out. Niners have the ball at their 31 with 56 seconds left.

2:46 On third-and-12 from the 49ers 29, Hyde takes a handoff from the shotgun, runs an inside zone play and gains 27 yards.

2:48 The 49ers waste an opportunity to take a shot in the end zone on second-and-1 from the Seahawks 19 when Hoyer throws an incomplete pass to Garcon running a shallow cross. Next play, K.J. Wright breaks up a short pass over the middle intended for Trent Taylor. Gould makes a 37-yard field goal and the game is tied at 6 with 17 seconds left in the first half. Hyde has 102 rushing yards, and 92 have come on inside zone plays.

2:50 The Seahawks take a knee on offense, and the first half ends.

2:55 49ers first-half TPS report: Two penalties, one interception and one sack. They’re playing a much cleaner game than they did last week, and the defense has played very well with the exception of a few plays.

2:59 The 49ers had the ball for just 9:13 in the first half. Will the defense run out of gas in the second half?

3:13 On third-and-6 from the 49ers 42, Carlos Hyde is flagged for an illegal pick. The Seahawks decline the penalty because Hoyer threw an incomplete pass on the play. The Seahawks will start their drive from their 7.

3:22 On second-and-18 after a sack by Arik Armstead. Ray Ray Armstrong tackles Paul Richardson out of bounds. Armstrong is not a smart player.

3:23 On third-and-6 from the 49ers 40, Wilson throws a strike over the middle to an open McEvoy, who drops the ball. Lucky break for the Niners. They get the ball at their six-yard line after the punt.

3:30 On second-and-9 from the 7, Hoyer gets sacked for a six-yard loss. The 49ers go three-and-out. Seahawks ball at their 42-yard line after a 47-yard punt.

3:35 On third-and-11, Rashard Robinson lets an interception bounce off of his chest. The Seahawks go three and out. Trent Taylor makes a fair catch at the 49ers 13.

3:41 Daniel Kilgore commits a holding penalty on second-and-6 from the 49ers 28, and the Niners punt two plays later. Kyle Shanahan hasn’t called a deep shot since the first half. The Niners aren’t precise enough to execute long drives.

3:44 DeForest Buckner hits Wilson as he throws, and Jimmie Ward breaks up the pass on third-and-10. The Seahawks go three and out. The Niners will start from their 30 after a short punt.

3:46 On the first play of the drive and the final play of the third quarter, Marquise Goodwin runs a 12-yard out and catches a pass from Hoyer. That route should always work against Cover 3.

3:56 On second-and-six from the Seahawks 16, Marquise Goodwin fails to track a pass into his hands for the second week in a row, and drops the pass at the 10-yard line. Gould makes a 34-yard field goal two plays later. The 49ers lead 9-6.

4:06 On third-and-7 from the 49ers 9-yard line, Wilson scrambles to his left and throws a touchdown pass to Paul Richardson, who beat Rashard Robinson.

4:07 The Seahawks miss the extra point. That’s a break for the 49ers. They trail by a field goal — 12 to 9.

4:08 Wilson ran for 27 yards on that touchdown drive. The Niners never had a player assigned to spy Wilson. Tank Carradine and Aaron Lynch couldn’t catch Wilson in a million years. Bad play-calling by Robert Saleh.

4:13 On first-and-10, Kyle Shanahan calls an outside zone play to the right and Carlos Hyde gains no yards. On third-and-9, Shanahan calls another pick pass to Garrett Celek, which would have been a good call on third-and-5. Celek gains six yards and the 49ers punt. The Seahawks will start at their 12 after an illegal block in the back.

4:22 The Seahawks have the ball at the 49ers 47 after the two-minute warning, and the Niners have no timeouts. This one is over. Stay tuned for my Periscope postgame report and team grades.

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  1. With Sherman nursing a hammy, it might be easier for Niners receivers to beat press man coverage. But Seahawks may play cover 3 zone this afternoon. Niners have a punter’s chance at beating the Vegas line.

  2. Man I feel bad for this defense. Offense keeps playing like garbage. How the hell is Hoyer still playing this bad when pass protection is much better than last week?

  3. I swear, we’re a pass-rush away from a good defense. They’re not folding. They’ re not letting the Seahawks gash them for big plays. It’s so much better than last year…

  4. Glad the Niner defense has played well. KW whiffed on a block to allow a third down play, but atoned by getting a good pass defended.

  5. Guys give more updates we ,all of us ,49er fans just got kicked out of the bar , owner Seattle fan , so 21 of us going else where to watch game , could you believe that ?. What an idot. Catch up with you soon

  6. Hoyer continues to look like a right handed Kaep. Inaccurate, holding the ball too long. It’s the last two years all over again.

