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  1. Excellent article on Kap. Spot on. Dude lives in an Instagram reality going back to his fancy suits/sunglasses/celebrity circuit.

    I think Hogan could be a Kelly sleeper late rounds…

      1. Um, were not talking about playoffs…

        Niners are not going to playoffs anytime soon and are building for the future. What round did Joe go? Did he take Niners to playoffs his rookie year? Did Brady? Did Peyton? Draft and Develop bra

    1. Last time the 49ers passed on a talented quarterback from Cal … well we know the story there. Draft Goff and develop him.

    2. no he didn’t! he won! hes going to start for the defending champs, with the type of roster he should have been playing with his whole career, before trent and jedork effed it up.
      And with a GM and owner who are respected instead of despised

  2. Not sure if you can edit it or not but this sentence is a little wonky:
    “Now, it seems Kaepernick will stay with the 49ers, has no alternative but to stay.”

  3. Grant, what was Colin’s alternative? What was the harm done in asking for a trade? Why wouldn’t he bet on himself and at least see what might happen? Nothing but good came from him asking for a trade. If he found a trade partner then the team would have dumped a QB they don’t believe in and picked up a nice draft pick or two in the process as well as Kaepernick going to a team that wants him. With no trade going down both sides now know Kaepernicks true value and the team has lost nothing while also looking like they tried.

    1. The title of the article doesn’t make any sense. He hasn’t lost anything and the bet on himself wasn’t really a bet. At the end of the day he’s going to come in and collect his money, compete for the starting job and likely become a FA next season. The only thing that didn’t go his way is the team he’s going to play for this season, and that may change at some point around the draft.

      1. ” At the end of the day he’s going to come in and collect his money, compete for the starting job and likely become a FA next season.”

        That was the part I didn’t add bout why it didn’t hurt Colin to ask for the trade. Either way he was going to get paid.

    2. Good points CFC. Grant everyone knew from the moment Kaep asked for permission for a trade that he was betting against the house. His agents knew and he knew too. Like many have stated he had no real leverage to do anything. Its really his only other option besides refusing to report. He bet on a remote chance and knew it probably wouldn’t work out. Like CFC says, now he knows where he stands and that Chip wants him to compete. He knew he was trapped and at the mercy of the FO.

      This whole process has been interesting. I haven’t seen any thing from Kaep via press releases, social media or interviews. The same goes for his agents. Everything we’ve heard his via rumor. Trent and Chip have done a lot of talking. People keep guessing at Kaep’s mood or sulking approach. We really don’t know what his demeanor is to this point.

    3. Have to agree with the idea that if Kap wanted off the team what other choice did he have but to ask for a trade. My experience is that things don’t just happen without asking for them.

      Did it backfire? Okay, you can see it that way, but it’s the way it went. Just because you don’t hold all the cards doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for something you want. How often does one hold all the cards especially when it comes to employment?
      Having said that, I do agree with the idea that one should think through what the consequences might be. His agents should help with that.

      1. How would Colin’s situation be any different than it is now if his agents hadn’t ask to seek a trade? I didn’t read Grant’s article because the title made it clear what he was up to.

      2. I think what Grant might have meant was that Colin “bet on himself” by having his agents announce publicly that Coilin wanted permission to seek a trade. That was a mistake, IMO, and it backfired. So in that sense Colin “lost”.

        I don’t think Colin needed his agents to make the announcement publically, in order to seek a trade. If they had kept things under wraps, they would have had more leverage. Apparently Colin believed he would be in higher demand than he was. There has always been a question in terms of ability, but now it’s obvious there is a lot of question as to whether Colin has the mental makeup of a starting caliber QB in the NFL.

        1. By Colin announcing it publicly, it gives the impression that, if things don’t go his way, he’ll ask for a trade. Also, teams realize Colin really wants out, which means he would be more likely to accept a substantial pay cut, right?

          1. If teams are asking him to take RGIII money that’s almost a 5 million dollar haircut. The alternative is stay in SF and compete for the job? And if he loses, yikes, he’s career is pretty much over.

            1. This whole conspiracy about leaks is sometime player driven or organization driven. Each party had an agenda and for anyone to determine where it came from is ridiculous to speculate.

              1. I agree Prime. And the notion that the 49ers FO leaks more than the next NFL FO is hardly the truth.

                I do think that it was a mistake in this case for Colin’s camp to leak that he wanted to be traded. If teams believe he really badly wants out, they realize they have the leverage to ask him to take a hair cut, and expect him to take a hair cut.

                It seems as if Colin is getting some really bad advice. Either that, or he’s doing thngs the way he wants to, regardless of the type of professional advice he is receiving.

        2. Okay, good point about announcing it publicly. I’ll plead ignorance on this. Does requesting a trade and asking all involved to keep it secret usually work? Or are there generally leaks especially when the player involved was and still could be the starting QB of a team.

          1. Also doesn’t announcing it publicly make it very hard for the 49ers to say “no” to a trade request? Of course, CK could’ve started by asking for the request without a public announcement and if the 49ers had said no, then make a public request. Actually, how do we know that isn’t what really happened?

          2. This whole conspiracy about leaks is sometime player driven or organization driven. Each party had an agenda and for anyone to determine where it came from is ridiculous to speculate.

        3. I don’t recall seeing anything that says Kaep’s agents announced it publicly. My understanding is that they asked during a meeting with Paraag. Please tell me how you know that the agents were the ones who made it public.

          1. We can assume it wasn’t the 49ers FO because it doesn’t make sense for them to leak it. It only hurts his trade value.

            1. Of course we all know that the 49ers have never leaked any information to their selected national sports outlets that later turned out to hurt them.

  4. Hope you did not write this too soon. Think he goes to Denver, and takes the league by storm, again.
    Bronco players cannot talk about Sanchez with a straight face.
    Elway is smart, and wants another ring. Kaep is his best option, but he is patient and will let the Niners keep leaking which just shows their desperation to get something, instead of nothing.

          1. Maybe you should close your eyes.
            Grant wrote this hit piece to generate posts. It is naive to think he wrote this and did not want me to comment on it.

              1. All he has to do is cut and paste from the last 3 months. It’s the same rhetorical garbage every day. Then he wonders why the board blasts him. No self awareness.

              2. Prime, I just mentioned that Denver might wait until after the draft. Bet you never saw me write that before.
                Actually, it seems like it is a good strategy for them, and destroys any leverage the Niners may have. Niners keep flailing away, but Elway is patient, and is just schooling them.

              3. Thinking more about it, Denver will draft a QB, then say that they are not desperate for a QB, so they will offer even less for Kaep.

              4. Seb I’m sorry but it’s time to tell it like it is. You are a moron. Not because of your opinions on the matter, but because you pretend to know what other organizations are thinking and planning to do.
                You talk like you have inside information and know what these GM’s and coaches are planning to do. And then when you are confronted on them you play the “it’s just my opinion” card. It’s pathetic. Many posters on here have called you on it and frankly you are just polluting the blog. It reminds me of another d bag in here who went by Bayareafanatic.
                So continue to post your same old garbage and I’ll be here to tell you how idiotic you sound!

  5. Grant this is by far one of your BEST articles and it is on point…..and when you talked about all the coaches he has been around and all the snaps he has taken in practices and games and he still looks the same ,what does that tell you, to me it shows he does not either have a Good football IQ ,or he is lazy as hell when it comes to QBing work…we all knows he work`s really hard on weight-lifting and pulling tires. Now let the Kap lovers RANT and RAVING begin, with it`s everybody elses fault,Kap was surrounded by BAD TALENT, Kap had BAD COACHES…OH KAP just need t HAVE better coaches and and ALL -PRO talent around Him.

    1. Think of all the coaches Alex Smith had around him the first four years. How much improvement did he show going into year five?

      1. Htwaits

        Actually, quite a bit when you consider that the Oline that he had to work with was much worse than last years Oline…witness missing two seasons with a broken clavicle

  6. I’m confused Grant; weren’t you writing articles just a few months back stating that Kaep is the best the Niners can do at qb and they need to woo him back for 2016? Now you’re saying that he stinks and won’t get any better and he’s an idiot for trying to get out.

  7. If Kap was smart he would of said all the right things. No tea in there right mind who needs a QB is going to trade for a guy who sulks and acts the wayhe as this year. He is a train wreck. He played this off season likes he played QB. Pathetic…..

  8. Think about it. If you are trading for a QB. You probally not that good of a team. Do you want to build a team around a guy like this?

  9. Just read a report that Denver will be patient. They might wait until after the draft, so they will then only offer a 2017 pick for Kaep. Niners are on the clock, and have little leverage.
    Jed wants a kings ransom for Kaep, but it just means he is holding him hostage.

    1. Niners can afford to keep him. They hold all the chips. They have 50 million in cap space, no need to rush anything. Colin can sit on the bench this season. 49ers also have the most draft picks so its not like they are in desperate need, they ca trade their 1st back for a late first and another 2nd. They are ready to stock pile while Colin’s stock drops and only hurts himself.

      1. Denver wants him, but they will not pay too much for him.
        Sending the leaker to negotiate a pay cut backfired spectacularly, and now the Niners are so desperate, they have leaked that they will pay his full salary if only he comes back. Too bad they know his intentions, and Kaep may have been willing to play for Chip, but he will not be willing to play for Jed.
        Jed told Kaep that he prefers Marathe over his franchise QB.
        Madden said that Walsh told him that suits are replaceable. Obviously, Jed disagrees with both Madden and Walsh.

        1. That’s because Jed is connected by the hip to Silicon Valley executives who received the WiFi contract at Levis Stadium from the Jedster.
          As these executives toured the 49er locker room after a tough loss, coach H was in the middle of his motivation speech and did not want to look like a whimp and lose team status, he stated the locker room is for men. Include the earlier reprimand by Jed for pulling the team of Levi’s maiden practice in front of the same wine sippers and you realize the suits care about profit, until the PSL holders vacated the Stadium hit Jed in the pocket book

        2. Oh Seb, how wrong you are. How is it that you so spectacularly get things completely twisted and upside down? Is it straight up delusion, or is there some sort of method to your absolute madness?

          Everyone except you realizes Colin is the one who miscalculated the situation and blew up any chance of a trade by having his agents announce his intentions publicly. And everyone except you realizes Colin has a inflated view of his self worth, which is also working against him. Everyone else except you, realizes that if Colin’s value as a starting QB in the NFL were anywhere near what you seem to think it is, teams wouldn’t be asking Colin to take such a dramatic pay cut.

          Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where up is down, and left is right. A world where a benched quarterback with a bad attitude, and all sorts of accuracy issues, is so highly revered. A world where a person who signed a contract, shouldn’t be held to the specifics of his contract.

          SEBNYNAH’S WORLD ………. where in is out, red and blue makes yellow, and things aren’t always as logic would suggest!

          1. 49, you still have not discussed Marathe the leaker being at the meeting of Kaep’s reps. You conveniently ignore that fact and act like it never happened. Why would the financial negotiator be at a meeting except to ask for a pay cut? He certainly did not assure Kaep that he wanted to give him a raise.
            You cannot win any arguments when you close your eyes , stick your fingers in your ears, and trill La la la la. I am not the one denying reality. I am just presenting my opinion. Of course, in real life there are different perspectives that make nothing black and white, but a collage of all hues and colors.
            You can only parrot the company line. A shrill shill, toadying and kissing arse. Keep on attacking me and I will tell you what I really think of you.
            I think your football acumen is so deficient that you think Cook will take the league by storm. I am not impressed. Try harder to engender a cogent thought.

            1. (My original post is being moderated and will probably not make the cut so here is another version)

              Seb- Like HT said above, Grant wrote this to get you and your detractors into a pissing contest. Anyone who can’t understand that Paraag was at the meeting to talk about renegotiating Kaep’s contract is too stupid to engage. Anyone who thinks that it was more than plain good bidness for his agents to ask to seek a trade is also too stupid to engage. Who “leaked” the substance of the discussion to the media has never been identified. Frankly, your assumption that it was Paraag or one of his minions is better than 49Reasons assumption that it was Kaep. Kaep is a young man who acts his age, but he and his agents are too smart to engage in all of this soap opera bs. Personally I enjoy your posts because of your pearls of wisdom and enthusiasm for our team. There is nothing wrong IMO with speculating and yours, while way out there sometimes, are no less probable than others. The people who attack you personally are just mean spirited people who attack most everyone who disagrees with them. Follow your own advice and, do as I do, ignore them.


              1. It makes far more sense that it would be Colin and his reps who leaked this information. The 49ers FO is smart enough to realize that leaking this information would hurt Colin’s trade value.

                I live in a world where I assume the most logical answer is usually the correct answer. It’s called critical thinking skills.

              2. You pointed out that such a leak hurt Colin, but think that it’s a logical imperative that it had to be Colin or his agents who leaked. My logical imperative is that no knows until the leaker claims responsibility, because you have pointed out that both sides were hurt by the information becoming public.

              3. Whine, thank you for your reasonable post. If you have noticed, I have been trying hard not to engage my detractors. I agree that this site could use a lot less pyrotechnics.

              4. 49, to refute your assertion, Kaep and his reps did not leak. They have been pretty much silent thoughout this process. They did not leak that they wanted to be able to talk to other teams about a possible trade. They stated that as a fact openly after Jed insulted Kaep by having the leaker ask for a pay cut.
                Of course, Marathe will not raise his hand and admit he is the leaker. He leaked anonymously because he did not want to be known as the leaker. However, on Dec 3rd, Tomsula left the building and would not come back until Marathe was demoted. Tomsula came back, but then Jed went back on his word and said Marathe would still be the chief financial negotiator. Ignore those facts, dispute them all you want, but I am just going with what I read.

        3. You act like you have all this insight into how the team is run when in fact you are quite lost.

          And Denver does not want Colin, not for what he wants and not for what SF wants. The Broncos have 3.5 million in cap room, and they still need to sign their draft picks. No way can they affort Colin at 16 million, 11 million, 7 million (what the Browns were going to pay). It’ll take picks and players to make that trade.

          1. Gosh, I am just stating my opinion, and never insisted that other posters must agree with me, and I certainly do not devolve into spewing hate.
            Disagree with me all you want. Explain your position. Back up your arguments with facts. I have been wrong many times and have been corrected many times, but do not consider myself inferior or superior to anyone.
            I may be argumentative, but still wish to remain civil and respectful.
            To counter your point. Denver may renegotiate some contracts in order to create more cap room. If they want Kaep, they will make space for him. They may even trade away a player or cut a player to get Kaep.

      2. Colin sure picked a bad year to play the victim. The poor kid is his worst enemy. From what I have learned, Colin probably cost himself a chance to be traded by having his agents announce his intentions publicly. But that’s the way Colin does things. He lets his emotions get the best of him. He’s emotionally immature, and the immaturity is really wreaking havoc with his career.

        I’ll say this again, so those on the blog with cotton in their ears can understand. The 49ers are not worried about the “leaks” because they mean it when they say they are not going to release Colin. And now that Colin realizes by doing his own leaking, without thinking about the consequences, he’s costing himself any leverage he may have had (which, as Grant points out, is less than Colin thinks), let’s all hope Colin grows up, shuts his pipe, acts like an adult, and shows up to camp willing and ready to compete. He signed a contract, and the 49ers own his rights as a player. And as we all now know for certain, he’s obviously not good enough to start calling his own shots!

        1. And if Colin finds some humility, perhaps the 49ers can find a willing trade partner between now and the draft. However, It seems fairly obvious that Colin’s going to need to take a substantial pay cut, in order to get a deal done. And considering Colin’s contract is already “team friendly” for a starting caliber QB, the fact that every needy team wants Colin to take a huge pay cut, speaks volumes about how the league views “the storm”, which is more like, a dark cloud, than a storm worth bringing in the patio furniture for!

        2. 49, Maybe your advice should be directed at Jed.
          Jed should grow up, Shut his pipe and act like an adult. Jed should act with class by not threatening to keep Kaep from playing.
          When you say the Niners are not worried about “leaks”, maybe they should. Maybe they should consider leaks as cowardly backstabbing.smears, like most people do instead of business as usual like the Niners do.
          No classy organization would stoop to leaking. Being open forthright and honest is much better than the leaks, smears and lies that the Niners embody.

          1. Everyone leaks information Seb. It happens in every sport. You are living in a fantasy world if you think the 49ers FO is the only FO who leaks information to their benefit.

            Players love to leak information to the media as well.

            Everyone makes a calculated decision on whetther it’s to their benefit to leak specific information or not. It’s the world we live in these days. It’s the informatio age, 24 hour media newscycles, social networking, twitter, etc. I suggest you open your eyes Seb, and learn to live in todays reality, and quit chasing rainbows.

  10. Good article Grant. Spot on. The picture will be much clearer after our 1st round pick. I suspect something will be done with Kaep before then.

  11. Plus, the Niners will treat him the same way WAS treated RGIII. Let him compete for the starting job and when he does not WIN the job make him inactive all year so they don’t worry about him hurting himself and going through and off season like they just did where he is not able to pass a physical. If he would have been healthy, he would have been gone by now.

    1. Seems like a colossal waste of $11.9 million to me. Why keep him if they just plan to bench him? RGIII’s injuries were much worse for recovery time. I don’t see this happening. If he doesn’t win the starting job, they’ll cut, trade or try to get him to renegotiate his contract. It would seem that Chip really does want him to compete.

      1. But your the one who said he could rebound from his poor play. The 49ers have invested in him. Why wouldn’t they continue to help him get better?

        1. Prime you love to twist words and not engage in the topic at hand. Don’t you think it would be a colossal waste to keep a guy and pay him to be inactive? I do and it doesn’t make sense in any realm to keep an unhappy under performing player.

          I know you’re firmly entrenched in your position. That’s fine. It does seem to me that Kelly has enough ego to believe he can help #7 improve. Whether he can or not is up for debate. I know you can’t be bothered with facts and details but take a look what Kelly did with much less talent. You won’t acknowledge comparisons because it harms your fragile absolute position that he can’t ever improve. He’s better by a long shot that Vick and Sanchez. Look at the numbers and see what Kelly did for both of them.

          Look at Vick’s #’s under Kelly and Pittsburgh.7-15% improvement.

          Then look at #7’s. Its not a stretch to say Kelly might be able to help him since he helped someone much worse than Kaep.

          Also look at Sanchez’s improvement. 10% improvement under Kelly.

        2. Prime you love to twist words and not engage in the topic at hand. Don’t you think it would be a colossal waste to keep a guy and pay him to be inactive? I do and it doesn’t make sense in any realm to keep an unhappy under performing player.

          I know you’re firmly entrenched in your position. That’s fine. It does seem to me that Kelly has enough ego to believe he can help #7 improve. Whether he can or not is up for debate. I know you can’t be bothered with facts and details but take a look what Kelly did with much less talent. You won’t acknowledge comparisons because it harms your fragile absolute position that he can’t ever improve. He’s better by a long shot that Vick and Sanchez. Look at the numbers and see what Kelly did for both of them.

          1. If you can project talent and potential based on numbers than you should be employed by every NFL team. It seems a lot people on here know so much about what teams will do and how certain coaches can make players into something they are not. You sir seem to be that guy!

            1. Nice prime, keep trying to build an argument based only on your opinion. You’ve got nothing so you name call and sling accusations. I know you can’t handle facts so lets just stop. Its funny Kelly thinks he can help Kaep. Why don’t you let him try and get over you ultimatum. If he can’t we’ll all know soon enough.

              Sanchez and Vick are far worse QB’s than Kaep based on every level of measurement and eye test. Sanchez and Vick were low 50’s in their completion percentage pre Kelly. That’s way less talent that Kaep at 60% completion. Its no crystal ball to say if Kelly can help two of the worst QB’s in the NFL achieve at or near 60% completions that he could help a guy who is already around 60%.

              1. Wilson do you think you know more than me about football? If you said yes than that’s your problem. I don’t pretend to know more or speculate why teams do what they do.
                I think it’s pretty arrogant and ignorant for guys like you and Seb to come on here and pretend you know what is possible and what isn’t because you read a couple articles.
                This blog before you clowns came on here was about sharing links to 49er news and player evaluations and pre and post game analysis.
                Now we have know it alls like you and grass boy telling people what will happen or what a players potential and future is.
                So I just call you on your BS! You obviously don’t like being called out.

              2. Prime it never fails, when you can’t make an argument you resort to character attacks. You’re hilarious calling other people arrogant when you self proclaim that you have the knowledge to call people out and really know what’s going on around.

