Bruce Arians explains why Colin Kaepernick is unemployed


Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians made some interesting comments about former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick Wednesday on Pro Football Talk Live:

“He can play in the right system. He’s proven that. When he was with Greg Roman, that system fit him perfectly. He’s a read-option, athletic guy. He can throw it down the field with the play-action passes. He struggled against us in the past out of the pocket. It’s just finding the right fit.”

I agree with Arians. Any team that would be interested in Kaepernick would have to feature the read option.

Here are the teams that feature that play:

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. Carolina Panthers
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. Tennessee Titans
5. Buffalo Bills

That’s only 16 percent of the NFL. And here’s the kicker: Kaepernick reportedly wants a chance to compete for a starting job, but none of those five teams I just listed is looking for a starter.

That’s why Kaepernick is unemployed.

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  1. Let’s see if any of these read option teams lose their QB to injury or in Carolina’s case if Cam Newton is the same after injuring his throwing shoulder.

    1. If Newton, Wilson, Prescott, Mariota or Taylor suffers a season-ending injury, I imagine Kaepernick would get signed to replace them.

    2. All Newton has to do early in the season until his arm is 100%, and Benji is in shape, is dump it off to McCaffrey or Samuel. Opening day I fully expect them to match up both players against Bowman if he’s on the field….

      1. I think the 9ers win the opener at home vs Carolina. Shanahan will have a strong game plan and 9er players will rise to the occasion.

        Having said that, let’s see how the 9ers exit the preseason injury-wise.

          1. Agree. I just think the 9ers will do well vs Carolina. When I mentioned Shanahan, I meant the entire game plan–offense, defense, and special teams–will be sound and executable given the players available. Shanahan will have the team well focused and ready to play.

              1. This coaching staff has been given more than a year to succeed. I don’t see any firings year 1 regardless of ineptitude.

              2. Saleh was an afterthought. Fangio is the man if it’s determined the job is too big for Saleh in 2017.

              3. What an idiot. This bullcrap comes out of your mouth everyday. And to think you actually have to gargle n spit with that mouth, it’s disgusting. Fangio isn’t coming here, just like Kaepernick isn’t coming back. Get over it.

              4. Make no mistake, Fangio is his own guy. Wonder what He’ll be thinking in January-February of next year? He may or may not feel that the 9ers would be a wonderful landing spot. As crazy fans most of us want him back. Does he want the 9ers? And what if our current DC turns out to be decent…?

                Just because we want people badly doesn’t always mean they want the 9ers when they become available. Things change month-to-month, year-to-year.

              5. Cassie, make no mistake, the defense that the new coach and gm have in place, is in no realm of Fangios defense. All of you might want him, which is fine and dandy. But for this razor guy to keep putting it in stone, like he just “knows” he is coming, is hogwash. No way the dc gets fired after one year of implementing his defense, just to completely turn it over to a new defense. This organization got enough of that under balkee. Now look at him

              6. The 49ers tried unsuccessfully to hire Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who was not allowed to get out of his contract. The 49ers could try again to hire him after next season, a source told

              7. 49ers fired there last two DCs one year after implementing their new defenses. Mr. Hater KNOWS that they will never do it again. Go figure.

              8. Whine Country… Get it right idiot and stop whining! The Niners FIRED THE LAST 2 COACHING STAFFS. Not just the DC. Me Hater Know this. So unless you see
                this entire staff getting fired, then it ain’t happening. #hatersgonnahate

              9. Razor, not one time has a SOURCE came and said, the Niners will try to hire him next year. This gm and HC were not even in place when jed made the call to talk to Vic. What drug are u on? I want some. #hatersgonnahate

              10. The entire staff was not fired in either year. Get your facts straight. If Saleh flounders, Lynch will replace him. Shanahan is a first year HC with vast previous experience as a coordinator. Saleh held clipboards and coached linebackers and has zero experience as a coordinator. He got the job by default because of the wait to hire Shanahan. Get a clue Mr. Hate.

              11. You get your facts straight, it might have not been entire staffs, but the 4 main coaches were replaced the past 2 years. Different HC, OC, DC, and Special team. So freaking what if he held clipboards, the man is a DC now because of Merritt. Otherwise he will be sitting on a couch typing like u. They will not fire this man for Vic Fangio or any other DC next year. It’s a damn process as an organization top to bottom. And it is only year 1. This ain’t dc musical chairs. Both of u are Dogg dumb. But if ur banking on Fangio like razor then I’d hate to see your banks. Clueless girls… #hatersgonnahate

              12. And then whine country’s dumb azz said, Lynch will replace him. L O Freaking L. U said Saleh held Clipboards, Lynch held tv microphones. Your contradicting yourself.. what an azz. #hatersgonnahate

              13. Sure, there have been many instances when a Coordinator is fired after a season, and many more during the season.
                While Lynch and KS are safe with their 6 year contracts, there are no guarantees for any of the others, Saleh included.
                While I wish Saleh well, He may fail miserably, since he has never been a DC before. Fangio will be available, and I sure liked his defenses, when during one year, they gave up only one 100 yard rusher and one rushing TD. That was NINER Defense.

