49ers updated depth chart

Here is what I think the 49ers depth chart currently looks like:

X WR: Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson, Eric Rogers, Chris Harper
SLOT: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington, Aaron Burbridge
Z WR: Marquise Goodwin, DeAndre Carter, Rashad Ross, DeAndre Smelter
LT: Joe Staley, John Theus
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Daniel Kilgore, Alex Balducci
RG: Joshua Garnett,
RT: Trent Brown, Norman Price
TE: Logan Paulsen, Vance McDonald, Blake Bell, Garrett Celek, Je’Ron Hamm
QB: Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB: Carlos Hyde, Mike Davis, Raheem Mostert

4t (weakside DE): Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair, Zach Moore
1t (nose tackle): Earl Mitchell, Mike Purcell
3t (defensive tackle): DeForest Buckner, Quinton Dial
6t (strongside DE): Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold, Tank Carradine
WLB (on ball): Malcolm Smith, Brock Coyle, Carl Bradford
MLB: NaVorro Bowman, Malcolm Smith, Wynton McManis
SLB (off ball): Ray Ray Armstrong, Shayne Skov
SS: Jaquiski Tartt, Vinnie Sunseri
FS: Jimmie Ward, Eric Reid
LCB: Tramaine Brock, Don Jones, Keith Reaser, Prince Charles Iworah
NCB: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond
RCB: Rashard Robinson, Dontae Johnson, JaCorey Shepherd

K: Robbie Gould, Nick Rose
P: Bradley Pinion, Brock Miller
LS: Kyle Nelson
H: Bradley Pinion
PR: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
KR: Marquise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, JaCorey Shepherd

STRONGEST POSITIONS: Offensive tackle, tight end, full back, 6-technique, free safety.

WEAKEST POSITIONS: Z receiver, guard, center, strong-side linebacker, middle linebacker, strong safety.



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  1. I have no idea why you would put Paulsen ahead of McDonald at TE.. Luke is just a blocking TE.. Will only play as an extra lineman in 2 TE sets.. McDonald will thrive in this offense.

      1. That would be a good point if McDonald wasn’t a very good blocking TE too. McDonald is going to be a very big part in this O.

        1. He will catch more passes than Paulsen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean McDonald will start. Paulsen was a starter for Shanahan in Washington.

          1. That doesn’t mean he will start here. I think McDonald will rarely be taken out of the line up period. Especially in a system that loves the TE. I expect a big year from him. The Niners have very few impactful players here, I think McDonald can be one of them.

              1. No Grant, they did not bring in Paulsen to start over McDonald. Paulsen was brought in to compete with Celek, who is not as good as a blocker as McDonald. As bad as the Niners were last year, McDonald was a bright spot, and if you watch the film he is an excellent blocker. McDonald also got the big contract before the end of last year, so no the Niners are not going to start a 3rd tier TE they just signed in FA.

                Also Grant, the weakside DE is the best pash rusher on the line, and Armstead and whoever else you inserted are not the weakside DE’s. Armstead is better suited for DT, and Buckner, with his skill set is better suited for strongside DE.

              2. I hope they trade VM to a team who desperately needs a TE, and gets a third or 4th round pick for him. Or maybe bundle him with another player or 2, and get a second round pick.

                In KS’s system, VM is a liability, especially with his propensity for dropping the ball. Still, he has good value because he can create mismatches, and he is also a solid blocker. Maybe he will thrive on a different team.

              3. Yes, McDonald is a better blocker than Paulsen, and a much better receiver. Why would you start a blocking tight end? So the defense will know that you are going to run from that formation every time the blocking tight end is in there?

                Grant, again the niners did not sign Paulsen to start. Paulsen is a 3rd tier tight end, who the niners signed for not a whole lot. Paulsen was brought in to compete with Celek, because Celek’s blocking is not at the same level as McDonalds.

      2. Think of this in terms of fielding 13 personnel. That’s what Shanny is frequently about. It’s chess pieces, so who starts @ TE isn’t what’s important.

        Your prophecy about the Over front D is absolutist; especially in March for a whole new regime we haven’t seen work out or line up their guys. And again, down and distance and match-ups will determine alignments and substitutions.