                When somebody stands up to you and pushes back for you to provide some proof to your argument you get all butt hurt and bent out of shape.
                Then you start claiming how long you’ve been around here, blah, blah blah. None of it changes that you won’t engage facts for debate. You just want to cock and crow that you’re the one who really knows #7 and there’s no room for anyone to think differently. And if they do they must be stupid or arrogant.

                So far you’re the only one claiming what I know and don’t know putting you’re words in my mouth. I am not claiming anything absolutely unlike you. I am simply asking you consider the smallest possibility that Kelly might be able to improve Kaep. If you think that’s arrogant that’s on you and its pretty fragile on your part.

              3. You proclaimed Kelly could resurrect CK’s career based on the numbers displayed by Foles and Sanchez. I said its ridiculous to use that comparison because you have no clue and who are you to base potential on numbers?
                Why on Gods green earth makes you think that Kelly made Sanchez functional that he could do the same with CK? Who are you to proclaim that?
                How do you know that CK could even grasp Kelly’s coaching? Just because of the numbers and what you think his ceiling is?
                You make bold assumptions and I call you on it. It’s not crowing, it’s calling your ignorant opinion out because it has no basis! It’s pure speculation that you think Kelly could make CK a better decision maker and more accurate. Why? Like I said because of numbers and how Sanchez and Foles played? All different players in different circumstances. You are guessing and that’s what’s laughable!

              4. Yep Prime I guess all those NFL pundits who think Kelly can help CK are ignorant too? Maybe even baseless? Yeah I guess Chip didn’t really help all those sorry QB’s improve in his system no mater what the stats say. I mean all that stuff about Kelly’s system being QB friendly and simple, I guess that’s all just wishful thinking? Factless even? I mean those other teams players calling out Kelly because they could predict the play calling because it was simple, what do they know? There’s nothing bold about me saying there’s a small chance Kelly could improve CK. Its well documented. By the way I never insisted, I just asked you to be open to the chance Kelly could help. You struggle with reading sometimes it seems. Yep none of the professionals know anything about football, Kelly or CK? That’s to bad only you know.


                Lets flip the switch who are you to think evaluate a pro QB and determine he can’t play the position? Who are you to evaluate Kelly’s ability to coach QB’s? Who are you to think you are the board’s policeman and decide what well published theories are BS? Who are you to claim CK’s finished forever and can never be a QB in this league? Why don’t you spare me the lecture as I have shown once again that you ignore the facts.

              5. Pundits sure, NFL experts,I’ll take their word with a grain of salt. You and Seb have no leg to stand on.
                But let’s move forward. If this once great QB who took the league by storm and who you say still has this great ceiling of potential, how come no one is jumping at the opportunity to grab this guy?
                Is it maybe because of what I’ve been saying all along? That you can’t teach or coach accuracy and decision making and leadership? For a guy that was and is so great as you say, why no offers?
                People like you can guess all you want about Kelly being the perfect fit but even the Niners have their doubts. Why do you think that is. Is it because maybe all those deficiencies I talked about are real?

              6. As for Kelly being the saviour, why? He made Sanchez functional, that’s improvement? Geep Chryst made Gabbert functional. That’s not good coaching. The Eagles traded away Foles, how was that a good thing? If Kelly was helping him improve, why did they trade him away?
                You guys are hoping Kelly saves him but no one or no article can really say that he will. It’s pure speculation as I’ve stated all along!

              7. Prime you’re so small. Keep making up stuff that I said. I never said he was so great rather that he could improve, but right now you’re making Seb look like a well researched analyst denying what is documented and reported.

                Denver’s still interested, why would they do that if he’s so worthless? Baalke played this really well by demanding a 2nd round for him. He’s not worth that so it makes a trade impossible at this point. I never denied he has weakness but keep pretending you’re the only one who knows anything. I think you’re really afraid that now that you’ve backed yourself into a corner you could be wrong. Yeah move on, you’ve got nothing.


              8. To me it sounds like you have not been following the NFL for very long.
                All that has been as you say “documented” this offseason regarding CK you think means it’s accurate? You think watching a video by the NFL network means something?
                No one knows how CK will respond to Kelly’s coaching. No one knows if the system will truly be friendly to his skill set. What if the 49ers go out and draft 4 quick illusive WR’s that need to get the ball in tight windows with precise decision making and accuracy? As we’ve seen CK can’t deliver.
                What if the 49ers rebuild involves nothing Kelly has done previously and it reverts more to the power running game the 49ers new OC has more experience in and in what Baalke wants to build?
                My point is all you guys are guessing and think it’s accurate. I’ve never said anything to the contrary of what will be done or won’t be done or what yheslightest possibility of what will be done!
                These guys that write the articles and do the videos get paid to guess. You and Sebnnoying dont. In fact. Lesson #1 don’t believe everything you read or watch.

              9. Wilson, I may have had extensive volatile arguments with you, but I really respect your football acumen. I have always tried to answer your questions, and think you present your arguments in a cogent manner and back them up with facts. You bring a lot to this site.
                Please do not engage Prime, he just wants to fight, and when he starts losing, he devolves into invective and insults. He brings nothing to this site, and has become unctuous and offensive. Prime is just a legend in his own mind.

            1. Shoupbj this doesn’t make any sense. How can you play a player if he can’t pass his physical?

              Did you mean “pay the player?” Even so it doesn’t make sense because the Broncos were willing to deal for Kaep even injured. Baalked set the compensation too high needing a 2nd round pick for anyone to really go near Kaep. Why not deal him and get something rather than paying out $11.9 mil to put him on the bench? What it tells us potentially is that Kelly does want to work with him and they expect to keep him or trade him later during the draft once he’s healthy and be rid of his contract.

              1. I meant pay not play. I am saying it would be stupid for them to release him outright. I still expect a trade to be done at some point but the niners are still playing poker and they are betting they will receive a better offer at some point.

  12. Jeez. This article is just one giant cheap shot. You completely neglect to mention the 4/1 deadline for the 49ers to guarantee CK’s contract. Teams are waiting to see what the 49ers do so they don’t have to give up draft picks in a trade when they could potentially sign him without giving anything up. CK probably has an inflated idea of his value. Still doesn’t change the fact that this article is just a mailed in attempt to bash CK. If you’re going to bash him then you should at least include all relevant details like the contract deadline and CK’s recent surgeries that may have scared off teams.

    1. Houston, I can assure you that teams around the league don’t believe the 49ers are simply going to release Colin before his contract becomes guaranteed. That is simply not a factor. It seems pretty clear that, even if they wanted to, which they don’t, Colin’s injury status makes it impossible for the 49ers to avoid his contract from becoming guaranteed.

      The problem is, teams believe Colin is too much of a risk to commit to his contract. And Colin isn’t willing to take the type of pay cut teams are asking him to take. So Colin has a decision to make. Take a huge pay cut in order to facilitate a trade. Or, keep his current contract for 2016, put the past behind him, and come in and compete with Blaine Gabbert, and perhaps a recently drafted QB prospect, for the starting job.

      It seems to me that Colin is leaning towards the latter. And I think it’s his best option at this point. Kelly runs a QB friendly system, and Colin’s mobility should be a huge plus. Even if Colin isn’t named starter, QB’s get injured at a high rate in this league. He could very easily end up starting at some point, and could reestablish himself. At this point he’s got about $15 million reasons (base salary plus bonuses) to change his attitude, and focus on wiining his starting job back.

  13. Brutal assessment of Kaep’s situation, Grant !
    but .. if getting another 11.9 million.. added
    to my bank account .. is your idea of losing ..
    I’d take that in a heart beat ..

    Now … will he tuck his tail between
    his legs .. and become a “good soldier” ..
    for The Chipster .. ?

    Time will tell .. but to draw the conclusions
    that you do .. from your premise ..
    seems a bit premature .. doncha think ?

    Money talks .. and .. well ..
    you know the rest

  14. What is funny. Denver could of traded a lineman or LB and a 7th but are not even really interested in Kap.

    Like I said before. The 49ers will start there rise again this year. I believe we will be at least 8-8.

    Just having Chip instead of JT is worth a few wins. Think about it we were never ready on game day but at least the players had Twitter Breaks.

    I am excited to see this year.

    1. We will find out. After the deadline, the 49ers and Kap can write a new contract (K), splitting the 11.9 in half with Denver. Then Denver can write their own (K) for the following years. I believe 8 mil/yr. is currently what the mediocre vet. QBs receive.

    2. Mr. Sulky, as you childishly call Colin, will earn $14M sitting on the bench unless he plays and then gets a season ending injury. If that happens, then his base pay for 2017 will also be guaranteed.

      Enjoy your anger.

      1. HT – I haven’t heard or seen Colin or his agents do or say anything that the youth on this board (including Grant) seem to claim. Colin got benched. He went to some doctors who said he needed treatments. He had the treatments. He did once say the he was still confident in himself and believes that he can compete with anyone for his position on any team, which is pretty much what any NFL player believes. Do they have some kind of communication system that us old timers don’t know about? Is it an app thing? I’ve asked my three kids and they’re no help. I’m really lost following what so many see as a soap opera. I also find it interesting that in response to Grant’s article which is 100% pure speculation, that some posters are getting all over others that speculate an alternate theory. They apparently want nothing but the facts to discuss Grant’s fictional account of events.What am I missing?

        1. Whine I asked something similar in this topic. We haven’t heard anything from Kaep or his agents by way of social media, pressers or interviews. We’ve only heard from Kelly, Jed and Baalke to this point. We really don’t know what they are thinking and saying because they are keeping their heads down. Everything we’ve heard is via leaks. None of the leaks are named as Kaep and his agents. Interesting stuff.

        2. Whine Country my youngest son who is 46 this week thinks I’m in my second childhood for spending time in this blog. He gets his information from Matt Barrows.

  15. How did this guy even get his press credentials? I mean I know its a small town paper but seriously, does papa Cohn have that much pull? For a small town writer this guy has a big time ego. What happened? Did Kaep not call on you in a presser? I guess he didnt know who your daddy is… shame on him! Lol at least Kaep has something to be arrogant about, its called talent. I mean the irony of a coat tail riding small town beat writer doing a hatchet job on an NFL QB who has reached the pennacle of their profession. Wow. If you are gonna have the audacity to use your platform to carry out this strange revenge fantasy of yours at least add in some sort of evidence for your opinions instead of filling this horrible article with inuendo and conjecture that you seem to attempt to pass off as fact. I mean you are clearly delusional but I hope you dont actually think you are a real journalist.

