49ers v. Falcons live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Falcons. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:47 Anquan Boldin just gained 11 yards on a tunnel screen. First-and-10 at the Falcons’ 20.

7:52 On second-and-goal from the 4, Kaepernick runs a draw up the middle for a touchdown. The refs are reviewing the play.

7:56 The refs confirm their ruling. 20-10 Niners with 12:34 left.

8:04 Ryan completes an 18-yard pass to White on third-and-9 from the Falcons’ 43. Next play, Ryan completes a 39-yard bomb to White for a touchdown. White beat Brock and Reid. 20-17 Niners with 8:34 left.

8:07 Jacquizz Rodgers is being evaluated for a possible concussion and his return is questionable.

8:08 James returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 24.

8:13 The 49ers run it six times in a row, gain 74 yards and Gore scores a 1-yard touchdown. I’m going down to the field. Back at you shortly.

  1. Nice play. Always like when we use #77 in the running game.

    Good call with the audible. Should be more decisive like dat in da future

  2. Wow. The Play-calling is so drastically different from the 1st half… why cant we do this in the 1st and 2nd quarters?!!?!?

  3. They need to throw it to Boldin and Crabs way, way more often. Those are two studs and we’re not taking enough advantage.

    1. Lol. I’m all for resting the starters when the game is out if reach but 10 points and 10 minutes is in no way out if reach, even with out Def.

    1. I don’t think their problem is showing up its who they are showing up with. All that draft pick for jj and left with a bunch of draft picks that can’t make an impact.

  4. 16 carries so far by
    Frank (we need to rest him for the playoffs) Gore.
    Good luck next week with that “balanced”
    running attack. It goes well with the
    “balanced” two-man passing attack.
    The better teams (postseason) will force
    Colin to do more open field running by
    shutting down Crab and Boldin (periodically).
    Frank will hit the wall due to his age and the
    number of carries this late in the year.
    I’m just sayin’….

    1. There you are Hater Chief! Funny how you only come out when the opposition scores. Oh, yeah–there goes Gore! Thing of beauty, isn’t it!

  5. We go up 10 and start playing off against Ryan and still get beat deep. That’s bad. I’ve not seen Reid give anything deep up all year. He fell asleep that time. We need 6 right now.

  6. current stats –

    Colin Kaepernick: 197 yards & 1 passing TD with 51 yards rushing & 1 rushing TD for a 108.6 QB rating.

    Frank Gore: 21 carries for 97 yards & 1 TD

  7. update:
    20 carries by “we need to rest his legs” Frank Gore.
    Is it possible: only a 3-point lead with less than
    six minutes to go against a 4 and 10 Atlanta team?

    well, as Colin says, even ugly wins are okay….
    for now.
    Not much hope in the playoffs.
    An effort like this will come up short against
    Carolina or New Orleans for that matter.

  8. more Niner penalties?
    If Atlanta puts up another six points,
    then we suck eggs.
    Plain and simple.
    This game should have been over by halftime.

    1. You’ve got nothing you loser. Hahahahaha. Now your hero is:
      Carson Palmer. Are you in LOVE? Bwahahahahahahahaha!
      Nitwit. : >)

  9. So Atlanta is knocking on the door.
    If they score a TD,
    then the Niners failed to cover the spread.

    Please advise (give us the good news, willya)…

  10. yet another Niner penalty…?
    if we go 3 and out…
    (the Falcons have all 3 time outs)
    they can tie this thing.
    Send Coach Harbaw to the dentist
    for another root canal.
    Send him somewhere, willya???

  11. Yessssssss. Congrats to all. We are in the playoffs. Perfect person to seal it. Best player on defense all season N bowman.

  12. Now that’s a Candlestick finish! Just a f#ckin beautiful ending by our best defensive player! Bowman for defensive MVP!! Playoffs here we come again!!

  13. That was me! I started walking around after previous td, then Atlanta started their run. Went and sat down again and bam, pick six!

      1. I appreciate you and everyone here Crab…I usually only get to post on game days, but I love the back and forth between everyone here, even the Alex Smith troll…he talks a lot of smack, but he’s creative doing it…lol

  14. cannot wait to see your grades, Grant.
    Putting the ball (and the game) into
    Atlanta’s hands so late in the fourth quarter…
    my, my, my….
    Give them all a C+ and send them to
    summer school. The postseason will be ugly.

    1. Im sure your going to rip Kaepernick and say how the D won him the game but it was the soft D that put us in the position but your blind and won’t see it.

    2. Honestly, how old are you? I cringe every time I read a post by you. Please take your s*** to a Chiefs website… No one likes you here.

    1. Like Vin Diesel said in The Fast and The Furious…it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile…WINNING IS WINNING!!!

