Carlos Hyde: “I don’t need to change my running style at all. I play the way I play.”

SANTA CLARA – Here are select quotes from Day 2 of 49ers minicamp.

Carlos Hyde on staying healthy: “The biggest thing to me is being in the best shape possible and taking care of your body, whether that’s getting in the cold tub, getting massages every day – whatever it is to take care of your body, just do it.”

Hyde on changing his running style to stay healthy: “I don’t need to change my running style at all. I play the way I play. I don’t need to change…I don’t think I need to change it at all.”

Hyde on delivering punishment: “There’s definitely sometimes in a game where, alright, maybe you don’t need to truck this guy, sorry, you just go out of bounds right here. But to me, that’s not really dictating the game to that person. You’re just running out of bounds. To me, I just think that person might be like, ‘Oh, he might be scared,’ or ‘He don’t want to play.’ I’d rather just try to run through you, let you know that I’m not running out of bounds, I’m here to play and it’s going to be all game just like this. I ain’t shying away.”

Hyde on catching passes: “I definitely think I will be involved in the passing game a lot more this year, which I’m excited about. I like playing receiver. Another opportunity to get out in space and get the ball in your hands.”

DeForest Buckner on Arik Armstead: “He got a lot better than he was before (at Oregon). I’m catching up with him. It was always a friendly competition back at Oregon. Who can get to the quarterback first, stuff like that. Arik, he’s doing really well. He’s built as a player on and off the field. I’m following his footsteps right now because he’s got a year over me. I’m just following what he and all the veterans do.”

Buckner on Armstead’s physique: “That year in the league, it’s going to change you no matter what. He’s bigger, stronger, faster – I’ve just got to catch up.”

NaVorro Bowman on his surgically-repaired knee: “I feel it sometimes, but it’s nowhere near what I went through last year, the constant attention that I had to put on it. This year I’m able to wake up and ride.”

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  1. Excited to see NoVorro.. the Twin Towers ..
    and Carlos once more in action …The
    season can’t get here fast enough …

    Thanks for the tid-bits.. Grant ..
    Keep ’em comin’ !

  2. Love what I’m hearing about Armstead and Bowman. I’m pessimistic about the win total, but optimistic about overall improvement. A rerun of 1978 to 1979.

    1978 49ers: 2-14
    Division place: 4th
    Head coach: Pete McCulley
    General manager: Joe Thomas

    1979 49ers: 2-14
    Division place: 4th
    Head coach: Bill Walsh
    General manager: Bill Walsh

    1. With as awful as the oline and coaching was last season, the improvements made in both those areas should net 2 more wins. While 7 wins vs 5 isnt much, its back to respectable…and who knows what else could transpire once the season begins.

      Everyone just assumes that what was from last season (league wide) will be this year, yet we all have seen 1st place teams drop to last, last place teams take huge strides, and everything we thought was going to happen doesnt (execpt the Pats, probably the only consistent over the last 15 years…but thats more on the lack of quality in the AFC East).

      1. What Oline improvements are you referring too? You think a HC who went 6-9 with a more talented team last year is going to improve this team to 7-9? What gives you that confidence?

        I keep seeing these kinds of statements from you and a couple of others and I really want to know why you feel this way. What tangible data are you basing your view on?

        1. The drafting of Garnett, Theus, Cooper, the signing of Beadles, the return of a healthy Kilgore, and the (presumed) improvements of a Trent Brown and Brandon Thomas (better quality depth). The only thing lost was a malcontent Boone. Kilgore is better than Martin, Beadles/Garnett will be better than Boone. Devey is gone, Pears will probably get the ax, those guys were pretty awful.

          What about Chips first two seasons in the NFL, 10-6 both years, why do you guys only harp on last season? Why do you have no confidence that he can’t return his team to that?

          And coaching in football, good vs bad, can almost guarantee you two more wins…if it didn’t then guys like Reid, Ryan, Fox, Kubiak, Jackson wouldn’t get 2nd (and 3rd) chances and guys like a Marvin Lewis or Jeff Fisher woulnd’t still be coaches after their levels of success (or lack there of).

          This isn’t the nba where talent overshadows coaching by a wide margin.

          1. Just because they added players doesn’t mean they’ll improve. That list is made up of late round rookies, an even later pick from the previous year and a vet that graded out very poorly. Kilgore played last season and along with Tiller taking over from Deavy improved upon where the Oline was in the first half of the season, but it still wasn’t good. They still have major question marks at G and RT and still don’t know if Kilgore can hold up for a full season.

