Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: “The wind was a bigger factor I think in his first time out.”


This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


With the second full week of practice that QB Colin Kaepernick has taken most of the reps, is there anything specific that you look for him to build on during the week of practice?

“I think for any quarterback you’re just looking for consistency. The chemistry or the relationship that’s where the receivers are, knowing where, as they come out of their break, where they’re going to be. Is one guy a little bit sharper out of his cut? Is one guy a little bit deeper out of his cut? Obviously reading the defense as you go, but just getting a little bit more consistent, a little bit more familiar because he is getting more snaps. Sometimes when you’re the two that’s difficult because you’re not getting as many snaps. But, when you are the one and you’re getting snaps and we’re running that play and you may run it once in team and then come back and run the same concept when you’re in seven on seven. If you may have missed it in team or was off a little bit in team, do we correct it when we get to the seven on seven period? So, that’s really what you’re looking for.”


Do you, it’s only been a few days, but can you see things look maybe a little bit more crisp on the practice field?

“Yeah, you can see that. That’s a good point. You can see that and I think that’s, at any rate, like again with Colin his last extensive playing time was in the San Diego game. I think he played three snaps in the first game, but his last extensive playing time was in the San Diego game, which was our last preseason game, which was over six weeks ago. Getting him back into, really what you’re trying to do is get him into a rhythm.”


What’s WR DeAndre Smelter look like now that he’s back on the practice squad?

“Just seen him for two days. It’s good to see him back out there running around. Obviously, even through OTAs he seemed to have something. So, it was you’d have him for a couple days and then he’d be out for a couple days or not 100-percent for a couple of days. So, the biggest thing with DeAndre is are we going to get a healthy DeAndre and that’s what we’re looking for. But, for two days so far he’s looked solid.”


He was dealing with a hamstring off and on–?

“Yeah, it was a hamstring.”


OK, it wasn’t tied to his torn ACL in college?

“I don’t know how the hamstring happened, but the injury itself was a hamstring. It had nothing, there was no knee issue and it was a pretty, whatever the grades are, grade two or grade three, it was a legitimate torn hamstring. It wasn’t one of those you know he’s out for a week or two as an extensive, obviously, just look at when we released him, waived him injured and then brought him back, I know it was a pretty severe hamstring injury.”


You mentioned RB Mike Davis had practiced well last week and had earned more playing time in that game in Buffalo. Can you elaborate on what he did during practice that was an improvement? I know he had a good preseason averaging over eight yards a carry.

“Just hitting the hole, timing, making the right cuts. You’re burying yourself into the back of the guard or are you working off of the guard’s block and getting yourself to the second level and not getting touched by a linebacker, finishing runs, showing good vision. That’s kind of what you’re looking for in a running back when you’re going through practice.”


Is the next step for him maybe building a rhythm, getting playing time and then starting to feel the rhythm of the game? Is that going to help him going forward?

“Yeah, you would hope. I think, again, just like the same conversation we had about Colin, the more time you’re out there, the more reps you’re getting, the more snaps you’re getting. I think you’re trying to get into a rhythm and get into a feel of kind of how the game itself will be played.”


How is he as a pass catcher coming out of the backfield?

“Well, Mike is solid. I think [RB] Carlos [Hyde] and [RB] Shaun [Draughn] were a little bit ahead of him from a pass-catching standpoint. He does a good job in protection, but he’s solid as a receiver coming out of the backfield.”


Will you bring up RB DuJuan Harris?

“Yeah, we’ll get to, again I said that earlier, you’ve got to wait until you get to Saturday. If three guys get injured today then you’re juggling them all around. Or DuJuan could get injured. So, we’ll get to Saturday and then make a decision on where we’re going to be. But, we do want to have three running backs up for the game.”


How has CB Will Redmond looked in practice?

“One day he looked OK. I didn’t, he’s over with the scout squad, running around just kind of getting his feet wet. He looks like he’s moving better than when we saw him last in the preseason. But, he’s looked OK.”


Did he suffer a setback at all or was it just something that you wanted–?

“I don’t think it was a setback. No, I don’t. It wasn’t an injury that kept him out. I just don’t think he was ready to go.”


Going back to DeAndre, did he show you enough when he was healthy in the offseason that it was part of the plan that when he gets healthy and if he doesn’t get picked up by another team that you’d want to bring him back and see him and perhaps–?

“No, I would say the other way. We didn’t see it, really didn’t get a chance to see him so that’s what we really wanted to be able to do. It was one of those deals is that you never saw enough of him to really make an accurate decision on, ‘Hey, can he really contribute and help? So, let’s give him an opportunity when he’s healthy.’ Again, when you have the injury that he had with his hamstring, and it was legit, got an MRI. It was a real serious hamstring injury. You feel bad for the player because he’s put so much time and invested so much time coming in and being on IR the first year and getting ready to show us what he can do but then really didn’t have a chance to show us what he can do. I don’t think he played. Did he play in a preseason game? I don’t think he played. I think he was hurt. It happened before our first preseason game, so we never really got a chance to see him in action.”


Colin’s athletic skills and everything are evident. One of the criticisms on him has been on touch and anticipation. One, do you think that’s fair and two, is that something you can develop later in your career? As your career goes on, can you improve that?