    1. Okay, your a Kaep fan. We get it. Kill the messenger. Your tirade on Grant about not being qualified to judge Keap is hilarious. I wonder what your qualifications are to judge Grant. You obviously didn’t realize this was an opinion piece. The proper response to an opinion you disagree with is to debate the opinion not trash the person giving the opinion.

  16. ” We will find out. After the deadline, the 49ers and Kap can write a new contract (K), splitting the 11.9 in half with Denver. Then Denver can write their own (K) for the following years. I believe 8 mil/yr. is currently what the mediocre vet. QBs receive.”


    The hang-up with the Browns was said to be because Kaep refused to accept/take that much of a pay cut down to 7/8 mil. a year! The Browns were willing to give up the #65 pick (2nd pick in the third rd.) but since they couldn’t come to an agreement on the salary they went in another (cheaper) direction!

    1. At the same time Cleveland’s offer was leaked, a Denver offer was also leaked. In the Denver leak, Colin had agreed to terms with Denver, but Baalke refused the Denver compensation offer.

      Leaks shouldn’t be used later as facts. There is now way to determine how accurate either leak was.

      The 49ers seem to be on the verge of maintaining that Colin isn’t in their plans, and we want more for him. That’s their gamble. Colin’s gamble was signing his contract in the first place.

  17. wow. Grant has been on a good run on solid written articles. good job. most fans read different opinions from different beat writers that cover the Niners locally, and nationally, so we know who the progressives, left wing writers are, and who the right wing, conservative reporters are too. i understand Grant writes on one side, and that’s fine. I notice when the Niners are doing good (playoff caliber, contender), Grant’s stance are usually not accepted as readers feel he’s too negative and tries too hard to point out any little negatives. However, when the Niners are doing poorly and became a laughing stock like this past season, and maybe a little bit of the 8-8 season under Harbaugh, Grant’s negative finger pointing articles became very “spot on”.

    1. ” Most fans read different opinions from different beat writers that cover the Niners locally, and nationally, so we know who the progressives, left wing writers are, and who the right wing, conservative reporters are too.” … mat1111

      I’m dieing to know where Grant is in your political spectrum.

    1. I happen to not like Lowell because of what he wrote during those Glory Years, but I gotta give the devil his due. He helped mold Grant, but Grant is his own man, and has a writing style that is unique and refreshing. The very fact that posters find time to write lengthy screeds just means that Grant touched a nerve.

    1. Defenders of the busted but stashed draft picks like to point out that none of them have been re-injured. Maybe that’s because none of them have made much of a contribution.

    2. Baalke was just trying to keep up with his predecessor and find another Frank Gore. Unfortunately, Gore was a once in a lifetime find. Which proves the old saying, Better lucky than good! Oh, and don’t forget, if you are going to have a run first offense, Frank Gore would be a very good starting point. I’m waiting to see how Baalke does with his Bill Parcells run first offense, while he fumbles around trying to find that next Frank Gore. Lotsa luck with that. Bum Phillips once said about Don Shula: He can take hizzin (his players) and beat yourin (your players) or he could take yourin and beat hizzin. (But only if Shula did not have Baalke for his GM.)

  18. I don’t think the Niners “balked” at Cleveland’s offer. They balked at Denver’s but I don’t think they balked at Cleveland’s…I’m not sure it ever got that far. I think the non-starter was the salary that Kaeprnick was not willing sacrifice (that and/or he may not really want to go to Cleveland).

    As to weather Kaepernick “bet on himself”. I don’t think that’s the right way to view his actions. It’s not the same as a financial gambit where a player signs a one year “prove it” deal expecting to play well and be paid more the following year. I think his only goal was to escape the Niners for a better situation. To some degree is that betting on yourself? Maybe. But he has a contract that will pay him solid money. His attempt to escape the Niners “betting” on his own value seems to have failed. He got permission to seek a trade; asked around and nothing worked out….that’s pretty much it.

  19. I also think it’s a bit too early to relegate Kaepernick to the “Journeyman” class of QBs (and it maybe too early to relegate Gabbert to that class too).

    For an apples to apples comparison to RGIII and others; Kaepernick would have had to have been on the open market and not the trade market. He had $11M attached to him this season for any team that wanted him. It’s a tad expensive for a borderline starter but not prohibitive. However any team that trade for him would probably have wanted to rework the rest of his contract…or simply kept him on a short year to year leash (as the team that traded for him would not have been bound by a signing bonus or any residual guarantees in Kaep’s contract).

    It’s not that RGIII didn’t have any other offers either. It’s just that Cleveland made him the best offer. Are he and Kaepernick journeyman QBs? Possibly….but there are NFL GMs out there that believe there’s a spark (potential/talent) still left in them that could be reclamated.

  20. Under Kelly’s system I don’t care who the QB is as long as he can run with quickness and elusiveness. Does not need a dynamite arm or pin point accuracy or precise pocket presence. He just needs to run with the bodishesness, and a the severness of a mountain lion. Oh by the way probably going to need more then one of them.

    1. UC ..

      If Devey,.. Pears .. and Martin .. are on the field ..
      could be …

      the QB will need ..ALL .. of
      those qualities ..

      1. 49 what if we are misunderstanding what Kelly means by this? We are using it currently to say that CK can’t operate in Kelly’s system because he’s inaccurate by our assessments. I think it might be good to look at what other QB’s Kelly’s worked with to get an idea what it could potentially mean for playing time. Due to injuries he played Sanchez and Vick. Both were low 50% completion rate guys. In his offense they both performed at around 60%. Foles completed 60-64% of his passes in Kelly’s offense. When he went to the Rams 56%. My point is that all of these QB’s in a non Kelly offense are way worse that CK is at around a 60% rate. He values practicing like you play. He values executing till muscle memory is developed. It’s just my opinion but CK is better than Foles, Vick or Sanchez already and Kelly’s system and coaching can potentially make him better as it did for these players. It could also make Gabbert better too. Sanchez will get annihilated in Denver, Vick got replaced by a 3rd string QB when Ben was hurt and Foles was benched for Keenum without Kelly.

        I don’t think there are any guarantees for either CK or Gabbert. I do think Kelly’s record speaks for it self. I think both CK and Gabbert are better QB talent than what he’s had in the past and he can do more with both. Now at the same time I still question whether Kelly will take this team back to its winning ways. The QB’s may complete more passes with Kelly’s system but we might not win more games. We’ll rack up more offensive yards and points potentially but we still might not win because we lack talent on both sides of the ball. CK’s never going to be Brady or Manning. He could be more functional with this system. These are all just potentialities. What do you think?

        1. I do believe there’s a possibility that Colin could adapt himself to Chip’s system, and improve upon his play over the last couple seasons. I think some of it is confidence. I think it’s going to take a level of commitment from Colin that I’m not sure he’s ready to make. I do believe Chip would like to see a healthy competition between Blaine and Colin, because I think he’s intrigued by both QB’s, and believes competition would bring out the best of both of them.

          It all depends on Colin’s level of commitment. I know Blaine is going to commit 110%. Would we see that level from Colin? I’m not going to hold my breath.

          1. I think Colin has been his own worst enemy. I don’t think he focusses on the right things. I think he’s convinced himself that he’s a better athlete than everyone else on the field, and that’s his calling card. I don’t think he works hard enough on the rest of his game. I do believe it’s 100% true that he hasn’t been putting in nearly as much film study as Blaine. And that’s a bad look for a struggling starting QB, who does seem to struggle with his reads.

            I do also think the poor OL play has been a factor in Colin’s regression. But I don’t think it’s all about the OL either because there was a tangable difference with how much the offense “settled down” when Blaine stepped in last season.

            So, to summerize. I do think Colin could be fun to watch in a Chip Kelly system, IF Colin is willing to fully commit to fixing his deficiencies. He needs to spend less time pumping iron and more time studying film and learning all of the ins and outs of Chip’s system. Colin also needs to recognize why he lost the locker room and work his butt off reestablishing himself as a leader. If he does this, then yah, I think he might be able to win his starting job back. But that’s a big IF!

            1. I don’t like trying to figure out what Colin thinks or believes. I don’t know that anyone here can really get a read on those things without knowing him personally. We can make guesses for sure that are educated about his habits. What’s the QB guy that everyone quotes in the media? He’s on lots of podcasts. Anyway I remember him saying that all the athletic QB’s in the NFL get lazy because they’re so talents. He included Cutler, Cam, Russell, Kap and others. He says they fail to set their feet or focus on a clean throwing motion. Seems to be true of what you said of CK.

              I do agree its up to him though. CK was awful last year. Gabbert looked better and had a few categories that he measure better in. 2.5 more pts a game and about 30yds more passing. His 3rd down conversion was like 38% compared to Kap’s 61%. Cubus posted those numbers I think. He took as many sacks and got a couple lucky wins with the Bears kicker shanking one and Atlanta’s coach blowing the game. CK may very well have lost those games too and we wouldn’t have had a chance to win them like we did with Gabbert. Gabbert will try hard cause he has everything to lose and gain.

  21. undercenter

    I ‘m not so sure about that totally….I DO believe that we’ve seen the last of Pears, but I’m anxious to see what our Oline coaches can do with both Devey and Martin…they’re both pretty inexperienced…OTA’s will tell….

    1. Oregon – I actually don’t know how anyone is going to perform, I am always willing to be disproved and hoping so. You and I both know Kelly has a different approach to things and with his system surprises seem to be the norm.

      1. Undercenter

        Yes, you and I have been attempting to convert the blog that all will be well in ninerville if we just quit putting down obstructions in front of ‘Chip’….The next six monthes will be fun watching the ” NO WAY IN HELL!” crowd change into the ” I TOLD YOU SO’s !” David Copperfield couldn’t move this audience….

  22. Rotoworld on Kaepernick a few minutes ago:
    “Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports the Broncos want Colin Kaepernick to take around a $5 million pay cut. Set to earn $11.9 million this season, the Broncos want Kaepernick to reduce his salary to “approximately” $7 million before they green-light a trade. Considering his contract is set to fully guarantee Friday, he has little reason to take that big of a pay cut unless he is dead set on getting out of San Francisco. All signs point to Kaepernick sticking with the 49ers for another season.”

    1. I have heard that after he is traded he can rework his contract with Denver. If Denver really wanted him they’d give SF what they want and redo his deal with guaranteed money in 2017 and 2018 that would balance out what he loses this year.

