49ers vs. Eagles live blog: First quarter

SANTA CLAR A — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 4 game against the Eagles. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:24 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

1:24 The 49ers went from 5.5 point favorites to 4 point favorites this morning. What do the bookies know at this late an hour????

1:26 Jimmie Ward tackles Chris Polk at the Eagles’ 21.

1:28 Nick Foles keeps the ball on a read-option play and run for a one-yard gain on third-and-1 from the Eagles’ 30. Jim Harbaugh is challenging. He thinks Foles’ knee was down before he reached the 31.

1:31 The ruling on the field stands. The 49ers lose their first timeout less than a minute into this one.

1:32 Nick Foles overthrows Zach Ertz on third-and-five from the 36 and the Eagles have to punt. Foles missed overthrew a deep pass to Brent Celek the play before.

1:33 Ellington almost fumbles the punt and gets tackled at the 49ers’ 17.

1:37 Alex Boone gives up a sack on third-and-13.

1:38 Brad Smith rushes right up the middle and blocks the punt in the end zone. The Eagle recover. Touchdown Eagles. They lead 7-0.

1:38 Let’s recap that series: Two yard completion to Vernon Davis on first down. No huddle, empty set on second down — throw away. Vernon Davis false start on third-and-8. Kaepernick sacked on third-and-13. Punt blocked in the end zone on fourth down. Quite a series.

1:41 Ellington returns the kick to the 49ers’ 20.

1:42 Gore gains 15 yards on a draw to the weakside. Good play call.

1:54 Phil Dawson makes the 29-yard field goal attempt. 7-3 Eagles. On second-and-18 two plays before the kick, Kaepernick threw behind Stevie Johnson who was wide open running a crossing route. Johnson dropped the pass.

1:56 Michael Crabtree has a foot injury and his return is questionable.

1:57 Kaepernick has been sacked three times already. One sack was called back because the officials penalized Alex Boone for holding.

1:58 Dawson’s kickoff is a touchback.

2:03 Foles throws the ball away on third-and-6 from the 39 and the Eagles’ punt. Touchback. Brandon Boykin seems to have pulled his hamstring on the play. He’s the Eagles’ best cornerback.

2:09 Brandon Graham blows by Joe Staley and sacks Kaepernick for a 7-yard loss on first-and-10 from the Eagles’ 47. Anthony Davis is down. An Eagle hit his left knee from behind.

2:11 Davis is walking slowly to the 49ers’ locker room.

2:12 Crabtree is back in the game.

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  1. Ars you kidding me?! A little under three minutes into the game and we’re down by a TD? I don’t know whose blocking was worse: Boone’s and Davis’ or the STs unit.

    1. He’s got a 120 million dollar qb…the qb has to produce, you get paid like that you produce no matter the calls. People wouldn’t make excuses like this for luck or Wilson.

    1. Boone is killing us. We need 2 guards and a damn center! These guys can’t sustain a block. Kap is getting waaay too much pressure up the middle. He can’t even step up in the pocket.

      1. They need to roll the pocket then….the dbs for the Eagles are trash so that should impact the pass game, wrs need to come back on their routes.

    1. They have played bad. They are turning Kap into Jim Everett, his eyes are constantly looking at the line and not staying down field.

    1. If the offense keeps running and killing clock and keeping the defense fresh, they can. But let’s see if they chose to keep running or get pass happy with their “ferrari” qb.

  2. What do you know, you run AND pass and your offense can move chains and keep drives alive and get points….what a novel fking concept.

  3. Two plays in particular there that Kaep needs to do a much better job of ball placement. Lloyd’s catch could have been a big gainer if it was out in front of him, and the ball Stevie Johnson dropped was also too far behind him and could have been close to a 1st down if he was allowed to run onto it.

  4. Foles steps in the pocket and throws a pass and gets a first down. Kaep runs around, and relies way too much on this running ability.
    He has Gore in the flat a few times but never threw it.
    But right now the O-Line is horrendous. Boone whiffed on three blocks already.

  5. And that is what happens when your OL keeps letting the DL through. This time Staley, and looks like he’s gotten A. Davis hurt. Disgraceful blocking. The OL is a shambles.

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