49ers trade up for QB C.J. Beathard. Grade?


This pick wouldn’t be so terrible had the 49ers taken C.J. Beathard in the sixth or seventh round. While he clearly lacks the skill set of an NFL starting quarterback, he may be a decent backup one day.

But the Niners drafted Beathard in the third round.

And they traded up to get him.

C.J. freaking Beathard.


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    1. Yea Grant…How many scouting reports did you read for that great analysis?! Or was it the talking heads on NFL Network who gave you a few talking points?! Let me get this straight. Shanahan is fresh off of a SB as the OC. Turned Ryan into an MVP. Made RG3 the rookie of the year. Pushed Schaub to his best year as a QB…But YOU know better…Yea….Fact is Shanahan and Lynch felt he wouldn’t make it to their pick in the 4th round and they went and got their guy. Just because you and several internet idiots have never heard of him doesn’t make this a bad pick… HOW’S THAT FOR DATA!!!!!

        1. this is why this clown grant cohn is indeed a clown. the worst writer i’ve ever read. doesn’t know what he’s talking about and writes stuff like: “he doesn’t do this. that’s bad” about pro coaches who’ve been in the NFL for years. But apparently Grant Cohn knows more than them? total joke

      1. We only traded up 5 spots. We gave up a 7th rounder that, talent wise, is no different than a UDFA. All we lost is the ability to lock that UDFA talent up. That means when we go after Billy Bob Nobody we might have to give him a tiny signing bonus.

        Yet some of these people are acting as if we made the worst deal in the history of the NFL.

        As for the ‘pundits…’ Well, anyone who thinks pundits are clued-in needs to go back are re-evaluate the track record of pundits. Pundits are worse than GMs. And the fans are worse than them.

        As for Bethard. We’ll see.

      2. I am a huge Hawk fan. Ive seen every one of his games. This guy has HUGE talent. He has a natural instinct for the game, He can throw long and accurate and hes tough. 2016 sucked because Iowa lost two starting O linemen to the NFL and their top receiver graduated. The next best receiver got injured. So in 2016 he had no protection and no one to throw to. You get him an O line and competent receivers he will dominate!!!!

      3. Grant, I have to completely agree with most of Antoine’s points. Here’s the thing: everyone remembers the disastrous draft trade Washington had when they nabbed RGIII with the 2nd overall pick. But, but, but, few seem to remember that in the later rounds of that draft they also drafted RB Morris and QB Cousins and a couple of other picks who proved to be of high value. RGIII earned rookie of the year and Morris came very close to leading the league in yardage. They went to the playoffs and were heavily expected to beat Seattle in their first game. But, alas, RGIII became RGIII and sabotaged the team with insisting to play while injured, thus injuring himself further along with destroying the team’s chances to move into the next round of the playoffs. Now, imagine this: the fruit does not fall far from the tree. What if Beathard and Williams have the same potential as Cousins and Morris? Wouldn’t that be special! I’m banking on the son learning a great deal of wisdom from his daddy.

    1. In all seriousness… I feel like Kyle evaluated every QB in the draft and felt comfortable with takin this guy there. That is the only reasonable explanation

      1. Yes, indeed. Kyle is now on record for saying that Beathard is the only QB in the draft that he wanted. Not Trubiski, Webb, Kizer, Watkins, Kelly, Peterman, and so on. The only QB he wanted to draft was Beathard.

    1. If hey didn’t go defense heavy in this draft it would have been a horrible draft IMO. Heavy on the O in free agency meant they HAD to go defense in the draft. If you haven’t guessed by now they’re implementing their system and are obviously not bending for players whonthey don’t think fit them.

  1. Kyle said that CJ reminds him of Kurt Cousins coming out of college. A back up type who can turn into a starter. Interesting….

    1. Dee,
      I can’t say that I’m excited about Beathard going in the 3rd rd, but if Shanahan saw something in him that he likes I’m ok with the pick.

      I like what I heard and saw on your youtube evaluation:
      “Trust his receivers”
      “Throws with anticipation”
      “Throws his receivers open.”

      Coming off the heels of the complete opposite from our last two QB’s in 2016, if C.J. Beathard can bring these traits to the table we may have found a diamond in the rough.

      1. If the evaluation is spot on, then I am ok with this pick and even taking the chance on him as a 3rd round selection. Our franchise hasn’t had a QB even pretending to have peripheral vision in over a decade. Early on Alex might of developed, but he had nothing to work with and a carousel of nothing to coach him till harbaugh arrived.

  2. Grant – I was ready to crown their asses (Shanny & Lynch) and then they pull this BS move!!
    Why waste a 3rd rounder on a freaking career backup???

  3. Yep. Its an F from me too. As you say, would have been a decent 6th or 7th round pick as a backup calibre QB. Not a 3rd rounder. Real head scratcher for me.

  4. I forgot all you GM’s know more than Shanahan. Shut the hell up and give it a chance. If Grant says it was a good pick you would say that. Just chill.

  5. Because you know more and are a better qb evaluator than Kyle shannahan, Grant. Sure pal. I’ll give KS the benefit of the doubt here

  6. People said Joe Montana didn’t have the physical tools to be an nfl starting qb too…. people like grant. I honestly don’t have an opinion on him, but I know one thing for sure I trust shanahan more than I trust grant cohn in evaluating qb talent.