        I realize the depth chart is a convo starter, but before FA closes and before the draft it is premature.

        1. The Seahawks, Falcons and Jaguars all ran Over fronts the last couple of years. That’s what the Niners brought in Saleh to install.

          1. Yes they brought in the D.C. to install what he knows, but then you have to see how your roster can operate it, and make some tweaks before Openong Day. I think the over may be their most frequent formation, but I think we all get lost in somewhat over-simplified expectations. To paraphrase Lynch
            Everybody is some 3-4, some 4-3

            So I expect over & under 1/2 downs, and 4-3, 4-2 & 4-1 on 2&L and 3rd.

            1. What I’m excited about is Lynch saying it will be a more aggressive defensive scheme. More 1-gapping. Less read and react. If Armstead is healthy I think he does much better in this scheme.

              I think Dial is better at offset NT (or 1-tech) than 0 tech in case Earl Mitchell gets hurt.

              1. Dial better than Purcell = Yes.

                Remembering fondly the Niners deepest depth charge for Nose:


            2. I’m expecting a two man pass rush when we play Washington this year. Lots of Tank Carradine and Eli Harold.

              Six defensive backs. No blitzing. None. Anyone blitzes, their traded to Buffalo.

      3. Didn’t know that, good insight Grant.

        For those saying McDonald is a better blocker than Paulsen, no he is not. Paulsen is one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL. McDonald is a good blocker for a receiving TE.

      4. Austin Hopper isn’t a blocking Tight end. He’s a receiving tight end from Stanford who blocks pretty well.

  2. Is there a chance , even very small chance, we could see Kaep throw a ball in a 9er pre-season practice this year? Or is it done put fork in it?

      1. Let the name of Kaepernick be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of the 49ers…;>)

        1. The team already removed Kaepernick’s name plate from over his locker. They left the other three quarterbacks’ name plates there.

            1. Players come and go and Kaep did nothing to deserve any benefit post HIS choice to become a free-agent.

              If you leave your job, you think they will keep you hairnet?

            2. Yeah how petty to get rid of a players name because he’s not a player there anymore. What planet are you from dude?
              Id say follow him to his new team but it looks like he isn’t going to any team at all.

        2. Kap could’nt read defences, threw to many picks, and folded under pressure. Brian and Mark are temporary upgrades until our face of the franchise QB of the future from the draft is developed.

            1. Coach – He spelled ‘to’ correctly – he just used the word improperly. Pot calling the Kettle black??

      2. It’s even beyond that. Look for an asterisk in 49er history, there you will find a blurb or two.What’s done is done and there will be no refunds.

      1. Vince Young is getting another chance to play in the CFC. He might pave the way for Kaep. That wider field up there would accommodate his strongest attribute — the ability to bolt like a jack rabbit from the collapsing pocket after he’s held the ball to long staring down his locked-on covered receiver.

  3. Hightower and Poe are still available. To my knowledge Hodges has not yet been resigned. Not sure why, given what’s currently available.

    1. Cleveland also has pick 52.

      Draft value chart would balance out if the Niners traded number 2 for Cleveland’s 12, 33, 52 and a 2018 second round draft pick if Cleveland picked 14th.

    2. If you use the draft chart, the 49ers would actually get screwed. Getting #12 for #2, the 49ers lose 1400 points. When you combine 33, and 65, it only adds up to 845. That’s a serious shortfall of 555 points. Even getting the Browns 2nd rounder next year might not make up for that, but it would make it closer. I don’t think the Browns would want to do it either since there really aren’t any Qb’s worth taking at #2. We’re assuming that they are going to pick Miles Garrett at #1. Cleveland looks like they are trying to stockpile draft choices for next year. This way they will have the ammunition to move up to get the top choice for a QB.

      1. Cleveland also has pick 52 which is worth 380 points.

        Pick 33 has a value of 580, so 580 plus 380 makes 960. 1400 minus 960 equals 440..

        440 coincides with the 14th pick in the second round.

        Cleveland could get the best defender, and the best rated offensive player in Fournette.

