Carlos Rogers breaks down Seattle’s offense

SANTA CLARA – Carlos Rogers broke down Seattle’s offensive attack for reporters today at his locker.

Seattle has a new offensive coordinator, and his name is Darrell Bevell. Bevell was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings from 2006-2010, and he brought two key players with from Minnesota to Seattle – quarterback Tavaris Jackson and wide receiver Sidney Rice.

In his breakdown, Rogers focused on Jackson and Rice.

On Sunday Rogers will probably cover Rice, who is Seattle’s key offensive player, or weapon 1A.

Here’s what Rogers said.

Q: Has it been difficult to prepare for the Seahawks because they have a new offensive coaching staff?

Rogers: Not really. Football is football. With all coaches you can look at their previous film and stuff they’ve been doing in the past. It won’t change. They can’t come up with a new system overnight. It isn’t going to be too hard, just got to look at some of the past film, then you plug in different people.

Q: Is it tough to play against quarterbacks like Tavaris Jackson, who’s got a great arm and can extend plays with his feet?

ROGERS: That’s the different thing from pocket quarterbacks who just sit there – his capability of running. You think you’ve got a receiver covered, but you look back and (Jackson’s) broken the pocket, and he could run or he could throw the ball. That’s a challenge for linemen too, to stay in their lane and not just rush and open the middle of that pocket. If you see the middle of the field on third and five, third and short like that, his mindset is if he sees it he’s going to take off and run. Those are drives that keep us on the field longer and longer. We’re going to have to close the pocket on him and stick to receivers even when we think the play has broken down.

Q: Has their preseason stuff looked a lot like the Vikings’ past stuff?

ROGERS: It has. They have different weapons and they’ve mixed it up a little bit. Sidney Rice hasn’t played that much, but I know what he’s capable of doing from Minnesota. They’re going to get him the ball. They’re throwing the ball up. Mike (Williams) has been progressing as he came back in the league. He’s getting better and better, so they’ve got two big weapons that we know they’re going to get the ball to, and not speaking of their running game. Good running back, powerful running back. We’ve seen the results of what he did against the Saints. Our front-seven and our eight-man front is going to have to stop him.

Q: Do you follow Rice around or are you going to be on one side the whole time?

ROGERS: I haven’t really gotten the game plan of what we’re going to do. A lot of times in Washington we followed people. Some corners can only play one side. I’m used to playing both, in the middle, so I’m versatile playing any side.

Q: Did you blitz at all in the exhibition season?

ROGERS: No, we’ll save all that.



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