Colin Kaepernick: “We are very close.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week 15 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


When you look back at the last game, what stands out about the second half and why you guys couldn’t get stuff going offensively?

“Once again, it comes down to our execution. We have to be able to make plays and we didn’t make enough in the second half to put points on the board.”


On the play before the fourth down run, did you see an opportunity there to score a touchdown on that slant?

“Yeah, there was an opportunity there. They had been playing a lot of cover-zero. We had an answer on that particular play for it and thought we had an opportunity there.”


What do you think happened on that?

“Once again, we did execute well enough. We executed well enough to get eight yards. But, a little better throw, run through the football, those types of things, we have an opportunity for a big play there.”


Did you put it out a little bit more than you wanted to?

“I had to throw around the backer. So, there’s a lot of things that come into play on something like that, but we have to execute better.”


You’re going back to Atlanta. What are some of the best memories you have from the NFC Championship game there a few years ago?

“A win. Getting down early, being able to come back, sticking together as a team and being able to pull out that win was huge for us.”


The ability to come back then, it’s something that this team hasn’t been able to do this season, coming back in games. Why do you think that is in terms of whether it’s offense, defense, what’s this team lacking?

“It comes down to, once again, execution, our ability to finish games and hit another gear in the second half to go out and make plays, put more points on the board, be stouter on defense. We have to be able to turn it up on both sides of the ball as well as special teams in order for us to pull out wins.”


Why does the team execute so well in the first half and not so well in the second half?

“If there was one thing we could do that we could change it, we would. There’s a lot of things that play into that. But, once again, we have to be able to be better in the second half.”


Are there enough scripted plays coming out in the third quarter or are you guys spending enough energy on the third quarter specifically?

“We spend our energy on the entire game. It depends on what the defense is doing, what we think is going to work best and ultimately going out and making plays.”


You guys ran the ball really well and have done so for most of the season. How come the play-action game hasn’t been more productive based off of the running success that you’ve had?

“Once again, that comes down to what the defense is allowing us to do. There might be opportunities in the running game that we aren’t going to have in the passing game depending on how that defense is playing us that day.”


You mentioned the other day not being used to dealing with this kind of losing. How do you deal with it? WR Torrey Smith was saying he loses sleep. What is it like for you after a game?

“You try and fix it. That’s the only way it’s going to change. You come in, you work, you do everything you can to be prepared for the next game and go out and play with everything you have.”


Did you know former NFL TE Konrad Reuland much from your rookie class? Did you get to know him?

“That first year, I spent quite a bit of time with him, knew him pretty well, had a couple conversations with him since he left. I heard the news about him this morning. It’s one of those tragedies that you don’t see coming, you hope never happens to anybody and he was always such a great person. Very kind hearted. It’s painful and I send my best wishes to his family.”


Back to that Atlanta NFC Championship game. Was there a specific moment or play that kind of sticks out to you?

“I think the biggest one for me is sitting there on the sideline at the end. Our defense is out there and [LB NaVorro] Bowman coming up with that pass breakup. That was something, on the sideline you’re sitting there waiting, are we going to make this play? We have all the confidence in the world in our defense and they come up huge for us in that situation. That’s something I’ll always remember, that feeling.”


In Atlanta, they still think that was pass interference. What are your feelings on that? I’m sure you refute that.

“Yeah. That’s more of an issue with them and the refs than it is with us. So, we’ll take the win and keep moving.”


Is there a personal goal that you have? I know you take each game a game at a time, but these final three games, something you want to prove to yourself by the time the season ends? I know everybody in here has kind of their own personal thing they’re looking at.

“The focus is always on winning. We have to take it week-by-week and try to get a win each week starting this week with Atlanta.”


LB Aaron Lynch just told us that he thinks this team is really close, that you guys are still one of the best teams in the NFC. Is that actually the thought process or are you guys willing to admit that 1-12, a lot of things need to change next year too?

“We are very close. We’ve been very close in a lot of games. Once again, we have to finish better. That will change the outcome of a lot of these football games.”

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      1. I am close……to losing my mind because if Chip returns (seems likely) he’ll bring these bozos back as well. That thar’s not funny, not a bit.

    1. this inane execution blurb week in and week out reminds me of the late John McKay’s comment in the midst of a NFL record 26-game losing streak when a reporter asked Coach McKay what he thought about his team’s execution, and with a straight face to go along with his Gatorade cup of vodka, Coach McKay said that he was in favor of it!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just pull the plug and put us out of this misery. Where is Jack Kevorkian when you need him????????

    1. sorry, but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and slow dancing, and the Niners are not entered in any of those events!!

  1. Greg Cosell on Kap’s play (KNBR 680 on Monday evening.)

    “I could go through plays guys — and it’s hard for people to see it because the explanation you almost need to see the play — but there were about three or four plays in the second half with Kaepernick that are just so representative of why he’s just not really an NFL quarterback that you can look ahead and say, ‘He’s part of the solution as we go forward to next year,'” Cosell started.