  15. Someone please tell me why Bowman tried to push a falcon player in the back with Bowman at the 10 yard line about to score. It was also Brooks personal foul that put Atlanta at the 50 for the onside kick. We all know about Brooks on the Brees sack. Look how often the guy jumps offsides. Almost once a game. The guy has to play lot smarter than he does. He makes some really good plays but he also makes some really dumb plays as well.

      1. I have to blame Brooks. You can’t hit the QB near his head or neck. He continues to hit high and late. If you have a chance to pull up, you have to be disciplined and pull up. He has anger issues and control issues on an off the field that almost cost him his football career. Singletary took a chance on him and signed him. He’s lucky to be playing football. He was molded by Singletary to be the player he is. He was a project when he got to the Niners.

  16. I said to my wife at halftime that this was setting up to close The Stick with a huge Niner moment! I think I was right!

    1. Bowman has become one of my favorite 49ers. Going to add his Jersey to my collection which includes: 40 Floyd, 97 Young, 8 and 52.

  17. Bowman gets the accolades but that play was made possible by Tremaine Brock. He went directly for the ball and kept it alive long enough for a defender to pick it out of the air. Brock was tremendous, especially on a play on which he had no back-side help. If he goes for the pick and misses, he risks giving up a go-ahead TD. Instead he fought for the ball and even took the receiver out of the play on Bowman’s pick.

      1. Yer a dip$hit.

        I know he was playing tight. Still, when you blitz and your DB goes for the pick, he better not miss the tackle. Instead of making yourself look pathetic try some reading comprehension next time.

        And Roddy White’s biggest plays didn’t come against Brock.

        Go back to Montessori little freak.

  18. The Falcons and Matty Ice were a feisty and ready opponent tonight, but the old lady (Candlestick) had one more bit of magic to give.

    I was a little disappointed with our offense and defense in this game, but I’ll take a win at this stage of the season with little complaints.
    A win and no injuries equals a good going away party night at the Stick!

    1. They were a different team in the second half. The 49ers have always been a second half team going back to last year. If they could learn too start faster on offense they would be the best team in football. One thing’s for sure we are a hot team with momentum going into the playoffs. As Harbaugh wouuld say…”All arrows pointing up”.

    2. I’ll take this win! Players made plays. I like how the Offense came back from the dead.
      I’d prefer that keep develop into a pocket passer, go through progressions but it’s not going to happen this year. It’s going to take a team effort.
      Crabs and Boldin are the receiving corp. That’s the way it is. Davis missed a lot of catches. I think he had zero???
      Kendall’s run was big.

      1. Luke Wilson (the backup to Vance in college) looks better than Vance this year. Luke gets open & finds the soft spots in coverages and catches everything thrown his way.

  19. Crabtree was the difference maker on offense. Really forgot what a beast he was, no wonder ckone had struggled throughout the season

  20. Face it…Niners are shaky at home, we are “road warriors”….I like our chances playing in Dal, GB or Chi then in Seattle or Carolina. Just like Ravens ran the table on the road last year.

    1. That was the game against Buffalo on ESPN! I remember they were calling that play “The Hit”. It would have been more historical had we won the Super Bowl that year. Was that 95 of 96?

  21. One of my friends text me this message just now…
    “No there is no never buddy but i got to be honest its going to be a good game at the desert buddy but i see arizona beating the niners and the saints beating tb wait and minute the niners won’t be 5 seed they will be a 6 seed buddy the saints will have the tie breaker buddy”…
    He says buddy a lot…and he’s full of crap…

  22. So my thoughts, the lambs RAM up, the falcons beat the panthers minus Steve Smith, we beat AZ and get the number one seed.

    we came out flat this game because of all the hoopla surrounding the last game at candlestick park. We did the same in the super bowl last year. This time we made the play at the end of the game. there’s something to be said for that.

    1. Big Niner,

      Atlanta came out like every other spoiler in the NFL did yesterday.they played like it was their Super Bowl. Their job was to keep us out of the playoffs like so many teams did yesterday. I knew this was going to be a tough game. The Falcons didn’t like us beating them on their house last year for a chance at the Super Bowl. They were looking for revenge, we weren’t flat.

  23. Wow! We’ve got to send a special thank you card to the Falcons coaching staff for the stupidest playcalling in football history! You’re on the 11 yard line with 3 TO’s, you have been throwing the previous 9 plays, you’ve got Steven Jackson in the backfield, and you throw on first down….How predictable can you be? Jackson up the middle twice, and you use over a minute of clock and still have your TO’s if your last 3rd down pass goes sour and you have to kick a FGH for the tie. In over 60 years of following niner football, I’ve never seen anything that STUPID!!!!

    1. waaaa waaaa waaaa We get it, your a ‘chickens fan that is upset that the 49ers didn’t lose. Now go put your sour grapes back in the fridge because you’re gonna need them for next week too.