      1. Mid,
        Just curious, what are the missing intangibles you are referring too?
        And did you see the Youtube video Dee Phant put up?
        Aside from his college win/loss record Beathard has some traits/skills that can be cultivated at the next level.
        Not saying he is our next great QB, but I’m definitely NOT giving him an “F” grade based on his 3rd rd reach pick and the overwhelming consensus sentiment on this site.
        I’ll withhold my grade on Beathard until TC.

    1. Please, do not compare ANY QB to Joe. It is unfair.

      Joe was a one of a kind who never threw an interception in a SB and never lost a SB.

    1. Bro Tuna – I hated the C.J. pick man but I’m cool with his Clay Mathews look. He’d probably be a good buddy to play some pool or darts with and have a few cold ones. Probably pulls hot chicks and likes classic rock too. Football grade is D- for me though. 6th round talent.
      Shanny knows his stuff though so I’ll give it a chance.

      1. Crab
        Just teasing about the look, I spent a lot of time on a board back in the day.
        I’m not excited about the pick, but he does seem like a WCO guy. If you think about it, Kirk Cousins who Shanny likes isn’t really some imposing stud either.
        I understand everyone’s questions, but I’m relaxed.

  7. If your excited about the Shanahan/Lynch era, you should be excited when they make “relatively” bold moves like this one.

    We should be really excited that Shanahans player evaluation lead to different conclusions than Grants.

  8. I think Shanahan has been riding on a rep built mostly from last year where he had a cast assembled for him headed by Julio Jones and a defensive head coach who had the defense playing over its head til the big game. Having brief stints in Cleveland, Houston or DC is hardly a rousing endorsement for an offensive mind. Trading for Hoyer and now CJ Beathard is a step backwards from last year. We may have Baalke 2.0 here. Lynch knows how to build a defense, I sense that much from him but I do not see an improvement on offense in a draft full of offensive talent that was passed by. We are going to be at the bottom of the division once again. I may be at the beach on Sundays the way this is going.

    1. I agree. He sort of comes off like he acts like he has accomplished a lot and deserves a lot of respect. I never liked his Dad as a coach and he is a mini Mike.

      It’s gunna be funny next year when the Falcons offense is just as good without him there.

    2. Dude, we never traded for Hoyer. The Bears let him hit free agency and he came to the 49ers because he wanted to reunite with Kyle Shanahan.

  9. My thoughts on the Beathard pick aside, one thing is clear based on how the back end of the 3rd round unfolded – we have now hit that point where teams will have vastly different rankings on their boards which results in a lot of picks that leave people questioning the value.

  10. A young, cheap, home grown backup QB can end up having lots of value, even if they never become the full time starter. (Garapolo, Mccarran)

    If we sign a big FA next year, already having a cheap backup with a year in our system will be great. If he looks good filling in at any point, his value towards the end of his rookie deal could easily surpass what they spent on him.

  11. Wow I didn’t know we had so many football “experts” who post on this board. You know the kind of guys who have a track record of developing QBs, tons of experience as coordinators. I’m stunned by your amazing evals and grade…just speechless.

    1. This site is one where we can all play GM and speculate. Maybe you are confusing this site with the John McVay draft room. They are the ones making all the hard choices.

      Guess you think they should use the 104th draft pick for a 215 ranked player.

  12. Well, considering Grant had CJB in one of his earliest mocks, maybe he is grading his own choice a teensy bit harshly.

    I just think they could have gotten him later as a sleeper pick.

    Obviously, this is a KS pick all the way. after Lynch got his 3 defenders, KS had the 4th pick, and he determined that CJB is superior to all the rest of the QBs not taken. Guess he is assessing him from his 2015 season.

      1. Yes, that is my main criticism. Niners could have waited until pick number 146, since he was rated 215.

        There were many good players still available . Carl Lawson, Jordan Leggett, Isaac Asiata, Josh Reynolds and Brian Hill.

        1. lol. Neither one of you have an actual clue. Grant was an English major who got a job through nepotism. You’re a pot head who is a danger to himself and his neighbors.

          You rely on ‘experts’ who are not experts but entainters. Here’s Mayocks’ 2013 Top-100. Look at the train-wreck from this so called ‘Top-Expert:’


          The best TE in the draft — #80. His Top-15 — Bust after bust after bust after bust…

          Geno Smith #21. Geno Smith!!! #21!!! Let that sink into your head. Geno Smith was his #1 QB and a mid-Round 1 guy. The Jets ‘stole’ him in Round 2. The joke was on both of them, but Mayock was worse.

          Truth is, the draft ‘experts’ aren’t. The next truth is, they’re better than the fans and the general football press. So, you two can whine all you want. But your’re both clueless and full of ****.

          Nobody will know until much later. Probably years.

            1. Moses tries to diss me, when I was the only poster on this site to make a final mock with the Niners trading back, garnering later picks, and selecting the player they coveted all along. In my case, I thought it was Malik Hooker, but the strategy was sound.

              They even did what I advocated when I said they should use a later pick to trade up so they could leapfrog over a team and poach a player that other team was about to select.

              Moses wants to be called a draft maven, but he seems to be still wandering in the desert.

