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  1. Cool stadium. I give Levi’s the edge simply because it’ s an open field with a huge lower bowl. However, in terms of fan experience, if traffic isn’t as bad at US BANK Stadium, than it wins out as the superior football venue. The traffic situation is laughable in Santa Clara! And what’s up with that janky turf? What can’t they get the field figured out?

    On a different note, I’m loving having John Lynch as a face of the franchise! Above reproach!

  2. OK , I wont mention the background.
    Shirts look good, haircut losing it’s sharpness already?
    I wont mention the background, it’s not signed so it’s probably made by a family member
    Watch the hands, don’t get too close, looks freaky.
    I wont mention the background, but if you go sit a little lower that black bar can go in one ear and come out the other instead of through your neck.
    looks like you got a tripod, much better
    keep up the good work!
    I wont mention the background.

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