Boldin: “If you get called for it, it’s holding. If not, it’s not holding.”

SANTA CLARA — Anquan Boldin spoke in the 49ers’ media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


The Seahawks defensive backs play a very physical style. Everybody knows that. Do you and your teammates have a sense at this point what will be called and not called?

“You never know what would be called and what wouldn’t. For us we play football and let the refs do what they do.”


Did you feel in your previous games against the Seahawks, was there anymore or less called against them than other games you played this year?

“If you get called for it, it’s holding. If not, it’s not holding. So, you just play football.”


What have the six weeks been like with you and WR Michael Crabtree on the field together and this passing game has found a nice rhythm?

“Yeah, that was the vision going in, him on one side, me on the other [TE] Vernon [Davis] working the middle of the field. It’s tough on defenses when you have two guys outside capable of having big games, and then you have Vernon inside matched up with linebackers. So, it gives defenses fits.”


You play physically at wide receiver. Does that go back to playing defense in high school or just a response to the way defensive backs are playing against you or why do you sort of enjoy playing as physical as you do?

“That’s just my personality. It’s always been the way that I played the game. I was always told if you don’t play the game all out, then you’re cheating yourself.”


What’s the biggest difference – I know you didn’t match up against QB Colin Kaepernick last year, but as your opponent in the Super Bowl to see a rookie quarterback, now a teammate. Is there any difference you see in him that maybe you didn’t see or caught your eye from this postseason?

“He’s comfortable. It’s not a new situation for him. Last year was his first time in the playoffs.  This year, he has an understanding of what it’s like, because anytime a guy is in the playoffs for the first time, it can be tough. Everything is ramped up even more in the playoffs. So, the speed is a lot different, guys play a lot harder because everybody is trying to win a championship. So, you see he’s a lot more comfortable now, he’s a lot more relaxed and seems like the game has slowed down a lot to him.”


What makes Colin special? We know about the throwing and the running, but it seems there is an intangible quality that makes him stand out. Have you noticed it and can put it into words?

“He is confident in his abilities. He doesn’t waiver. Even when you guys say bad things about him, he’s still confident about getting his job done. He comes out here, he works his butt off every day, one of the first guys here, last to leave.”


What’s his demeanor in the huddle before a big play?

“Calm. He doesn’t change, if it’s a bad play, if it’s a big play, he doesn’t change. He’s always next play, let’s make it happen.”


You talk about how it’s different in the playoffs. You’ve had a lot of your big games in the postseason. How long did it take you to get used to that and why do you think you’ve been able to thrive as the stage gets bigger?

“Just realizing the situation. I think for some guys they don’t pay attention to the small things, and that’s one of the things that can kill you in the playoffs. You really have to go back to basics and play fundamentally sound football and take care of the small things. You’ve got to protect the ball, definitely, because one possession can cost you the game.”


What’s Jim Harbaugh’s best quality as a head coach? What makes him so good?

“The fact that he played the game.”


Their secondary, they love to talk, they love to dance, especially up there. Can you feed off that?

“We don’t care.”


What are the keys to playing a physical secondary like their’s as a wide receiver?

“What are the keys?”



“Just playing football. You just don’t get caught up into that stuff. You play the way that you normally play and you let them be themselves.”


What does it mean that he played the game, does it mean you respect him, that he relates?  What does it mean?

“He understands football.”


Do you initiate trash talk or do you just respond to it?

“Do I?”


Do you initiate the talk or do you just respond to it?

“I just respond to it. If a guy doesn’t say anything to me, then I won’t say nothing to him.”


Does it do anything for you? Do you get more hyped when guys are talking to you?

“Yeah, if guy’s really want to talk, then show me.”


Did you see a difference in how the defense played you guys Week 2 versus when Crabtree was back? Was there much single-high safety that they like to play?

Yeah, you see a difference. I think every team plays you differently as opposed to not having Crab out there. He’s definitely a weapon that you have to account for. So, we get different looks now.”


Does Harbaugh understand the game better than who didn’t play the game? Because that was what you said, that he understood the game?

“I didn’t say nothing about other coaches, I said he understood the game.”


Can you talk a little bit about the fact that you were with another team last year in the same situation, going to the Super Bowl, playing this team. You were talking about not the small things. Do you ever think about what happened last year?