              14. Don’t tease me…please bring back Fangio, 49ers might return as a second dynasty!

                Odds? Slim to none, and Slim took the train out of town, but he did look over his shoulder!

            1. The only reason we couldn’t interview fangio is because Chicago blocked it. Fangio’s conditions for coming back were satisfied when tomsula and baalke were fired

              1. As much as I enjoyed Fangio’s defense, no one is talking about the fact that he benefitted from the same inheritance that Harbaugh did….Our Defense was primed and ready to go when Vic came in on JH’s coattails….Vic went by the adage “…It ain’t broke; Don’t fix it…” and Harbaugh kept his nose out of the Defense….

  2. And what’s over there, what’s that? Thumping noises?
    Beating a dead horse like a chimpanzee
    Oh that ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
    Get your money for nothin’ get your clicks for free

  3. Can we please go a week without hearing about Colin. My God enough already. If the dude is smart with his money he will never have to work another day for the rest of his life. Not many people are in that position. All suggestions and theories on why he is unemployed are probably somewhat correct in some degree. Can we please move on. It’s been covered to the point of craziness. Yes he is probably getting blackballed my some clubs, some clubs don’t see him as a good fit, some don’t want the distraction, and so on and so on. Is it fair or right? No but Life is not fair. This topic has been beaten to death. Geez.

    1. The kid is not book smart. He cannot learn a playbook fast enough to be a more valuable option than the 2nd strings. His ship has sailed and his career is over. Tim Tebow has a better chance of resigning in the NFL.
      Couple all the negatives with the fact that sponsors do not want him and that is the final nail in his coffin.

  4. “…It’s just finding the right fit.”
    Kellen Clemens had no problem finding the right fit for his skill set for a dozen years in the league. So Kaep must be having several offers from various teams. He must be an arrogant, lying s.o.b who won’t take anything less than a guaranteed starting job….

    1. Kellen Clemens was capable, and cheap enough, as a backup running a pro-offense (really, most offenses are offsets of a WC system). I believe Kellen Clemens could line up under center. He wasn’t competing to be a starter. And he was paid as such.

      Colin is too expensive, too limited, and too niche for 24 or so teams.

      1. Just got back from the lake spending some quality family time. Was going to wait until the Cousins deadline, but Grant threw me another cookie.
        Arians is saying exactly what I have been saying all along. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. His strength is the Read Option. Good thing that KS is rolling the QB out and doing bootlegs and play action.
        The multiple option formula is inherently stronger than the singular static, predictable scheme. I do not care if they call it the play action, Read Option, Naked Bootleg, Zone Read, Pistol or fullback dive option, the point is about being deceptive and presenting multiple options so the defense must not only defend against the run or pass, it will have to defend the entire field of play.
        While I laud Grant for keeping Kaep topical in the discussions, I strongly disagree with his premise. Like what Joe Theiseman said, Kaep is better than half the QBs in the league. Right now, he is way superior to Hoyer, McKnown, Savage, Siemian, Bortles, Glennon, Osweiler and Goff. He is superior to Wentz, Bradford, Tannehill, Flacco, Palmer, Dalton , Stafford and Smith.
        One of those teams could upgrade their QB position by signing Kaep. especially the teams with a strong supporting cast and high ranked defense like Denver or the Texans. Arians obviously thought Gabbert was superior to Kaep, so maybe he is blowing smoke.
        ANY team that loses its starting QB could sign Kaep, and upgrade their roster.
        It is a no brainer to think that Kaep wants the opportunity to compete for a starting job. That is why he declined the Seahawks job, so they signed Davis at the minimum.
        Kaep is getting bad advice. Some one is whispering in his ear, and telling him to become an activist, even though it cost him millions in endorsements, and made him so toxic, he is unemployed. Kaep should have made strategic moves that does not anger a large proportion of the NFL fan base, so much so that he is getting death threats. If he or she had Kaep’s best interests in mind, they would never have directed him to disrespect the flag as a means of protest. He would have done a lot better to work quietly and more positively. Sure, rogue cops are a menace to society, but directing the anger at all cops by equating them to slave cops is hyperbole, and counter productive.
        Kaep needs better advice, and I see how he does not think things through. Before he makes another tweet, I hope he thinks long and hard at how others will perceive his words. He should talk to Harry Edwards. The league is blackballing him precisely to lessen his power, and it sure seems like they will denigrate his skills, accomplishments, leadership and commitment, as flimsy excuses to keep him unemployed.
        I hope he fires his agent for gross negligence, and hires Leigh Steinberg, who makes every athlete he manages, to give back to the community. Steinberg would do it in such a way that Kaep gets praise instead of condemnation.
        Kaep is superior to Hoyer, Barkley, CJB and Mullens. Anyone who wants to declare that they are superior, just declares to me that they are so blinded by hate, all reasoning has disappeared. Kaep has more physical tools, is way more accomplished. His speed and elusiveness makes him a potent dual threat. Yes he can run the read option, but he needs to mix things up and run multiple schemes utilizing multiple targets.
        It looks like Snyder is stupid enough not to give his starting QB a long term deal. Seems like he does not care about locker room dynamics, and has chosen a suit over a player. Seems like he wants to set up his team for failure.
        This might strengthen the chances that Kaep is signed by the Niners, because the Niners will not be tanking for a high draft position with Cousins looming in the future. If the Niners really want to win, they will look at ALL the film, and make a wise decision. Kaep gives them the best chance to win because KS likes mobile QBs, and Kaep excels at throwing on the run.
        Thankfully, Lynch has left the door open for Kaep re-signing, and his apology to Kaep showed class and leadership.
        It also was a signal that he likes Kaep, and if Jed is not a coward who will be afraid of a mean tweet, maybe the door will swing wide open for his return. Jed should also apologize for his boorish behavior, and insulate Kaep from Paraag who seemed to be the leaker at the behest of Baalke.
        Hmm maybe I should not single out Jed. Every owner may be a gutless wonder to be afraid of a mean tweet, since the tweets may be silenced.