“Well, I think he has touch and anticipation. I think part of that’s understanding the concepts that you’re teaching and what he’s being asked to do. I don’t know exactly what the ins and outs of the systems that he was in before we got here, but in terms of us seeing him, I think he does have anticipation, he does have the ability to throw guys open. There’s certain balls you have to put some touch on to throw and I’ve seen that displayed in practice. I think one of the things that’s difficult in terms of grading Colin just from the first game that he played in Buffalo is I don’t think anybody was really accurate. But, a lot of that had to do with the weather. I think part of that, even the long throw to [WR] Torrey [Smith], when you talk to Colin about it, he said, ‘I just wanted to get it out there.’ He was afraid, I think we were going with the wind, he was afraid if he let that thing go, how open Torrey was, we overthrow him by 10 yards we get nothing out of it. So, I think he babied that throw a little bit but understandable because you’re in a little bit of a different environment. There was a distinct wind in the difference between going one way and going the other way and I know you can talk to [K] Phil [Dawson] who’s got great experience at it from a kicking standpoint. We probably had to get to almost the 20-yard line going down away from the tunnel and then the other side, I think he hit a 65-yarder in warmups going the other way. So, the wind was a bigger factor I think in his first time out. So, hopefully, back here in the friendly confines of Levi’s, we’ll be in a little bit better situation, a little bit better weather in terms of us throwing the football.”


Colin’s been described as maybe a better player in games than in practice. Would you agree with that?

“In the one game that I can judge him from?”


You’ve watched tape.

“I don’t think he’s been bad in practice. So, I don’t see that.”


Well, not bad.

“That’s the point. I’m just saying I don’t get that. I think Colin has been great. He’s very intense. He really works very hard from a practice standpoint. So, I don’t see that aspect. The one thing that set him back is he had a sore arm. So, we missed a chunk of time in preseason camp with him. But, I don’t get the, and I’ve heard that, but I don’t, my body of work with him from a practice standpoint and a game standpoint is really the Chargers game which I think he played half good but you’re going against the twos and threes of the Chargers and then the Buffalo game was the only games that I’ve ever seen Colin in.”


In your experience though with other players, I’m sure that have had similar attributes being better in games than maybe during the week.

“I haven’t been around many of those guys, to be honest with you. I believe people sink to their level of training, they don’t rise to the occasion. I haven’t really been around a lot of guys that just don’t practice very well and then all of a sudden on game day show up. I think it’s too hard a game. I’ve never really understood that narrative. I think it’s too hard a game to not practice very well and then go out and play very well. I don’t think that happens really in any spot, that that truly happens, to be honest with you.”


Are you fully committed to staying with the 49ers beyond this season?

“Unless the media has an opportunity for me somewhere, I’ll always explore those opportunities. But, I’m not going anywhere.”


How would you describe former 49ers LB Charles Haley’s role with the team and to have guys connected to that kind of success that this organization’s had in the past? What value is that?

“Well, I think on the second part, I think that’s huge and I think it starts with our player engagement program run by [vice president of football affairs] Keena Turner. To have guys like Keena and [director of alumni relations] Guy McIntyre around here, they have a huge impact on our players and I think this player engagement is different than a lot of player engagements in the league in the fact that so many of the former players give back here. We’ve had meetings in the offseason with our rookies and there’s [former 49ers C/G] Jesse Sapolu, [former 49ers CB] Eric Wright, [former 49ers RB] Ricky Watters, [former 49ers QB] Steve Bono. The list goes on and on of how many former 49ers really reach out and want to help because of their ties to this organization and I think it’s unbelieve. I think it’s great. Charles is just another example of that. But, to hear from [former 49ers RB] Roger Craig or [former 49ers TE] Brent Jones or [former 49ers WR] Dwight Clark’s around a ton, you know, [former 49ers QB] Steve Young, [former 49ers WR] Jerry Rice, all those guys. I think the history and the tradition of this organization is something that we really want to continue and we want to use that to help our other players and motivate them. So, the fact that so many of those former players want to give back to this place kind of speaks and tells you a little bit about it and that’s kind of the role that Charles has. Charles wants to be around, Charles wants to help and I think he’s had a positive impact when he’s been here and had a chance to sit down and visit with our players.”

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  1. I can recall a time when the notion of Charles Haley being a mentor and a positive influence on other players would’ve been worth a hearty guffaw. The dude’s got his groove going these days.

  2. Larry Krueger video saying the York’s should fire Baalke just for his ineptitude when drafting the skill positions.

    As fans we know his offensive line is suspect; his last 4 drafts have addressed the defense in the 1st round and we still find ourselves in last place; our special teams cost the 49ers a competetive game last week when they jumped offsides after the longsnapper althered the cadence–we also fumbled.

    Finally, Baalke overdrafted DB’s (seven of them) and teams pass on us at will.

    Consequently, when a GM continually does repeat drafting (as with the 7 DB’s) at the expense of needs–ILB’s or the skill positions it leaves us vulnerable.

    And vulnerable is what Ownership leaves fans annually when they inexperience–The Jiffy Lube Mechanic–Tomsula, Baalke, Sing, Hosler, the DJ, etc. etc.

    Even Eddie’s daughter, Lisa, suggested that Marie step in due to ownership’s incompetence and lack of care for the PSL holders and the Corporate Luxury Box Owners in these dreadful hires.

    Lisa DeBartolo, please end this and buy the team back. Thank you!

    1. Lisa DeBartolo Retweeted that Marie Fire Jed:


       Reply

       Retweet



       More

      Lisa DeBartolo ‏@LisaDeBartolo · Oct 19

      I did not say Jed must go, the Press Democrat did. I retweeted it. That’s all.

      1. So,Seb,

        Lisa is reading the PD. Are you going to offer her some ownership suggestions or tow the company–Kap line.

        Lisa also, during Eddie’s HOF speech intimated that current ownership should show more care for the fans hard earned money by putting a decent product on the field.

        Seb, you have sang the York’s praises in the past. I feel the leakes woke you up.
        Maybe you should make a comment while she’s admitted she is currently watching this situation…Or, will you crawl back into your shell ?