      That is if they really wanted him…

  23. Per NFL Network Kap’s contract became guaranteed at 4:00p.m. Eastern time to day.
    Assuming Kap will not take a cut in his salary, how can he be traded to Denver, they don’t have the cap space. Can the Niner’s pay half of his salary as a part of a trade? What is the motivation to do so?
    If Kap plays for the Niner’s this year it is in his best interest to play well so he can have the chance to get a big pay day. If he fails; he will probably be a free agent but will be lucky to land a contract of $5-7M a year.

    1. It would require Denver including players and picks, as well as Colin renegotiating his contract if and when he is acquired (which probably wont be happening).

      Dudes in SF for 1 year, starter or backup.

    2. To me this is pretty interesting. Denver seems to want the Niners to pay Kaep around $5 million as part of the trade, kind of like a buyout but where he goes to Denver and they give us something in return. IMO this has to be resolved before TC, because if it’s not, I assume Denver will have to move forward without him and there will no longer be a market for Kaep, unless some other team out of the blue — due to injury or change of heart — decides they want him. Then if Kaep competes against Gabbert and loses, it might get ugly, by which I mean he turns into a cancer. If it gets to TC, it stands to reason they will bend over backwards for him, give him the job, and pray, in which case we would have to watch another season of Kaepernick self-destructing and getting benched again, UNLESS the system if so friendly to him and he succeeds.

      1. George.

        “UNLESS the system if so friendly to him and he succeeds.”

        I was just going to write about that. That is a possibility, if there is success does that really translate into value at years end? I can actually see Kaep doing well with Kelly’s system. I think too much damage has been done for him to remain a Niner. I doubt he would be able to man up and perform not sure if the fans will by in due to quitting on the team by asking for a trade. With that being said I am never surprised by surprises.

        1. Usually when someone in his situation produces, everyone forgets the past, especially the fans, don’t you think?

    1. This part of the story shows another reason why he’s a perfect fit here.

      “Boehringer caught every pass thrown his way despite some adventurous tosses by the quarterback.”

      1. Brahaha. Seriously, when I saw the link to his youtube yesterday my first though was TE conversion. Maybe H-Back.

    2. Article said he could go as high as a 4th round pick. Apparently, for some of the throws they put press coverage on him and he was able to “release” and catch everything thrown at him.

      Jack: Get on the phone with Baalke!

  24. And with the 6th pick of round 2 of the 2016 NFL draft, The San Francisco 49ers pick……………..The case for the 49ers drafting RB Derrick Henry with the 37th overall pick:

    37) DERRICK HENRY, RB, Alabama: This unconventional pick gives the 49ers the best stable of running backs in the NFL, bar none! Chip can take some of the pressure off of the 49ers starting QB, whoever it be. And let’s face it, Carlos Hyde may be one of the more promising young RB’s in the league, however his violent running style, fighting for every yard and refusing to go down, has already caused him to miss a lot of playing time. Derrick Henry fixes this issue by carrying part of the load, short yardage situations in particular. I realize the team has more pressing issues, and bigger holes to fill elsewhere. However, here’s why I think this would be a very intriguing pick. According to sources, Derrick Henry can catch the football. The Crimson Tide was short of wide receivers during Alabama’s Pro Day workout. Henry took advantage, stepping in as a receiver without any trepidation whatsoever. The scouts in attendance were simply “blown away” over how naturally Derrick caught the football. He showed great hands and very good technique, both catching the football and running routes. Derrick caught passes with his hands, away from his body. And, even more impressive was how well he ran the routes. One NFC scout in particular, was taken aback by this because he didn’t realize it was a skill-set Henry possessed, and couldn’t stop talking about his “crisp” route-running ability, and how well he got in and out of his breaks (cuts). This got me thinking about the various ways Chip Kelly might use Derrick Henry, outside of his typical running back assignments. A player with Henry’s size ought to be one heck of a blocker as well. Imagine the deception with Henry being utilized as a RB, H-Back, TE or even WR? How about Hyde and Henry in the same backfield? Talk about power, smash-mouth football.

    The 49ers certainly have more pressing needs than RB, so I’m not certain this is a pick that makes the most sense on the surface. However, I’m not sure there is another offensive player in this draft that offers more in terms of offensive diversity for Chip Kelly, than a huge, pass-catching RB like Derrick Henry.

    1. I think this is a pick they have to make. Great offensive weapon, a must-have player, IMO. In fact, his package of skills leads me to believe some will rank him the top RB in the draft, and if he were drafted by the middle of the first round, I wouldn’t be surprised. If he’s there at 2/6, great, but I doubt it. He’s too tempting.

      1. I’m always nervous of drafting RBs that play behind good OLs. Unlike some previous Bama RBs, most of whom have been highly disappointing in the NFL, he actually has the physical tools to go with the production, but I still have some nagging doubts about him.

        1. Size and tenacity alone and playing in a program that revolves around winning can also never be a bad thing. I like Henry a lot and he would be a great addition with Hyde, Harris or Draughn.

          1. With the needs at Oline, WR, DB, OLB, MLB, and Dline even, RB is not a position of need that I see SF going with that early in the draft. 5th or 6th round, sure, but 2nd pick…I’d rather they trade their 1st and get another 2nd and use one on Smith from ND (if there) and then one of those need positions as well (1st round mid teens, bpa).

      2. I agree, I think he comes off the board in the latter half of round 1. Does it make sense to trade up into round 1 for a RB, with a pretty good group already on the roster? I don’t know. However I do know he’s a rare talent, and would be fun to watch in this offense.

            1. Too bad you have no idea what Seattles draft strategy is his year. Oh wait , you do. A storm passed over your house and told you!

              1. I just read what the other teams are talking about, and read what the pundits say. many are saying that Henry will not make it out of the first round. Argue with them.

              2. lol. Not to mention Seattle already has a star RB, Thomas Rawls. Seattle’s got plenty of other needs as well Seb, so speculating that “too bad he won’t get past Seattle” is silly, unless you have first hand knowledge of what Seattle is planning on doing AND, have a crystal ball and know exactly how the draft will unfold.

  25. Great article, though I have been beating the Kaepernick sucks drum since he lost the Superbowl. He’s not a natural passer, he’s got terrible field vision even though he’s tall, and he’s not even good at eluding a pass rush. He’s just a fast runner when he builds up some momentum, and he’s got a cannon of an arm. He’s probably in the wrong sport.

    Can we trade him to the U.S. Olympic team to train as a decathlete? Maybe we can get the guy who doesn’t qualify for the 100 meter sprint team to be a kickoff returner?

    Or maybe we can trade him to Miami to back up Tannehill. He’s already got the hat.

    Just get rid of him. No compensation necessary! And draft Goff or Wentz.

  26. Rather than a long, lengthy mock draft all on one forum, I’ll break up my final 2016 mock draft by way of listing each pick, individually, with my pick, and then a backup option, in case my pick is unavailable.

    I want the 49ers to draft a defensive player in round 1, even if they trade back. If they stay at #7, here’s what I would like them to do:

    Pick #7 in round 1) MYLES JACK, ILB, UCLA. I know many have him coming off the board before the 49ers are on the clock, but I think there is a 45%-55% chance he falls to us at 7. I don’t see another defensive player in this draft class who would have as big of an impact on the 49ers defense, as Myles Jack. I know a lot of people would like the 49ers to draft an elite, pass rushing OLB, or DE/DT, and that’s a great backup plan, but for my money, you draft Jack and line him up next to Navorro, and let Jack play all 3 downs, primarily in space, in coverage, and as a blitzer. He’s been my pick for a while now, and I think he’s a very special athlete.

    #7, Rnd 1, backup pick) DeFOREST BUCKNER, DE/DT, Oregon. Buckner has the body type of a classic 3-­4 defensive end who can control the point of attack with his length and power, but he’s also got potential as to develop into an above average pass rusher, making him a fantastic addition to the 49ers defense. I simply love the idea of having bookend, 6’8″ 3-4 DE’s, with Buckner and Armstead. Dial can lineup everywhere, even over center, so I think the 49ers would still love to have Buckner, even with Dial’s contract extension. And if Jack doesn’t fall to the 49ers, hopefully Buckner will.

    1. I do realize both Armstead and Buckner are listed at 6’7″, but I think they’re both over 6’7″, so I am calling them 6’8″, because I like the way it sounds. lol.

  27. I think the 49ers might go offense in round 2, depending on how the board shakes out. I’m good with that. Here’s where I would like them to go:

    Pick #6 in round 2 (37 overall) MICHAEL THOMAS, WR, Ohio State. I’ve gone back and forth between 3 WR’s who I think might be available here in round 2, and fall close to this pick on my draft board. Doctson, Boyd, and Thomas. And I think I’ve settled on Michael Thomas for a couple reasons. I’ll start with the fact that he he fits the triangular measurements (height, weight, speed) that scouts believe make up the prototypical #1 WR. At 6’3″, Thomas is identical in size as Chip’s round 2 pick in the 2014 draft, Jordan Mathews. Mathews ran a faster 40 at the combine (4.46 compared to Thomas’ 4.57) but if anything, Thomas seems to play faster than Mathews from what I’ve seen on tape. Mathews was more polished as a route runner, but Thomas shows some really explosive qualities. He has exceptional burst off the line, and excellent acceleration out of his breaks. He’s a fantastic red zone option with his size, strength, and ability to box out defenders as well as his ability to highpoint the football. The team could use a big WR and Thomas is being overlooked a little bit, because the Buckeyes didn’t throw a lot to their WR’s, so I like his value at this spot in the draft.

    #6, Rnd 2 (37th overall) backup pick) TYLER BOYD, WR, Pittsburgh. I’m going with Boyd as my backup plan. And let me tell you, it was close between him and Thomas, so I would be happy with either guy. Boyd is a glider with an instant acceleration to reach his top speed with his initial strides. He makes sharp cuts and shows great burst off his plant foot, mixing his gears well in his patterns. Boyd also has really, really, really good hands. He attacks the football and plucks the ball out of the defenders range. At 6’1″ and 200 lbs, he’s got decent size, though most of his routes were 7 yards or less, giving Thomas the edge as a better downfield receiver.

    1. I meant to list Thomas’ weight and hand size as well. He weighed in at 212 at the combine. His hands measured a massive 10.5″ at the combine. Michael Thomas has ideal size and speed combination. He’s got that low body fat, chiseled, muscular build. And his huge hands are also ideal. He ran a 4.57, though on tape, he looks like a 4.45 guy, leading me to believe technique is what cost him a faster “official” 40 time.