Not really. For me, I’m in a situation where I’m able to possibly compete for a championship again. As a player, that’s something that you cherish, that’s something that you play for. So, I’ve been blessed to be in this position. I said it when I came over here initially, I don’t think I could have fell in a better situation. I came into a locker room with a bunch of hungry guys, guys that wanted to get back to the championship game and win it because of the bitter taste that was left in their mouth last year.”


How much animosity is there between the two teams?  Is the dislike real?

“I think so, but it’ll always be that way when you have two good teams in the same division. You play each other a couple times a year and if you’re good enough, possibly three times a year. It was the same way when I was in Baltimore playing against Pittsburgh. You respect each other as foes, but there is really a dislike.”


With the talk and the coaches, there is nothing additional in this rivalry?

“Say that again.”


The defensive backs for Seattle talking and there’s a lot of talk about Harbaugh and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s relationship, is it any different than any other divisional rivalry?

“No, it’s the same. It’s always the same.”


You said you don’t like to respond when the defensive backs talk. Do you enjoy though, it seems like you feed off of that byplay?

“It’s just a point, you want to show a guy that he can’t stop you and if you want to talk and do all of that, feel free.”


Is there a certain level of experience being able to deal with that because it looked like Carolina got a little too emotional last week?

“At the end of the day, you have to play football. You can do all the talk and rah rah you want to, At the end of the day, you have to play football. They came in the game with trying to be chippy, hitting guys late, doing that stuff. When all that emotion wears off, you’re still left with playing football and that’s when the real guys show up.”


With all the postseason experience you’ve had, have you gotten increasingly comfortable with postseason games? Is it different now than it was early in your career?

“It’s no different. You still play for the same — the goals are still the same. Everything is still the same. You’re playing to get to a championship eventually.”


Have you had any thoughts and do you have any sense if you’ll be back here next year or is that something for the offseason?

“That’s something we will deal with in the offseason. Right now, I’m focused in on beating Seattle.”


Is the communication for this offense, do you try to do same things you did earlier during the regular season when you lost up there and just do it better or or do you guys try to do something different?

“No, it’s completely different now. They’re a different team, we’re a different team. Even the second time we played them, our game plan was completely different.”


I’m talking about just communication in that loud stadium up there with the silent count or whatever Jim was talking about. Do you stick to the basics or do you try something new?

“No, you stick to the basics.”

  1. Boldin was one of the best pickups in the entire league this season. I’ve always been a fan of his going back to his Cardinal days. The guy is an absolute stud on the field.

  2. My best friend saw Anquan Boldin this evening at Safeway in Santa Clara. He says he is absolutely rip and drives a older 4 by 4. The guy is true blue color workmen. We got to sign him next season, two year deal.

    1. Neal this guy was a beast since his days in AZ and when Baltimore got him i new he would do great things. This organization and Trent would be crazy not to sign him back for several reasons:

      - Pure football player and great locker room role model
      - Offensive nightmare for defenses that plays clutch when needed
      - He has great chemistry with our young QB
      - We do not have a great history of drafting WR!!!
      - Imagine if he goes to Seattle, AZ or Rams next year!

      1. I would keep Q for the next two years. This organization better start telling him we want you Q. I am sure he feels disrespected for being traded by the Ravens. I promise you Ravens are regretting let him go and they will be after him this off season. Colin will need Crab and Q on his side until he becomes a better all around QB.

  3. That season where he had his face smashed and jaw screwed and wired together (you all remember, the collision so horrific that made Kurt Warner consider quitting the sport right then and there), he was back and catching TDs 2 or 3 weeks later. Was there ever a more display of toughness in any sport? Niners, KEEP THIS GUY!

    1. A good article on the aftermath on that incident and Boldin background.

      “Smith, who sustained a concussion on the play, was not penalized during the game, but the N.F.L. fined him $50,000 and suspended him for one game. Smith called Boldin a couple of days after the game to apologize and, in another classic Anquan moment, ended up on the receiving end of a pep talk.

      “I told him I don’t blame him for anything,” Boldin said, “and to keep playing and preparing the way he always has.”


    2. Ribs,
      Boldin is pound for pound the toughest football player I have ever seen. I remember him breaking his face, that was horrible. He came back two or three weeks later with a bunch if screws in his face and suited up! That’s on a whole other level. He really has been the difference maker this year, he’s awesome.