  3. TANK: I think it’s interesting that Jason Cole says that according to sources, Baalke is safe and in charge of 49ers’ 2017 draft

    TANK: Then hours later, we have CBS saying Kelly could well return to CFB before his reputation is trashed. Big opportunities to include USC, Norte Dame, Texas, LSU, etc.

    westcoastguy: If Jed truly believes that he’s an even bigger fool than I thought, but I think it’s a simple support measure to keep the media savages at bay

    westcoastguy: If Jed truly believes that he’s an even bigger fool than I thought, but I think it’s a simple support measure to keep the media savages at bay

    Scoots: Or Kelly told Baalke safe so Kelly looking to escape?

    TANK: Trial balloons floated.

    TANK: Shots fired!

    TANK: Then hours later, we have CBS saying Kelly could well return to CFB before his reputation is trashed. Big opportunities to include USC, Norte Dame, Texas, LSU, etc.

    TANK: I think it’s interesting that Jason Cole says that according to sources, Baalke is safe and in charge of 49ers’ 2017 draft

    cervant: You go, girl!

    Bryan_Admin: Lisa vs Jed?

    Bryan_Admin: cheap at the position to accomodate the top level talent

    1. Garoppolo may well be a better prospect than any QB in next year’s draft, and comes pro ready. I would be all for such a move.

      1. I don’t think we have seen enough to make that determination about Jimmy G.
        Reason is that whomever plays for the Pats they always seem NFL ready and excel. That’s because they have a great coach, scheme and system and talent around each other.

        1. We haven’t seen anything from the guys in the draft relevant to the NFL. Garoppolo was a high draft pick that has NFL experience and has played well when needed. Is there any reason to believe any of the guys available in the upcoming draft will be better? That’s the question the 49ers will need to ask themselves.

      2. Scooter,
        What if Z.Prescott continues to have success and leads the ‘boys’ to the playoffs. Is there a chance Jerry would let Romo go?
        Romo’ ability to stay healthy is a big issue, but if healthy he would give us the pocket QB this team has been missing for years.

        But if Garoppolo is available, I would take him in a instant. I wanted this guy when he was in the draft. Getting his now (2017) would be much better because as you said he is now pro ready.

        1. If Romo can be had for not much he could be useful as a stop gap until whoever they draft is ready. It would mean they might be able to use their 1st on something other than a QB and perhaps take a guy like Luke Falk in round 2 (though personally I think Falk will go in the 1st round).

          I wouldn’t give up much to get Romo though. At this point he is far too injury prone.

          Garoppolo is a guy I really liked in the 2014 draft too. Him and Bridgewater. And both are guys I would be inquiring about at the end of the season.

          1. Scooter,
            Unless Jerry Jones is completely enamored with Romo and gives him the starting job back (which would be a huge mistake) when he is healthy, I don’t see a move to dislodge Prescott.

            Romo (imo), would be the equivalent of Steve DeBerg. A QB that can give us 1-2 seasons of above average play at the QB position until our future QB is ready.

            Suddenly, there seems to be no clear cut choice for top 5 QB in the upcoming draft. Kizer was the odds-on favorite but his numbers have been less than stellar of late which may push him out of the top 5.

            We may need to go rd 2 to find our QB. Or go the way of the Vikings and draft the best LB/DE available, continue to build our defense and hope we get lucky the way they did with Sam Bradford – of course that’s where I see Romo fitting in.

      3. For a 1st and 2nd Rounder? That’s probably what it would take, and it’s unlikely he would sign off coming to this dumpster fire unless McDaniels or someone he’s familiar with were part of the deal. I see him ending up with the team he dreamed of playing for as a kid, and one that also is about to fire their HC/GM. The Bears….

        1. Who knows whether it would take a 1st and 2nd rounder? He’s a guy that has played effectively 2 NFL games. And the draft is likely to have a lot of QBs with 1st through 3rd round grades, so demand may not be as high as it would otherwise be expected to be.

          I’m thinking he can be had for less than a 1st and 2nd. Especially if that 1st rounder is a top 3 to 5 pick. At this point I wouldn’t be against trading as much as a 1st round pick + a 4th in 2017 and a 3rd in 2018 for Garoppolo. Its a lot (and obviously the starting point for trade discussions would be less), but really it is only a 4th in 2017 and 3rd in 2018 more than what they’d pay for a complete unknown NFL commodity in the draft. They can trade back in the 2nd to try and replace some picks if they want to. And its more than what the Vikings paid for Bradford, and they were desperate, so you may not even need to go that high.

            1. I agree Cubus. On a team that’s already really good, and needs a succcessor to Brady, they don’t need a top 5 pick or a to try and find another good QB.

            2. To avoid the risk of losing him for next to nothing (other than a comp pick). He’s off contract after next season. And nobody knows how long Brady intends to keep playing for.

              That is why they invested a 3rd round pick in another QB this past draft.

              1. I didn’t know he was a FA after next year. But a 1st, 3rd and 4th seems like a lot for this team that needs so much.
                I’d rather we draft and develop our own. I know, easier said than done!

              2. The 3rd I am suggesting would be in 2018. Really they would only be losing 1 draft pick in 2017 (given they would need to take a QB with a draft pick anyway). I think that is worth it for a talented QB that comes with pro experience and already understands the speed of the game.

              3. If he is off contract that soon it’s a given he wouldn’t stay here either. A one year rental is not worth a top 3 pick to a rebuilding team.

              4. Willtalk, whoever trades for Garoppolo will have already negotiated with him regarding a contract extension. Just like the Broncos were doing with Kaep.