    1. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Seb our lord
      He is trampling out the vintage where grapes of anti-Kaep wrath are stored
      He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword
      Seb’s truth is marching on.

      Seb will arrive in due time. First hint will be his theme song off in a distance.

      1. Cassie…………….

        Do you know what your doing, provoking the seb-skov like that? You may as well give godzilla an extra dose of radiation, Mothra another japanese town to destroy, Kong another sacrifice……… will destroy us all if Seb-zilla gets a hint of that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Hey guys, lighten out on Grant. He’s just helping us old guys out. After a couple of weeks I forget where Seb stands on Kaep.

  5. 49er fan since 1989, I see you clowns are still trying to justify your BS about Colin Kaepernick. It’s not hard to see Kaepernick should still be playing in the NFL. You guys only discredit yourselves repeating rhetoric. I personally can’t wait for the season to begin so you guys can stop. We all know your game.

    1. Hi there T, 9er fan since late 60s. I like Kaep as a player, but he doesn’t fit Shanahan’s system–which Shanahan and Lynch seem to be tightly focused on. I believe Kaep can find a place in the league this coming season, but his skill set is somewhat limiting. I think Arians (and others) have captured the background reasonably well.

      I too want the season to get going!

    2. Tell that RGIII. Because he’s the same s****y QB from a different uniform.

      As for your 1989 BS, my dad’s been rooting for the 49ers since 1946 — the very first year they came into existence. I’ve been rooting for them since 1966. None of that ****ing matters and your 1989 matters even less.

      1. Moses: I have been a fan since 1946 and if you can stay a fan through all the bad years you will find some good years. Most of you are Jonny come lately and have only seen either good or bad teams. Tenure has its merits. With tenure you have the ability to really compare past coaches as well as players. So don’t berate someone that has been a fan for more then a couple of years. They have their rights as well as you and a big mouth doesn’t make you right, it just makes you classless.

        1. I was born in 1946 with a giant birthmark in the shape of the 49’er logo on my chest. However, my birth taking place in a building in Europe inhabited by Nuns and my family being refugees they assumed it was the mark of the devil. So therefor all the Nuns prayed until it mysteriously disappeared after a week. I should think that in itself would give me priority over anyone fan time wise.

      1. Born in 69, first game with grandad live in 74 at the stick, I do not remember that game, I do remember 78, 79and 80!where it was lightly attended and the teams were awful , they lost all three games I went to.

        Fun memory is I would travel with my mom to the Bay Area several times a year to see grandparents in San Mateo and relatives through the Bay Area, I would see several fans with niner gear during all times of the but where I grew up in the paradise Chico, oroville area in butte county in northern ca most kids were wearing steeler , raider and cowboy gear.

