49ers v. Cardinals by the numbers

Is it possible the Cardinals recently have been playing better than the 49ers? Here is a statistical comparison of the two teams over the past three games.

49ERS DEFENSE (Last 3 games)
18.3 points per game allowed
0.325 points per play
5.0 yards per play
37.84% 3rd down conversions
3.4 yards per carry
6.2 yards per pass attempt
65.42 completion percentage
84.9 passer rating
6.14 sack percentage

18.0 points per game
0.298 points per play
5.0 yards per play
31.58% 3rd down conversions
4.6 yards per carry
5.7 yards per attempt
56.25 completion percentage
70.9 passer rating
8.94 sack percentage

59.49 completion percentage
6.6 yards per pass attempt
93.6 passer rating
8.14 sack percentage

CARSON PALMER (Last 3 games)
68.97 completion percentage
7.4 yards per pass attempt
84.4 passer rating
5.43 sack percentage

Which team currently is playing at a higher level?

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