        With Fournette running the ball, it will take a lot of pressure off the QB, so they could wait until the 65th pick to select a QB.

        They would lose a 2018 second round pick, but they gained a 2018 second round pick from the Texans, when they obtained Osweiler

  4. Hope they let Garnett play in his natural position at LG. Beadles is versatile enough to play RG.

    Maybe they should trade back, accumulate second round picks and draft Forrest Lamp in the second. Guard position is pretty thin.

  5. It seems like there is a lot of cap space available, but the team is about 27 players short of 90. With where the 49ers are selecting in each round, the draft will cost at least $10 million. Also, it would be foolish to blow it all now (assuming a Cousins deal can’t be worked out). My preference would be to sign Hightower. LB looks particularly weak to me.

      1. You do understand the 49ers are going to be running a 4-3 Under front. You have written Over but thats not what they are running.

          1. In all likelihood they will run both fronts. But given the personnel a 4-3 over look will probably be used more often.

      2. If he’s playing DE then he’s still on the weak side of the line, that shouldn’t change. If they have him as the Will then he’d move over to the strong side in the over front. Are you saying you see him as the Will LB?

  6. Kap could’nt read defences, folded under pressure. Brian and Mark are upgrades until our face of the franchise QB of the future is from the draft developes.

    1. Its Brian and “Matt”. These two are hardly upgrades in any way that will result in more wins. They’ll look more like traditional QB’s. Remember both these guys played on a 3 win team last year. A 31 year old QB who’s thrown for less than 9000 yds is a career backup. You can dislike CK all you want, lets just be objective about what we have in Hoyer and Barkley. They will be place holders for Kyle to find his QB whether Kirk Cousins or someone else.

      1. I look for a “stronger” 3 win season with a “race” to the bottom with Jets, browns and bears….
        QBOTF opportunity in 2018 draft and/or shot at Kirk Cousins

        1. Also on the roster — thanks for laying it out. Seems to CRY OUT for OL help especially at OG; linebackers — pass rush — and a #2 RB.
          at least to me….
          of course other needs as well -:)

      1. The 2018 QB draft class is stacked. Darnold is good, but there will also be Lamar Jackson, Jake Browning, Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph, JT Barrett, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and Luke Falk. That list did not include Josh Rosen with his injury.

        Those are 10 QBs who have a good chance to go in the first round, depending on how they do next season.

        Niners should try to win as many games as possible, and they will still be in a good position to draft a possible franchise QB.

        1. And then a lot of those guys stay on for another year, a handful of them have average seasons (see Geno Smith, Teddy Bridgewater), and some will show they aren’t worth spending a pick on.

          At the end of the day 2018 will look like most all other drafts outside of the Manning/Luck/Vick drafts where you have a unanimous #1 guy.

          Might as well trade that #2 back a few (unless Cleveland goes qb @1) and grab Keizer at 10 or something and let him develop ala Eli behind Warner (Hoyer).

  7. No brainer, Mitchell tribisky, if not there you take Leonard fournette. Two definite franchise players….. Funny no miles on that list. Not that would want. Think we can address that later.

      1. I’ve played and coached it. And I have spoken with Brandon Mebane and Marshawn Lynch, both have confirmed its an under. But I have work to do. Not getting paid for this you are. Just get on the phone and call your “sources.” This is not the first time you have been wrong about schematics of the team.

    1. The problem was, the article talks about Vic Fangio, and he is long gone.

      The Niners last season employed the truck gap system. One where the RB ran through the gap big enough to drive a truck through. ;p

  8. Grant this is just too big for me to let pass. This is the defensive front the team will run and you being incorrect on this information will drastically have the readers looking at the team making false judgments, and be confused while trying to enjoy the game.

      1. This a 2014 article from the Seattle Times explaining the defensive front as an Under front as well. That’s 3 different publications from 2010-2017, al explaining the Seattle Defense as an Under front.Grant you are the only one who has ever said they run an Over front. Everyone is not wrong and you are the only one who is correct. Just accept you made a mistake and correct it.


    1. Ed, like you I thought Grant was wrong. But I went away and watched a few Jags games. He is correct, they used a lot of over fronts in base. More so than under.