            Kelly’s offenses have gone down in production each season with a big drop off last year. He was working with better talent than he has now. To expect him to magically stem the tide with a team lacking top end talent on the offensive side of the ball is naive. There is no doubt the 49er offense will be better than last year but it’s not going to be the Eagles of last year, never mind 3 years ago.

            We still don’t know how good of an NFL HC Kelly is. This was a terrible football team last year that finished with a better record than they deserved. Expecting Kelly to produce 7 wins with this group is unrealistic imo. You never say never in this game, but on paper this is not a 7 win team.

            1. rocket – the “glass isn’t even half full” 49ers fan.

              What a fun way to follow a team (and presumably live).

            2. MJ

              It must be a slow day in some bloggers neighborhoods, so they they go out and start a argument over stuff that they ALREADY know. They already know that we added the players that you mentioned…and they know that ‘Chip’ followed Andy Reid into Philly and left at the end of a 2-14 season…and ‘Chip’ came in and immediatly ran up two consecutive 10-6 seasons…those without the Front office giving him the mobile QB he had asked them for. Well, as the saying goes “…you can fool all of the people all of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time…” but even football people catch on when they can see that you don’t have a QB that fits your system…hence 6-9.

              They also know that they will be back-walking their projections even before the season begins….

            3. Finally someone is looking at things with their rosy glasses off. I keep seeing people refer to the Niners 5 wins last year. They lucked into several of those wins and the Niners were more of a 2-3 win team in actual quality. So people thinking about 7-9 or 8-8 might be expecting too much of an improvement.

            4. 49reasons,

              You follow them your way and I’ll follow them mine. You go on believing everything is awesome and I’ll continue to look at what is actually happening.


              You and I had similar discussions last year and you were saying all the same same kind of things you are now only it was about how great it was to see Harbaugh run out of town and how much better the team would be under Tomsula. You also argued with me when I pointed out how Chip was destroying the Eagles personnel. You should stop arguing and start listening.

              1. Rocket

                Just who the hell are you that you think that anyone (everyone) should pay any attention to anything you say ? Do you belong to the same ‘club’ as Seb…?…or maybe even Tim ? As adults on this blog, I’m sure that we all have formed our own opinions of our teams future…Thanks but no thanks…

  3. I like Hyde’s demeanor, but I hope he does change. Instead of struggling for extra yards and setting himself up for a trailing defender to deliver a big hit. I hope he goes down and saves his body from more hits.

    Here is another example when falling to the ground is a good strategy, because Hyde may stay healthy.

    If Hyde stays healthy, the Niners may win more games than last year. If Kaep is healthy, they may win a couple more games. Chip alone should give them a better chance to win a couple more games. If Flaherty can fix the O line, they may even dream about a wild card.

      1. Prime, you really are pathetic. A big reason the Niners lost so many games last season was due to Hyde becoming injured because he struggled for that extra yard, and allowed multiple defenders to take a running start before they plowed into him.

        Bloviating about macho bravado, and encouraging players to sacrifice their bodies is just not smart. It is way smarter to advocate playing so he takes less hits, but smart thinking is not one of your strong suits.

        1. Big difference between falling to the ground after being wrapped up by defenders, and, as a pass catcher, just getting past the sticks and then just falling down to avoid fumbling.

          If you ever suggested this type of play to any coach or pass catcher, you would be laughed at mercilessly, and relentlessly. It’s simply not the way football is played…..PERIOD!

          1. This type of commentary by Sebnnoying makes me wonder. I question the validity of his seriousness when it comes to football and overall as a fan.
            As result I’m 99% certain he/she is Mary just trolling this site to get attention and irritate 49er fans.
            Therefore just letting everyone now know to avoid my posts altogether because they will all be directly attributed to calling out her/his garbage.
            I apologize now for wasting everyone’s time!

  4. Sure Sebnnoying lets ask the game of football to be gentle, less physical. Avoid contact. Heck the players could wear suits and white gloves and make it a gentlemens game.
    Lets call Sebball where the game is played in the clouds and the participants are heavily medicated and witless!

    1. Prime, with all the rule changes about protecting the receivers, some have said that it has become a glorified flag football game.

      Guess what? The idea that players should be protected, and play the game safely, is an idea whose time has come, so we do not have more Junior Seaus.

      You may demand blood and guts, but the human cost is too high to satisfy your blood lust.

      1. So they should just fall down? No YAC? Crumble to the ground?
        It’s a mans game and they are many other ways to protect players but what you suggest makes it flag football. I’ve heard stupid comments from you before but this requires you to be called a donkey!
        What kinda of pansy are you? You ever play football?

        1. Prime, if it means trying to run before catching the ball, and dropping it, I sure the heck advocate securing the ball and falling down, especially once he gets past the first down marker.