          1. I think between the Bears, Jets and Dolphins, the Patriots could have a silent auction prior to November 1st. I could easily see them getting a 1st and 2nd round pick, with the Bears being my favorite to make that move….

              1. No! Cubus please not him! My bro is a Dolphins fan, I’ve watched a lot of his games, he is a big NO!

              2. Prime:

                I haven’t seen much of him, I admit. However, I did see the Miami – Seattle game and thought he played well. Wasn’t his fault that the perfectly thrown long bomb he threw was dropped by his WR. Had the WR made that catch they would have won. If you counter with I favor anyone who can beat the S’quawks, I won’t say you’re wrong :)

              3. If they could get him cheaply then sure, but only as competition/ a place holder for a younger option. He’s not a good starting QB.

                He’s on a lot of money for a place holder though, so probably better waiting until the Dolphins cut him (if they cut him, which they probably will since his contract is set up similarly to Kaep’s in that its basically a bunch of 1-year contracts with no guaranteed money).

              4. The best thing Romo could do is give the team a reason not to start the rookie for at least his first year or maybe even two.

            1. I kind of figured that, but was surprised that one of Kaaya, Falk and Kizer don’t show up on the list. Possible of course.

          1. Gotta say, the 2018 draft could be very interesting if Jackson, Browning and Rosen all declare early (plus any of the decent looking juniors that don’t declare early this year).

            1. Agreed Scooter. Those 3 alone look like a great class of 1st rounders, and that’s why I’ve been iffy on this years group, especially with a high first round pick. You never know how things will work out, but taking one in the second this year and then one of those 3 in the first in 2018, would not upset me at all.

              1. And don’t forget that guys like Kizer, Kaaya, Trubisky and Falk all have the option of playing college football another year. 2018 could be a bonanza.

                Though I think most if not all the guys I just listed will look at who could be coming out in 2017 and decide to jump early.

              2. Very true. It will likely depend on what kind of grade each one is given from the advisory board. 2018 is shaping up as a big time QB draft as long as there are no major setbacks.

          2. Kizer has been bad the last two weeks. The first week he played in hurricane conditions. Last week he was benched and made bad decisions when he got back in with the game on the line.

            Kaaya showed his clutch against FSU but was an average QB the next week and the Canes lost. Both Kizer and Kaaya are trending down because they are not winning.

              1. Another tough game for your Canes. Kaaya actually played ok imo. He didn’t get much protection and the defense was terrible, but he made some good throws and stood in there pretty well.

              2. rocket,

                Thanks for your take on Kaaya last night. I didn’t see the second half because I was watching my Cubs.

                As of today I no longer see Kaaya as a franchise QB. He will always have a game that is good but not great, bad but not god awful, or most likely he will have a game that is so-so. I see Kaaya as a decent pro but never a pro bowler.

            1. in regards to rocket’s comment about 2018 being a great year for Qb’s……..that’s exactly what I been hearing too.
              I don’t watch as much college ball…… but I have friends who do.
              We were talking about Watson and some other Qb’s in 2017…..
              He told me point blank…..the best 2 Qb’s are underclassmen and cant be taken till ’18!!
              One of em was a kid from Folsom, right here in sacramento basically……thinks hes playing at Washington or something……and I think his name is Browning or something like that ( anyone feel free to help me out:)
              Maybe this is why Baalke is said to be running ’17 draft…….it will ensure us picking #1 overall in 2018!!!!!

  4. 3… 2… 1…

    More excuses for Kap. Give him time he missed training camp, he hasn’t played any meaningful football in a year, he had multible surgerys, hes got a tired arm, blah, blah, blah. Truth is was Kap that good or was it Harbaugh. Seems pretty obvious to me.

  5. In reading Chip Kelly’s comments about Colin getting used to the receivers coming out of their breaks and the timing factor, I could not help but think of the value of running an “offset passing game” rather than a timed passing game. For example, Kelly mentioned that CK has difficulty in timing up the out routes with the different receivers.

    From a passing game perspective with the “offset” throwing concept, a 4 route to the right side of the formation involves the exact same footwork as the 3 route to the offensive left side of the field. Other than the direction from which the ball is arriving, the concepts for the receiver are identical.

    With this “bring it back” concept the QB is not forced to time up precisely with the wide receivers. There is a greater margin for error and the receiver is driving to a depth of about 12-13 yards and then bringing it back with control and settling for the reception.

    Working away from the defensive back also creates some additional separation and gives the receiver an opportunity to secure the catch prior to contact or before he turns up the field for yards after the catch.

    The completion percentage definitely will go up with this concept. Very simple and easy to introduce, and the footwork and learning for the receivers on both sides of the formation has been reduced and minimized.

  6. I will give Chip some credit on this one. As a coach you don’t want to shatter your QBs confidence. Think Nolan and Alex. However, I’m not a coach. Kap is really bad. No excuse will change my mind. If he starts to play well I will reconsider my view that he is a bad QB.

  7. LOL…when Kaepernick overthrew Smith on the deep route it was into the wind. Come on Chip, do a better job of lying next time.

        1. Driving that train, high on cocaine,
          Casey Jones you better watch your speed.
          Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
          and you know that notion, just crossed my mind.

    1. Jack Hammer—— Re read Chips response. The into the wind comment was in respect to the short throw to Smith not the one he over threw him. The point he was making was that Kaep over compensated for the wind on both throw. Throwing long against the wind and short with it. On the short throw he said that Kaep didn;t want to over throw him ( with the wind ) so he underthrew it. ——————- I believe I and another poster mentioned the wind as a factor on a thread following the game. When the wind is gusting it makes it even more difficult to adjust because the velocity can change even in mid throw.