        I took so much crap for wearing miner stuff but I still remember After they won the super bowl the school was a sea of red! Lots of hypocrites and not too many I could call die hards. Fun to be on a blog to share and read about similar and very different fan experiences. As much as most of the years under the yorks tenure as stunk and reminded me of the warriors previous owners, myself and niner fans far older than myself have it good that we have seen five championships in a life time, i hope my kids can say the same, my oldest son was born right before the last super bowl against the chargers but the kids have been fortunate to experience giants and warrior championships.

        Hope Lynch and Kyle can deliver at least on super bowl before Jed does something dumb again!

  6. Kap should have spent the entire Summer working on his skills – especially in the area of becoming a pocket passer.
    If he really wants to play football in the NFL he should have gone back to EXOS or retained the service of a retired QB that had success as a pocket QB.

  7. The top 4 teams on your list have QB’s better than Kaepernick already so CK probably wouldn’t want to sign there. If he did want to sign with those teams then the teams probably don’t want to invite a possible QB controversy or a distraction to their team. The only team where CK might have a chance would be Buffalo but they already have 2 QBs who may be just as good as Kaepernick. Plus, I’m not sure CK would want to be relegated to a remote city where his social activism would receive much less attention.

    1. Houston,
      Buffalo would be a tough sell for Kaep. CK received more protest from the Bills fans than any other stadium. If I recall, the fans there hung his image in effigy. I just don’t see Kaepernick endearing himself to that fan base.
      CK has not committed himself to his craft since his Summer stint at EXOS some years ago. That lack of commitment (IMO) will hurt him more then he may realize.

      1. I find CK’s antics to be sickening & ignorant so I have no desire to defend him. BUT I’ve seen multiple reports over the summer that CK is working out pretty hard to prepare for next season.

  8. Two cents.

    When the Read Option was new, back in 2012, teams were averaging over 6 yards (6.2) a read-option play. In 2013 it was down to 4.7 YPC. By 2014 it was just another running play in which your QB can suffer a season, or even career, ending injury and has become far rarer.

    But all these teams mentioned, while they do run the read-option, it’s not their base offense. The Panthers, who run it the most, average 6 RO plays a game. Seattle averages 2 RO plays a game. I couldn’t find out Dallas’ but I doubt it’s more than 5% of their total offensive plays.

    1. While the NFL has certainly figured out ways to counter the zone-read and defend it more successfully than back in 2012, when they were caught on their heels trying to defend it. If you understood the concepts, and the extra layer of strategic depth it brings to an offense, you’d understand that it’s not simply “just another running play”. If it were, why would teams incorporate these concepts into their offense at all in 2016? The QB position is by far the most important position in football and there aren’t enough great QB’s to go around. Why would any team take the added risk of having their QB injured, when could simply hand the ball off using a traditional pro style running play?

      Why would the Cowboys needlessly risk Dak’s health if it were simply just another running play?

      Because it’s not. That’s why! SMH

  9. After years of struggle, it should be apparent to Kaep his failure to expand his very specific football skills will be his ultimate NFL demise. Kaep was told time and again by experts and non-experts his skill set was one of the most limited in football and needed to improve by working on his ability to adapt. However, Kaep always seemed to have something better to do more power to him.

  10. If it’s not Russia, it’s Kaepernick, and if it’s not Kaepernick, it’s Russia. Can’t we just call the whole thing off?

  11. Kurt Warner on Colin Kaepernick and other mobile QBs (coming into 2016):

    “The thing you have to realize with guys like Colin, Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel is the way they were asked to play before they got to the NFL was just ‘be an athlete, see what you see and then create,’” Warner said Tuesday at Moscone Center, where he is part of the NFL Network studio team. “So I think a transition like this to a Chip Kelly is going to ask Colin to do a lot more of that while he also learns how to play the position better. That to me is what it’s all about.”

    That’s what you have, six years later, with Kaepernick. He never learned to be a real QB. He can’t do what good, or even journeyman, NFL QBs need to do.

    “It’s hard enough for those of us who were drop-back quarterbacks all of our lives to play at this level,” he said. “For guys who have never really been taught that, it’s almost impossible for them to do it. So what I like about the (Kelly) fit is it’s going to give him the chance to do the things he does well and hopefully, in the process, he can continue to learn how to play inside the pocket, reading coverages and winning that way as well. But it’s going to take some time.

    Yes, there’s a dozen good QBs in the NFL. Another dozen journeymen. And the rest are either indeterminate or failures. And that’s despite the fact that every year, the NFL teams draft QBs. Since 2000, the year Tom Brady was drafted, 200 QBs have been drafted into the NFL. Half of them were flyers without a chance. But 50 of them were, including the 3 this year, Round 1 prospects and a bout 100 (over-all) were considered good enough to have some chance (Rounds 1 through 3).