      1. I understand what you are saying. And yes they have been using a lot of Over fronts. But the BASE (core, what they draft for) is still an under. But they do use Over fronts a lot.

        1. They draft for both fronts. The types of players needed for both fronts are very similar. The main differences are the 6/7T needs to be able to defend both run and pass, and the 4T needs to be more than just a run stuffer. That’s when they use the 4T on the weakside. Sometimes in over fronts they put the 4T more as a 5T on the strongside next to the 3T, and the Leo stays on the weakside playing outside the LT. In that look the Leo is still primarily a pass rusher, like in the under front, but rather than the 3T being responsible for the B gap on the weakside it is a LB.

  9. Cowboys Doug Free after announcing retirement. They lost Leary as well. It will be interesting to see how this affects Prescott’s and Elliott’s performance….

  10. Rotoworld”

    “Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns are looking to trade Brock Osweiler for a third-round pick.
    The Browns are willing to throw in a fifth-rounder and are open to paying half of Osweiler’s salary. Per Cabot, if the Browns can’t find a taker, they’ll release Osweiler and eat the $16 million remaining on his contract. The Browns are positioning themselves to make a run at Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Cabot’s report all but confirms that Osweiler will never play a down in Cleveland. “

    1. A third round pick? Aha hahahahahahaaa ahhh, pardon me, that just burst out. Pour wishes in one hand and water in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.

      1. I get the feeling that the Brown’s analytics department is staffed by a bunch of PhDs that couldn’t cut it in the derivatives market.

    2. Yep, 16 million for a second round pick with a 50% chance of success. No one’s trading for Ozwhiper, and the Browns will be sending pick #12, #33, and their two highest 2nd rounders in 2018 to the Patriots for Garoppolupe. Basically, the Browns shot for the moon and are hoping they land a star….

    3. Wondering why the Niners didn’t make this deal with the Texans. Their in a different conference. Is there other dead cap the Browns had to inherent on top of the $16m?

      – A 2nd round pick > $16m cap space.

      – That extra 2nd rounder also helps mitigate the cap shrinking because the rookie will be on a cheap fixed 4 year contract.

      – $16M is 9.5% cap. 9.5% chart value is 167 (pick 85). I admit the model is too linear and doesn’t account for variables (teams use different charts, JJ chart is dated, Texans 2018 win-loss record) but to me it looks like a no brainer.

    1. I think they’d be wise to keep him at SS, and allow him to develop at the position. Same goes for Ward. Not doing so hinders their development in my opinion, OldCoach….

        1. I see your train of thought, OldCoach. Listening to Barrows/Maiocco, I think Saleh plans on Ward/Tartt as his FS/SS, and I don’t think they’re looking at a Safety with that 2nd pick in the first round. Deep class, so I could see them taking one later along with a CB….

    2. OC, I have been thinking about this. Despite what many of us feel, from what Maiocco has said it sounds like the new coaching staff believes he is a good fit for SS.

      Based on that I think they will leave him at safety, and I am leaning towards the 49ers not drafting a SS early anymore.

    3. The DBs looked pretty darned good at the combine. There’s a couple who can be assigned SS and also cover as an LB in a dime. If the Niners play Tartt and a big body SS who can hit like an LB, there’s going to be more coveage across the middle.

      2016’s worst thing to see was an opposing tight end jogging across the middle with the closest Niner being 2 yards away, chasing, with hands extended. The games we “won,” were odd because the other team’s coaches did not simply repeat earlier successful plays of sending a trailing TE over the middle for 8 yards (prior to contact).

  11. If the 9ers are done signing FA’s, I’ll double down on my prediction that they will try to trade back in the draft. Maybe 2 mid to late 1st rd O linemen

  12. Grant, did q not read this article that you posted it clearly states that this is speaking ONLY about when defending against the offensive “21” personnel. This is mot talking about the BASE defense. Seattle defense is a multiple front defense. But this deployment is ONLY against 21 and not the base. Like i said the BASE defense is a 4-3 Under defense.

