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49ers-Vikings only battle of NFL unbeatens this week

Mike Singletary wants to make sure his players understand tomorrow’s game against the Vikings is not all about Adrian Peterson or Brett Favre. But, clearly, the 49ers must keep those players in check Sunday to have any chance of leaving Minnesota with a victory.   This is the weekend’s only matchup of unbeaten NFL teams. […]

Niners are here, but will they show up for Sunday’s game?

The team arrived at its Amherst, N.Y., hotel late last night. So even though the 49ers are 3-27 since 2003 in those 10 a.m. (Pacific) starts, it appears as if they have decided to show up and play the game against the Bills, anyway.

Wakeup call: Early starts have not been fun for 49ers

Last week’s GPS game against the Seahawks Rams (or whichever dreadful team they played) established that the 49ers are not the worst team in the NFL. In fact, the 49ers would pick No. 7 overall if the draft were held today.

Criticism of Marathe’s booth involvement is unfair

When it was revealed a year ago 49ers director of football operations Paraag Marathe was in the booth on game days, helping with rules and replays, it caused a lot of people to question the wisdom of coach Mike Nolan’s decision.

Patriots don’t look so imposing without Brady

When the schedule came out, you could mark this one down as a 49ers loss. Now, things look a lot different. The Patriots aren’t nearly as imposing without QB Tom Brady. * * * Tomorrow has not yet arrived, but tomorrow’s paper has. Here’s my article, “Martz’s deep pass routes testing offensive line.” * * […]

Closer look at 49ers-Saints matchups

This is not a GPS game, per se, but you can certainly look at this four-week stretch that begins Sunday as an indicator of where the 49ers stand in the NFL.