    “There are plays, specific plays, where he just breaks down. Or, he throws the ball too hard, a little bit inaccurately. He’s ultimately not a touch, pace and precise ball-location quarterback.”
    “He starts breaking down in the pocket and moving when there’s absolutely no need to move,” Cosell said. “He breaks down plays — plays that are there … this is what happens as games progress. He starts out — there seems to be some comfort level with him as he starts out — but then as the game progresses, he just breaks down. This continues to happen and I don’t know where to go with this.

    “I know that Chip Kelly is probably tearing his hair out a little bit because they design some pretty good plays.”

    1. Cosell is such a hack. I have it all on record and can play back plays over and over, too. He has his point of view, but what I saw was Kaep being uncomfortable in the pocket because of the heavy pressure. And No, the WRs were not wide open every play. I saw tight coverage. That Revis dude is pretty good. Granted, Kaep had some inaccurate throws, but several times, he had to get rid off the ball quickly so he would not get sacked, because some blitzer had a free run at him. Personally, I liked it when he just threw it out of bounds, because no one was open, and he was about to be sacked. Losing his 2 biggest targets did not help, and the play calling was obtuse. Why they went away from Hyde is perplexing, it was almost like they wanted to lose.

      Harris did not get a touch, they still played Bellore, Bethea looked slow, they inactivated Cromartie, and did not activate Rush.

      They played brilliantly the first 2 minutes, then the next 58, they laid an egg. Even though they lost a tight game in overtime, it felt like they lost by a million.

      Cosell always hated Kaep, so his screeds are just parroting the same old drivel.

      It does not matter how much tape one watches, it more important to be able to process it correctly.

      That is what I like about Grant. He can distill a whole press conference into a headline. With Grant, it is like I am standing next him along the side line. With Cosell, I am wondering if we are watching the same tape.

      1. So Lowell Cohn who has been a reporter of the 49ers for years is way off on Kap and now Cossell to?
        But you, pruner of trees sees Kap on a different level than 2 established writers?
        Kap sucks Seb. Get over it!

        1. Prime, I am not going to suck up to Lowell like you do.

          Maybe you did not know, but I detested Lowell because he would attack Walsh and denigrate his accomplishments because of his present predicaments. I would gnash my teeth, but I would read every word. Looking back, it was a master stoke of reverse psychology, because I am sure it gave Walsh every incentive to try and prove Lowell wrong.

            1. Walsh had burning desire to prove ALL his detractors wrong.

              Eddie even chided Grant about Lowell’s sharp tongue.

              Back then, before the internet and 50 blog sites, the Chron was the only game in town, and a few writers commanded the field. Lowell Cohn and Glen Dickey ruled the roost.

              1. And you and Bill broke bread and read each other bedtime stories?

                You’re such a narcissist, Sebneverwrong.

      2. I agree that Cosell can be a hack, but I also know your argument centers around your love for Kaepernick. Enough already Seb.

        1. Just keeping it real. When some one attacks, I will try to defend.

          Yes, color me rosy. I am just an ordinary die hard faithful Niner fan who likes the starting QB of the team he loves.

          1. It is fine to like the QB of your team Seb, but one should not ignore when the QB has shortcomings or that the team may be better with that QB elsewhere.

            1. I hope you saw that I was not complimentary about his play last game. In fact, I was pretty harsh.

              Still think he has potential, but admitted he failed pretty miserably last game.

              1. Kaepernick is nothing more than a running QB, which would be fine if he knew how to play from the pocket as well. Too many bought into the belief that he had a high ceiling. The problem with that mythology is Kaepernick stood up on his knees and hit the ceiling with his lower back.

      3. I myself don’t have a high opinion of Cossell’s opinions at all, but his factual observations from tape study are worth considering.

      4. Hey Sebnynah…
        Why don’t you do yourself and everybody else that reads this blog a favor, and loosen your grip on Sackorpicks jock….he is a terrible excuse for an NFL qb…..he doesn’t wanna play in the NFL..he’s riding out his contract, so he can leave…and I say “good riddance”…you can stack up all of the excuses you want to protect him, but it doesn’t wash..HE DOESN’T CARE!..and it shows…find yourself a 49er, who is worth your hero worship….Krapprerstink isn’t a good choice..

        1. I have been resigned to seeing Kaep leave many times. I thought he would not show up at OTAs. I thought he would be traded to Denver. I thought he would be cut at the 53. I thought he would have been traded before the trade deadline. I expected Baalke to cut him on the team bus.

          I had wished him well where ever he went if he did leave, and I will wish him well when he does go after this season.

          After all the back stabbing, Kaep looks like a pin cushion, so I really hope he flees this dysfunctional dumpster fire.

          Kaep is way more admirable than his detractors. He is fighting oppression and injustices, while others want to ignore the problem or even deny it exists. The haters are the true cowards, who use the anonymity of the internet to hurl racist insults and threaten his life.

          So go ahead, hate all you want, I will just counter that hate with some loyal fandom. Kaep had two four hundred yard games, so I feel perfectly justified in saying that he can get the job done. The team around him sucks, so I am not going to blame him for allowing 200 yards rushing.

          If you think the sole reason the Niners are losing is because of Kaep, I will say you have about as much football knowledge as Prime.

          1. Seb, here here, Well said. I don’t understand this hate for Kap. Yes he has not played well at all the last two games. But before those two games he was steadily improving.