      2. hes the grandson of a longtime GM ( chargers maybe)…..the guy eat, sleeps and breaths football. .has the instincts and the capacity to be a sponge and learn everything shanahan has to offer….

        yes, other guys had name recognition……..but we as 49er fans should know more than anyone (kap) that physical tools don’t mean $h!t if your head is screwed on backwards

  13. Grant, your shtick is getting old. We get it — you know much more than Lynch and Shanahan ever will combined. Or so you think. Just when I start to like you again you go super negative and I have to unbookmark your blog.

    1. Should have saved the 7th round pick and picked him tomorrow. Cleveland, who would have the first pick, would never have picked CJB because they had just selected Kizer.

      That 7th round pick has value because they could lock that player into a rookie contract.

      1. A 7th round pick is a UFDA talent. All that happens when you give up a 7th rounder is that you have to compete for one more UDFA, possibly the one you might have drafted, in the UDFA market which will be filled hundreds of equally lousy players with no real NFL career prospects.

      2. Seb,
        The draft is replete with “should have” and “could have” every year. As I said earlier, if this is Shanahan’ pick, I’m ok with it.
        I trust Shanahan’ evaluation of QB’s. I don’t see this pick as a complete overnight collapse in his QB judgement.

  14. Give the kid a chance. A couple positives I like about the kid:

    1) He played in a pro style offense
    2) Efficient passer on short and intermediate routes
    3) Appears to sell the playaction pass really well

    Does he have the strongest arm? No, but that can be overvalued at times.

    At the end of the day, I’m going to trust Shanahan as QB evaluator

  15. I think as far as QB’s go no one has a right to doubt Kyle shanahan. He brings thee best out of EVERY QB he’s worked with. Look at his track record

    1. Nick – I think I first heard Bruce Arians use that line. I’m happy to steal credit though.

      I had my heart set on Bucky Hodges at 109. When they traded up, that was my first thought. Maybe he’ll fall to 143.

  16. San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan said that playing in Iowa’s pro-style offense will help Beathard’s transition to the NFL.

    “One thing helps is being able to see guys play the way you’re going to ask them to play,” Shanahan said. “That helps with being at Iowa, watching the system that he’s in. It’s easier to see. He’s a leader, he’s tough, extremely accurate and he lives and dies football.”

    I’ll take John and Kyle’s judgement on C.J. over people who couldn’t throw a football through the center of a tractor tire from 10 feet away! LOL! I’m sure the same detractors of Beathard would have been lambasting the 3rd round pick of a scrawny, bushy haired, skinny legged QB from Notre Dame who looked like the field goal kicker. I think his name was Joe Montana. He didn’t turn out so bad. What makes you think this guy can’t develop into something special? You don’t. I know, I know, that’s what the site is for, so everyone can play GM and give their expert opinion. I understand. I think I’ll stick with John and Kyle. I still think they have an A. Way to go boy’s! Keep up the great work!

    1. Juan, while i like what Lynch and the war room has done, I think that they made an unwise choice not from the player, but the need to trade up to get him.

      Niners could have saved a 7th round pick, just been patient, and gotten him at 109. The process was flawed. It would have been a lot better to have not traded up needlessly. That would have allowed them to study more players overnight before making a choice at 109.

      My point is that they could have waited until pick numbers 143, 146 or 161, and still have gotten him while also getting players who could have helped the team at 109.

      This was just another unforced error, and instead of still getting universal praise, now they have people questioning a head scratcher.

      Personally, I would have preferred getting Jordan Leggett or Carl Lawson at 109, and still get CJB later on.

        1. Nick, actually, they were doing something that I advocated all along. I had stated previously that the Niners should use later draft picks and leverage them to trade up and get a player they covet. They did exactly that.

          However, I also stated that they should leapfrog over teams to poach a player that another previous team would have selected. In the case of Reuben Foster, the Saints were on the line ready to select him. That was a master stroke of draft finagling.

          In this case, every team would have passed on CJB. He was ranked 215, so there was no urgency to leapfrog over teams to get him. The Niners should just have been patient, and gotten him later, while also getting a good player at 109.

          I guess you and I differ about the value of 7th round picks. If the Niers were shrewd enough, maybe they would have found that diamond in the rough. Since they essentially gave it away for free, we will never know.

  17. This guy is going to sit for 2-3+ years, probably end up being the back up for Kirk Cousins. Sorry guys but KS wants KC and KC wants to be back in Kyles system. Just saying they aren’t looking for a starter they are looking for a back up to develop. They got their project in the 3rd for a lot less instead of the 1st where the Chiefs took their project QB

        1. I have enough insight to predict they would trade back, garner more picks and still select the player they targeted all along.

          I also had enough savvy to have predicted that Lynch would trade back pick number 67.

          You, on the other hand, did nothing, said nothing, and bring nothing to this site.

          1. Just because I don’t post volumes of crap like you do, doesn’t mean I do not bring value…..you on the other hand are the laughing stock of this board….

  18. Liking what I’m seeing in the draft break down videos. I can see why Shanny likes him, but yeah 3rd round is tough to swallow. But hey he saw something and I trust his judgment until he probes we shouldn’t.

  19. Granted this seemed like a reach to a lot of people. But they reached into the third round for a guy who Shanahan thinks is best for his offense. They didn’t mortgage any part of their future to get him so it’s not a huge risk.

    In shanahan I’ll trust…. until he proves otherwise.

      1. Hey Seb… Did KS call the defense for ATL’s SB in the 2nd half? Or did he take over as HC the half? Or?

        1. He did not work the clock or run the ball in the 3rd Q to take the air out of the ball and to shorten the game………major game management errors for an OC, but also blame Quinn, who as the HC should have said something about strategy and how to shorten the game.