      While a lot of you who post on this site have really good football insight you often do not display a knack for considering the effect variables might have.

          1. Shooting for the stars
            Cruise the speed of light.
            Glowin’ god of Mars
            Body burning bright.

            Well I’m ridin’, ridin’ on the wind
            Yes I’m ridin’, ridin’ on the wind.

          2. Frankly that is impossible being that they happened in alternating Quarters. Teams usually change sides so unless the wind direction changed sides with them it’s impossible. The overthrow happened in the first Q and the under throw in the 2nd. I frankly wasn’t certain which way the wind was blowing, so I just went by Chips post. Frankly I would take his word since you didn’t even recognize that they were thrown in different quarters. Frankly irregardless in which way the wind is blowing the QB still has to make an adjustment.

            So who are you calling a blowhard. It would be bad enough getting insulting even if you were right, but you were wrong period.

        1. It is the night
          My body’s weak
          I’m on the run
          No time for sleep
          I’ve got to ride
          Ride like the wind
          To be free again

    1. Source: Peter Panacy:

      Special teams rarely get love when the unit is playing well. But when it’s not, things go bad in a hurry.

      Through six weeks, opposing teams are averaging an offensive-drive start on their own 33.1 yard line.

      Too Bad the 49ers # 2 WR, Taylor, who lined up opposite Rice and was a Pro Bowl Special Teamer:

      1. And bad coach last year-bad coach this year. I do understand when you say Chip needs time to get better players to fit Chips system. The problem is that he and Gamble already had that chance in Philly and things got worse every year after they dismantled the Andy Reid Eagles.

        I just have a short leash when it comes to the coach, QB, GM. and owner. When you committ to bad coach, You set the team back as long as they are there.

        We need a hard reset. New owner, new gm “not Gamble”, new coach, and a new qb.

  8. Round Table: When will Trent Baalke be fired?

    October 21, 2016 at 7:50 AM • 0 comments

    By Zain Naqvi

    In our latest Round Table, our staff was asked when they believe Baalke might get fired.

    When should the change happen? Well, it’s going to happen no matter what, but I’d want to give Gamble the rest of this season to set up his scouting system, to set the draft board for this upcoming draft and to give him time to evaluate the current roster. For those reasons, I think the change must be done at the bye week to give Gamble the rest of the season to get settled in.

      1. Does that mean Jed actually cares?

        He’s actually going to be proactive for once and show fans that Joan in payroll isn’t the only one in the office working.

  9. Al Sacco

    The 49ers roster is a disaster, and the team has gotten worse each of the last three years.

    Baalke’s philosophy on how to build a football team is outdated, and the fact that he devalues skill positions consistently puts the Niners behind the eight ball. It’s

    1. 49ers a Lost Franchise in 2016 with No Easy Fixes in Sight
      BY P. Panacy

      Congratulations, San Francisco 49ers. You are now the official laughingstock of the NFL.

      Yes, it’s true there are other teams that share your 1-5 record through six weeks

      the Cleveland Browns, has yet to win a game this year.

      It doesn’t matter though. Those teams have done something you have not — establish a direction mostly understood by their fan bases.

      Even the Browns ushered in a culture change by hiring head coach Hue Jackson last offseason.

      San Francisco now sits with the NFL’s second-worst defense, worst run defense, worst offense (in terms of yards gained) and worst passing offense.

      A year ago. That’s right, the season in which 49ers fans placed all the blame in the world on then-head coach Jim Tomsula. And if there’s any Tomsula-like consolation following the Niners’ 45-16 drubbing by the Buffalo Bills, it’s this:

      Damon Bruce Verified account 
      What’s kinda awesome … somewhere, Jim Tomsula & Joan in Payroll are sitting back and laughing their asses off. #49ers

  10. I do not believe that Baalke will be fired. Jed made this bed and he will be loath to make a change and to admit that he was wrong in hiring and keeping Baalke in place.

    If, by massive public embarrassment, Jed is forced to fire Baalke, he will wait too long and the new GM will have scant time to adjust scouting and the front office. The new GM will be Gamble because Jed will never hire outside his, limited, circle of knowledge. Perhaps Gamble will be good, who knows? What we do know is that Jed will not reach out and bring in a knowledgeable and experienced NFL GM.

    For the foreseeable future our 49ers are screwed.

  11.  Pinned Tweet

    Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · 18h18 hours ago

    If the #Raiders DO move to Vegas, the first stripper to change her name to “Autumn Wind” will be the real winner in the deal.

  12. Jelani Corbie
    @timkawakami I will never understand why the Yorks are so content with losing…

    frank ‏@BarhumFrank · 14m14 minutes ago

    @timkawakami 17 years of futility and counting..I think John York enjoys this..he knows fans loved eddie so he wants to agonize them for it

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    The Yorks were convinced that Tomsula’s victory as interim coach in 2010 proved that he’d inevitably be a great 49ers HC (after Harbaugh). This is why I keep bringing up the Yorks’ celebrations–and Jed Tweet–after the win in Chicago last year. To get them to 4-8.
    My opinion: The Yorks convince themselves that random things (maybe a win on Sunday) prove that the real things (many, many Ls) are invalid.