  13. And in watching the film you see where they have a LB on the line, which is under. The Over defense is basically a straight 4-3 with the LB playing behind the DLine. Again this article is 21 personnel specific. You misread the article, because ita clear on the first paragraph and thought the article that this is ONLY for 21 personnel.

        1. Because you are incorrect. Totally. Stop trying to figure this out and ask someone other than he article you keep posting about specific personnel types (21). Also multiple articles have said you are incorrect.

          In a 4-3 under the Under comes from the 3 Tech TACKLE, also called the UNDER TACKLE. This is the defense’s namesake. He lines up at the 3-tech on the weak-side. The Under Tackle (UT) is an undersized DT who gets by on speed, quickness and technique. Sheer girth is not very important for this position, atypical for an interior line position. A lot of UTs are former DE’s who have shifted inside. Now, not all UT’s are the small, quick type. It depends on what the defensive coordinator wants for the situation and position.
          If the defense is focused on stopping the run, oftentimes the UT will be a larger defender. He could be similar to a 3-4 DE. There is versatility in how this position could be used. The first star UT was Hall of Famer Warren Sapp. Sapp is an anomaly, a player with great size and strength in addition to quickness.
          Typically, a DC wants his best interior pass rusher at the UT. Because he will be in a lot of one-on-one situations against a guard, the UT should be able to knife his way into the backfield and fluster the QB in addition to penetrating on run plays.
          One of the main ideas of the 4-3 Under is to get defenders in one-on-one situations. Take a look again at the 4-3 Under on the chalkboard. How does a team (from 21 personnel, or even 12) double team anyone other than the NT? While the defense is predicated on getting one-on-one matchups, it is specifically designed to get the UT and the WDE into one-on-one situations.
          When running a 4-3 Under, it is very, very, very important that the 3-tech UT is able to beat solo blocks consistently. More than consistently, frequently. Because the defense is so predicated on getting him those looks, it becomes almost necessary that he is able to dominate single blocks.
          In case you haven’t noticed: the 3-tech under tackle is one of if not the number one most important player on this entire defense. His ability to rush the passer from the interior in addition to beating his blocker in hopes to stopping runs in the backfield is what the defense if predicated on.

        1. That still says the base is an Under front but the deploy the Over look way more. Not that they have totally transitioned to an Over base. Carrol has always used multiple fronts. He also deployed a 3-4 look as well that doent mean they at a 3-4 team. Just that thy use it as well. The BASE is still an Under.

          So we can both be right. Bu

      1. Sounds like Quinn ran the 4-3 over, Bradley ran the 4-3 under, and Kris Richard ran the 4-3 over.

        Basically it just depended where KJ Wright lined up, and they could seamlessly morph from one system to the other, without substituting.

      1. “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

        ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

        ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

        Which one of you two is Humpty Dumpty is the debate as I see it.

  14. – If (a big if) DeAndre Smelter is healthy and committed I’m expecting him to shoot up the depth chart.
    – 49ers better get some guards in camp.
    – TE Competition will be fascinating. The draft is deep in TEs.
    – Draft also rumored to be deep in RBs. Mike Davis a poor fit for ZBS?
    – Too bad Washington outbid the 49ers for Terrell McClain.
    – Dial was decent backup at 1-tech in 2014 in Fangio’s under front.
    – Buckner is a better 2-gap run defender than Armstead. His ball location and reads are quicker. How that ultimately affects positions will be interesting.
    – If we don’t take Adams at 2 its time to find out of Tartt can play SS. Reid trade bait?
    – I heard “fast but fragile” alot during the combine. Even if Ward, Robinson and Redmond impress, I wouldn’t be shy about drafting CB and FS.

    1. Reid trade bait?

      Awfully hard to find a fool on the hill for a player that won’t cost anything next year. I see him backing up both safety positions, and they draft one later from a deep safety class….

      1. Sometimes you can offer a pot sweetener player to make a trade more palpable to the other teams fans.

        Not saying this will happen but for instance… Niners offer 2017 4th + Conditional 3rd + Reid for Cousins. Might go down easier.

        If Reid can return to his pre-concussions form I’d keep him. I liked him in his rookie season.