          1. Agree. And ATL’s defense played a large role too. Just seems that Seb pins ATL’s loss entirely on KS.

            Let’s see what other surprises unfold today.

            1. Cassie, if the Falcons had just run the ball, they would have won the SB. Simple, but when KS decided to keep winging it, he allowed for the chance for a strip sack fumble.

              So now you are blaming the defense for the loss.

              Hmm, you were solely blaming Kaep for all those losses, and now you are blaming the Falcon defense for losing the SB.

              Methinks you have been hoisted upon your own petard.

  20. I think you have to put where they picked him in perspective. After they picked Witherspoon they had the capital to move up for another player but refrained. This suggests they weren’t awed by anyone this early after Witherspoon. Also, they wanted to develop a QB, because well-run franchises do that. Apparently they wanted Beathard in the 4th but had to opportunity to sew it up by dealing away a 7th round pick. No loss there.

    A number of scouting reports on Beathard are encouraging. See below. Rob Rang of cbssports.com sums it up the best:
    IN OUR VIEW: Beathard does not bring the “wow” factor but in a relatively weak year for quarterbacks, his accuracy, mobility, grit and experience in a pro-style offense stand out. Provide him with some legitimate weapons to throw to and Beathard could surprise at the next level.


    1. George,
      I would love it if all (or small honest group) of “pundits” went back and gave an honest analysis of Joe Montana and Tom Brady before their NFL careers.
      My point being, that we just don’t know how the top – lower picked players will do in the pro’s.

      Hopefully Beathard can justify the trade up to a 3rd rd pick.
      Grade: TBD

  21. Seeing a lot of people saying or suggesting the pick shouldn’t be criticised because Shanahan knows his QBs. Its a fair point, he certainly knows QBs better than anyone on this board. If it came down to taking Shanahan’s judgement vs anyone here I would take Shanahan’s any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    However, it isn’t just people on this board that believe this was a reach. Almost every draft pundit also believes the same. Sure, there are some scouting reports out there that suggest he may end up being more than just a backup, but guess what, they say that about lots of marginal talents. There is a good reason almost every draft site thought he was a late day 3 pick at best. So if Shanahan ends up being right, which I most definitely hope he is, he isn’t just beating the prevailing ‘wisdom’ of those on this forum that don’t like the pick – he is beating almost every so called draft expert as well. Certainly can happen, but it rarely does when it comes to QBs.

    Also seeing a lot of people now saying they like the look of him for X, Y, Z reason. I can only put this down to fans wanting to see the positives, and I can’t fault that. To be honest, good on you for being a 49er fan. But I didn’t see anyone on here suggesting he was worth such a high pick prior to today. Food for thought.

    Now that I have that off my chest – go CJ! I hope you make me eat my words and become a great QB for the 49ers!

    1. The more you watch pundits, the more you realize they don’t know jack. Unlike most fans, I actually go back. Mayock was the last one I thought might have a clue. Nope. He’s the same as the rest. Here’s his 2013 Top-15 prospects:

      1. Eric Fisher (Failure and horrible one at that)
      2. Sharrif Floyd (Mediocre)
      3. Luke Joeckel (Ask the Jags fans about that bust)
      4. Chance Warmack (Mediocre on his second club)
      5. Dion Jordan (Out of the NFL)
      6. Lane Johnson (Good, not great)
      7. Sheldon Richardson (One pro-bowl, wooden head. Not terribly motivated.)
      8. Jonathan Cooper (blew a knee, doesn’t start)
      10. Barkevious Mingo (Lousy OLB)
      11. Star Lotulelei (Competent starter)
      12. Tavon Austin (Joke WR)
      13. Tyler Eifert, TE (He’s been good)
      14. D.J. Hayden (Ok, not great, Raiders let him walk if FA)
      15. D.J. Fluker (Bad OT, moved to guard. Cut this offseason)

      Look at that ****ing trainwreck. And I’m supposed to ‘respect’ a pundit? As if they’re dialed in? Please….

      And the thing is, Mayock might be the best and all he does is serve up the same train-wrecks as the worst GMs. And Kiper… Wow, I figured him out decades ago and he’s just terrible.

      And the rest of the hanger’s on… They’re just as bad, if not worse. And everything they say (good or bad) about a draft is all about how close you came to what they think you should have done, not how well your draft pans out years down the road.

      1. Yeah, Moses, you forget one really important thing – the NFL thought those guys were going to be good too. They were first round picks. Guess what, they don’t all pan out.

  22. Jesus what a bunch of crybabies.

    We traded 109 and a 7th for 104 . Which means, if you actually think about it instead of instantly over-reacting and throwing a tantrum, means wegave up, essentially, nothing. That 7th rounder will be replaced by a UFDA who will be a comparable level of talent.

    I mean, ****, it’s hardly a crisis. We gave up a UFDA-talent level ‘lock’ via the 7th round to have to compete for that UFDA in the market. That’s it.

    1. Got to defer to the pros here, although admittedly this was a WTF pick as in a surprise.From my novice armchair perspective I thought we would go Peterman or Kupp(who I think was a great pick for the Rams).Looking toward the third day most of my faves are D players-‘Tansel Smart,Joe Mathis,Blair Brown -so a little disappointed in the possibility of an largely one sided draft but who knows maybe more surprises in store!