    SF7 ‏@captnhook7 · 1h1 hour ago

    @timkawakami @Jelani_Corbie they will never win because they have no idea what the difference is between winning & losing

    Jelani Corbie ‏@Jelani_Corbie · 59m59 minutes ago

    @captnhook7 @timkawakami “Jim Tomsula will be the next Steve Kerr.” #NeverForget

     Reply

     Retweet


     More

    SF7 ‏@captnhook7 · 50m50 minutes ago

    @Jelani_Corbie @timkawakami When Jed fired Harbaugh he officially became Chris Cohan

    Jelani Corbie ‏@Jelani_Corbie · 38m38 minutes ago

    @captnhook7 @timkawakami Even Chris Cohan knew when it was time to give it up, Jed York however…

  13. We have our first leak in support of 49ers GM Trent Baalke
    Niners Nation-Oct 19, 2016

    TomD’s Response: The only reasonable explanation for keeping Baalke is he knows where Jed buried the bodies.
    From going cheap using Marathe’s analytics and the Tim Kawakami dinner bill slight, upon firing Baalke he would retaliate by telling fans that Jed purposely made him go on the cheap, only drafting players if Paraage Marathe’s analytic Dept. said so.

    If this is true, that Jed purposely told Baalke to find bargain basement players only–including shying away from the priciest positions, QB and WR, then we would truly have one most monumental stories in sports history.

    Lets recap some of the recent money making gaffes by the York PR Dept.

    1. The York’s stiffing Tim Kawakami for Jed and his Wife’s dinner bill for approx. $1,200.
    2. Bumping the Girl Scouts of America’s Levi Stadium sleepover by booking a more lucrative rock concert in their place.
    3. Hiring (Well documented) ” the cheap assistant coaches in the NFL.” etc, etc.

    So, it’s not far fetched that if your thinking nobody could be as bad as Baalke in drafting the skill positions even if they tried, so why won’t the York’s fire him….Well, the York’s may be purposely telling Trent to draft the skill positions in the later rounds where they’re cheaper.

  14. Midnight Train to Youngstown

    San Fran proved too much for Jed York
    (Too much for Jed York, he couldn’t make it)
    So he’s leaving a life he’s come to know, ooh
    (He said he’s going)
    He said he’s going back to find
    (Going back to find)
    Ooh, what’s left of his world
    The world he left behind not so long ago

  15. Cass,
    the 49ers measure J mishap

    Hope your right. Forgot to include the following in the York top 100, PR money making embarassments:

    When city leaders championed a ballot measure six years ago to bring the San Francisco 49ers to town by building a multimillion-dollar stadium, they promised one thing: No taxpayer dollars would be spent on private stadium events or NFL games.

    But two years after Levi’s Stadium opened its gates, Mayor Lisa Gillmor says some costs for police and firefighter staffing at the stadium continue to go unreimbursed at a cost to the city’s general fund — a violation of the voter-approved Measure J

    1. Good read for anyone looking for some positives about this team. Neumann knows his stuff too.

      As he alludes to, the next 5-6 games will really be a gauge as to how bad exactly this team is. This weaker portion of the schedule could see the 49ers pick up a few wins.

      1. Agreed, I think the Niners will start to play better, they can’t get much worse.

        One thing that concerns me is the red zone efficiency going down now that Kap is starting.

    1. Good read Scooter.

      I found it interesting that Miller and I had similar things to say about Kaaya after the FSU game. But I’ve cooled on Kaaya after the last two weeks.

      I still think Kizer has the biggest ceiling for the QB class. If we can’t get him it would be hard to pass on Garrett.

      1. The way Kaaya has played this season has really been a bit of a disappointment for me. I really thought he’d make a jump under Richt.

        But if he is there in the 2nd I think he’d be great value still. As Miller said, he has some Bridgewater traits (thougn Bridgewater is better navigating the pocket, while Kaaya has a better arm). High football IQ QBs. I still think he can be a solid starting QB in the NFL, and at worst an excellent backup. He’ll need to play behind a good OL though.

    2. Kizer is still my guy, and Kelly was wrong to yank him. I don’t know what his infatuation is with Zaire, but it’s been ill advised in my view. Don’t forget what Guido said just before the demise of JimmyTom. “He has our full support”….

      1. I think the hype on Kizer after the first few weeks of the season was overblown, but he’s still probably the best QB prospect likely to be in the draft. And Kelly was definitely wrong in how he has handled the situation. Kizer is clearly better than Zaire, and Kelly’s lukewarm support for Kizer all season is puzzling. Pulling Kizer after a couple of mistakes last week doesn’t help the team long term.

        I’ll be honest razor, the way Kelly has handled himself this year I really question how good a man manager he is.

            1. I know. I was talking about Brian Kelly as well. I see the way he treats his players, and his demeanor, and I don’t think it will fly when he’s dealing with NFL players.

              1. I guess now the question is why Kelly(Brian) in a NFL context? Because Razor keeps promoting him as a replacement for Kelly(chip).

              2. Because Razor keeps promoting him as a replacement for Kelly(chip).

                I no longer support that move, because of the poor decisions he’s made this year. I now support Shanahan Jr. as HC with McClay or Caserio taking on GM duties. Caserio would be my first choice, with McClay as my plan b….

        1. I’ll be honest razor, the way Kelly has handled himself this year I really question how good a man manager he is.

          Right there with you on that, Scooter….

    3. This reminds of the last time the Niners were in position to have the #1 pick and chose Alex Smith over better players at other positions. If for some reason they wind up with the #1 pick, they can’t take a QB imo. It has to be Garrett and then a QB in round 2 or 3, with the understanding they will be looking again at a QB in the first in 2018 if they don’t see enough from the QB picked in 2017.

      1. Well, Garrett looks like he will be the clear cut best prospect in the draft, so he’d definitely be hard to pass up.

        If they went down that path I wouldn’t wait until the 2nd round to get a QB though. Trade back into the first and make sure you get a guy you like. Or at least trade for a starting calibre stop gap, take a QB in round 2, and don’t be afraid to look at the position again in 2018.

