49ers vs. Saints live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 9 game against the Saints. I will update this with information and analysis from the press box.

10:55 According to Adam Schefter, who cites “sources close to Chip Kelly,” the 49ers’ head coach will not leave the 49ers this offseason to return to college football. What do you make of this report? Do you buy it? Why or why not?

11:50 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • RB Carlos Hyde
  • CB Rashard Robinson
  • QB Christian Ponder
  • OLB Aaron Lynch
  • DL Mike Purcell
  • OT John Theus
  • WR Keshawn Martin

11:55 Here are the Saints’ inactives:

  • DB De’Vante Harris
  • RB Marcus Murphy
  • RB Daniel Lasco
  • LB Dannell Ellerbe
  • OL Landon Turner
  • WR Tommylee Lewis
  • DT John Jenkins

1:05 Jimmie Ward stood five feet in front of Colin Kaepernick as he knelt during the National Anthem and blocked photographers who were trying to take snapshots of the quarterback.

1:06 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

1:14 DeForest Buckner tips Drew Brees’ pass on third-and-12, and the Saints punt. Niners start at their 24-yard line.

1:22 Colin Kaepernick overthrows DuJuan Harris in the flat on third-and-18. and on fourth down Phil Dawson makes a 49-yard field goal. 3-0 Niners. The Saints defense gave up 53 yards on the first three plays of the drive, then the 49ers committed two penalties and went backward. The tempo of the Niners’ offense tends to give opposing defenses problems early games until the opponent adjusts.

1:33 Tim Hightower runs a draw and scores a touchdown from four yards out. 7-3 Saints. During that drive, the Niners’ defense gave up a 32-yard catch to a wide open Josh Hill on third-and-1, a 23-yard catch to Michael Thomas on third-and-5, and a 9-yard catch to Coby Fleener on third-and-9.

1:39 On first-and-10 from the 49ers’ 49, Colin Kaepernick stares down a throw to his left and gets intercepted by Craig Roberston. Saints ball at the Niners’ 12.

1:42 Michael Thomas beats Jimmie Ward for a one-yard touchdown catch on third-and-goal. Easy. 14-3 Saints. Game over.

1:53 The Saints stop DuJuan Harris for no gain on fourth-and-1. Saints’ ball at their 24.

2:03 On third-and-goal from the 5, Brees completes a screen pass to Ingram, and Ronald Blair tackles him into the end zone. Touchdown. The officials are reviewing the play to see if Ingram maintained control of the ball. Seems to me like he did.

2:06 Touchdown stands. 21-3 Saints.

2:12 On second-and-7, Kaepernick throws a swing pass to Harris behind the line of scrimmage and Harris runs 47 yards down the sideline for a touchdown. Horrifying defense from the Saints on that play. 21-10 New Orleans.

2:19 On first-and-10 from the Saints’ 25, Mark Ingram runs off right tackle and runs 75 yards untouched for the touchdown. 28-10 Saints. Quinton Dial had no gap integrity on that play. Allowed himself to get pushed to the inside, which created a huge hole.

2:24 Kaepernick throws behind Jeremy Kerley on third-and-4 from the Saints’ 39. Then Dawson makes a 48-yard field goal. The crows goes wild! 28-13 Saints.

2:33 Tramaine Brock breaks up a deep pass intended for Michael Thomas on third-and-4 form the Saints’ 46.

2:37 Kaepernick throws a five yard pass to Vance McDonald who turns upfield and runs 60 yards untouched for a touchdown. 28-20 Saints. Some serious defense being played today.

2:45 The Saints drive the field and kick a field goal before halftime. 31-20 New Orleans.

3:03 Mike Davis fumbles at the Saints’ 1-yard line and New Orleans recovers.

3:06 Saints go three-and-out.

3:13 Kaepernick throws a one-hopper to Kerley on third-and-10 from the Saints’ 28.

3:14 Phil Dawson makes a 46-yard field goal. 31-23 Saints.

3:25 The Saints miss a 55-yard field-goal attempt. Niners’ ball at their 45.

3:29 Kaepernick runs into a sack on second down and throws five feet over Aaron Burbridge’s head on third-and-12. Niners go three-and-out.

3:38 Brees throws a 33-yard pass that bounces off the back of Brock’s left shoulder and into the hands of Michael Thomas. Touchdown. 38-23 Saints.