  23. Grade? C-. Taken early, but has some interesting qualities and accomplishments. Pick later in the 5th round could have been a solid B. Not like the 9ers gave away next year’s 2nd to move up. Shanahan sees something, so I’ll defer to him. I’m no Bill Walsh, no Bill Belichick, and certainly no where near Grant in QB acumen.

    Today will bring more fun…

  24. I tuned back in rather late last night and admittedly was mystified by this QB pick. First of all, he supposedly could have been had in the 5th or 7th round.Then, his numbers in a pro-style offense really aren’t that good on the surface. But reading a deeper I find that Beathard played on a lousy team with generally lousy receivers who dropped almost 10% of his passes. Shanny calls him extremely accurate, fearless in the pocket, and very smart. Hmmm? That sounds like a prototype for a WCO QB too me. However, obviously they did reach and in reaching gave up .. . . well, not much, the trade-up was basically a push and clearly this is a QB that our QB guru Shanahan holds in greater esteem than the others left on the board.I”ll have to defer to Shanny and take a wait and see on this one. I notice that many of the savvy pundits on this blog are outraged by this pick and have sputteringly declared it a flat-out F, including Grant. As always, I find this more than a little amusing.
    In this 3rd round maneuvering the 49ers have now acquired another 2nd rounder for next year. There is little question in my mind that 2018 will be the year we target our franchise QB, either by signing Cousins or trading up in the draft to nab one of the two best available. Other than that, I was right about them selecting a CB and QB in the third round, just wildly incorrect about who that QB would be.I will give this Beathard selection and INCOMPLETE grade until some actual evidence is in. Now, if they acquire Kelly in the 7th or as a UDFA I’d find that highly intriguing.

  25. An interesting perspective stripped of the indignant, self-smug nonsense —

    “Shanahan said Beathard and Pitt quarterback Nathan Peterman were the two quarterbacks in the draft who ran offenses in college most similar to the offense he will install with the 49ers.

    “One thing that helps is being able to see guys play the way you’re going to ask them to play,” Shanahan said. “It helps being at Iowa and watching the system he’s in. It’s easier to see to watch him over the years. He’s a three-year starter. He’s led his team to a bunch of wins, especially in 2015 when they had a better team and he played unbelievable.”

    As a junior at Iowa, Beathard completed 61.6 percent of his pass attempts for 2,809 yards with 17 touchdowns and five interceptions.

    “He’s a leader. He’s tough. He processes very well,” Shanahan said. “He’s extremely accurate and he lives and dies football.”

  26. I feel better about the pick after watching Shanny discuss his process for evaluation. He’s all about tape. In Shanny I trust when it comes to offense & qbs. Looking ahead to next year with a far deeper QB draft & o line draft and at least 2 high level QB free agents and adding a 2nd round pick; this is definitely year one of rebuilding team, culture & philosophy:


  27. Source of the above information from CSN Bay Area Sports. In the 4th round the 49ers have two late picks which they might package together to move up in the 4th and nab — who?
    or . . .

  28. The reasons for Grant giving an “F” here are based on a player grading system the 49ers no longer use. If you want an idea on what they use read Lombardi’s article in the Ringer. Giving an F because They picked him in 3rd round pick rather than 5 spots later in the 4th round which would have been What? D- C?? The round value grading system makes no sense. Is Beathard going to be a backup? Can he improve beyond that? Is he going to be serviceable for a few years? Will he be a starter? I am sure Shanahan makes these evaluations and then decides those same questions for who they would get 5 picks later. A special teams player? A career backup corner? Perhaps he feels a potentially good career backup at QB is more valuable than a career backup at other positions.

  29. I’m going to go way out on a limb here, I believe in 5 years when experts are talking about the QB’s drafted in the 2017 draft C.J. Beathard will be the first one they bring up. The conversation will be how Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson and Kizer were all reaches and failures while lightly regarded Beathard developed into a good to very good NFL QB.
    Why do I believe this?
    He is very smart.
    He has great mechanics and a lightening release.
    His play action fakes are outstanding.
    He has an above Avg NFL arm.
    He has touch in the short game.
    He throws a beautiful long ball.
    He sticks in very small windows.
    He has great footwork.
    He is a winner.
    You ask me how he can possess all these skills yet be so lightly regarded?
    He played in a prehistoric offense and had the worst receivers in all of college football. Many very good to great QB’s either weren’t drafted or were drafted late because they came into the draft lightly regarded like Beathard. KS will develop this young man it might take 2 years but he just may be our QB of the future. imho

    1. Old Coach, I will go out on a limb today, because that is what I do, and predict that the Niners would have been universally praised for being draft ninjas, except they pulled this last stunt and tried to get cute.

      To me, it would have been more strategically sound to have been patient, selected Carl Lawson or Jordan Leggett at 109 today, and still get CJB at 146 or 161.

      Wasting 7th round picks for nothing just means they do not value the fact that they could lock up a player for 4 years. Sure, 7th round picks are at the other end of the spectrum, and have high failure rates, but the draft is so important to be able to restock the roster, and trading away ANY pick for no good reason is not wise.

      There is a time and a place for everything, and this was not the time to do it, because now, everyone is questioning the Niner’s decision making process.

      The Niners should stop making those unforced errors.