            1. What do you guys think of Davis Webb? I’ve only seen two games this year (including tonight’s game), but I’ve been impressed by him. He plays in an uptempo offense that looks to me like they run the zone read although he rarely keeps it. He seems smart, makes good decisions, has nice touch, and is pretty accurate from what I’ve seen. Coach’s son who apparently starts watching film daily at 8:00 AM.

              1. I would rather have the Niners draft a DL or MLB.

                They should let Kaep play, draft playmakers to help him, but concentrate on the defense, with NO ACL picks.

                Jake Browning is only a freshman, but he would be my choice for a QB for the future.

                Davis Webb may be another Goff.

              2. One ACL guy they shouldn’t be afraid to draft is Carl Lawson (and yes, I know I have mentioned him a number of times already). He’s now 2 years removed from the injury and is starting to dominate once again. Just picked up his 7th sack of the year, and is a big part of what has made the Auburn DL one of the best in college football this season.

              3. Won’t argue as I really like both Williams and Allen too. Though Allen is more of your true DL, and the 49ers just spent their last 2 1st rounders on guys that play the same position.

                There are going to be some excellent pass rushers available in the 2017 draft.

              4. Maybe the Niners should look at drafting Ryan Anderson, if he lasts until the second round.

                Since Carl Lawson looks fully healthy, and is playing, I would not mind if they select him. What I really object to is assertions that their ACL pick would be be ready by TC, then find out he needs more time to heal.

    1. Neither Bowman and Armstrong injuries could be predicted? Bowman was coming off major knee surgery to 2 ligaments. and Armstrong was playing at a flyweight of 220 lbs. Since football is a game of attrition, both those players were candidates for the IR.

      The problem is, Baalke drafted 2 CBs, one who had an ACL injury, then drafted 2 OL, who have not sniffed the starting lineup. Robinson may be quick, but he is also another flyweight who will get bludgeoned. Hence the concussion.

      Maybe he should have drafted an ILB, and not waited til the 6th round to draft marginal players like a QB, RB and WR.

      Jed should study the 2016 draft. He should look at who the Niners drafted, and then the next 10 players chosen after the Niners chose their players.

      After Redmond, the next 12 players chosen were Yanninck Ngakoue DE, Bronson Kaufusi De, Darian Thompson S, Jonathan Bullard, DT, Kenyan Drake RB, Keivalrae Russel CB, Shilique Calhoun DE, and Shon Colman OT.

      After Robinson, They chose Kenneth Dixon, RB, DAK PRESCOTT QB, Devontae Booker RB, and Dean Lowry DE.

      In hindsight, the Niners could have gotten a lot better, but whiffed on Redmond, who obviously is not ready to play. If Baalke is left in charge of the draft, just expect more whiffs.

  16. I am optimistic. Why? because Gary Radnich thinks the Niners will win against TB.. Since GR predicted the Niners would win 5 games last season, and was spot on, I will take his prediction and run with it.

    Of course, he may have been pushing back against all the doom and gloomers in the room, but he is definitely the smartest man in that room. Ol’ Krueger even wants the Dodgers to win and is cheering for them, so he is kinda clueless. Even brain dead.

    The Niners will win if the defense wakes up.

    Kaep needs to be more deceptive. I hope he does more pump fakes, and if he can master looking off the safeties, he can hit some wide open receivers. Of course, they have to catch the ball, but maybe if they play DuJuan Harris, they might have a chance.

    1. So says the guy predicting the Niners win 9 out of the last 10. Well you are 0-1 so far with the storm flickering out in the 2nd half in Buffalo.
      Go ahead, blame Chip the wind and whatever else you want!

  17. It’s nice to see that our secondary is grading out well, it’s unfortunate that teams can just easily turn to their run game to subsidize. How much of the secondary’s shiny gold star comes from the fact that teams are running a league high 35 times a game against us?

    “Football Outsiders ranks the 49ers No. 16 in pass defense, while Pro Football Focus ranks the 49ers secondary No. 10 in the NFL through six weeks.”

    1. Both formulas take this into account CfC.

      If anything, the lack of a pass rush would be negatively affecting the 49ers pass defense grades.

      There’s no question around the league right now as to where the 49ers defensive problems reside, and it’s not in the 49ers defensive secondary, widely considered one of the more talented young groups in the league. However, if there is a chink in the armor, it’s an aging Antoine Bethea, IMO.

      The 49ers weakest link on defense is, without question, the Linebacking Corp. As we know, the defense has lost it’s top 2 ILB’s, and to compound the problem, starting ILB Gerald Hodges, who started the first three games, has been limited to just 14 snaps in the past three games for unknown disciplinary reasons. I don’t care who you are, losing your top 3 ILB’s is going to handcuff your defense, big time.

      Chip Kelly and Jim O’Neil acknowledged this week that they need to a better job rotating inside linebackers Nick Bellore and Michael Wilhoite, who have logged the majority of the snaps in the two games since Bowman suffered a torn Achilles tendon. Bellore, who had played 40 defensive snaps, while recording zero tackles in his six-year career before Bowman was injured, has played all 147 defensive snaps in his first two career starts. Michael Wilhoite, who was in serious jeopardy of being released at one point this offseason, has played 128 of those 147 snaps.

      Getting Hodges back into a strong rotation is is going to help this defense, but it’s hard to imagine this, in itself, fixing this porous run defense. While I think Hodges has talent, both Nick Bellore and Michael Willhoite are hard for me to watch, and I seriously doubt rotating these 3 players (2 of which are marginal career BACKUPS at best) in and out of the lineup a little more often is going to make a whole lot of difference when you’ve still got a group of OLB’s who cannot pressure the opposing QB’s.