          2. The problem is people don’t hate the guy for standing up (errr, kneeling) for social injustices and labeling cops as murderers.

            People hate the guy because he sucks.

            1. understood, but he was improving before the last two games. More importantly who would be a better QB than Kap for the niners next year?

              1) A rookie – is always a huge gamble, very few people get this right
              2) A free agent – which one would you want out of this list:

              Kirk Cousins
              Ryan Fitzpatrick
              Case Keenum
              Shaun Hill
              Matt Schaub
              Matt McGloin
              E.J. Manuel
              Blaine Gabbert

              Only one I think would be better than Kap would be Cousins, but I doubt the redskins would let him go

              And I think with one more year under Kelly we will see further improvement in Kap

          3. Nah. I respect Kaep social justice stances far more than this QB-ing ability. As CfC said, Kaep is 3-17 over his last 20 games. It’s not hate that drives my desire to have the team bid him riddance, I would say the same thing about any malfunctioning QB dragging down the team. Gabbert… Smith… Hell, even if Joe Montana had a .150 record over his last 20 games, I’d say thanks for the memories, see you later.

            1. Rib, if you think this whole team is not devoid of talent everywhere, I will think that you have about as much football knowledge as Prime.

              Why don’t you excoriate the defense that has set new records in futility. Joe Montana could not expect to win with this team who got beaten by not only third stringers, but couch potatoes. and people off the street.

              1. Getting folded up by Suh like a lawn chair trying to score was the defenses fault against the Dolphins? Runnin QB’s that are inaccurate Seb don’t last in the NFL.

              2. The defense is what it is. There is no excuse for the offense to tank in the 2nd half, game after game after game. You’ve seen Kaep’s 2nd half performances – sailing passes, underthrowing, doinking the ball off a CBs helmet, playing catch with sideline players. He looked better in his first rookie pre-season game and there he looked abysmal.

              3. Rib those passes off the helmet and sailing passes over guys heads is not Kaps fault. That’s on the play calling and the WR’s not making a concerted effort. Its also on Baalke on Praage for the leaks and smears and for Jed making false promises. That’s why Kap never had a chance.

                This is all based on the book of Seb, where the chosen one, #7, can do no wrong.

          4. Seb says “so I feel perfectly justified in saying that he can get the job done”

            If the job is falling apart in the most crucial times in games, he’s got that down to a science! CHOKER!

      5. Cosell had gripes with Alex Smith too. At least with him the team was able to scheme a successful offense around him that masked his shortcomings. Kaep’s comings are so short, the team is not even able to do that.

    2. As a starter Kaepernick is 3-17 over his last 20 games. Gabbert has only started 13 games as a 49er and is 4-9. Some might want to lose for the better draft pick but I think losing sucks balls and after 12 in a row I’m plain sick of it. Throw Gabbert back in and at least we’ll have a chance of beating the Rams. Slaperdick will somehow find a way of screwing that one up I’m sure.

        1. Alex Smith is headed to the playoffs because KC has a sick defense. A lot of KC fans are not fans of Alex Smith. Same issue as in SF. He’s a game manager who won’t hurt you with a lot of turnovers but he’s not going to win many games for you either. Smith is 23rd in pass yards in the league. With 12 TD passes, he’s 27th in the league. Smith has only one more TD pass than Colin Kaepernick on the year even though Smith has started every game for the Chiefs. Insinuating the 49er record would be better if we had Alex Smith is flat out wrong.

          1. It’s not just wrong, it’s soooooo convenient. It makes you feel warm and comfy like a warranty. Trouble is, at some point they run out at the worst times….

          2. Alex Smith is a better QB than the guy we have now! Maybe we would not be a playoff team, but Id take a couple more wins than the 1 we have.

    3. Gots to agree with Cosell here. There are some good play designs in this offense. I think the critique on adjustments and possibly play calls are valid but the design of this offense can be very successful in the NFL if they had the right players. It starts with a smart QB who is highly accurate. Doesn’t have to have a huge arm. Just the ability to diagnose pre-snap and then deliver the pass accurately. Obviously, the team needs a QB. I think they also need another TE and play makers at the WR spot. Torrey Smith is not it.

      1. Chip Kelly belongs at the college level where he can field enough defenders to sustain success. He’s done in the NFL. Period. The end.

          1. Houston, you’re only allowed 46 active players in the NFL. Chip needs two defenses, an all pro offensive line, an all pro receiver and an all pro running back to have any chance at success….

            1. Also Houston, the players have checked out on him. They have laid down all year for him. Its time for a new regime, top to bottom. No way they can sell this product to anyone. Even with an abundance of picks and money to throw around, Kelly is getting outclassed by lesser coaching staffs and rosters across the NFL.
              People were unsure he could adapt to the NFL after getting fired in Philly. Well this year just put that to bed!

              1. Two points:

                1 – Razor – Chip has shown a willingness to change his offense to fit the personnel he has and the NFL game. Chip can be successful at the NFL level and I think he is capable of winning if given time.

                2. PT – I don’t agree that the team quit on Chip. Also, name 1 roster the 49ers have played that is worse than the 49ers. Compare them to the Jets. There’s not a single position group on the Jets that is worse than the 49ers.