3:45 Niners go three-and-out in 12 seconds. Record?

3:57 The Saints kick a 41-yard field goal with 8:52 left. 41-23 Saints.

4:04 Kaepernick drops a low snap on fourth-and-5. Saints’ ball at their 8.

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  1. He may not choose to leave but Jed should fire Kelly regardless. Probably won’t happen though and sadly, I won’t be surprised if the Yorks hang onto Baalke as well… They don’t want to roam outside of their comfy zone while continuing to make an empty promise that “they’re confident in Trent’s new plan to bring home their 6th super bowl banner in 2017.” Sure thing, Jed.

  2. Not sure this means much. 1. Coaches always deny wanting to leave. 2. It may not matter if the team keeps playing this way. Though I don’t see the Yorks paying for 3 coaches next year. 3. I think Kelly is in the midst of a power play with Baalke the end result being he or Baalke will leave.

  3. The rumor is false because Kelly is too smart to let “sources close to” him know what he is really thinking, unless those sources could be trusted to keep quiet. My prediction is that the stars will line up and it will be in the York’s and Kelly’s interest to mutually part ways. That won’t come until near or after the end of the season. This is about saving face and moving on. Kelly will speak to Jed re next year and say that he is totally committed to staying BUT, if Jed wants to take the team in another direction – well – Kelly will gladly voluntarily move on. It will be an offer that Jed can’t refuse. Oregon fans will already have assured Chip that there is no financial downside and he can move on without burning any NFL bridges.

      1. WC, if Kaep leaves because of Baalke, I bet Chip will bail.

        Why would he stay here? He will have no QB, mediocre WRs, a fragile RB, ST LBs, and marshmallow safeties. Oregon will pay him well, but more importantly, they will treat him well.

      1. I didn’t say Kelly was smart. I said he was too smart to do something as stupid as discussing the matter with someone he couldn’t trust.

  4. I take everything that comes out of these national reporters with a grain of salt. Usually it’s just agenda driven by interested parties involved. I sure the hell hope this franchise completely cleans house, but it’s likely they’re not sensible enough to realize that’s what’s needed….

  5. I am content. On the KNBR pregame show, they brought up the fact that Baalke signed a former Saint and Patriot for intel from a future opponent.

    Too bad he is also an ACL player. Typical Baalke.

  6. Niners will win if Kaep can outscore Breeze. Both defenses are suspect.

    Kaep should not worry about the score. He should just concentrate on converting third downs and scoring TDs, not field goals.

    Chip needs to be bold.

      1. Yep, he went for it on 4th and 1. Too bad it failed. Niners need to have a 1 yard play and practice it until it is second nature.

        They did settle for field goals, but I think it was 4th and long, so it was justifiable, but I just wish he had a- Damn The Torpedoes- attitude.

  7. I’m coaching the 49ers, rich in history,
    so I’m not leaving fans in misery,

    10 million or not,
    I don’t give a squat,

    Yorkies love their team,
    not for the money,
    I’m this extension it seems,

    So we’re all in it for the fans,
    Sans, Pecuniary matters,

    Oregon can go to the Ducks!

    1. Details | Limerick | |
      Drew Threw
      Drew Brees threw with ease
      For Who-Dats to please
      But never encroach
      Upon the head coach
      In spite of their pleas

      Copyright © Quentin Ehlinger | Year Posted 2013

      1. Jed’s (Real) State of The 49ers and a York Family Dinner Conversation:

        A project manager’s dilemma in five limericks

        with 5 comments

        It is so very hard to cope
        with such a platitudinous scope;
        vague and unclear,
        I’ll tell you right here,
        of making it we have no hope.

        The goal so very elastic,
        based on claims fantastic.
        Slick presentations,
        and proclamations
        couched in language bombastic.

        I’ve deployed many dark arts.
        Simulations and Gantt Charts.
        All to no avail,
        my project will fail.
        I may as well be throwing darts.

        My project, like shifting sand,
        is starting to get out of hand.
        Despite all attempts
        it still makes no sense.
        I really think it should be canned.

        This truth spinning round in my head


  8. More York hits of the field then on: YORK’S CALL THE POLICE ON TIM KAWAKAMI…He probably said he would not pay their dinner bill. TomD

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted SportsHutch

    There are no grown-ups in there. Just very powerful neurotic small-timers.