        1. I don’t think it’s worth all that fuss, B2W. I think his value to the 49ers this year is in a back up role, and then the compensatory compensation when he departs in 2018. Just my 2 cents….

      2. I don’t see them trading him unless they draft someone. Ward is hurt a lot in his short NFL career. Ward could be better at FS but don’t forget all the belly aching around here the last two season when he would get burned. Tartt while being able to hit people hard isn’t that great. I am not sure either of those guys is better than Reid yet.

    1. Pete PriscoVerified account @PriscoCBS
      If you are a first-round talent, just say I stand on my tape.

      Amy Trask‏Verified account @AmyTrask 3m
      Amy Trask Retweeted Pete Prisco
      Yup @PriscoCBS – some teams won’t be bothered, some will – and even if you fall a bit in draft, risk/reward analysis supports this approach.Amy Trask added,

  15. First, Smelter is next in line after Garçon as the X WR. Rogers is next in line after Goodwin for the Z WR. Rogers or Smelter could end up beating Kerley for the slot WR spot (should wait after camp to find out). Robinson is a camp body and could be the 6th WR on the depth chart beating out Ellington. Your 4-tech and 6-tech need to be swapped. Brooks is still the Sam LB with Harold behind him. Smith is the Will LB (like when he was at Seattle) with Armstrong backing him up.

    1. Smelter the guy who got cut from the PS and only made the roster after a streak of injuries will beat out a player they just signed for $10.5 million. Rogers is coming off an ACL and was a Kelly hire. Expect him to disappear too. I don’t see either of those guys getting into the line up except for injuries.

      1. Rogers was very good, a superior jumper. They won’t care who hired him once they see him — if he has fully recovered.

        1. Coach I think even if he’s recovered he’s mostly hype to our team last season that was hoping in guys like Patton and Ellington. Rogers is a project at best.

            1. I highly doubt the Niners are able to move down first of all. Second there is close to a zero percent chance that they would target a speedy Wr in rnd 1… There going to draft a Blue Chip defender early… Makes no sense with a rebuilding team to target a Speed Wr who is not a blue chip talent and pass on a S Thomas, Allen, Foster, either safety.. Good try though.

              1. I highly doubt the Niners are able to move down first of all.

                I agree with that, unless the Chargers want to make sure they get their choice of safeties ahead of the Titans.

                Second there is close to a zero percent chance that they would target a speedy Wr in rnd 1.

                Disagree, because the only thing Shanny values more than aggression is speed.

              2. This is not the year they target Wr early. Its not the right draft. We need blue chip talent… I can almost guarantee you they stay at 2 and go D… With Hoyer at QB there is no need for a speed Wr…. That will be next off season.

              3. They seem to be telegraphing a defensive pic with all their offensive moves in FA. I would bet dry draft defense first two picks. Seems to me the still need quite a few defensive players.

          1. Trade down for Ross. Use (some) of the new picks to trade up for Howard, McCaffrey, Reddick, your draft crush in 21-32 range

            Howard could get taken before 21.

            34+66 gets 21 range
            34+109 gets 28 range
            34+143 gets 31 range

              1. I wonder if the Chargers would be willing to jump up and grab Adams, which would allow us to take Ross. Might need to make it a 50% off deal for their 38th pick….

              2. Razor, that’s about the most sensible trade suggestion I have seen. The Chargers are a team that may actually look to move up to ensure they get the safety they want. And this year the 49ers would probably need to take lower than trade chart value.

              3. Grant, that would be a nice first round. Need picks that are athletic and productive.

              4. Am I correct in saying the highest drafted LBs in a Pete Carroll system (that were drafted while that D was in place) are Bobby Wagner, Myles Jack and Deion Jones? Is taking Cunningham in the first round really likely? Maybe if he is there at #34, but doubt it in the first round. This system seems to be capable of using slightly lesser talents that are great athletes.

              5. Grant, was the “fast but fragile” label on Ross fair? If his durability is OK he’d be a massive weapon.

              6. If we trade back to #7 with the Chargers, we should get #39 and a 4th or 5th this year and their 2nd next year. Definitely more than just their # 39.