  7. Well I’m glad I’m wrong. I thought this game will be out of hand by the end of the first half. Defense has kept us in the game and Hyde.

    1. Haha! Moses you saw who stepped up to fulfill your pronouncement! I confess I thought the Seahawks would run away with this contest. Nice to see the defense playing well.

  8. Well I said 13-3 Seattle at the half in a closely contested game! Even better! Let’s hope it continues and my “wheels fall off prediction” in the second half proves wrong! I’ll trade crow for seagull any day!

    1. Lol… I heard the same thing. Those might have been called inside zone plays, but both of those plays came after Hyde made something happen. This man has literally ran behind a crap line for his whole career. This team is lucky to have someone who can create a little bit when the line is getting torched.

    2. Yeah, I read that somewhere.

      Finesse doesn’t work against Seattle. Good matchup for Hyde. Williams would have struggled today. Joe may have had fumblitis against the Hags in the rain.

  9. Hoyer holding the ball too long and throwing behind receivers. Int was ugly, too. We’d be winning this game if it weren’t for him. Fortunately, Hyde, the O-Line, and defense are playing well.

    1. Looks like I was wrong about that and the bears cohen for this week but could still be value for the long run. Good call by you on Hyde, me of little faith, I need pts by kittle! Hope you win prime!

  10. Carlos Hyde’s getting ‘er done so far in 2017 with 9.2 yards per carry through 6 QTRS. And that’s against 2 strong defensive fronts.

  11. This is always a tough place to play. If the 49ers are headed to defeat I hope they air it out. I’d like to see Hyde go for a 100/100 game otherwise it is just another bleak Seahawk game.

  12. That was a bad call.
    The guy was tip toeing down the sidelines and Ray Ray dove to try to make sure he went out… the guy stepped out after Armstrong had already dove.

  13. Ray Ray was called because he pile drove him into the ground. If he had at least tried to glance off the foul maybe would not have been called. Maybe.

  14. Defense is winning this game. Hoyer gave up a deep pick and the defense stopped them to force a FG.
    Still hoping Hoyer succeeds. Glad he avoided that safety.

  15. Carlos Hyde has run for 100 yards today. According to Maiocco only 5 other backs have done that since 2010. ANd this is Hyde’s second time to break 100 yards.

    1. That is so reactionary and premature. Who do you put in? Beathard who has not practiced with the 1s all week? That’s smart!

      1. Maybe he should have read my advice to Vance. The Receiver should run past the sticks, then concentrate on catching the ball and securing it, even if it means falling down. Trying to run before catching the ball, and dropping it, may have cost them the game.

  16. Where are the refs? Defensive holding and roughing the passer? Still, who would have thought that the we would be leading. Fortunate, given some of the stats.

  17. Grant,

    You keep calling for deep passes, but it’s raining and Goodwin can’t catch. Seattle might have multiple INTs and a huge lead if they took your advice.

      1. which is why outside pass rush + contain are the only ways to stop/slow RW….
        he needs to be “funneled” into center of field, between tackles. But he’s always breaking outside contain, and AA, Buck, etc. are getting push up middle but RW just outruns anybody laterally to the outside to extend play.

        AA in particular was beating his T regularly in last SEA scoring poss., but when AA tried to shift towards sideline to get RW — AA looked too stiff and slow in transition from upfield rush to sideline pursuit of RW…
        RW made all 9ers DL in pursuit look like they were in slowmo…

        But if one can be positive about a loss– this game beat last week for sure:
        — Hyde gets going
        — even Breida got some chunks in 4th q
        — perhaps Tomlinson effect
        — run D ok till 4th q…gassed
        — good inside pressure from DL in 2nd half- SEA OL being gassed helped

        the “F” stuff:
        — passing game wayyy not good- Goodwin, Hoyer, etc.– time for even more KS trickery. Perhaps Bolden Jr. & Goodwin can open up some underneath stuff for the TE’s, RB’s, etc. — I’m not sure Goodwin’s scary enough anymore to do this w/o another speed/deep threat.
        — the “Wilson test” for D outside contain and pursuit: FAIL (but the Wilson test is the toughest one in NFC)
        — apparently the refs continue their selective blindness to 9er opposition.
        — did I mention 9er passing game blew chunks?

  18. ?? 3rd and 9 and we throw it 5? That’s so the last few years! Grants going to rip some you know what for not running his plays enough, if at all!

  19. The 49ers need to do some work on the interior of the OL and draft a QB, and they just might be in business in 2018.

    May as well find out sooner than later what they have in CJB because Hoyer looks like 3rd string QB. If nothing more CJB can be a quality backup, so the 49ers may as well lay an egg this season and draft a QB.

    1. dude we didn’t get call for false start more than 3 times … so stop crying. You are one of those blinful that actually thought we had a good team. We are years away from having a good team.