                Lastly, Chip isn’t going anywhere so you might as well settle in and see what he can do. Jed York does not want another 1 and done coach. He’s worried at some point people will figure out the problem isn’t the coaching staff. The problem is Jed York and the organization he runs from top to bottom. Jed keeps Chip another year. He probably keeps Baalke another year, much to my dismay, but I’m not as solid on that opinion as I am on Chip.

              2. Chip has shown a willingness to change his offense to fit the personnel he has and the NFL game.

                I’ve seen no evidence of that….

              3. Chip has very clearly slowed down his offense from the way it was run in Philly – presumably to keep his o-line fresh and keep the defense off the field. I’m not saying it’s perfect as the 49ers still have huge time of possession issues but Chip has changed. The poor TOP is also due to crappy QB play resulting in only a 35.2% 3rd down conversion rate which is one of the worst in the league. I’m hopeful he further changes next year to adopt a more pro style offense using his existing route combinations and play designs. The guy put in counter trey run plays this year. That’s definitely personnel related. Chip has definitely changed this year.

              4. Chip has very clearly slowed down his offense from the way it was run in Philly

                Yea, you gotta do a little more than that to adjust. Like counter what the defense does to your offense in the second half of games.

                presumably to keep his o-line fresh and keep the defense off the field

                With respect to the defense, it’s not working so well. Back to research and development for the Chipster!

    1. Jed should do the honorable thing and step aside for better leadership, and the good of the team.

      Jed told us to hold him accountable. A 1-12 team is all we need to know.

      Jed cannot go out in public with feeling the scorn, and some have verbalized their displeasure in seeing a once feared and envied organization fall down into humiliation and a pitiful sad state.

      I vote for Tony, his brother, but reserve the right to rescind my recommendation if he turns out to be like Jed.

      Maybe Eddie, now that he has been cleansed with his Hall Of Fame induction, can help steer this team into the right direction.

      If Eddie wants to let others do the heavy lifting, maybe Lisa.

      1. Please no more Yorks !
        They have sucked the life out of this organization
        I will not renew my PSL if they keep Jed in charge of the organization

  2. Kaep needs a timeout because his trite, cliché, Harbaugh induced speakism’s are so trite and tiresome. Pick your PR poison Kelly or Kaep.

  3. Kaep probably never heard of Dandy Don Meredith. He liked to say: “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a nice day”

  4. Tony Dungy President of Football Operations
    Eric DeCosta GM
    Todd Haley HC

    Free Agents
    Michael Floyd WR
    Stefen Wisniewski C
    Brandon Williams NT
    Landry Jones QB

    Browns select Garrett

    49ers trade 2nd overall pick to the Arizona Cardinals for their 1st(12th overall), their second (44th overall) and their 1st in 2018

    12) Tim Williams OLB Alabama
    34) Raekwon McMillian ILB Ohio State
    44) Courtland Sutton WR SMU
    56) Ravens trade pick to 49ers and receive their 3rd pick (66th overall) plus Eric Reid 49ers select Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech
    98) Jeremy Sprinkle TE Arkansas

    1. Two problems: the Cardinals would not trade with the 49ers, and McMillian is expected to go in the first round.

    2. If the 49ers somehow sold their souls to the debil and acquired DeCosta then the 2017 version of the above would be like this

      Jed York President
      DeCosta GM
      Chip Kelly HC

      I’ll skip FA’s for now.

      New GM isn’t going to trade the #2 pick in his first draft. If Garrett is gone then I’d guess Allen with McGlinchey has a dark horse candidate. Either way if Garrett is taken it’ll be either D-line or O-line with a new GM in place.

    3. You suggest 2 backup qbs. The team already did that. Instead the team needs a seasoned QB. Now that list is very short. Everything else you suggested makes since.
      Resign Ponder. He understands the playbook. Draft your starting QB.

      1. Super bowl winner! If you give Kap credit for being a SB participant then I guess that makes Dilfer Hall of Fame eligible!

        1. Kaep passed for 302 yards and ran for 62, and mounted a furious comeback from 22 points down to be within 5 yards of winning it all. That was after he ran for 181 yards, a QB playoff record, and mounted a 17 point comeback to win on the road in the NFCC Game. He did all this after playing only 10 games.

          Doofus, on the other hand, was sternly told to just hand off the ball, never attempt a pass, and let the defense win the game. His main job was not to screw up by turning the ball over. Yup, a HOF performance.

          1. >>mounted a furious comeback from 22 points down

            >>mounted a 17 point comeback to win on the road in the NFCC Game.

            That he did. The flip side of the coin, why did the team get into such big holes in the first place?

            1. Because Cowboy was playing with one arm, and the refs watched as 2 Ravens bear hugged Miller so they could score on a KO.

              Kaep does not play defense, and the defense and ST allowed all those points.

              Kinda like this year, when the defense gave up 200 yards rushing way too many times.

              1. And that pick to Ed Reed right before half that put the game away( if not for the lights going out and giving the 49ers new life) had nothing to do with it?
                Keep making excuses Seb. There are way more knowledgeable fans on here to feed you crow daily. Keep it coming!

              2. The one where Moss did not even try for it? If Moss had jumped up and acted like he would catch it, it would have drawn Reed to him to defend it, and it would have sailed over both their heads.