      Everything I see from Thomas on tape, impresses me. I think he’s going to be a fantastic NFL receiver and I think he’s got a strong chance at developing into a #1 WR at the NFL level.

    2. Good stuff. I prefer Boyd. He’s faster than Thomas (averaged 16 yards per catch in 2014), and more versatile. Boyd can line up anywhere. Thomas strictly lines up outside. He lined up in the slot only 3 percent of the time at Ohio State. He is not the next Jordan Matthews.

      1. I like this pick Grant. Boyd looks like a fantastic fit. I’m not sure Boyd is faster though. Thomas ran faster at the combine, and he looks a little faster to me on tape. I think Thomas makes a better red zone target.

        I can’t argue with Boyd as a WR though. He’s probably got better hands. Though some scouts see him primarily as a slot receiver, I don’t. I think you have identified a nice pick here Grant, and I like the idea of picking a WR here with this pick.

    3. Nice work 49. It’s Boyd for me too. Ultra productive with a good skill set and natural feel for the position. Was the focal point of the Pitt offense and opponents knew it, yet still produced at a very high level. And didn’t have a gun QB feeding him the ball. He’s this year’s Allen Robinson, who was also highly underrated.

        1. The funny thing is I keep reading about how refined a route runner Boyd is, but I actually disagree. I guess for a college wideout he is fairly refined, but it seems more like he relies on a natural feel for how to set up DBs, and is smooth into and out of his breaks. But I see significant room for improvement in terms of sharpening up his route running, exploding out of breaks, and learning the nuances of selling routes.

          1. Scooter/49reasons,
            I really like the “exploding out breaks” description because we have not had this type of receiver since the days of T.O.

            Boldin uses his physicality to win battles at the LOS. Torrey Smith, who is possibly our fastest WR never got it going last year so it’s hard to get a good gauge on him.
            If Boyd is on the board at our number 2 pick, I’d be happy to see him in Red&Gold.

  28. The 49ers shouldn’t even think of trading him until they get Wentz or Goff, we don’t need the cap space and the worse case scenario is that they have him and our future QB on the roster at the beginning of the season or we get our QB of the future and also get a 3rd round pick.

    1. I think Mike Davis can be a nice back up. When he came back he looked a lot better. Struggled in the beginning then got hurt..

      1. I don’t love what I saw from Mike Davis before or after his injury. Maybe he gets up to NFL speed in year 2? I think Knile Davis is much better. Davis had a much better OL to run behind than Mike did not to mention better coaching.

        1. Well, if that’s the case then why say this? “.Niners should trade a sixth-round pick to the Chiefs for Knile Davis”

          1. Sticking to my original point. If the Chiefs were willing to let him go for a 6th rounder he would be gone already.

    2. Speaking of the Chiefs, whatever happened to the DeAnthony Thomas rumors Grant, have you heard anything? I haven’t.

      Seems to make a lot of sense to me.

  29. On Rotoworld:

    “Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith (ACL, LCL) says his rehab is “going great.”
    “I am leg-pressing over 600 pounds right now,” Smith said. “I am squatting over 400 pounds. I am getting that strength back. It’s just a matter of time.” It’s good news after Smith’s gruesome Fiesta Bowl injury, but the Combine medical recheck looms extremely large for his draft stock. It’s there that teams will determine the extent of his nerve damage in addition to his torn ligaments. Once a potential top-10 pick, Smith is in danger of a draft weekend free-fall.”

    If he falls to the 4th or “praise whatever deity you believe in” the 6th, I think we have to take a chance.

    1. Cubus,
      Yes, leave it to “the Baalke” to go after knee injured players. Jaylon Smith free falling in the draft is “the Baalke’s” wet dream. Like flies on $hit honey, he’ll be all over it.

    2. He won’t make it past the first compensatory picks. I think he’s a 2nd rounder that contingent upon his recheck could still be a late first.

  30. Possible compromises if Denver refuses a straight CK for their pick 63

    37+CK for Denver’s 31+94+144 (roughly the value of a pick 72)
    142+CK for Denver’s 63 (roughly the value of a pick 71)

    Sweeten the deal by eating some of CK’s year one salary?

    I’m not kicking CK out the door. Flaws and all, he has a unique tool set possibly worth way more than a measly 63 if he returns to 2012 form. But if CK and management hate each other a trade might be the only choice. I could see it happening depending on what the 49ers do at pick 7.

    1. Where did you get the CK and management hate each other stuff. CK has never said that. In fact he has said nothing during this entire saga. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion by the media.

      CK’s agent asked permission to look into a possible trade. The Niner brass probably told him to go ahead and try to find a willing team and they would listen, but they also probably made it clear that the offer would have to super good for them to make the deal. They would not just give him away. Clearly nobody offered a good enough package to get the deal done, and now CK’s salary is guaranteed and he is on the roster for 2016. Since a deal could not be done before April 1, there is zero chance it will be done this year at all.

      I believe CK and management will put the trade thing behind them. CK will show up on Monday and get with Kelley’s program 100%, and do his best to help the team win. If he fails, the Niners will cut him after the season. If he succeeds the team will give him a new long term contract.

      1. There’s been tons of chatter about CK being unhappy with management as the primary reason he wants to be traded. I wrote,

        “[But] if CK and management hate each other a trade might be the only choice….”


        “I’m not kicking CK out the door.”


        “Flaws and all, he has a unique tool set possibly worth way more than a measly 63 if he returns to 2012 form.”

        Why would Baalke give him a new long term contract? They have him signed through the 2020 season.

        1. I assume if the team wins 14 games and goes deep into tne playoffs with Kap at QB, the team will be willing to tear up the current contract and give him a new one.

          Judging by the ridiculous contracts signed by Bradford and Ossweiler, Kap is underpaid. In fact, that is probably the main reason his agent wanted a trade in the first place. Once they started shopping around, they realized that nobody wanted him at even his current salary, let alone be willing to give him more money.

          1. Rick, since the Niners play against the NFC west and has the toughest schedule, there is zero chance they go 14-2. More likely they go 6-10, so if that happens, Kaep may be sitting on the bench and Gabbert will be starting.
            There is the Broncos, who do not have a QB and want him, but just do not want to give up a high draft pick for him.
            The reason Kaep asked for a trade after the meeting at the Combine was because Jed decided to send the leaker to ask for a pay cut, and Kaep considered that an insult, like any normal person would. Kaep felt betrayed and insulted, and he thought he was getting the JH treatment. He did not cavalierly ask for a trade for no good reason, but Marathe at the meeting was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jed has only himself to blame, and deserves to lose Kaep’s services. Denver will get Kaep, and compensate the Niners with as low a pick as possible. They may even wait until after the draft and then only have next year’s draft to give as compensation.

            1. Are you sure you are not a Broncos fan trolling on the Niners site. You seem particularly agitated that horse face Elway may be forced to start the season with Mark Sanchez at QB.

              1. Rick, Sebnynah is simply someone who doesn’t understand the difference between speculation and fact. He makes assumptions and treats his assumptions as if they are fact. He has an affinity for CK7, and like a groupy or fanboy, his beloved number 7 can do no wrong. He’ll deny the obvious if it doesn’t fit his narrative, and he’ll make statements appear factual, when they are, in fact, nothing but pure seculation and guesswork.

      2. Not sure why you say “zero chance it will be done this year at all”. Almost every story I’ve read on CK says that the real dates of interest are the draft dates. That’s when a deal is likely to be done if at all.

        1. I say zero chance because the contract is now guaranteed. The three teams most often mentioned in the talks, Denver, Jets, and Browns all have salary cap issues. They cannot trade for CK without him taking a salary cut, and since he did not agree to take a paycut before April 1, I don’t see why he would take it now.

          That leaves the possibility of the Niners eating some of the salary to make the deal. Now why in the world would they do that. If they wanted to get rid of him as badly as the media wants us to believe, they could have done it any time until April 1 and owed hin nothing.

          I believe in the theory of Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation is always the right one.

          1. I don’t quite follow this logic.
            1. The niners would most likely be on the hook for his salary regardless of if they cut him or not due to the fact that he would need pass a physical.
            2. Any team he was/is traded to before or after april 1st could still restructure his contract the question for those parties has always been is he willing to.
            3. Team rosters are still in flux… they have to make room for the draft and after the draft players are often cut as well.
            4. Injuries often occur in training camp and the preseason.

            1. 1. You are assuming without any evidence that Kap would not have passed his physical. If such was the case, the Niners would have accepted Denver’s offer of a third round pick and moved on. Everything indicates that Kelly expects Kap to be healthy when he reports for offseason work on Monday.

              2. Sure but Kap was obviously not willing to take less money before April 1 when he had nothing guaranteed for 2016. Why would he do it now after his 2016 salary is guaranteed.

              3. You really believe the Niners will suddenly decide to cut Kap after the draft and be on the hook for 11.5 million? How dumb do you think Baalke and Kelly are? Even if they draft Goff or Wentz or whoever, they are not going to cut Kap this year.

              4. Injury to who. Are you saying Sanchez will be injured and suddenly Elway will call the Niners and say OK OK you can have a first round pick. How will he fit Kap’s now guaranteed 11.5 mil salary under his cap.

              What I see by the Kap haters on this board is intense anger that they have not succeeded in running him out of town, combined with a sort of wistful hope that it may yet happen.

              1. 1. You are assuming without any evidence that Kap would not have passed his physical. If such was the case, the Niners would have accepted Denver’s offer of a third round pick and moved on. Everything indicates that Kelly expects Kap to be healthy when he reports for offseason work on Monday.

                Per Mike Florio, there was a good chance this would still be owed unless he has successfully recovered from his trio of surgeries.

                2. Sure but Kap was obviously not willing to take less money before April 1 when he had nothing guaranteed for 2016. Why would he do it now after his 2016 salary is guaranteed.

                Because even if he was traded before April 1st, that team would owe him his full salary unless he was willing to renegotiate with them. These circumstances don’t change for him either before or after April 1st. The only thing in question was would the 49ers flat out cut him.

                3. You really believe the Niners will suddenly decide to cut Kap after the draft and be on the hook for 11.5 million? How dumb do you think Baalke and Kelly are? Even if they draft Goff or Wentz or whoever, they are not going to cut Kap this year.

                I never said anything about him getting cut by the 49ers but cash strapped teams may lose a player or cut a player which frees up cap space… this is often why the period of time after the draft is referred to as a second phase of free agency.

