49ers need continuity on offense

When the 49ers originally named Mike Singletary as interim coach to take over for Mike Nolan, the organization’s plan was to hire a permanent replacement whose background was on offense. That way, regardless of what happened with the assistant coaches, the offense would remain unchanged.


But Singletary made a big enough impact in his nine games as coach, the 49ers felt they had no other choice – for the job he did and the job they thought he would do in the future – to sign him to a four-year contract.


Oh, sure, the defense has some issues, too. But the biggest question marks with the 49ers remain on offense. Today, I wrote about how critical the final six games are for quarterback Alex Smith and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.


It should be noted that Singletary has never expressed any doubt about Raye as his offensive coordinator. But Singletary must examine every aspect of the team and his staff. With all the talk of the “spread offense,” it seems what’s truly important is that the 49ers maintain stability and continuity.


Is Raye the long-term answer? It depends on what you consider long term. He has been an offensive coordinator seven previous times. His longest stay in that role was with the Chiefs from 1998 to 2000. The most logical successor is QBs coach Mike Johnson, who spent his year away from football last season completing his communications degree and learning more about the spread offense.


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The New York Jets stood to lose a lot more than the 49ers would gain if the tampering charge against the Jets could be proved.


The NFL had started its investigation. A 49ers source told The Press Democrat on Monday that the 49ers had dropped their charges that the Jets illegally made contact with the agent for then-unsigned draft pick Michael Crabtree. It looked as if this was going to be a very difficult case for the 49ers to prove.


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The Cowboys released return man Allen Rossum. He had one kickoff return and then sat out a month with a hamstring injury. So with all the talk about how the 49ers needed Rossum, he might not have been available anyway.


The 49ers have no interest in re-signing Rossum, a source said. Rossum missed three games last season with injuries. He began this season with regular appearances on the injury report, too. The 49ers did not feel as if they could rely on the 34-year-old Rossum, who was solely a return man.


Of course, the 49ers’ return situation has not been stable. Michael Robinson and Arnaz Battle – both of whom sustained injuries on Sunday against the Packers. Reggie Smith (punt) and Josh Morgan (kickoffs) ended the game as the return men.


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