    Yet where are they? Despite all the draft-hype, fan-hype, sports-writer hype and ‘gems in the rough’ hype, almost all of them are/were career back-ups or just never made it. The fact is that failures is the default condition and it is to be for more expected than success.

    “When Colin was forced to do it the other way, we saw that he still had some growth to make,” Warner continued. “He wasn’t given a great opportunity to grow because we’re in that business where it’s not for long. If you don’t do it now, we’re going somewhere else. So I’m hoping this buys him some time to, a) get back to having some success doing what he does well and, b) grow into what everyone hopes he can be 4-5 years from now.”

    “I can work with him 6-8 weeks in an off-season, but that still doesn’t teach you how to play the game,” he said. “You don’t have the speed of the game, you don’t have to read different guys and see different scenarios. You can work on technique things, but none of it means anything if you can’t take it and apply it on the field and have opportunities to learn it on the field. You’re going to make small strides in certain areas, but then you have to learn a lot more on the fly.”

    And he didn’t.

    1. I think the lack of game experience really hurt him when he attempted to incorporate the touch passes he was working on with Warner in the off season. It was one thing working on and getting the mechanics down and another knowing when to throw the touch as opposed to the rifle pass during game conditions. I know that cost him two interceptions in the Arizona game. You need a bigger window to throw a touch pass especially if the receiver is stationary.

    2. The Niner O line ranked 28th last season, and despite the poor showing, Kaep managed a 90.7 rating. No QB will do well if he has no time to throw.
      Warner is just piling on, yet he gives a clue how to utilize him properly. Kaep need to be freed from his fetters. He needs to be able to do controlled rollouts with multiple options, and he needs to be freed from constraints. Kaep needs to be the field general, and given the authority to direct the offense while on the run. He should invite teams to put a spy on him, because it takes away a defender from the rest of the team.
      Yes Kaep does not do well doing ordinary things, because he is better suited to do exceptional things. Kaep has thrown jaw dropping passes that few would attempt and fewer complete.
      Teach him how to play the game? Didnt he make the SB after starting only 10 games? What QB has also accomplished that feat? Sure sounded like he was quick study , back then. It also showed how important the proper support is, too.

  12. Prediction.

    Kap remains unemployed. He gives a TV interview just days before the season starts. A few clips are released Sunday morning. All the pre game shows spend more time talking about Kap and his interview rather than football.

    Grant provides Kap quotes in a new column. Smart move by Grant, as I expect Kap to go over the top in his criticism of America and the NFL. Kap’s comments will have some truth to them, but Kap being Kap will say something stupid or praise a country that is more oppresive than America. This will lead to a ton of clicks. This blog will be flooded by racists and SJWs while the rest of us will be wanting to talk about Carolina versus San Francisco.

    1. 9ers win the Carolina game by 10…one 9er TD scored by the defense. Our special teams play will be a mix of brilliant and ‘what the…..’

      Let’s get the preseason games going!

      1. Yup, we will beat the Panthers. I expect Garcon to have 100+ YDs. Juice and Kittle will be involved. If Foster plays, there will be hell to pay for the Panthers HBs and Cam, should they be foolish enough to run him. If Carolina tries to run to the strong side, they will run into King Solomon. Running up the middle won’t work against Mitchell and Bow.

        1. #80 …

          A-hhh … if we could only do that to
          “Smurf” Wilson … (at the Clink) …
          you’d be hard-pressed to wipe that silly
          grin from my muggly-ug ! …. ;-}

        2. Not with you on first win guys. I think Carolina is more prepared and has better players. Though I hope I am wrong.

          1. With more than three weeks between league games, the 49ers have not lost a game since 2010 and the Panthers have never won a game at Levi’s. I say the streak continues. How’s that for using statistics?

              1. An emotional prediction backed up by some statistical nonsense East.
                When I lived in Charlotte, a buddy gave me two tickets to the Panther 49ers game. That was the day that the 49ers imitated a fair college team and stunk up the place while losing ugly. Alex Smith was himself (pre Harbaugh) and was injured early if I remember correctly. Fortunately, at the last minute my wife refused to go and I gave the tickets back to my friend. It’s no fun watching your team get manhandled in another team’s house – but those were the times before Harbaugh.

              2. Yea, the Panthers have historically had the 49ers number, and rang it pretty well. I think the 49ers opening day streak ends this year. Especially if Bowman is asked to cover either Samuel or McCaffrey….

              3. WC I remember those days when Panthers fans would tell me to root for a decent team, a local team. Hated them!

      2. If Newton is healthy the Panthers will win. The Niners will take time to get comfortable in the offense and the defense will have some new starters and other starters playing different positions. The Panthers are a pretty solid team that knows Shanahan from his time in Atlanta. That means Shanahan knows them too, but he doesn’t have Ryan and Jones anymore. It’s going to take time.