  4. The Niners, starring #81 and #85, with #15 back on the field, have a 3 headed receiving monster that’s hopefully going to give the over-hyped, s—
    talking Seattle secondary just enough “schooling” to shut their lame pie holes and end their season. I’ve been dreaming since week 2 that Boldin would get another chance to play these Dbags again when he actually has some help, on the other side and up the middle, and Seattle can’t have two defenders routinely mugging him on every down. Ever since Cheatin Pete smugly asked the media; “What were Anquan’s numbers tonight?” , I’ve hoped and prayed #81 would get another chance when it really mattered!
    A chance to rip that fools heart out of his chest, squash Seattle’s dreams and plant a big red and gold Forty Niner Flag in the center of Cenury Link Field! I can’t wait for the camera shots of Carroll and Sherman’s ugly ass mugs, looking surprised, sad and dejected when they realize it was all for nothing and the true winners of the division roll through Seattle on their way to their 6th Lombardi trophy! GO NINERS!

    1. Bar None – Good stuff…..hope you post more often.
      I’m getting sick of seeing Russell Wilsons post-game locker room “what’s next!?” ….and now he’s not cutting his hair until they win Super Bowl…… original is that???

      1. rib – Niners will be playing in your backyard in a couple weeks……you goin?
        If you can afford Knicks season tickets, you can afford SB tickets. :)

      2. Crabs, I had Knicks season tickets back in the days when a Knicks fan could stomach their season. That was obviously some time ago. ;)

        Superbowl? Hell yeah!! I’m trying to get my bay area brothers-in-law to commit to coming out so I can figure out how many tickets to track down.

      3. rib – Awesome…….Hope you get those SB tickets.
        What the hell is that avatar? Aliens? :)
        As for my Knicks, I hope they pull off trade for Rondo before the deadline mid February.

      4. I see 5 alien heads….damn, I watch to many ufo/bigfoot shows. I love that stuff…. I probably should not have to disclosed that. Lol

      5. That insurance app Russell Wilson has been hawking is b/s.

        He couldn’t have been clearer; he expressly told me that I should ask him about his dreams. So, I did. I asked him if he watched the 49ers-Panthers game and, if so, whether it gave him nightmares about the 49ers’ defense crushing him like a bug. He refused to answer the question. He told me that he couldn’t “talk about that now” and then suggested again that I ask him about his dreams. I figured he must not have heard me correctly, so I asked again, and he gave me the same b/s non-answer. After I asked the question the twelfth time, the app shut down. I’ve never been treated so rudely by a professional athlete. That little bastard deserves everything he is gong to get Sunday.

        And American Family Insurance can kiss my a$$.

      6. Crab
        Ur dreaming. Rondo to the knicks? no way. there is nothing that the NYK can give back that anyone would want. probably better off holding ur breath for that ridiculous blake griffin for carmelo trade that cris brousard floated

      7. At this point I’d be overjoyed if the Knicks traded J.R. Smith for a 3rd round pick. What, only 2 rounds in the NBA draft? Even better.

        Back to football, the only sport that matters at this time…

    2. gosh i hate pete’s ugly face and shermans loud, ugly mouth! Ive never openly wished for someone to get hurt playing the game…….but if i ever did it would be Shermans punk @$$!!! They need to run at him early and often like they did in S.F. Get Boone or Iupati pulling, running straight for litte Richard. Bubble screens to Crabb out of a diamond formation with AB, VD and V-mac out there to throw Shermans b!tch @$$ to the ground. Make that jerk play football as opposed to holding fore-arms of opposing players and calling it good defense.

      And i really wish…….after we beat them…..instead of shaking hands at mid field…… Harbaugh would just slap the chewing gum out of petes mouth and tell him ” ha! thats why I GOT your dream job in YOUR HOME TOWN beaaatccchhhhh!!!!

  5. Crab,
    Thanks! I’ve been here all along., following the blog since last season and enjoying the ups and downs with you and the other regulars but never throwing in my 2 cents until just recently, I think it was Grant’s most recent “if you take away that 32 yard run, then…” that finally made me speak up.
    Ribico, love the Polamalu comment! Damn clever an witty retort!

    1. Welcome to the posters club, Bar None. Did you know there is a William Floyd Parkway out on Long Island, NY? That’s true!

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