Alex Smith wants the 49ers to release him, and I want a million dollars

As you probably know, NBC reported Monday morning Alex Smith wants the 49ers to release him before free agency starts in March.

Sure, and I’d like to win the Powerball Lottery, too.

Here’s a more realistic offseason scenario for Smith: After the smoke clears from Super Bowl week, he or his agent can give the 49ers a list of teams which Smith finds desirable, and the Niners can see if they are able to work out a trade for draft picks this year and *conditional draft picks in 2014.

That way, the 49ers get something in return for Smith – a sure pick in this coming draft in April (lucky to be a third rounder), and an “if” deal for another pick or picks in 2014 predicated on Smith’s performance.

If Smith comes through for his new club, the Niners get more, and if Smith doesn’t deliver, the team that traded for him doesn’t get stuck overpaying.

*The conditional pick is normally floated as a sixth rounder that escalates to a third or second rounder the following draft based on Smith’s various achievements like playing time, playoff qualification, pass attempts, etc.

Also, there is usually an injury clause attached to the conditional pick, so if Smith goes down, the conditional pick is less than if he had stayed healthy, but more than if he had stayed healthy and not achieved the escalators in the trade agreement.

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