    2. About whether CJB turns into another 3rd round Niner QB who did well, I think that we need to pump the brakes on that scenario.

      Like you said, the Niners are positioning themselves to seriously compete for one of those 2018 QBs, if the Cousins option does not pan out.

      KS may like CJB, and he may someday do well and become a starter, but I am not holding my breath. He does have potential, but he also has flaws.

      I am not dissing CJB,and saying he will be a bust, but just want to discuss the drafting process.

      Do you think it is wise to trade up to select a 215th ranked player at 104?

  30. Right on, Old Coach, estoy de acuerdo, which is to say, I am in complete agreement.. This is a selection loaded with potential and tangible value, which is precisely what Shanahan wants..

    1. Agree. May not be the next Tom Brady, but has a good chance to have a solid, productive career as an NFL QB.

  31. Theres’s a pretty good chance 49ers front office has some info we don’t have, something made them inclined to move up 5 spots and get the guy who was sitting at top of their draft board. Whatever made them decide to give up some value to move up, it was probably similar to whatever made them jump in front of the Saints to grab Foster, who happened to be talking to the Saints when the niners called….Bottom line, none of us know anything!

  32. .. .. .. Shanahan wants to develop, meant to say.. Why all the wailing and lamentation and rending of garments over this unusual selection? Why, because the resident blog geniuses didn’t get the pick they lobbied for, which is really quite laughable.

  33. No one can ever accuse Jed and the Yorks of being cheap anymore. If they were cheap, they would just rely on Grant and his brain trust, and draft according to what is posted here. A wise old man once told me that when you see someone do something that appears to be very foolish, that person may be a fool or he may be a genius, and you are the fool. We’ll see who the fool is down the road.

  34. Conversation

    Nick Wagoner @nwagoner

    There’s an arms race coming to the NFL in 2018. The 49ers are already making moves to be sure they can compete…
    Trades give 49ers chance to get franchise quarterback … next year
    7:47 AM · Apr 29, 2017

  35. Backup QB can become REALLY valuable, and every team needs one or two of them! Just look at Garopolo and McCarron right now! CJ either blows up this year and the 49ers roll with him as QB of future, or more likely he is the low cost backup to Cousins for a few seasons. Which is a good thing!

    An argument could be made that NFL teams value backup QB’s more than starting RB’s and any other backup position.

  36. Nothing wrong with the player just picked him a little to high. Certainly would not give it an F. That grades belongs to Grants ability to be a “journalist”

  37. Grant, it amazes me how narrow your analysis is. You jump to conclusions so quickly without providing anythig in-depth. How about this:
    Shanahan knows quarterbacks better than you do. He obviously sees something in Beathard and feels he can develop him well into his system. Beathard was a winner at Iowa, went 12-0 his junior year, in the Big 10. He was a 3 year starter in a pro-style offense, and is probably more developed than Trubisky or Mahomes. They got the player they liked. This isn’t Jim Tomsula making a quarterback pick. And we really don’t know if Beathard was going to be available in the 6th or 7th round just because he was projected by people who are paid by media outlets and not football experts. You need to provide some actual football analysis and realize this is a Shanahan pick for a reason

  38. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    If Shanny sees rapid processing, decisiveness, quick release, touch, and accuracy, isn’t that something we’ve been lamenting about missing here?
    Outside the box thinking can be ok. The kid has to prove himself, but so does Trubiskey and Watson, et al.

  39. you’re over reacting. you sound like you’re too in love with your player evaluations (as you are with your with your static understanding of player roles).

    remember, the pre draft mocks and player projections aren’t set in stone. teams hear things that some teams like certain players which don’t fit the projections. it’s not inconceivable for another team to have jumped up to get Beathard in the 4th. Shanahan liked Beathard (and from an experience and skills standpoint he fits what Shanahan wants really well) so he went an got him even if he had to give up a little more. Perhaps Shanahan’s value for Beathard is much greater than the players that were available at the back end of the 3rd round. so did they reach a bit? probably, is it egregious (an “F Grade”)? No.

    1. Agreed, the draft is a crapshoot. You never know who teams have on their board at this point in the draft. He is obviously someone they wanted. I like that they went after him by giving up a 7th round to make sure they get who they wanted.

    1. Thanks for posting that. I want to do some more research before any judgment. What I liked in the video that you posted, is that many of the passes were made in tight windows, which is what he will experience in the NFL. And I’m also on the record in saying that I’m weary of the “physically gifted, raw QB (i.e. poor fundamentals and inexperience with the mental side of the game)..

  40. That’s why you hired Shanny. For his judgement and proven ability to develop quarterbacks. C.J. “Sunshine” Beathard is the chosen one of Kyle Shanahan, and I’m excited to see what he can do with him. My grade is irrelevant. I find it curious that Grant hand picked Sunshine, but gave it a F grade. Just because he was taken before you thought he should have been, doesn’t really mean squat in the bigger scheme of things. If he can develop into a quality backup that can come in and win 4-5 games for you while your starter recovers, that’s a valuable asset and one that can be parlayed into future draft picks a la the Patriots. Quite honestly, with King Solomon, Reuben Foster and WItherspoon, we could have just went home and I would have been happy….

    1. I agree Razor. The first 3 picks were very good imo, and I figured a QB either in the 3rd or top of the 4th, so other than the name, the positions they’ve addressed are pretty much what I expected, with the exception of Foster who was a bonus after sliding to the bottom of the first.

