Aldon Smith on playing every down: “Maybe I get more double teams.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Aldon Smith said Thursday about playing every down as opposed to just passing downs this season.

Q: Is it a big transition for you this season playing every down? Are teams still playing you the same way?

ALDON SMITH: I play every down now, so maybe I get more double teams than maybe I would have. Really it’s all football. Some teams play their game a little bit toward me, but it’s the same thing basically.

Q: How are you at the end of games after playing every snap versus coming in for pass plays?

ALDON SMITH: I’m a little more tired than I would have been. Obviously, I’ve probably made more plays since I’ve been out there more.

Q: Do you think it affects your pass rush in any way?

ALDON SMITH: If anything, I’m able to get a better rhythm because I’m having more reps and more snaps.

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