                4. Injury to who. Are you saying Sanchez will be injured and suddenly Elway will call the Niners and say OK OK you can have a first round pick. How will he fit Kap’s now guaranteed 11.5 mil salary under his cap.

                For one Denver still has a Clady who is eating up cap space and they just signed Okung. Clady is a player they could look to move (and could even be used in a deal for Kaep). Fitzpatrick wants more than Kaep and he and the jets are no where near an agreement. But they are not the only players in this game… for example what happens if Brock goes down in Houston or any other team that is a playoff contender loses their starter early in the season? Kaep’s contract, which allows him to be cut after any single year becomes gold to such teams.

                All I’m saying is there is to much up in the air at this point to just cut him and get nothing in return, which was their only option as he wasn’t voluntarily taking a paycut for either Denver or Cleveland.

          2. Occam’s Razor? How about – One should never beat a dog with a stick and expect it to lick one’s hand. The media is not at fault, they are just reporting the story.
            The Niners could have cut Kaep, but he most likely would have gone to the Rams and could have haunted the Niners for years, so the Niners were terrified that he would do that.
            Denver, to Kaep, is the best landing spot. They still have a great defense, and just won a SB. Kaep saw all the FAs leaving and players retiring rather than playing for the Niners, so he saw how the team engenders no loyalty because of the way the Niners treated the coaches and players.
            Kaep will take less to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire, and has shown that he is a team player because he signed that original contract for less because he was promised they would use the savings to retain veteran leadership. Too bad the Niners reneged, and let players like Gore, Iupati and Crabtree leave. Now they have 59 mil, and no one to willing to come to the Niners because the whole league knows how the Niners treats its players.
            Occam’s Razor? How about- If one wants to be a class organization, they should act like champs, not chumps.

          3. Think about that. The theory (not a scientific fact) says that the simplest explanation is often the best one. Not always.

          4. I have not been nearly interested enough in the rumors and draft prognostication to want to comment as of late, but I cannot pass up an opportunity to talk about a principle of evaluating conclusions/arguments that would be highly valuable to so many posters yet is pitiably underused. Thus, I have some comments on Occam’s razor:

            It is not a theory – it is a maxim at best. In other words, it is a principle to be employed as a tool, not an epistemological theory.

            It is not phrased in absolutes. The most common phrasing is along these lines: The simplest solution is often best. As stated above, it is simply a tool to use in evaluating and ranking possible solutions.

            The actual maxim is different from the common phrasing. The best translation is: Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity. The principle is that if more than one conclusion is possible, the better conclusion is likely the conclusion that requires the least complex set of premises and/or data, all other things being equal. As with the more common current phrasing, it is an issue of evaluating possible conclusions, not determining the accuracy of a conclusion.

            If employed correctly, Occam’s razor helps us look at our conclusions/arguments to see if we have excessive, and perhaps unnecessary, complexity within our support for said conclusions/arguments. If we do, we may want to reevaluate such support to determine if a less complex solution may also be valid.

            The use of Occam’s razor is especially interesting with respect to theoretical physics and conspiracy theories. Both require multiplying entities in order to account for observed phenomenon. The difference is that theoretical physicists usually actually employ the razor and try to determine if a less complex solution exists and only multiply entities when no other probable solution accounts for the observed phenomenon. Conspiracy theorists, however, usually do not apply the razor at all and thus fail to recognize that probable solutions that do not require the multiplication of entities beyond what is observed may exist and may be, in fact, much better at explaining the observed phenomenon than the complex conspiracies postulated. Unfortunately, many posters on sports websites, such as this, have more in common with conspiracy theorists than with theoretical physicists, especially epistemologically.

            1. JPN, you seem to elevate the discourse on this site. Using 7 syllable words is impressive.
              While I agree that the epistemological reference to the Maxim does have relevance, it may not resonate when the situation does not have too many variables and complexities, so the conclusions may end up at the same place while the derivative processes may involve many permutations. In other words, the thought processes to make a conclusion may be varied, but still will engender the same results.
              Maybe the best method is just to use common sense.
              I did not think this present situation has devolved into conspiracies, but some could logically conclude using epistemological studies that someone is conspiring against Kaep. Through both Deductive and Abductive thinking, a subject we explored earlier, one could derive evidence of a conspiracy by pointing out the leaks and reading motives when Kaep fled California to do his Surgeries, and to continue his rehabbing in Colorado.
              Furthermore, some have postulated that Kaep is just getting the JH treatment, so they really want to purge any players from the JH era like Howie did with Chip’s players in Philly.
              Personally, I do not ascribe to that level of venality. I just think they do not have the intellect to behave in that manner. The Niner FO is just clueless, and will continue to reel from blunder to catastrophe due to being so limited intellectually. They really need to think things through. If they wanted to get rid of him, they should have promised his starting job back that he lost due to injury, and never leaked proprietary information because it just diminished his trade value. Jed should have thought long and hard about the logical consequences derived from sending the leaker to negotiate a pay cut. Obviously, it upset Kaep enough to ask for a trade, and was pointless because he is going to get his full 12 mil, anyways, since it is April first.

            2. An example of Occam’s Razor: Doctors are taught in med school, when you hear hoof beats, don’t go looking for zebras.

              1. I remember visiting some friends in Mendocino County in the 80’s, and were walking along an old logging road. Suddenly, we heard hoofbeats and wondered what was approaching us. We came to a fence, and saw a camel staring at us. It stuck out its tongue and blew through its mouth. While slobbering, it spit everywhere.
                I definitely did not expect to see a camel at the edge of the pygmy forest.

  31. Very well explained and written Rick. That’s the truth. Like it or not that’s how it will play out.

  32. By Site Staff

    Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
    Alex Marvez of Fox Sports is reporting that Cal QB Jared Goff is working out for both the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns this week.

    Benjamin Allbright of AM1340 in Denver added that the 49ers front office is big on Goff, who the team might be able to select with the seventh overall pick if the Browns do not grab him with the second selection in next month’s NFL Draft.

    – See more at:

      1. As I stated yesterday, 1/2 of 11.5 mil., + a comp. pkg. + draft picks or starting players from Denver to create cap space.

        Many ways to write a contract, above example is a standard OP.

        1. For those who disagreed with the above contract yesterday because Kap won’t take a pay cut; he would not be taking a pay cut.
          1/2 of 11.9 paid by the 49ers and the other half by Denver fulfills Kap’s contract.
          Next year when Kap’s out of work he’ll have to settle for market rate. Kap’s last season was below average, therefore, those contracts market value currently sit a $7-8 mil/season…TomD

          Report: Broncos interested in Colin Kaepernick if he takes a pay cut

          The Denver Broncos are reportedly interested in trading for Colin Kaepernick, but only if the 49ers quarterback accepts a pay cut, reports Mike Klis of KUSA.
          However, the Broncos are still interested in acquiring the quarterback, assuming he is willing to accept a lower contract of $7 million for the 2016 season, reports Bleacher

  33. Anthony Davis tweet “I’ll be filing for reinstatement to the NFL later this year. Dealing with Trent is giving me a headache.”

        1. I’m pretty sure it is but I hope it’s not. Whatever pick we get for him would be more valuable then he will be at this point.

  34. If you’re wondering if there might be any “personal” issues/bad blood with AD returning, this is from Maiocco’s article today on AD:

    “General manager Trent Baalke has mostly withheld comment on Davis’ possible return this offseason because the paperwork for reinstatement has not been filed. But he said if Davis does return, the timing of his announcement last year and his relationships with teammates would be discussed.

    “I do think that it’s something that is going to be addressed,” Baalke said last week at the NFL owners meetings. “(But) by having a coaching staff that’s new, everyone is starting on a clean slate. And anything that’s a hangover from the previous stuff gets dealt with a little differently.”

    1. Ha ha ha, Ya think.
      I can’t imagine anyone would resent him quitting right before the season after FA and the draft :).

  35. “Colin Kaepernick bet on himself in offseason…and lost”
    ~ Grant

    Depends who’s perspective you choose to believe.
    For the majority of those who say Kap has not garnered much interest this off season because his game has suffered over the last two seasons – then yes.

    But CK himself is likely viewing it from the perspective that he is getting paid regardless of which team he eventually plays for. When the dust settles he will have a nice chunk of flow and be employed by the NFL.
    I for one, don’t feel bad for the guy.

    1. I see it the way you do AES. Now going to Cleveland and taking $5,000,000 less money – that thar’s losing.

      1. Now, going to Denver, and taking 5 mil less, might be considered a great deal for Kaep. He will flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire and go to the Super Bowl Champions. He will get to work under Bowlen and Elway, who are light years better than Jed and Baalke.
        Kaep will get to play under Kubiak, who had nothing but complimentary things to say about Kaep, instead of Kelly, who does not consider Kaep his starter and mentioned Gabbert every time Kaep was mentioned in his initial presser.
        Kaep already is a millionaire, and set for life. Now he wants a ring, just like Elway. Baalke may be content to win more than 5 games next season, and Baalke MAY be maneuvering to get the first pick of next year’s draft. His FA strategy sure looks that way.

  36. From Jeff Deeney (@PFF_Jeff):

    “One thing with Kap and Denver offer: he has a better chance of succeeding w/ Broncos, could possibly make that $7M back and more long-term.”

    I completely agree with this statement. It’s why I said the other day his insistence on not having his salary reduced is very myopic, especially if it means he ends up riding the pine as the backup at the 49ers this year.

    1. Let the Donkey’s have Kaep and Davis for #63. I bet if they told him(A.D.) he was going to Denver he’d fill out those papers a lot faster. Davis is due to earn just a little over 5M this year which is half of what Clady is set to make. Cut Clady and put Okung on the left and Davis on the right. Those two starting tackles salaries would just about equal what they owe Clady alone.

      Just gotta get bone head to truly ‘bet on himself’ and take a performance based contract and it’s a done deal. :)

  37. My son asked me a question yesterday. He said, dad I understand changing QB’s, but how can Kap lose his job before Martin, Devey or Pears lost theirs?

    Lets look at the facts here shall we? Kap is a much better QB then Gabbert or anyone else Baalke will bring in. Therefore Kap will show himself to be the starting QB before too long despite being held down by the front office agenda. The day Jed decides to give up on Kap is the day us true fans will give up on this sorry franchise.