  41. 1. KS said they thought he might get picked in the 4th so they jumped up 5 spots to take him. The people assuming he would be available maybe incorrect.
    2. Kyle wanted him. He likes QBs who operate pro type systems instead of projecting how they will adapt in the NFL.
    3. In relies on film not work outs in their underwear. How a players plays is what is important particularly at QB.
    4. CJ plays well under pressure, that can’t be taught, you either can or you can’t. A lot of QB’s can’t and their careers are limited.
    5.if the Niners overreached for a QB they gave up very little unlike the Bears, Texans and the Chiefs.

    1. ??????????
      Agreed,they needed to fill the roster and if they see something in him go for it. Now we need CB,WR and TE depth.

  42. This pick has a definite Trent Baalke feel to it. Trent used to make those bizarre picks and I’d think “maybe he knows something I don’t.” In the end, he never did. They were just bad picks. Hope this is different.

  43. I believe that the best comparison to Beathard is Alex Smith if Smith had played in a pro style O in college and if Smith threw a great deep ball.

  44. Failing to use one of their first 4 picks on a legitimate offensive talent is a huge miss for the team. Sure the defense looked horrible and the media inflated that by constantly pulling up nefarious records that were falling each week but by the end of the season a lot of the issues were being fixed as players were starting to be put in the right spots. The offense however remained bereft of talent and play makers.

    After the first four picks, nothing has changed. With the first 2 picks it felt like they went BPA when they should have gone need and vice versa on the third.

    The reach for the QB is troubling. The first two players it’s easy to look past their ignoring more important positions and give them credit for taking highly ranked players but if they’re making Beathard level decisions can we really trust Thomas, Foster and Ahkello are indeed the right ones. Seeing that epic reach for a poor talent certainly does give one a moment of pause.

      1. They didn’t have to reach for need, they could have matched both with each of their first two picks.

        1. Be specific. Based on how the draft has transpired what offensive players would you have rather had them take with both selections?

    1. CFC,
      Who, in your opinion, were the “legitimate offensive talents” available as potential picks in that range of 104-109?

  45. Well It was surprising to see them take Beathard, but they took the two positions (CB, QB) I thought they would and the only difference is the name they selected. If they had taken Petersen, most of us would have been happy with that. Instead the HC picked the QB he wanted. Kind of silly to go nuts and give an F when the guy who knows QB’s decides on somebody we didn’t talk about, but go nuts.

      1. Even with the CJB trade up, I will give the Niners overall an A for the draft, just because of the first round.

        Getting 2018 second and third round picks was shrewd and very smart.

  46. While an F grade may be a little harsh, comparing this move to the previous moves, this was a head scratcher.

    I will give it a D, because they should have been patient, selected a better ranked player, and still could have selected CJB with a later pick.

    Most teams that needed a QB had selected one, and there were still 3 higher ranked QB on the board.

    Instead of praising Lynch and KS for the first round, we now have draft experts ripping them for this trade up for a 6th round QB.

    1. “Rankings” on matter for mock purposes, once the draft starts selections are based on relationships with the actual players.

      1. Yet, the players drafted always seem to come off the board with rankings in mind. Scouts, GMs and coaches do not stay up until 3 in the morning developing their draft boards, only to come up to draft day and throw them out the window.

  47. I don’t remember being particularly impressed by the Montana pick at the time, but I trusted Walsh. I can’t really recall the media reaction, and that may be a blessing for any of the local scribes who may have dissed the future GOAT. I do recall that Phil Simms was BW’s fave coming out that year but he knew he wouldn’t get him.

    1. He also like Steve Dils ahead of Montana. It was Razzano that, in the end, talked Walsh & McVay into Montana. Whom they drafted two rounds ahead of the ‘consensus.’

      Grant, and the rest of these complainers in this thread, of course, would have crapped all over that front office, including the pick. Pointing out how Montana was a scrub who couldn’t beat out Rusty Lisch or Gary Fostek and was sitting on the bench as a junior. How he only started 16 games and threw 515 passes in his career and clearly didn’t have ‘enough experience.’

      Add in Montana’s ‘terrible accuracy’ of just 52% and his 25 TDs to 25 INTs the ‘fan and press verdict today, as back then, was it was a waste of a pick. Especially as Montana’s arm was barely ‘adequate.’

      As for me, I’m a wait four years guy to settle on a draft class evaluation unless it was clear catastrophe (2012) or a clear winner (1981). Sometimes you get a flash in the pan as a rookie only to experience a fall back as the NFL figures out (and exploits) the players weaknesses and he’s incapable of over-coming them. Sometimes it takes two or three years for the light to come on. Sometimes injuries and circumstances derail progress.

        1. Its OK. Giving a grade does not mean that the player will live up or down to that grade. I am grading the process.

  48. Ian Rapport name CJ Beathard along with LB Jarrod Davis as players that would be drafted higher then predicted. Davis went to Detroit at the 21st pick and now Beathard is picked in the late 3rd Rd. Just do not understand this rush to call Beathard a “F” level pick. Kyle Shanahan has had great success with QB’s and identified Kurk Cousins as a potential starter. Beathard may only become an NFL back-up but if Shanahan sees something in him I would tend to give Shanahan the beniift of the doubt. This draft for the 49er’s is looking very positive, both with players chosen so far and draft capital stockpiled for 2018, 1-2-2-3-3. Five picks in the first 96 choices is not bad especially when 3 of the picks are in the first 64.