      1. In other words, aside from Aaron Lynch, who is still trying to play himself into shape, and Gerald Hodges, who shows flashes of brilliance, but hasn’t been exactly living up to expectations (especially since Hodges only has himself to blame for hardly playing during the last 3 games thanks to unknown DISCIPLINARY reasons), this is, without question, the worst group of 3-4 Linebackers in the NFL, BAR NONE!

        Thanks TRENT!

        1. And you know what they say:

          “A 3-4 defense is only as good as it’s Linebacking Corp”

          Sure, injuries have played a part, but injuries are part of the game of football, ultimately, the buck stops at Trent Baalke’s doorstep.

      2. Bellore and Willhoite played every snap, and allowed 312 yards.

        Start Hodges and Skov, and see if they can keep it under 300 yards.

  18. Oneil’s D faces a 4,000 yard throwing QB Sunday.

    RB Jaquizz Rogers is a stud.

    The 49ers have the worst Run D in the NFL.

    The only reason the defensive pass stats are mediocre is because teams choose not to throw against the 49ers….Why would you when teams can gain 300 + yards running w/o the risk of a pass.

  19. Many fans believe the leak by Jason Cole about Baalke’s job being safe was a trial balloon by the York’s to guage fan reaction, an offer of support to Keep reporters away.

    The York’s already demoted Marathe to divert attention they initially created by employing Paraag in the coach challenge booth tossing the red flag.

    When an NFL team promotes a suit and tie man knowledgeable Silicon Valley Computers over competent NFL coaches what does that tell you…

    It tells me that Paraag’s analytic department chooses the players, not Baalke, based on Billy Ball movie formula discussed theirin.

    Paraag’s save the York’s so much cash they threw him the bonus of a coaching booth position.

    His supposed demotion is, in actuality a promotion to launder Levi Stadium Revenue (did I say launder–I misspoke) ie, I meant, through the California State Captiols new soccer stadium that legislators can walk to– Roman Coliseum like — thru an underground tunnel for safety, directly to the stadiums private bar for client martini’s, Paraage’s mission is to tax write off Levi Stadium Revenue thru the building of this 30,000 seat palace.

    1. “This is the best tech stadium in the world,” said Tim Bajarin, president and analyst at Creative Strategies and a writer for Time. I haven’t been to every stadium in the world, but I’m not going to argue with Bajarin.

      Most of the firms have private luxury suites where they can complete business.

      Santa Clara Approves $6.5B Megaproject Near Levi’s Stadium, Largest in Silicon Valley History

  20. Jed aint goin’ anywhere.

    He’s put together a who’s who of Silicon Valley, and with the above megaplex at $65 Billion (with a B) is establishing a playground for them right next to Levi Stadium.

    You, to, Fan, can be a friend of the Yorks if you can fork out $300 steak and $500 bottle of wine at Michael Mina’s.

  21. The truth of the matter is that San Francisco is a bit of a dumpster fire right now, and until they show us they can find a way to win, no matter who is behind center, it is best to keep picking against them.

    Pick: Tampa Bay -2

  22. Tweets & replies

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 43m43 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Michael Miller

    But Ponder is DOMINATING the pre-practice stretching exercises

  23. Mike Garafolo Verified account 
    Attention: Packers. Saints are waiving QB Joe Callahan today, source says. Just like GB, they want him back but need the roster spot.

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 49m49 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Mike Garafolo

    Are the 49ers paying attention? Wait, he’s a QB, so Trent probably doesn’t care.

  24. Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · 19h19 hours ago

    Damon Bruce Retweeted Chris Biderman

    But people tell me I’m wrong, locally biased. You saying I’ve been right all along? Oh thanks, ESPN!

     California, USA

    @DamonBruce @ChrisBiderman @TheNinersWire Who’s Got It Better Than Us? EVERYBODY!!!!!! Thanks @JedYork

    Jenny Pfennigs Adams ‏@JennyPAdams · 18h18 hours ago

    @DamonBruce @ChrisBiderman @TheNinersWire I wonder if “Joan from Payroll” is upset about this.

            1. It is mainly due to an article I read and then linked on here recently that stated there is a growing buzz around Kizer despite the past two games and the description of Trubisky as being the flavor of the month.

              1. That said, there is still plenty of time for that belief to change before the draft.

              2. Fair enough, but if Trubisky keeps playing the way he has been it will go beyond just being flavour of the month, wouldn’t you think?

              3. “That said, there is still plenty of time for that belief to change before the draft.”

                Yeah, that’s why I said if he keeps playing the way he has been. If his play drops off then it’s a different story.

              4. Like I said, there is plenty of time for that opinion of him to change. Few expected Wentz to be in the discussion for the top pick leading up to the recent draft. My opinion is Trubisky would definitely merit a top five pick if he keeps playing like he is.

              5. “My opinion is Trubisky would definitely merit a top five pick if he keeps playing like he is.”

                That’s what I’m thinking too. Top 10 anyway. But obviously he has to keep playing at a high level.

  25. Niners should just select whatever Alabama Defender is available when they draft next season. That whole squad is an NFL football factory.

    They should use their first 3 picks for a DT, OLB and ILB.

      1. With 312 yards rushing, it does not matter. Defense wins championships. I wish the Niners would just copy the Seahawks, and poach players and pick up some 53 cuts players.

        Draft defense, but stop with the ACL picks, because the Niners need immediate help.

        You know me, I am content with Kaep, so just draft a legit WR, or maybe spend enough bucks and get Alshon Jeffrey.

        1. Defense wins championships, but a team cannot sustain success from just one side of the football.

  26. QB, Ducks, Justin Herbert is a true freshman, a local kid (Eugene) , age 19, Major – Biology, 6’6″ 225 lbs. This guy is on my watch list.

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