      1. The refs were horrible at key points in the game. I overrated Hoyer before the season, but not the team. We were beating Seattle in the 4th quarter. I think Gore was around the last time that happened. This team is better and is only 1 year away if we get a QB and and address the interior OL.

      1. Well..we are rebuilding and we wasted 2 years instead of starting to rebuild. It will now take 2-3 years. Hoyer is a second string guy. He showed that in camp.

    1. Hoyer’s longest throw was 14 freaking yards! I hope everyone realizes he’s just a journeyman QB with 0 talent and the only reason he starts the rest of the season is if the FO wants to intentionally tank.

  20. I love how the announcers are raving about Carsen he had like 50 yards until the last drive we stoped the run. We couldn’t stop Wilson,I hate that guy.

    1. No, Cousins is not the answer. Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Jackson, Browning are top 5, with 5 more acceptable QBs in the next draft.
      Maybe they should look at FAs…..

  21. Well defense looked good..we gave this game to Seattle..Hey maybe we should draft some players for offense for the first time in 20 years..Just a thought

  22. Watched most of this game. The Seattle offense is bad, so the Niner D looks a little better then they should. Still, looks like Armistead and Buckner have potential.

    The secondary is suspect.

    Offense is embarrassingly bad. Why is Hoyer even playing? He doesn’t look any better then Gabbert, or Kaep. Let the rookie play.

    1. thank you at last a fan that is not in denial like myself. People think are D looked so good but they forgot that we were playing against that horrible seattle oline and that seattle didnt score a TD last week…. We are at least 3 years away from having a team that can compete for the NFC West title.

  23. Jeez people. The offensive gameplan kept us in the game. A game with poor weather conditions. This ain’t a video game. I would destroy all of you go deepers if we played Madden.

      1. We still have to improve, but all this we would be fine if we went deep early and often is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous when it’s Hoyer to Goodwin.

        Equally ridiculous is calling for Shanny to hire an OC. We signed Shanny specifically for his offensive acumen. Unless Kyle hires daddy, KS will be the OC period.

        1. Wilson threw for 190yds so don’t blame the conditions. I never called for anything deep. How about just completing passes and throwing past the down markers? How about not holding on to the too long?

          1. The deep ball stuff was a reference to Grant, Completing passes and not holding on to the ball too long is on Hoyer, not Shanny. Agree on throwing past the markers, but I don’t get why people are calling for a new OC after two games against good defenses.

              1. Agreed, and we need time to gel. I’m just saying to put down the pichforks. We were beating the hated Seahawks late. This team is already better than last year and it will only get better with the return of Foster and perhaps CJ starting over Hoyer.

  24. It’s a loss but never felt more encouraged about this rebuild than ever.
    A QB, corner and 2 offensive guards away from contending.

  25. Get CJ up. Kyle looks bad so far. Our DB kept dropping interceptions and then Rashard gets burned for the winning TD. Wilson ran whenever he wanted. Why no contain?

  26. Through two games the defense and running game has been decent, but the passing game abysmal which is making it impossible for the team to compete.

    The D has also gotten lucky a bit too. They aren’t as good as the scoreline says through two weeks. Lots of help through bad QB play last week and lots of drops and penalties this week. So I only give them a decent grade, not good. If the offense doesn’t start sustaining drives an opposition will run up a score on them soon.

    1. They’re missing their spark plug on defense, Ferrari Foster, so I am happy with what I’ve seen on the defensive side of the football. If the offense could sustain a drive, the defense would be even better.

      The good news for 49ers fans is that you know Kyle will get this offense straightened out when he gets himself a QB to work with.

  27. Robert Saleh and John Lynch are getting better grades than Kyle Shanahan to start their tenures. In Kyle’s defense, he’s dealing with having to start a mid-level, to low-level backup QB.

  28. Saleh needs to blitz to stop the run, the Goodwin drop was enormous, again, and Shanahan’s calls on the last series sucked- other than that, a loss is a loss and I am tired of “rebuild”….. go win the game, period.

    1. I hear you diptown, but you picked the wrong year to be “tired of rebuild”! This team is the epitome of “rebuild”. ShanaLynch had to clean up Baalke’s putrid stench before doing anything else. It’s been an almost unprecedented roster turnover, and they don’t have a decent QB, so it is what it is.

      1. I guess I was just a bit more optimistic of Hoyer in the system….. but the 49ers conservative last series is pretty telling of perhaps the lack of faith in giving Hoyer the chance to move the ball down the middle of the field. Aside from that, there are no glaring holes………. well, if Dumervil/Harold/Lynch can touch the QB and Goodwin can catch the ball.

  29. Russell Wilson showed how a mobile elusive QB can help win a game.
    Even though the Niners lost, they played hard and there were lots of positives.