    1. Jarrad Davis was considered a first or second round prospect so going #21 was zero surprise to anybody. Beathard was a huge surprise to everybody, except Rapoport apparently, who thought Davis going in the first was unlikely I guess even though everybody else seemed to expect it.

      1. Just note that Jarrod Davis being picked higher is relative, he was originally a late 1st or 2nd Rd projection. Final mock I saw was to the Raiders at pick 24, so he actually did move higher then projections, but he was always a realitively high pick.

  49. Enough with all the personal attacks here. This is a freakin sports blog. In US you’re free to have your own opinions. Would be pretty boring if all you could post is trust management, they know more than anyone. Present your opinion, not criticizing others opinions…

  50. F grade is as harsh in its own way as an A grade. For years the 49ers have shown F level performance organizationally and I find it difficult to hand this young man that albatross to hang around his neck without the benefit of practice or on-field play. Beathard has a strong football background and quality exposure in a pro style offense. I will take a wait and see approach.

  51. Considering the very negative comments in this post from a large range of regulars, I am going to repeat my question from the previous post:

    Why do any of you folks think that Kaya and Peterman are better NFL prospects than Beatherd? (I am asking for views based on game film analysis, not opinions of talking heads, bloggers and combine stats). A lot of you have had strong opinions on many draft picks so this is a fair question.

  52. The only “board” that counts in this process is the board that John and Kyle hold tightly to their chest. Because the CBS board, or ESPN, or Draftek, or any other has a player ranked at a certain spot means nothing to GM’s and coaches. I’m sure, if they even partake in looking at these public boards, that they get a good laugh. That’s why, except for MAYBE the top 5, they are usually way wrong. They are no more enlightened then the folks on blogs like this. It’s just opinion based on numbers, and combine scores, and all that crap, to be honest. “There were QB’s rated higher”! By who? Ian Rappaport? Nobody here saw the Niners board. Right? I didn’t. Anybody? Obviously, they had CJ ranked higher than the so called “experts” who had him at 215, or 199, or 5,789. Doesn’t matter. The only board and player ranking that counts is the one John and Kyle and co. hold tightly to their chest. Ever other board is just hyperbolic hogwash. I personally have a great feeling about this kid. Go CJ!! Prove all the naysayers wrong!

  53. The Beathard pick hurts all the more when Dobbs, who has potential as a real starter and future NFL QB was on the board…picked late in the 4th now… : (

    1. Chris: There’ll be a lot of analysis done over the next couple of weeks on Beathard. Bandit posted something earlier and I found it impressive. Most of the throws that he made were in very tight windows, which will serve him well in the NFL. Still, I want to look at some film which highlights his weaknesses as well.

  54. Chris, according to who? Mel Kuiper? His high school coach? Trent Dilfer? Joe Shmoe from Idaho? Enquiring minds want to know! ;)

  55. This is so a Kirk Cousins clone. Looked back at the draft analysis on Kirk and it is saying pretty much the same thing as we are seeing with CJ. He has the intangibles, but projects to be a backup at the next level. …. He is making how much money in the NFL once he put it all together?

  56. I’ve been hopeful the Niners would somehow draft Joe Williams since this whole process started. Had a chance to watch a lot of games this kid played and must say that I’m ecstatic we got him. Great pick IMO

  57. Bill Walsh decided not to “reach” and draft Tom Brady … took Gio Carmazzi instead in the 3rd round instead … Brady went in the 6th … now that’s what I call a value pick.

  58. Let’s dream a little…. Just suppose Beathard actually turns out to be a franchise QB by 2018 season…in the mold of Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins…..

    49ers could then use their 6 x 2018 top draft picks to pick up additional difference makers at WR, OL, and OLB

    Playoffs by 2019! Super Bowl 2020

    1. AZ,
      As much as I hate to say it, Beathard would need to be better than Cousins and Smith. This is based on the fact that neither of them have played in a SB.
      But while I’m liking CJ more its not fair to ask of him to win a SB in 3 years. Especially if the Org wants to make a strong push at Cousins next year.

  59. Never got the bad grades for late round players who more than likely won’t make a start anytime soon anyways.
    The rare Hall of fame picks that’s happened in late rounds must really have people dreaming big. Except when it’s their team obviously. Who is lighting their houses on fire in the 4th rounds over someone they might have passed over?
    Most successful drafts are won in the 1st and second rounds.

    On another note. This kid gets to sit and learn from a well known qb guru. Watching some highlights and lowlights on this kid had me thinking back to a certain #1 pick we made years ago who……..
    1 had no O-line
    2 no receivers
    3 needed to have things slowed down.
    Sound familiar? Because most that are hating this pick we’re pushing out those excuses/reasons.

    Systems have a funny way of making “wasted picks” into solid players and suoerbowl champions. It’s the system not just the players folks.

  60. I don’t hate the pick.

    This wasn’t a good year for potentially great QBs. However, I watched some evaluation video on this guy a few months back. He’s not bad at all. He reads defenses pretty well, good pre-snap awareness. He does remind me a bit of a young Montana. Hips are a bit stiff, he throws a wobbly duck long ball but is pretty accurate in short to medium range. Fits the ball in tight windows and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

    Not a bad pick, he’ll be worth watching develop if he can stick around.

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