              3. Nope the one where Kap should not have forced it and maybe just thrown it away. Instead he gifted the Ravens all the momentum in that game.

              4. >>Kaep does not play defense, and the defense and ST allowed all those points.

                And what was the Kaep and the offense doing all during this time? Twiddling their thumbs, going way to go D?

              5. Rib, personally, I blame Roman for the dunderingly predictable play calling, and lack of shrewd game management decisions.

                But yeah, kick a guy when he is down. Seems like that is what this site has devolved to. It is easy to do with a 1-12 team.

              6. Never Kaepernicks fault. The franchise QB who has not won a game this year. The dual threat that was to revolutionize the game.
                5 years later, nothing but the same inefficiencies. But only in your mind and on your TV do you see a unique player. That’s amazing!

              7. >> I blame Roman for the dunderingly predictable play calling, and lack of shrewd game management decisions.

                We should have seen then that Kaep rarely has two good halves in him. Luckily for the team then, he was able to put together a good showing in the 2nd half when the opposition relaxed a bit. This year he’s flipped the script, playing decent 1st halves, getting some pretty good leads (yes even with that stink-o D), then collapsing when the game tightens.

              8. Rib, I will still blame mostly the coaching. Like last game. On 4th down, everyone knew that Hyde would be getting the ball, but Kaep, after he handed off, was all alone. It seemed like he did not have the power to change the play, so I will fault the coaches, because even if they had a spy on Kaep, he easily could have made that first down, and would have only had to beat one player, instead of Hyde against 11.

                Yes I fully admit that Kaep could do better, but the whole team could do a lot better, even the coaches.

                Personally, I think the system is so transparent, they are stealing the calls so they know exactly where the ball is going. At the beginning of the game, they do not know what is coming, but once they figure things out, their defense has an advantage, and it shows.

              9. >> Like last game. On 4th down, everyone knew that Hyde would be getting the ball, but Kaep, after he handed off, was all alone.

                And why did it even have to come down to that overtime play, Seb? Could 0 yards gained through the air in the 3rd qtr and 9 gained in the 4th have anything, anything at all, to do with it?

              10. Rib, losing Torrey and Vance the number one receiver and starting TE did not help.

                Losing Kilgore, and seeing pressure up the middle did not help either.

              11. What was his excuse in Chicago?
                vs NEP (67 yds passing 2nd half)?
                vs AZ (94 yds 2nd half, probably his best showing…)?
                vs TB (61 yds passing 2nd half)?

                I can’t go on… this is too depressing. Kaep, take your talents to South Beach… North Beach. Any place that will have you, but here.

          2. Well as much as Dilfer did nothing, he didn’t lose it for them. Cant say the same thing for old wind up! Dilfer has a ring and Kap does not and probably never will.

            1. Kaep will go to a team that has a stout defense, and a strong RB, but lacks a QB. There is a reason why Ariens said that Kaep was scary.

              Other teams want to win too badly to just ignore Kaep, and they will be smart enough to see his potential, and sharp enough to properly utilize his talents.

              I wish him well.

              1. I wish him well and you to because that means we wont have the burden of mediocrity anymore on here or the field. 4 more weeks of crap and then freedom! Bye bye Fraudnnoying!

              2. Prime, you lack so much knowledge, I hardly know where to begin. I am not going anywhere, and you were the one declaring he was leaving this site.

                This site could do better without the potty mouth tantrums and insulting screeds, but you just heap ridicule on yourself, and I do not need to stoop to your level to make you seem like a belligerent, bombastic, bloviating, blubbering buffoon.

              3. Guarantee as soon as Kap exits, you will to. If not, Ill remind you all day, everyday how wrong you were about him!

              4. Prime, when Kaep goes to another team and takes the league by storm, I will remind you that those were your exact words.

                Niners have behaved so egregiously, they do not deserve his services, and with their team that is devoid in talent, they will just continue to be cellar dwellers.

              5. When he goes to another team and takes the league by storm? How many joints have you smoked this morning already?

              6. Prime, you were guaranteeing that he would not show up, be cut, be traded away for a song,, and lose the starting job. So far, I guarantee that you will declare yourself a winner for being so wrong.

              7. Taking my daughter out Christmas shopping today.

                She disapproves of my lifestyle, so I will go stone cold sober, and light up when we return.

              8. What did I guarantee? All Ive guaranteed is that he is a bad QB. You can put words in my mouth all you want. The truth is he sucks as bad as your memory!

              9. Prime, we have the archives, so your convenient amnesia is laughable.

                Your intense hate of Kaep has been loud and clear, and you can deny all you want, but my memory is clear and distinct.

              10. Go find the quote then Seb? Oh wait you are going underwear shopping with your daughter. Maybe when you get back!

              11. I am not going to waste a nanosecond researching for you. You think you can engage me for months and not remember anything you wrote? Well, let me remind you. You start off by blustering, I get your goat, then you devolve into hurling insults. I must admit, you have stopped the profanity, because it just burns you up when I declare victory. Then your delusional rants have you declaring yourself the victor, even though I have never needed to stoop to your level to show how petty and immature your screeds become.