    1. You try too hard. Russell is accurate, smart and can read defenses. He is elusive and looks to throw rather than run. This is why he is good.

      1. Keep dissing Kaep, I will just take Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Pete Carroll’s opinion of Kaep over yours.
        Hoyer is pulling a Gabbert, and is proving my assessment of him correct. KS has tied his success to Hoyer, and they have not scored a TD this season.
        You will vehemently disagree, but I firmly believe that Kaep would have won this game, because he would have used his mobility and elusiveness to avoid sacks and gain first downs. Kaep also would not throw the ball like the defender was the intended receiver.

        1. When I spoke to Aaron Rogers, he told me he was told to say what he said. He wouldn’t tell me who exactly told him what to say but he gave some broad hints.

    2. Seb,
      If your entry is an indirect reference to our last mobile QB, the difference that Wilson has is sudden speed in the pocket while our last QB had pick-up speed in the pocket which created many sacks.

      But I would have to agree with you about the team playing hard.

      1. AES, Kaep also has the ability to shrug off arm tackles, and is fast enough to out run the safeties, so he would not automatically run into sacks. We will just have to agree to disagree.

  30. Frustrating game because this game was win-able until Wilson’ broken pass play for a TD.

    Very proud of our defense. They showed moxy and the ability to keep focused throughout the game. Tartt set the table with a hard tackle at the outset and the team seemed to play energized after that.
    Great game by Hyde, who found some inside holes created by the O-line and especially Juice. Breida is going to make some noise this season as he receives more snaps – and I believe Hyde knows he will need to be on top of his game to keep MB off the field.

    Goodwin needs to make the catches he was making in preseason. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to see Shanahan call more pass plays to Kittle and Juice. For all the hype about Shanahan’ creative offensive mind, he is playing with a “safe” mentality.
    Hoyer is definitely a bridge QB. He threw behind his WR’s a couple of times, but I guess it doesn’t matter if his WR (Goodwin) can’t catch it even when it’s right at his hands.

    We didn’t shock the world as I predicted but the team has to feel that Seattle’ dominance on us is coming to an end at least.

    1. I am not impressed with Shanahan so far and in the end some of the personnel moves are somewhat suspect too. That does not mean I am giving up on this crew I just don’t give them high grades yet.

  31. I think the Kaep argument is settled. To compare him to RW is a serious insult to Russell. Not even in the same universe. RW is accurate, in the pocket or on the run. Kaep is neither. RW avoids sacks and extends plays, then either completes passes or runs for first downs. Kaep runs into sacks, misses receivers in the open, either in the pocket or on the run on the rare occasion that he isn’t sacked. It’s not hate Seb. It’s reality. Nothing personal, and you don’t need to regurgitate your whole screed defending Kaep. We’ve all read it a hundred times. In your words, let’s just agree to disagree, though I will say the fact that he’s unemployed means my analysis is more in line with reality. Have a good night!

    1. Juan, the Kaep argument is a waste of time.
      The people that defend and make comparisons of Kap have zero football IQ.
      All these athletes coming out publicly and defending Kap are simply protecting the integrity of ownership versus players.
      That’s all that is.

  32. You are right on the money as usual Prime. Also, does anyone with a half a brain think that if RW (Or any other of the top 15 or so QB’s) were in the same circumstance as Kaep, having sat and kneeled all season long last year during the NA, and then became a free agent this year that he’d (They’d) still be unsigned? Laughable! It’s just that simple.

    1. Juan, Drew Breeze may say Kaep is not being blackballed, but he also said he is talented enough to be a starter, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady all think Kaep should be playing.
      Guess you and Prime think they have zero football IQ, and only half a brain.

      1. That’s all just the players trying to protect the integrity of player and ownership hierarchy.
        You only want to see what you want and hear what you want.
        That’s why you are a little bioch Seb!

        1. No, you think Kaep is horrible, and they are just telling the truth. Do not see how they are protecting the hierarchy at all.
          It is shameful and vindictive, with no integrity because it is hate based.

          1. The NFLPA will always support its own versus the owners. This has been going on for decades. This is about gaining leverage.
            The reason he isn’t playing is because of his performance and the stupid decision to kneel.
            He’s done and I can’t believe idiots like you keep talking about it.

  33. Seb, I have never said Kaep wasn’t talented enough to be a starter in the NFL. There are many mediocre starters in the NFL, and he would just be another one of them, like he has always been. He would not be among the top 10-20 good quarterbacks in the NFL, and certainly not among the top 10 elite QB’s. He’d fall in the 20-32 mediocre QB’s, no question. So yes, I agree with those that say he should be playing, even a starter. But he is still just mediocre, and that mediocrity doesn’t outweigh the negativity he would bring with him to the teams. That’s why he is unemployed young man. This I have stated more than multiple times.

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