    Not to mention when they used the police to call you. I mean … what is that even?

    11:26 AM – 6 Nov 2016

    1. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
      Tim Kawakami Retweeted Marshall Auerback

      Baalke’s repeated quirks in personnel decisions is part of why he and Harbaugh battled so much.

  9. It would not shock me in the least if Kelly and Baalke return in 2017 because the York family does not care about winning; it is only about the money for them.

    1. Was that route or Seb’s storm tout…Anyway to Change his deluge predictions to the opposing team because he’s creating a reverse storm effect now.

    1. Hmm, the Saints were deceptive. Like the Breeze passes that allowed the WR to fight for the ball, maybe the Niners could learn about how being deceptive can make their opponent make a mistake.

      I hope Kaep and Patton sync up more. QP had a 100 yard day.

  10. Looking worse than ever after the bye… Just further proof that it’s time to blow up this team, coaching staff, FO and start over.

  11. Hightower and Ingram killing it for the saints today. I see the park is 1/4 full today. is that about right, 25% in attendance?

    1. It’s a shame they don’t have an athletic QB that could fake the inside hand off and run the naked boot on 4th and 1. A true shame.

    1. I think they’re ignoring Chip and he’s lost the locker room. The goon throwing to antoher goon is not working for the 49ers. Can we have a Ponder? Oh, he’s inactive? Well, just lose baby.

  12. Did I call it right baby or did I call it right? Saints 21 49ers 3 so far. 6 out of 7 3rd downs. 49ers stinking it up.

    1. Are you taking credit for “predicting” that the Saints would score on their next possession? Impressive I mean after they came out and scored two quick TD’s nobody in their right mind would conceive they might get another one relatively quick as well.

      You’re a regular sage.

    1. I didn’t make an actual prediction other then saints win. But if the 49ers were a good D red zone prevent team out there, it could’ve been 17 to 3 or FG blocked, but I know what the D was so I knew Saints would score and it’s 21 to 3.

      I would say actual score: Saints 35 as they score in the 30s, 49ers 9, they miss the 2 point conversation, score near the end of 4th quarter.

  13. I’m not trying to be political, but WHY IS IT the NFL is televising the Hillary and not the Trump ad? When they broadcast the Hillary ads, man, the stuff I can’t mention is just flowing down the creek by Santa Clara, and that’s just sad. NFL should stop airing these ads if they can’t be fair to the other party. Not saying who to vote for, but how about some equality?

    Meantime, go Saints.

      1. EMJay, don’t you make me say that T word and it’s not Touchdown either. this state of California is like the 49ers, full of FAKERS and they’ll be exposed on Election Day as the vermin that they are. That’s why I take pleasure watching Jed York look like the weasel you’re all voting for.

      1. It’s an amazing concept that. I personally hate both candidates but how one can cry foul when one candidate buys adds and the other doesn’t?

  14. Darren5000
    November 6, 2016 at 2:06 pm
    I’m not trying to be political,
    Yes you are now drop it and get back to the game. Nobody wants to talk about that crap right now.

    1. Still think it’s a one sided affair on the end, but back to the game. Already know who I want to win so moving on.

      Go Saints. I think of it as we’ll be no. 2 behind Browns 0 and 16, no way Browns are winning a game. i hope the browns don’t wind up firing the coach as he shouldn’t be blamed for the key QB situations.

  15. Down 18, and the first down play is a completion for no gain. So glad they made a switch at QB. What an improvement.

        1. Go to the previous blog. I said the Niners should invite the stacked box, then use Harris with a pass to the flat.

          Worked out well.

  16. I could post another Sunday anti Chip post. I could go anti Kap, Baalke. Paraag, O’Neil, Modkins, or Jed.

    I probably should go all the way to the top and rip Denise. But I have officially checked out. I will say this, Every person I mentioned in this post needs to go.

  17. Just made the Saints mad. 400 yards coming up from the Brees. Saints D going to lay a smack on Mr. Harris, he going to wish he were back on the bench.

    1. Was Eric Reid kneeling down by Kap the goon again? Doesn’t that tell him something that when he kneels by Kap, he has a bad game?

  18. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now you can stop broadcasting the H commercials for you just motivated the Saints baby! Whooo, Ingram just used the N word on the camera just now! Smell an NFL fine coming up for him.