        1. Defense will decide that game. Both offenses will be feeling themselves out in that first game. Panthers will still be sorting out where/how to use their new toys plus where will Newton be in his convalescence. How much of Newton’s struggles last year were injury?

          How good will that Panther secondary be? It wasn’t just the Panthers offense that struggled last year. Their defense ranked 26th in points per game and 29th in passing yards per game. We all know what a steaming pile of dog feces our own defense was last year as well. Our secondary’s ranking(14th) likely has a lot to do with how easy it was for teams to run on us last year. Had they been tested more I don’t think they would have looked as good as they did.

          So I expect both offenses will be a bit all over the places at times but the team that improved their defense the most will win.

        2. If Newton is healthy…Armstead , Buckner, Thomas, and Blair will change that….with a touch of Lynch and Harold to add to the ‘smear’ job….

          1. Cant count on an injury, and the Niner O line is not rated 28th like last season, they are rated 32nd. Hope they are wrong, but sunny predictions may hit reality.
            Speaking of injuries, Hyde was tackled at the knees and his leg was bent in an un-natural position. He did not have surgery, but maybe the leg is not fully healed.
            Carolina will be tough. Cam got McCaffrey RB, Samuel Wr, and Moton OL, in the first 2 rounds, so they upgraded the offense. Signing good FAs will help the defense, like Cap Munnerlynn.
            They still have Kuechly, who is compared with Bowman in his prime.
            Cam against Hoyer? Hmmm, tough call.

          1. “The flowing robes, the grace…bald. Striking.”

            The magic of Caddy Shack is that it’s still laugh out loud funny every time you hear the same jokes you’ve seen a hundred times.

    1. From The Life of Brian…

      “All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”

    2. “Brian Hoyer is often perceived as a bad quarterback.”

      Nonsense. Just look at how many teams that have wanted him. I mean he’s made it to 7 different teams in 9 years. That’s pretty awesome. The league loves Brian Hoyer.

  13. To say that Kaepernick can only succeed in one style of offense that is used sparingly throughout the league is just another way of saying he can’t be a starter in the NFL. As Arians points out, as soon as he steps out of his comfort zone, i.e. trying to pass like an NFL quarterback, he begins to struggle. That’s not a player that any team should consider for a starter. Someone with such a limited comfort zone should be relegated to back up duties only.

  14. With the cops that got shot here in Dallas last year at the BLM march, and everyone rallying around the police all over DFW, I’m confident the Cowboys would not risk the controversy that pig socks would bring, even if he was a much better QB.

  15. I can’t understand why the guy wouldn’t have signed a one year deal with someone by now. What would be the down side to sitting on the bench for a year as opposed to the couch? He’d stay engaged and connected to the NFL, allowing his agent to network more. Then he’d know the system and players and would have a decent chance to succeed if called upon; thus raising his stock.
    Now if a starter on one of a few select teams gets injured he’d be trying to come in late, no OTAs, no Minnie’s, no TC, learn the verbiage on the fly. He’s limited anyway, how would he be better less prepared? If he gets another shot and flops he’s toast. He should be doing everything he can to be sure he doesn’t flop.

    1. If we wouldn’t keep getting the BS ‘it’s racism/punishment’ crap we could all move on. Instead, pretty much every day there’s some clown whining about Kaepernick.

      Yet I haven’t seen a d*** word about his virtually-identical unemployed fellow RGIII. Seriously, RGIII, on a worse team, was at least as good as Kaepernick from the Read Option. And, like Kaepernick, was a complete failure when he had to play from the pocket like a real QB.

      RGIII is more accurate. He ran for 6.1 YPC last year so he can still run. His peak QB rating for a full-season was 102+. Kaepernick’s best full-season was 91.6. though he did have the fluke-half-season (98.3) of 2012 where he hit on 80% of his deep-intermediate passes that substantially pumped his rating up and got Jaworski to claim he was a future HOFer.

      But like said after 2012, that was a fluke and nobody in the history of the NFL was able to sustain that and that Kaepernick would regress to the NFL mean at that depth and he has. Which is why I discount 2012 heavily when I look at him. A fluke half-season is no way to judge a QB. Except for Seby and Ron Jaworski.

      And, of course, anyone doesn’t like Kaepernick on his merits (and I was that way BEFORE HE WAS DRAFTED) is constantly attacked as a racist when, in fact, I thought he sucked, as a QB, in college and was a system product who would fail in the NFL.