    2. Oregon – you are waaaay too upset to be a Niner fan…….we won…….you play to win the game….hello…..you play to win the game.

      1. Crab

        I think that you were one of the bloggers last year who complained that we didn’t win by ENOUGH. I was the one then who was saying it only takes one more point than the other guy. I’m only upset that the playcalling on Atlanta’s side was really dumb. Too upset to be a niner fan…???

    3. Oregon, The same game plan was very effective for them since the defense could not stop Matt Ryan. Matt was dicing up the defense with completions. This was a huge thank you to Fangio for calling a extremely gutsy call with a full house rush and thanks to Brock for jumping the route and Bowman the superman for catching the ball and running it for TD! This was just an amazing defensive call and effort.

  24. the measure of the Niners tonight
    goes deeper than the final score
    (against a 4-10 Falcon’s team…)
    Total yards: 402 (ATL) – 379 (SF)
    first downs: 26 (ATL) – 20 (SF)
    passing yrds: 348 (ATL) – 197 (SF)
    penalties: 5 (ATL) – 7 (SF)
    Atlanta also led in terms of 3rd down efficiency
    and time of possession.

    Those pesky details suggest that Coach Harbaw
    may not get the Super Bowl monkey off his back
    for another year… or two? scratch-scratch-scratch

    1. Grant Please ban this troll of the 49ers insider blog. His is disrespectful to our team and ridicules. I just do not see how we can allow some one to consistently post comments without any insight and with intent to irritate 49er fans. Thanks Grant

    2. There are many college psych classes these days analyzing the behavior of internet trolls such as yourself. I’ve sat in on a few. You are basically engaging in anti-social behavior, probably as a result of some sort of chaos in your life or upbringing. In a young man, such behavior can be expected at times, but your manner indicates that you are an older person, and if bad life experience has brought you to this state, then I am sorry. These are some treatments that might help, they are available from any licensed therapist:
      Cognitive behavioural therapy
      Cognitive bias modification
      Empathy training

      1. What about Culliver as the other starter? Just want to say that Whitner got flagged because of his comments to the media a couple weeks ago on his previous fine. The NFL does not like to be embarrassed publicly and although it was a clean hit, it was because of his mouth that he got flagged and hopefully this does not follow him into the playoffs.

  25. The Niners squeezed out the win on a last minute pick six. Before we all start with the obligatory handwringing over not dominating, please consider that Seattle won 4 games by less than 7 points against the Texans, Titans, Bucs, & Rams.

  26. Oh my god the mystery of Candlestick will live for ever after tonight:)

    What a game Niner faithful, I was worried we were going to sleep walk tonight because of all the hype. Atlanta showed up to play tonight and they had a great game plan but ultimately we got the W baby.

    Man how many dropped passes tonight! What was up with VD and the kid Vance M needs confidence since he is running low on fuel tank. What a great WIN, GO NINERS

  27. One giant, humongous play counteracts all the choke, iffy play, that could have put a damper on this game, and maybe season. Lucky, I am in a forgivin’ mood! WHooooooooooHooooooooooooooooo!

    1. I thought it was football. My mistake. NFL must = National Falafel League. Anybody with the football must be treated as though they have a Biological Weapon. Sorry, but Kizz my flipping axe. THAT’S Football? Somebody trippin.

    2. Bad call!
      This has been the worst season for referee calls and non-calls.
      The NFL will need to address this problem during the off season and hopefully come up with some answers to help their crews by next season.

      My suggestion is the same as Jon Gruden’ which is to allow coaches to throw a red flag when they feel a referees call or non-call can be challenged.
      Perhaps allowing each team to use a one (1) red flag challenge per half would be a good place to start.

      Games should never be determined by bad calls or non-calls, and this season has had to many games which have ended like this.

  28. Niners didn’t play great but the whole setup was not in their favor. Hugely favored, pressure to win the last game at Candlestick, pressure to clinch playoffs. Give credit to Atlanta, they did not lie down and really came to play. I think next week hopefully they can get back to executing. Cardinals in AZ will be a big challenge but hopefully being away from home and the hoopla will help them just focus on football.

    1. 7x7ers, Atlanta has a great QB in Matt and R White always plays well against us. They wanted to make a point for last year on a very big stage. I give credit to 49ers for coming up with a W. GO RAMS and NINERS

  29. The NFL had the refs try their hardest to make next week’s game against the Cards another play-in to add to their list for ratings. Buck the establishment!!! Big game Bo had other ideas! Crooked ass refs!

    1. Agreed Chicago49ers,
      Kendall is ready to take a larger role in this offense. But getting him more carries is a real challenge with F.Gore in the lineup.

      F.Gore is the man, because he more than makes up for his lack of speed by doing so many other things extremely well.
      But for now, K.Hunt will just need to make the most of his time when he gets his chances.

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