    1. Remember when O’Neill said during TC and the beginning of the year, that the safety position was the strongest on defense. Based on that it’s so easy to understand why this entire defense sucks.

  19. Imagine how ugly this would really be if the Saints actually had a good defense.

    Lol at hose that argued with me about this being a winnable game back in the Summer.

  20. It was good to see that last time the 49ers were 1 and 6, they fired the head coach. No wait, they didn’t? Chip Kelly is still there? I thought it was a robot.

  21. Harold sums up this defense well. He gets run over every play by finesse backs. He is the definition of SOFT (along with the rest of this sorry excuse for a defense).

  22. Kaep is letting it all hang out in the first half. I would like to see him throw the deep ball to Smith versus the short stuff.

  23. Will we have another 3rd quarter swoon? So far the 49ers have scored a whopping 10 total points in the 3rd quarter.

  24. Niners have another record. First time in NFL history that a team has allowed a 100 yard rusher in seven consecutive games.

    1. You mean the dude with the 118 passing rating (ahead of Drew)? Wookay… think it’s maybe the defense and not Colin? Sheesh…

  25. Sorry, I have to say something. 1:09 drive after the D holds up after a long drive. The D will be tired and get gashed again.

  26. I hope after the election that Kaepernick moves to a new country. Did he say he was going to leave the country after the election result?

  27. Niners are the first team in NFL history to give up 100 yd rushers 7 weeks in a row… Sure glad they decided not to can O’Neil :/

    1. I have a feeling Baalke and Kelly will be back and Jed will justify it by firing O’Neil 15 games too late because that is all that is wrong with this team (in Jed’s eyes).

  28. Oh, forget the grades. Let’s just put Jed on detention. He can spend the next two weeks after school with the Wood Shop teacher, Mr. Botoski…

  29. Another week, another 500 yards allowed. I wonder what the NFL record is for consecutive weeks allowing over 500 yards?

  30. Carson Wentz 364 passing. Well if Kap can throw 40 more yards, he’ll be the top passer for a 1 and 7 team. I still give him an F. Saints D was sloppy.

    1. Baalke had determined that Wentz was not needed by the 9ers……This truly is the worst pro team of any kind or sport in the U.S.

  31. Kaepernick would have pretty good numbers if the game was played for one half. Unfortunately for him and the faithful there are two halves in football. Kap’ bipolar football play can’t cut it.
    The 2017 draft can’t come soon enough. Problem is, we need an overhaul on almost every position.

        1. This front office doesn’t value the Center position like they should. The Cowboys took Fredricks in the 1st round and the Colts took Kelly in the first. Kilgore isn’t even a true Center. Captain Obvious on the quarterback, but the Center and NT positions have neglected along with the skill positions. That’s why this entire dumpster fire needs to burn to the ground and rebuilt….

    1. Kaep throws for 398 and 2 TDs, and you all are dissing him for losing the game?

      How about that rush defense? I swear to God I saw players jump out of their gaps just as the RB runs through them. It was a shameful performance, and will likely set new records in failures. Like Devey last season, the Niners may not win another game with Bellore as ILB.

      Kaep did not play a complete game, but I also saw players on a different page and several drops.

      I am encouraged. I actually saw Kaep on the move, and he was deadly accurate. Kinda like the Sundance Kid. In the second half, they contained him in the pocket, and I did not see any rollouts. I even saw a play I advocated before. Torrey ran 5 steps, did a double move, and took off down the right side line. Too bad the DB was reading his eyes. I had advocated that Kaep look to the left, pump fake left, then point left. Then he should have heaved it down the right side line and let Torrey fight for the ball.

      The defense was on the field for over 70 snaps. They must have more 3 and outs if they want to rest more. Breeze surgically eviscerated the Niner secondary. Some of the receivers looked uncovered, but go ahead and blame Kaep.

      The best defense is a good offense. If not for those fumbles, especially the one on the 1 yard line, they could have been competitive.

      The best offense is a good defense. With a putrid defense, even the best offense will fail eventually.

      Sigh, guess the Niners officially suck. I blame Baalke, for not trying to improve even with 45 mil in cap space. I hope Baalke is fired on the team bus.

      1. I could have gone out there and put up 250 on that horrific defense. It was all run after the catch. Kaep is god awful and one outlier game does not a good quarterback make. Nice of you to ignore the int, the fumbles, the sacks, the drive killing mistakes and negative plays.