      1. Anyone (who) doesn’t like Kaepernick on his merits (and I was that way BEFORE HE WAS DRAFTED) is constantly attacked as a racist when, in fact, I thought he sucked, as a QB, in college and was a system product who would fail in the NFL.

        Complete garbage, and frankly a sad and ignorant statement.

        I’ve been very critical of both Colin Kaepernick the quarterback, and Colin Kaepernick the activist, and nobody has accused me of being a racist. Not one person.

        There are in fact, a broad spectrum of opinions on this issue. Those on one end, who believe Colin is simply a lousy QB, and deny that the backlash Colin has experienced as a result of his protest has anything to do with his unemployment status. And there are those on the other end who believe racism is at the heart of the matter. But, as usual MosesZD, you cannot see all of the nuanced opinions that land somewhere in between these opposing views, because your world is void of nuance. Personally, I don’t think you are a racist MosesZD, but I certainly believe you are naive, and lack a fundamental understanding of race relations in America today.

        1. Case in point: Grant Cohn’s been very clear that he doesn’t really buy into the notion that Colin’s being blackballed. Grant has been straightforward with his opinion that It’s about Colin’s lack of fit for most teams. Grant has cited Colin’s deficiencies as a QB, and also issues with Colin’s contract demands, etc. I’ve had respectful disagreements with Grant on this very subject, as have others.

          Show me all of the “constant” attacks calling Grant a racist on this forum because Grant has been critical of Kaepernick “on his merits” MosesZD?

      2. RG III is playing on one leg. Big difference. That is why he hurt his shoulder, He was not mobile and got stuffed while trying to run out of bounds.

    1. After reading this it’s hard to support the idea that Carlos Hyde CAN’T do the things needed to be successful in KS’s offense. I wonder if there is an article, which provides the kind of film review that your link does, where the author provides evidence that Hyde can’t do these things well. Still, the link you posted leaves me impressed with Hyde’s abilities, and it does seem likely that he will be the starter in 2017.

    2. I read that. With an amused chuckle since it took a swipe at Grant. What I liked the most about it was that it used actual, visual proof instead ‘because I said so…’

    1. Interesting stats from the podcast:

      2016 49ers — 71% of all runs were inside zone; 10.6% outside zone

      2016 Falcons — 48.4% of all runs were outside zone; 30.6% inside zone; 10% gap ; 11% man

      2016 49ers — outside zone runs averaged negative yards before contact (one of only five teams that averaged negative yards)

      2016 Falcons — outside zone runs averaged 2.2 yards before contact (3rd in the league)

    2. From the podcast — 2016 PFF pass protection stats for the 49ers offensive lineman (minimum of 250 pass blocking snaps):

      Trent Brown – ranked 30th out of 66 tackles
      Joe Staley – ranked 42nd out of 66 tackles
      Daniel Kilgore – ranked 32nd out of 35 centers
      Joshua Garnett – ranked 68th out of 70 guards
      Zane Beadles – ranked 67th out of 70 guards

      And for the new guys that were picked up:

      Zuttah ranked 27th out of 35 centers
      Fusco ranked 58th out of 70 guards
      Barnes ranked 33rd out of 35 centers

      Wow….this really puts a buzz kill on any high expectations for the offense this season.

        1. Agree that the system can produce a synergistic effect. But I wonder if it will be little more than lipstick on a pig.

      1. Cubus.. Our only hope is that these guys were in the wrong system. And that this new offensive scheme fits them perfectly!

        1. Again, this 2017 team will only go as far as the Oline+ run game can take them….unless the 2016 Oline stats shown above can be REALLY improved upon by KS and position coaches, 2017 is gonna be a long year– few sustained drives on offense… must keep YPC high on 1st & 2nd downs.
          We might need to wait till latter 2017 season to start seeing the machine work. I seem to remember ATL fans calling for KS’ hide in 2015, or am I mistaken on this? It’ll take 5-8 games at least, before we start seeing consistently good drives on O, barring injuries– on Oline especially, not enough developed Oline talent to just plug guys in and expect “as good” results.
          I see many opinions on just how special the KS passing game might be if all the breaks go our way, etc., etc. — I hope this is true, but I suspect we’re in for at least a good 1/2 season of gnashing teeth…maybe the D will surprise and force a lot of 3 & outs….this would at least result in more drives, more learned cohesion on the Oline– as they’d be, simply, running more plays against true opposition….
          What say y’all?

  16. This year is one of those years where its really hard to predict how the team is going to perform. With so many new faces in management and players and with a complex offensive scheme it has all the makings of another long season. I see things differently. I see unpredictability, I see talent on the defensive side of the ball, I see Hoyer having a good journeyman type year, I see Hyde finally running consistently.