                Eventually, other poster will start begging you stop engaging me, which upsets you, so you turn your ire upon them.

              12. Seb make sure you find some underwear that is form fitting and comfortable! Have fun with your daughter shopping!

              13. Prime, I am not stupid enough to follow her shopping for underwear. Generally, we split up and meet at the food court.

            2. You are right, Dilfer did nothing, and by some lucky break, he has a SB ring he did not earn.

              At least Dilfer admits it, but he is a toady for the Yorks, and when he defended Jed, I wanted to retch.

  5. It seems fruitless to me to spend energy on trying to get the team to part ways with Jed. John and Denise have every intention of the 49ers being Jed’s legacy and there aren’t enough beat writers or fans with bags on their heads to change their minds on that.

    His parents are not removing him from the team in any capacity because they don’t want to and despite what you might think on the subject they likely don’t believe they need to. He already got the team to one SB I’m quite certain they believe he can get them back to another.

    I didn’t hear anything in Eddie’s interview that sounded like Jed was on any kind of hot seat what so ever. He sounded very confident not just in his nephew but in the likelihood that he would be continuing in his role.

    Long story short, Jed’s not going anywhere. Divert your energy elsewhere. Go Niners.

    1. They will if fans stop payments on their PSL, stop buying tickets to games and stop buying their merchandise.
      Money is what drives them, if you stop their money, they will be forced to act.

      1. I wasn’t so much addressing us here, I’ve already penned the same thing to the blog before, as much as I was the press and “analysts.” Also when it comes to the Banners and personal protests at the games. That’s wasted energy.

        It’s a moot point conversation wise as well but I’ve already scratched that dog.

    2. C4C-
      I agree with you on this point. It’s a dead end topic. Venting by fans can be expected. What then with Lowell and Grant’s finger wagging and “Geddaphukouttahere!” columns? Grant’s long been a rabble rouser, and although Lowell can be hyper-critical of everyone and anyone, I thought he knew better than open letters to Denise and such nonsense. Professional journalistic detachment anyone? Nahhhhh

      1. BT,

        When a team sucks this bad you have to create your own stories and it appears that is what the Cohn zone is doing. Grant especially has been coming up with some theories worthy of wearing a Tin Foil hat. I guess that is what you get when the team is 1-12.

  6. Rick

    December 12, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Tom: I am starting to come around to your way of thinking. We need to go back to the Bill Walsh / John McVey model. An offensive minded GM / Head coach with total control over player personnel with a corporate executive type to help with negotiating contracts etc.

    We also need to get back to our west coast roots. Baalke is a Parcells acolyte…

    Shanahan or Holmgren as the wise elder statesman with an up and coming young head coach grounded in the west coast offense may be another way to go.


    The Yorks, NOT ONCE IN THEIR 17 YEARS OF OWNERSHIP, have hired a coach that garenrs instant respect around the NFL–even Harbaugh was a Neophyte hire, like all the rest.

    Shanahan comes with some battle scars, and rep….That alone allows the ability to hire a Nick Saban, or whoever….Shanahan’s name immediately stops the Gase’s or Saban’s from leveraging the Niners…Now, the Niners unders a Shanahan Gm, lures in top coaches, becoming a coaching think tank of ideas as Bill Walsh intended it.

  7. Assuming the Niners draft second, which seem pretty reasonable. the Niners should trade their first and fifth for another teams’ first and second.The other team can leapfrog to get the player they covet, and still not lose a draft pick.

    Niners could trade back to the 8th spot, and get the 8th and 40th pick.

    The Niners should trade back a second time, and trade the 8th and their sixth round pick for the other teams’ first and second round pick.If they move back 7 more spots, they could obtain the 15th and 47th picks.

    Therefor, with 2 trade backs, the Niners could have the 15th, 34th, 40th, and 47th picks in the first 2 rounds. This would target the sweet spot of the draft, and they could select an ILB. DT, pass rusher and even a RB like McCaffrey if he falls to 34.

    With shrewd assessments, the Niners could draft 4 starters.

    1. With those picks and the 66th pick in the third round, the Niners could draft-

      15- Reuben Foster ILB
      34- Ryan Anderson OLB
      40- Taco Charlton DE
      47- Travis Rudolph WR
      66- Jarron Jones DT

  8. Bold Seb,

    May I indulge you to name the GM making those intricate moves next year.

    The landscape now suggests PSL holders reneging Levi Stadium payments due, something, in the York’s struggle for largesse, they lost sight of…..

    “According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, none of those things will be happening. Jed York won’t be leaving the football operation, his parents (Denise DeBartolo York and Dr. John York) won’t be replacing him, and the team won’t be hiring Mike Shanahan in any capacity.”

    Not may be or could be or possibly will be or any of the other weasel words that will litter so many reports of comings and goings over the next few weeks. Will not be, period.

    As the source explained it, the CBS report likely originated from an effort by Shanahan to get his name in circulation as the offseason carousel begins to spin. He has made no secret of his desire to get back in the NFL, but to date he has found no takers.

    1. And, so, Niner fans, we are sadly back to the York’s, brick by brick, stone by stone, still struggling to build there own legacy by ignoring Walsh family tree coaches.

