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No changes are coming for 49ers’ beleaguered defense

There will be no changes to the 49ers defense, coach Mike Nolan said today during his Monday press conference.   “No, I’m looking for us to play better,” Nolan answered when asked if changes were coming.

Nolan on Davis: Two out of three not bad

Coach Mike Nolan held his usual Monday press conference, and spoke about Sunday’s 30-21 loss to the Patriots. Among the topics he discussed was tight end Vernon Davis, who was again held without a catch.

Nolan’s talks about loss to Saints

I was on a 7:45 a.m. flight out of New Orleans this morning, so I was unable to get back in time for coach Mike Nolan’s press conference. * * * Here are my articles for today’s Press Democrat: “Lost in New Orleans” and “Deuce gets loose.” * * *