          1. Buffalo’s interest at 10 would be the reason Tennessee takes him at 5. If they feel like he is a game changer, they could do it. I read a scouting report comparing him to Antonio Brown.

            1. I think Titans are looking to bolster their defensive backfield. They recently added to their wide receiving corps, plus they use a lot of 2 TE sets with Delanie Walker, and Amaro….

              1. I think they take Adams or Hooker which might make the Chargers nervous if they covet one over the other. Otherwise, I don’t see a trade partner or any team romancing the thrower…;>)

      1. Is there someone who would please explain to me why we should draft Ross at that spot in the round instead of, say, Cook or McCaffrey? We already have Goodwin and Robinson, and we need to fill more positions.

        1. Ross is the ultimate weapon. He has unfairly been labeled as just a speed guy for months. He can play inside or outside. Short, intermediate, or deep. He has reliable hands. And he can return kicks.

          1. He’s labeled a speed guy because his routes are not good. I almost said awful but then he’s getting put in the same boat as AJ Jenkins and I won’t do that to him!

            1. You and NFL.com need glasses. He only struggles with routes when he gets jammed at the line. That would be a fair criticism, and it could be said about any WR.

              I like to “site”, should be cite my reference points too.


              Extremely fast
              Deep-threat receiver
              First-step quickness
              Superb at getting separation
              Second-gear speed
              Adjusts well to the ball
              Tracks the ball extremely well
              Fast in and out of breaks
              Above-average run-after-the-catch skills
              Excellent balance
              Good vision
              Quick feet
              Reliable hands
              Big-play threat
              Threat to score on any touch
              Stretches a defense vertically
              Quick release off of the line
              Experienced and successful against good college programs
              Makes big plays in the clutch
              Ready to contribute immediately

          1. If he’s that good and we get him, we’d have a dynamic receiving corps after just one off-season, a real tribute to the FO and, gulp, York . . .

        2. George, I am one who does not want to draft a WR with the first round pick.

          Better to draft Solomon Thomas, and get a WR later on.

          My perspective on Ross is he has speed, but he is also slight in build, the better to run fast, but not good enough for him to endure the big hits. Realistically, he should sit a year, bulk up and study hard.

          Niners should select a battle tested veteran FA and sign him long term. Garcon is fine, but a number 2 type. Niners need a number one receiver. They should select under performers, who have size and skills.

  16. No way in hell Paulsen is starting before McDonald. He is in his 30s and can’t get any separation. He is here on a one year deal and only to get the younger guys up to speed on Shanahan’s system.

  17. There’s a lot of manlove around here for McDonald but the fact is he has inconsistent hands and is a decent blocker. The Niners showed an interest in a TE or two already in free agency and may well draft another one. There are a few monsters out there who will be avallable in the later rounds.

  18. Does anyone else get a sense of deja vu with his signings? Perhaps the Steve Spurrier Washington era when he brought in his Florida guys and it ended horribly? Sometimes “your guys” aren’t the “right guys.”

  19. Grant
    When you mentioned CK’s nameplate is gone from the locker room….have you guys been getting access yet? Somebody else has who mentioned it to you?
    I’m curious how you know that (not challenging it). If you got it on background from a source just answer: “Sean Spicer”, and I’ll drop it.
    : -)

    1. I’ve seen the report, Brotha but I don’t recall if it was Maiocco or another reputable source like Barrows….

      1. Grant – Music to my ears. If they can’t arrange a trade back Thomas is one of a handful of players I’d be happy with at that spot.

  20. Even this article say MORE OFTEN not that this is their base defense. Just because they use it MORE OFTEN doesn’t mean its the base, just that its now used MORE OFTEN THAN BEFORE. Come on dude.

  21. For RB2 what about Rex Burkhead? He would come cheap and played better than both Bengals starters.
    For OG, why they don’t bring back Tiller?
    For NT, why we still have Purcell?
    For QB. Davis Webb in round 3 could fit?

  22. Earl Mitchell is not a NT. Never has been. He is a penetrating DT who has never been stout vs the run.

    And I think we might as well lock Brooks into the strong side. He is ideal for the position. He is a thumper. He can blitz and he can drop into coverage.

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