    You can throw last year out the window. Last year is a meaningless statistic and has no merit on this years performance. There is nothing to compare. This is a completely new way of doing things with a whole lot of new faces. On paper the offense looks somewhat weak but scheme can mask a lot of weakness, that’s KS’s job. The defense has lots of high draft picks, first and second rounder’s, no excuse for not being a top ten defense. The third portion of a team, special teams, can’t even be defined till the final 53 are established.

    I do believe there is going to be some surprises (good) along the way. The Niners do not have one elite player on the team, by years end I am thinking two or three may emerge from the defensive side of the ball. I believe our defense will go from the worst to one of the better ones by end of the season. I expect nothing, but hope for everything this year. 16 and 0 baby 16 and 0.

  17. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoNBCS
    In Kirk Cousins’ two years as starter, only Tom Brady has compiled a higher passer rating in both of those seasons. Cousins turns 29 in Aug.

  18. In the last two years the Redskins are 17-14-1 with an average defensive ranking of 18th and an offensive ranking of 11th. In those 17 wins, Cousins lead the team on 7 come-from-behind game-winning drives of which 6 were in the 4th quarter.

    There were six additional opportunities. Of them , there were three additional games where Cousins did the work, but the Redskins defense blew it in the last minute (the toughest blown chance being where Cousins had saved the game with less than a minute left and the defense still let the opponent score and win).

    He only ‘blew’ one where he threw a pick-six in OT. That’s a pretty good record.

    In same two years we’ve had 3 game winning drives — 2 by Gabbert, 1 by Kaepernick. Now, of course some people will point out that we were blown out in a lot of those games so there weren’t a lot of chances. Well, that’s not entirely true. We had five chances (within 1 TD + 2pt conversion to win) last year and two chances under Tomsula.

    We rarely even came close. The most painful probably being Kaepernick stopped on the final play by the Dolphins last year where he panicked in the pocket then made one most idiotic scrambles I’ve ever seen. After that, the Giants game where we had a lead with under two-minutes remaining.

    In the end though, I’ll take a QB that’s done his far more times than not. One who in 10 of 13 chances (77%) did what he had to do to bring home the win.

    So why Washington has been behaving this way with Cousins… I just don’t get it. Finding good QBs is hard. Finding QBs who are clutch under pressure… That’s rare. And maybe it just a two-season statistical fluke. Things like that happen as we’re all painfully aware.

    But even if you weren’t completely sold on him, you could still write a contract that’d allow you to dump him after a few years if it was a fluke while grooming a successor.

    1. Niners had scored 2 TDs against the Cowboys and TB, then let them score at will.. They missed 2 FGs to let the Jets tie them, then win in OT. They competed against the SB champs and were down by 3 points in the 4th quarter. The Miami game had Kaep mount a furious comeback, and only missed possibly tying it by 2 yards. Yes, he should have kept going to dive at the pylon, but it sure was not the worst scramble I have ever seen. The Miami defense did a good job at the end. The Bears game had the coaches forbidding Kaep to throw in the first half, and the lack of adjustments made me grind my teeth.
      They lost to the Cards by 3, and the Seahawks by 2.
      Meanwhile, the defense gave up an unGodly amount of yards on the ground. The offensive line was 28th in the league, and the receivers dropped 18 catches. The one bright spot was seeing the Niners be 4th in running, due to the 337 yards Kaep ran for, while converting many third downs to move the chains and keep drives going.
      Cousins does throw the ball well, but when he had the chance to lead them to the playoffs last season, he failed. Sure, the Skinflints should have given him a long term contract, but we are talking about Snyder and Bruce Allen. They are quibbling about 3 to 4 million dollars, which is brain dead because the league just gave each team 55 mil relocation fees for the Rams, Chargers and Raiders. Cousins would be a huge upgrade to the present Niner QBs,but the Niners will have to wait a year, which will not help them win this season.

      1. Wah, wah, wah… THe fact is that he, and Gabbert, with the game in reach failed 70% of the time. And he failed more than Gabbert. Who sucks.

        1. I blame Baalke for dismantling a SB team, and sitting on his hands and doing nothing to try and improve the team.
          Despite having the 32nd rated WRs, and scraping the bottom of the barrel for cut third string receivers, Kaep did OK, even with little time to throw..
          Still think he gives the Niners their best chance to win, and with better support, he will do even better. Adding 25 FAs is a heck of a lot better than Devey and Beadles.

    1. I do, because Lynch said he was still leaving the door open, and he promised to do everything in his power to win.

  19. Finally Grant some one just pointed out the truth. 16 months on him being Blackballed and better than Blain Gabbert and such. The facts is he played mor games than Gabbert last year and won the same amount of games. 1.

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