      2. Kaep throws for 398 and 2 TDs, and you all are dissing him for losing the game?

        This is like congratulating a team for a victory when their opponent had forfeited.

  32. Kapernick does a much better job as an activist non team leader than as a SF quarterback. Yes everyone will say he threw for over 300 yards although half of those yards are run after catch (RAC) not much skill for that just good coaching.

    Yep, Kaoernick is not a good player although superb winer as an activist,

  33. Speaking of excuses. Why does Chip get a pass because of the bad roster but not O’Neil? They are both terrible. They’re making a poor roster look historically bad.

  34. So Kap is maybe going to be the lead passer as we still got 2 more games to play on a 1 and 7 team. ANother F performance.

  35. About damn time they finally put the commercial for the other side. Great well educated commercial. Commercial A, 49ers F.

    1. Mexico or some other third world country who could honestly give a damb. Unlike the US which has given him so much which he snubs consistently and he isnt even a premire NFL QB.

  36. Jed should be put into a straight jacket and strapped in a chair facing the 5 Lombardi trophies at 9er HQ. Have him sit there for a week, 24/7. Feed him pop tarts and one bottle of water a day.

  37. Damn it feels good to be a…Saint fan. I hope the Cards have a good bye and give the 49ers anther loss. I hope the Glendale stadium is packed in Arizona as one more loss means Chip Kelly, fired, Baalke, fired, The DC, fired, the OC, fired, Jed York, hopefully sells.

    1. OK, the choice is you can win, go to the playoffs, and be stuck with the bad QB that you got that has no respect for the country or you can tank the season, get a better selection, and get rid of the disrespected QB? Don’t tell me, eMJay that you are a liberal 49er fan? you know, the one that is so used to a QB that can’t pass for 300? Even though Kap did pass for 300, it’s vs a bad defense, only like the 7th time in his carrer, and sloppy tackling. So enjoy the 1 week in the QB top 10 Kap, you’re going back down next week. You just helped the Cards th at are on a bye week.

      1. Get politics the F out of the equation you loon. You only come around when this team is bad and spit your psychotic babble. I care not for who on here is liberal, conservative, or other, politics does not need to be interjected into our past time.

  38. Look at the bright side. We are watching history.

    With 1544 rushing yards allowed through 8 weeks the 49ers D is well on there way to catching the 1978 Bills for the most ever.

    Add to that, the D has become the first to give up 240 yards rushing in 3 straight weeks since the 1978 Chiefs.

    Pretty good for a team that has spent 10 of their 15 picks in rounds 1,2,3 since 2013 on that side of the ball.

  39. As long as fools continue to put money into the Yorks pockets, this will continue. Pick the Raiders or another team to root for.

    1. Got that right my friend as the 49er fan needs to stop being liberal and start being a real fan in boycotts, don’t go to the game, don’t watch the game, stop having hope in Mr. Kap as he’s gone, and the more that you can make the opposing fan try to fill our stadium, the more that the pressure will be for the Yorks to sell.

  40. “Prescott is also first rookie quarterback in the Super Bowl era to start and win seven of his team’s first eight games of a season.”

  41. “#Colts F. Gore is 5th player in NFL history with at least 12,500 rushing yards and 400 recept (C. Martin, Tomlinson, E Dickerson, W. Payton)”

    Come hell or high water I will be in Canton when Gore gets his jacket.

  42. Arizona will put an end to the Kap experiment. Just like they ended the Gabby experiment. Kap might get sacked 10 times and that’s not hyperbole.

    Good thing we drafted a QB to develop. :-(

    1. 80, I am heartened to see Kaep have enough time to throw, and he made some good throws. When they allowed him to roll out, he made plays. However, he was not consistent. The Niners need to make adjustments in the second half.

      I am really happy that DuJuan Harris is finally getting a chance to play. He looks elusive.

      Even though I am an ardent fan of Kaep, I still think that Chip should make the QB position competitive. Let Kaep start, but once they turn it over, let Gabbert or Ponder take the snaps, and he would continue to start as long as they keep scoring. It would reward success, and any team on a 7 game losing streak should be desperate enough to do it.

        1. Prime, we all saw what could happen if Kaep has more than a nanosecond to throw. I am a fan. I will not engage in schadenfreude like the others. The Niners can build on this loss. Even the run game was productive, so I actually think they could be competitive if they sat Bellore. Get a couch potato. Get an UDFA. Poach a practice squad player. Start Skov, I thought he was stout against the run, and he was only weak in the passing plays.