  9. I think the team can hide a bad qb with solid ol and dl players. I would shore up the lines with unattractive picks. A strong NT by trade or FA is a must.

    1. I believe it was Razor that offered the FA signing of Brandon Williams.
      This guy would be a dream signing for us but there is no way the Ravens would let him walk.
      At the moment he is making under The Ravens have the #1 defense for many reasons, one of them being Brandon Williams.

      I wanted this guy when he came out of college. He is every NFL (except our apparently) teams dream for NT. The kid was a beast in college at stopping the run and gifted at getting to the QB finishing his career with 27 sacks.
      Another whiff by Baalke!

  10. Jonathan Frieman
    Jonathan Frieman Retweeted Tim Kawakami

    Why can’t Dilfer talk right? I don’t get it.

    Russ Bengtson ‏@russbengtson · 27m27 minutes ago

    @timkawakami He is truly awful.

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Kevin Jones

    ESPN Sunday Countdown-level genius, right here. Because it’s never about talent. It’s only about Baalke and York brown-nosing.

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Jonathan Frieman

    He’s the worst shill in the NFL. He doesn’t care about the truth. At all. And ESPN loves him for it.

    @russbengtson He was exactly like this as a 49ers back-up QB. He had zero connection to reality. 49ers mgmt thought he was the greatest.

    Russ Bengtson ‏@russbengtson · 26m26 minutes ago

    @timkawakami To be fair, reality is overrated.

  11. Who gives a crap about Kaep. What an unprofessional joke! Grants dad was right about this jerk! Take your 14 mil and go back to school to study with your Castro buddies–better yet why don’t you go to school in Cuba where you won’t have to worry about voting!!

  12. A couple of things…

    Nobody noticed that the wheels came off when Kilgore left the game? Coincidence that all the pressure came up the middle?

    Who is the best Football Mind in the NFL? Like him or not it’s Bill Belichick. Coach Belichick has already wondered why Nick Caserio hasn’t been mentioned for GM openings. Why not throw the wad at the wall by raiding the Patriot Organization?

    GM – Nick Caserio
    HC – Josh McDaniels
    QB – Jimmy Garoppolo

    This is an already functioning unit. Why not?

    1. Im ok with Nick Caserio as a GM. My only concern is I’m not sure how their system works… and how much responsibility he really has in NE.

    2. Many think McDaniels will replace Belichick when he retires so he has reason to stay put in NE… And if I’m McDaniels then no way in hell do I want to work for the highly dysfunctional and backstabbing Yorks!!

  13. I suggest Kelly design a game plan to play between the 30’s. No red zone plays or concerns. If the 49ers get to the 30 five or more times Dawson has the best opportunity to pull out a win. A game of this nature suits the 49ers who do not generate offense it plays to their strengths that are few. They have little need for first downs or much offense at all. Baalke built this team for this type of play. The best part is we do not have to hear the word execution spoken by Kaep and Kelly ever again.

  14. Grant,

    For Christmas, can you have the page developer give us a “mute” option for posters. Some folks write in more than 20 times on the same post, and it makes getting the content of a forum more difficult for the others.


          1. Players don’t get assurances Razor. Often times there is a large window they are projected to go in and they ignore the possibility they could fall. That is why I’ve likened Kizer’s decision to Geno Smith. I’m sure Kizer feels he will be a high first round pick, but Smith did too and look how that turned out.

          2. Lamar Jackson, Jake Browning and Jaylen Hurts will be stiff QB competition in 2018. It is debatable that Kizer may be one of the best QBs in this draft. Trubisky is falling, and Watson has his fans and detractors.

    1. > no QB drafted until #30
      Pretty much zero chance of that happening. The latest spot that a QB has been drafted in the past 15-20 years has been #18 (Pennington in 2000).

    2. I agree it’s unlikely there is no QB drafted before 30, but it shows just how down people are on this QB class. Whoever takes one in the top half of round one is reaching significantly.

      1. It really doesn’t matter how pundits feel.

        If a team is willing to invest in the O line and a half-decent running game, and finally make the commitment to develop the rookie QB, there are at least 3 QBs in the draft who have the tools and football IQ to be solid starters.

        Teams like the Niners wandering QB-less in the wilderness shouldn’t be worried about whether they pick one of these QBs at #10 or #20. They should be worrying about shoring up their pass protection, developing their running game, hiring a serviceable journeyman QB FA while coming up with a development plan for the rookie QB.

        Instead, they could choose to pick the #1 ILB in the first round, pick a project QB in later rounds, and continue running around like a headless checking 2 years later.

        1. Have to disagree Mood. The worst thing the Niners can do is pass up a blue chip talent to reach for a QB who is an inferior prospect simply because of need. The problem is not the position you choose, it’s the level of talent the player has. There isn’t a QB I’ve seen this year that is worthy of going in the top half of the first round nevermind top 5. You can find QB’s on day two and three but it’s harder and takes more scouting and ability to draft offensive players which the Niners have not been able to do.