    1. Kap is a much better QB then Gabbert or anyone else Baalke will bring in.

      That’s mere supposition and not fact. There is no way that you can prove Kaepernick is better than Wentz, Goff, and the rest of the QB prospects.

      1. But, but, but Baalke hasn’t brought one of those guys in, and there is a good chance, but not a certainty, that he won’t.

      1. Prime Slime,

        Why don’t you quit sniffing my jock and get a life for once. It is clear that you don’t like me and I don’t like you. But I am willing to let bygons be bygons if you simply admit that Kap is a much better QB then your boy Alex “meek” Smith ever was or ever will be. I bet you can’t.

      2. Prime, I see you like to double down. Sounds like I am not the one causing trouble, but your belligerent bombastic bloviating and blustering like a blithering blatherskite is getting far more annoying to this blog.
        I promised to behave, but it sure seems like you are asking for it.

    1. Just like with Haurbagh it was his choice who to pick. That’s why Niners ended up with CK. Kelly will pick his QB.. It won’t be Cook!

            1. Game managers mostly. By the way, I don’t think game manager is a derogatory label. In one NFC championship game the 49ers fumbled and didn’t get to punt. The game was in the bag if they had been able to punt because there was almost no way the Giants were going to get into field goal range with time remaining.

              Compared to the pain that game caused, Harbaugh’s loss in the Superbowl was almost painless.

              Parcells built very strong teams that won on overall team effectiveness. On the other had, they were very lucky to get into the Superbowl that year, and even more lucky to have won it. Such is the NFL.

              1. Ugh… the fumble by Craig. Yeah, that one hurt pretty bad… Steve possibly could have won his first superbowl that year as I think the niners were the best team in football at the time.
                Actually Steve agreed with the statement of game manager not being a bad label, as he said that it was 80 to 90% of the job.

    2. What about Kevin Hogan Think he has 36 wins 75 TDs to 28 ints. He graduated and is even going for his masters degree.

  38. Patrick Willis coming out of retirement???? I hope it’s not a lame April fools joke.
    Anthony Davis taking a shot at Baalke in his tweet saying he file for reinstatement but Baalke is making his head hurt….

      1. It was on Facebook, underneath the Davis article, they had this one but I think you can find it on the local writers blogs. I forget the site, sorry

    1. My first reaction was thinking Goff was a more athletic Peyton manning type minus the arm strength but way more mobile.
      Upon further review, he reminds me a Brady minus the arm strength but more athletic. My only concern is his deep ball. It seemed that most of those throws, the receiver had to slow down to catch it. Can his arm strength be improved without losing his mechanics?
      Otherwise, he shifted well in the pocket, scanned the field and threw Recievers open.
      He’s my draft crush. I’d pick him number 7 over all, for sure.

      1. I like Goff, but am not cheering for him. I remember everyone was saying how great it would be to draft him, and his next game he threw 5 picks. He does have a great arm and good pocket skills, but my main objection to him is his play against good opponents. Goff did not shine in those big games. I would liken him to another Alex Smith.

        1. Alex actually was really good in college. Check out his bowl game in the undefeated season.
          As to Goff, he has had some bad games but the 5 pick game wasn’t as bad as it sounded. One int was off the receivers hands, the second his wr had inside position but stumbled. The 3rd was a bad throw. The 4th was a great diving catch by the defender on a tipped ball and the 5th was a bad throw. He could be blamed for 3 if you want to include the tipped ball or 2 if you dont. There is a youtube clip of them if you’re interested.
          I am not enamored with Goff but really I’m not in love with the top of this draft class other than Jack, Ramsey,Tunsill to be honest.

          1. Shoup, maybe I was commenting on how AS did not win the big games in his pro career, and you are correct, 2 of the picks were due to the receivers, so it is kinda unfair to blame Goff for them.

      2. I actually think Goff has a stronger arm than Manning had. Additionally if you watch his tape vs Wentz he is more accurate deep than Wentz is. Wentz consistently made open receivers contest for deep balls in his tapes.

        1. Stronger than manning to the end of his career, yeah but no way stronger than his college arm and early nfl career.

          1. There were a lot of questions about Manning’s arm strength coming out of college and that was compounded at his pro day. Most say Goff has an above average arm grade but not great arm talent.

    1. What’d you think of the article Cubus? Certain people will go all rabid dog over this article claiming this topic isn’t well covered or documented by anyone and its just make believe on my part. I wrote similar things yesterday here.

      “And despite a slow start last year in Philadelphia, Sam Bradford in his one season under Kelly registered career highs in completion percentage (65.0, almost five points higher than his next best season), yards per attempt (7.0) and passing yardage (3,725). Even Mark Sanchez completed 64.3% of his passes for Kelly the past two seasons, after being a mere 55.1% passer with the Jets.”

      What remains is if any of its true or not? The Chipper has a decent record of improving QB’s no matter how poorly performing they are. The QB has to be a willing student though.

      1. Wilson:

        If Kap stays, the important thing for me is that it is a fair and open competition between him and Gabbert. I think Gabbert earned the right to compete for a starting job. Although a number of fellow bloggers disagree with me, I think there is added pressure to start the guy who is making the big money over the guy who is making 7 times less. But there is the locker room to consider and Gabbert right now is more respected.

        Chip values repetition and that will probably limit the number of plays making it easier for Kap. However, the repetitive accuracy is an issue for Kap. Still, I decided to watch the 2014 NFC Championship game against the Hawks yesterday, and Kap did make some nice throws into tight windows (since Sherman and company were holding on virtually every passing play), but he also threw a couple of interceptions. IMO, if Kap is going to still be on the team, he has to give it his all and not be content to ride the bench and collect a big paycheck. As for Gabbert, he has to be willing to make the third down throws. The stat I cited a couple of days ago where Gabbert only succeeded 38% of the time in passing for enough yardage on third downs vice Kap’s 61% is not acceptable. He has to change that. If he can, I think at this point he is the better option.

        1. Another tape to look at is the Super Bowl against the Ravens. Kap made some unbelievable throws in that game as well. However, Kap haters want to just focus on the last three incomplete passes. An objective assessment of both the super bowl and the 2014 NFC championship is that while Kap made some mistakes in both games, he did more than enough to have won both games in the defense had played up to its potential.

          Its the throws Kap made in these two games that make me reluctant to get rid of him. With all his flaws (and there are many) he has the physical skills that I have not seen in a QB in 20 years. Given proper coaching, decent O line, and ab good defense, Kap can take a team deep in the playoffs and perhaps win a Superbowl. Gabbert on the other hand, in the immortal words of Bill Walsh, is just good enough to get you beat.

  39. A good plan would have been to address the offense, especially the offensive line, in free agency and then the defense in the draft. Now the 49ers are forced to look solely at the draft to begin their rebuild, a philosophy that they would love fans to believe was the plan all along. The problem is that they have drafted poorly in recent years, further accelerating the team’s demise.

    Despite a desperate need to infuse the roster with talent, Baalke reverted back to his old ways with his refusal to overspend on a single player. He either really believes in his system, feels that he has a good deal of job security, or both.
    One has to wonder if the 49ers get it. Does Baalke get it? Does Jed York not recognize that Baalke may be part of the problem? If Chip Kelly fails in San Francisco, which I truly hope he does not, then Baalke may quickly become the newest scapegoat and eventually find himself on the outside looking in.

  40. Scroll half way down to see Wilkerson—Baalke needs to do his job and get him.

    If the Jets and 49ers can somehow iron out a Kaepernick for Wilkerson deal, that would do wonders from not only the team’s four-technique pass-rushing standpoint (that hasn’t been seen since DE Justin Smith retired), but for the 49ers to finally move on from Kaepernick, while letting him thrive somewhere else. A win-win for both sides.

  41. If Jaylon Smith and his team of agents and doctors can convince teams he’ll be 100% by 2017 he’s still a candidate for a high first round pick. He was a top 5 pick before the injury. If teams feel confident about his prognosis I would consider him to still be a top 15 pick. Even with the injury he’s still the BPA in that range.

    1. If they are able to convince teams, would you take him with our 7th pick? Or possibly take a calculated risk and trade down to the 12 to 18 range or so and then try to take him.

      Currently, if Jack and Goff are there at seven, I would have a hard time passing on Jack even though I really like Goff. But if Smith is an acceptable alternative…..

      If Smith drops I would like Baalke to take a flyer esp. if for some reason he can be had in the 4th round.

      1. If this was any previous Baalke draft year i’d say it’s 100% certain that we would go with Smith. However, I don’t believe he will feel comfortable this year taking flyers on injured players with high draft picks. You might see a 5th or later used for that purpose but with so much pressure on him along with a poor reputation for taking injured players that haven’t worked out I don’t see Trent taking big risks with big picks this year.

        If he has a good draft and the team sees some success next season and the pressure is a little off you might see him return to his ways next year. This year I believe he’ll be compelled to take less chances.

        What makes more sense is to look for a team that isn’t rebuilding that could make a jump into the mid teen range for him. Probably won’t take more then a 4th and a late round pick to go from the end of the first to the middle of it.

          1. Possibly. NE and Ari have more immediate need for the position that they could fill with a veteran for a season while the rookie rehabs and learns.

  42. Baalke drafted Davis, 2010, tired of defending Baalke’s head case draftees…TomD

    While he sat out the year, he had no problem calling out the best player on the 49ers’ offense, left tackle Joe Staley, going as far as posting a gif of Staley being blown up by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor and providing critical commentary. While Davis might have felt he was within his rights as a teammate to hold a peer

    Staley had numerous opportunities to blast Davis in the media and never took a shot. The quick pressures, QB hits, and sacks given up by Davis to edge rushers (particularly Cliff Avril in big games) during pivotal moments killed offensive momentum, yet we never saw a 49er throw Davis under the bus for those. In fact, Staley was even kind enough to state that the team would welcome Davis back if he returned in shape and ready to go.

  43. The Jets are in serious “cap hell” without a franchise QB signed. Three players (Wilkerson, Ferguson and Revis) account for about 30% of the salary cap. I’m still clinging to a faint hope that we can get Mo Wilkerson in a trade deal (and, of course, not for the oft quoted two first-round picks; Kap plus a 4th rounder).

    If they let go of Ferguson, the article says, there is no one to play left tackle. Tough position for a draft rookie to play.

    I think there’s a good chance the Jets will have to go with Geno Smith and not sign a QB. If that happens then Fitz could go to the Broncos, but compensation will likely be a big issue.

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