          1. I also saw the inaccuracy! The poor leadership and body language when he and his teammates made mistakes.
            We also witnessed that when a defense gives you no other option but to throw in the pocket and fit the ball in tight windows or outside the numbers he could not execute.
            Poe Parrot, don’t insult the blog anymore. We all know #7 is limited. No more of your horse crap!

            1. Kaep throws for 398 yards, and you diss him.

              Rip the defense, they were the real reason they lost.

              Tim Ryan was actually parroting me when he talked about making Kaep more mobile. It was hillarious that he tried so hard to avoid any mention of gap integrity, but he was pinpointing the problem when he talked about the huge holes they ran through.

              1. The TD passes? Was that because of CK or 2 guys out running the D?
                How about the INT?
                How about late in the game and you need your QB to move the chains and he comes out with three terrible throws?

                As for Tim Ryan and your ridiculous theory about rolling him out, that’s why defenses have defensive ends dummy! To keep the QB in the pocket and make him throw from there. Eventually you will have to do it!
                You are a Parrot! Poe Parrot!

      1. seb,

        Last night I said Kap would have his best game. He looked good at times but still bad at times. Overall he exceded my expectations today.

        However, My prediction was predictable because they were playing the Saints. My prediction for next week is just as predictable. They are playing Arizona. Kap will be under pressure throughout and will have his worst game of the year.

        I not exactly sure but didn’t Az get 8 sacks on us last time? That was with Gabbert and his quick throws. Giving up 10 sacks is actually realistic this time.

        Kaps career could be over next week.

          1. You play what’s on the schedule. Against an NFL team right? Just like Prescott who played the Browns. Kaep played pretty decent today. Was not the reason why they lost.

            1. He’s average. Mediocre at best. You won’t win many games in this league with a so so QB. Unless you have an all world supporting cast. See 85 Bears! Trent Dilfer and Bucks 2001!

              1. Well there Prime he has a all world Pathetic supporting cast. The Browns have a much better supporting cast then the Niners. Prior and Coleman are much better WRs then our joke of a core.

              2. Yes terrible supporting cast but the skill set hasn’t changed. Accuracy, leadership and precision passing still is limited!

              3. They need to blow this team up.. I agree with what you said though especially about leadership! We need a new face of this franchise!

            2. What’s your point with what I said? He did what most QB’s in the league should be able to do against a defense of that caliber. That’s quite an accomplishment for a 5th year player appearing in his 61st game. Totally comparable in situation to a rookie appearing in his 8th game.

              You guys never learn. Sad.

              1. He has nothing around him Coffee. His starting RB was a guy from the streets. Pretty decent find but still a no buddy. His receivers are a joke. This team is a joke. He played a little better then decent today. Showed some signs of the 2012 Kaep IMO.

              2. Winner, Kap had plenty of tallent arround him and I dissagree, he played subpar today which is about as consistant in the last season Jim Harbaugh was coach.

                Kap is not an NFL permier QB.

    2. I would love to see Gore inducted as a 49er. But Gore wasn’t too happy with the FO treatment of Harbaugh and not resigning Iupoti who played an integral part to opening running lanes for him.

      CFC, maybe you could save a seat at the induction ceremony for Grant who will be wearing a “he’s got no legs” tee-shirt.

        1. 80,
          Agreed. But Jed & Trent tossed salt on the wound by saying that the team could win with Tomsula. What a joke!
          I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly jumps ship after the season.
          What Jed Trent have done to our team is unacceptable.

  43. Balke needs to be canned. I’ve never seen such incompetence in a GM in any sport. Correct me if I’m wrong but has any other GM completely whiffed on an entire draft before(2012)? Not only is there no one on that draft on the niners still, but I don’t believe any of them are even in the NFL now. Not to be Captain Obvious, but we axed the wrong guy (Harbaugh)

  44. I wonder if Chad Kelly’s injury will have an effect on how many of the Junior QB prospects stay for their senior year.

    1. Not sure if Kelly’s injury specifically will lead to it, but my expectation atm is that most (though unlikely all) of the underclassmen QBs being discussed as potential first through third round picks will declare (Watson, Kizer, Kaaya, Falk, Trubisky, Mahomes, Rudolph).

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