          I remember more than once that they stripped the ball from Vance, so you may think ball security is no big deal, but I want the Niners to win. You, on the other hand, think it is perfectly fine to be content with stone hands Vance dropping passes all the time. In fact, I remember in one game, there were 2 passes that clanked off his hands for interceptions.

          Of course, I do not advocate other players to fall down after securing the ball, and if they can run after the catch, so much the better. However, Vance has problems, and this is one way to help solve them.

          I know you cannot comprehend such a kind of strategy because you are such a lightweight football novice, but when you grow up, you may see others advocating the types of things I postulate.

          1. Here we go again. Senynah has become disorientated and confused and unable to seperate reality from fiction.

            Nobody involved with the NFL will ever advocate purposely going to the ground without contact as a way of avoiding turnovers. Quarterbacks are now taught to slide and avoid contact in order to stay healthy and avoid injuries.

            That’s not what you are suggesting Sebnynah. You are suggesting something entirely different. You are suggesting it’s a good strategy for a TE to simply go to the ground without contact in order to avoid fumbling the football or dropping the football before he secures the catch.

            Here’s what a normal person would suggest:

            VANCE SHOULD FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION! If Vance McDonald is such a bad pass catcher that this is what he needs to do in order to make plays, he isn’t a professional and he isn’t qualified to play for the 49ers or any other professional football team!

            1. 49, I am advocating Vance watching the ball into his hands and securing it, instead of trying to run before catching it and dropping it.

              Once he catches it, he can get up and run if he has time, but the main priority is not to drop it.

              It sure would be nice if Vance could catch the ball and run into the end zone, but when he drops a ball that hits him in both his hands, he needs to stop dropping the ball. This is a strategy to help him, not do something that other player should not do, because they do not have the dropsies.

              Quit inferring something that I do not advocate. If you think I mean what you say, you are mistaken.

  5. The only entertainment this year will be Chip’s post game presser when they start off 1-4 or something like that…I’m going to miss Jimmy T, Geepie K, ManGenius..,what a crew, worthy of a solid flag team

  6. For Hyde to say that he rather runs through a guy than out of bounds is selfish.
    He should think about what is best for the team!

      1. And so to Roger Craig with those high flying knees. Hell yeah, make the defenders pay for every tackle, if you can.

    1. I remember the Niners putting a man in motion a lot during the 55-10 drubbing of the Broncos in the SB. If Chip wants to win Super Bowls, maybe he should study that game and learn from it.

      Chip also was analyzing a play, and mentioned that he put a man in motion just to read the defense’s reaction. If the MIM is mirrored by a defender, it meant they were in man coverage, so the offense knew beforehand the defensive strategy and they targeted the defensive weakness by doing a screen, since the defensive backs would be concentrating on their receiver and not looking at the QB.

      Putting a MIM only takes 2 or 3 seconds, so it should not seriously hamper the up tempo offense.

      1. I wonder if Chip has seen or even knows about those tapes/videos Walsh made about his offense. I’m talking about the stuff Shanahan studied to learn to OC job way back when.

      2. So Chip should only study that game, but not the other 49 Super Bowls?

        You realize that game was 27 years ago…why not study the 49ers in 94, or the Pats in 04, or the Seahawks in 2013??

    2. Chip isn’t trying to fool anybody Shifts and presnap motion slow him down. He’s trying to run plays faster than the defense can adjust and eventually win the war of attrition. There’s nothing amazing about the system he runs, it’s quite simple and relies on a small number of plays run out of different formations. It’s about catching defenses before they are set and wearing them down.

      1. Rocket – What you said is pretty much correct, you left out spreading the field and letting the skill players have room to roam.

      1. Unfortunately Neil said that they only recently started tracking this stat so I couldn’t go back and get previous years to look for any patterns to help answer that. It would be helpful to see if they historically don’t use a lot of motion or if maybe this past season was an aberration for them. If it was an off year for them then it would require some more digging to see if it was a change in philosophy or if an injury or two forced them to change things up.

        I had asked specifically about our ’12 and ’13 season because my half joking guess is that we used pre-snap motion close to 70% or more of the time in those seasons.

  7. Grant,

    Do you believe Devon Cajuste would make a good TE or H-Back? Kelly likes his mismatches and matching him up inside the hashmarks would certainly create some.

  8. “To be perfectly blunt with you, I didn’t play my best football last year. Injury, no injury, I wasn’t playing my best football and that’s something that I’m excited about for this season is being able to redeem myself, go out there, and play well and prove to everybody what I’m capable of,” Kaepernick said when asked about last season.”

  9. Grant you called it here comes the Colin Kaepernick distractions I just want him to go away get traded cut whatever

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