          1. inferior prospect

            Last week, Kizer received the 2016 University of Notre Dame Monogram Club Most Valuable Player honor award. He was also voted MVP by his teammates, was one of 15 players honored at the 96th Fighting Irish football awards show, and he completed 212 of 361 passes for 2,925 yards with 26 touchdowns. He rushed for 472 yards and eight touchdowns. Kizer ranked in the top 25 nationally in five different categories including TD passes (18th, 26), passing yards per completion (24, 13.80), points responsible for (17th, 204), points responsible for per game (18th, 17.0) and total offense (26th, 283.1 per game).

            inferior prospect? your opinion smells like butt wax

            1. What does butt wax smell like?

              What you posted here does not make Kizer a better pro prospect Razor. It shows you are having a problem being objective. His numbers are not upper tier in any category. His won loss record is awful for a school like ND. His HC was thinking about replacing him at one point this season. He’s shown inconsistency with his accuracy and decision making. In short he was a prime candidate to return to school and most of the people weighing in on this from pundits to Scouts said just that.

              I like Kizer’s physical tools and intangibles, but if you are going to invest a high first round pick in a player, you need to see a lot more than we’ve seen from him. His best game was the first of the season and it’s been a regression since. You were adamant last year that Goff was not a winner and unworthy of being the #1 pick, and yet he is far superior across the board to Kizer. It’s not even close but you are all for Kizer being a top 5 pick. I think you are viewing this as a fan Razor.

              1. yet he is far superior across the board to Kizer.

                Goff is running a middle school offense and he ran a high school offense at Cal. Kizer’s ceiling is cathedral and Goff’s…mobile home?

              2. No on field evidence to support that opinion Razor. That is why Kizer is not viewed as highly as Goff was at this time last year. Try to put fandom aside and look at it objectively.

              3. Goff has been everything I said he’d be. Unless a coach like Harbaugh comes in, he’ll continue to regress and join the bust scrapheap….

              4. Goff has been everything I said he’d be. Unless a coach like Harbaugh comes in, he’ll continue to regress and join the bust scrapheap….

                You aren’t objective about this subject either it appears.

              5. Time is not on your side Razor. You have been predicting the guy to be a bust since the discussions about him last year at this time and are just using confirmation bias at this point. Let’s do a little history recap here: I said he was worthy of being #1 you said no way, and what happened? I gave numerous reasons for that and provided break downs done by Draftnicks and opinions of Scouts to back up those thoughts, while you said he was too scrawny and played in a high school offense. You went from predicting a draft day fall to predicting failure in the NFL. I’d say I’ve clearly had the upper hand on this topic to date. and it’s because I’m looking at it from an analysis perspective with no fan bias involved. I’m not a Cal fan, in fact I cheer for USC, but watching Goff from Freshman year to Jr., he made such huge strides and became one of the best pocket passers I had seen in years, I couldn’t help but be impressed and develop a respect that made me think he’d be a good pro. He’s played 4 games and has shown good and bad, but trying to say he’s on the way to being a bust is nothing more than you wanting that to be so. It’s impossible to draw an informed conclusion based on so little.

                It’s the same thing with Kizer. What we see from him on the field tells us he is not worthy of being a top of the first round pick, but you believe differently because he won a big game in Texas to start the year and he plays for your team. There is no doubt he possess’ talent but there has to be an indication that the player is improving and that didn’t happen this season with Kizer. He got worse and seems to be making a decision based on wanting out of ND more than what is best for him imo.

                I know you can be objective on most of the players you bring up, but for some reason that isn’t the case when it involves these two.

              6. Clock is ticking on Goff. Better get him a quarterback whisperer or it will be the Silence Of The Lambs….

              7. He could be King Solomon for all I care. On the field he makes too many questionable decisions and is too erratic with his passing.

              8. He could be King Solomon for all I care. On the field he makes too many questionable decisions and is too erratic with his passing.

                Kizer is much further along in his development than either Goff or Bortles. Kizer has the highest ceiling in this draft class, and if you’re looking for a perfect quarterback, stop looking….

              9. I don’t disagree with that Razor. In fact that point likely played a huge role in Fisher’s dismissal. I’m guessing Kronke saw his 1st round pick being handled poorly by a HC who has gotten little out of most of his QB’s in the past and decided he needed to go in a different direction. This next hire is huge for the Rams and especially Goff. That is why I believe it will be an offensive minded guy with an ability to adapt to the QB’s strengths. Josh McDaniels will be the guy imo.

              10. Part of my evaluation of Goff entailed an assessment of in house developers. The Rams organization and predominately Jeff Fisher are what solidified my belief that he would prove to be a bust. Harbaugh could save him, in my view. McDaniels should be able to as well, and I base that on the play by both backup quarterbacks for the Patriots….

              11. I think that’s rubbish, razor. There is nothing to suggest Kizer is further along than either Goff or Bortles. In fact he has started less games than either of those two had leaving college. And after a hot start he showed he has a lot of development left to go.

                I am not saying they need to be perfect, but you can’t ignore big flaws either.

              12. Kizer is much further along in his development than either Goff or Bortles.

                You are placing way too much emphasis on the system he plays in and not enough on what he has done in it. Both Goff and Bortles played a lot better in their respective offenses than Kizer has in his. It’s a bonus if a College QB gets some experience in a pro style system but it doesn’t mean much if the performance isn’t that great.

                Development is a lot more than the system a kid plays in at the College level. It’s accuracy, footwork, decision making, leadership, and poise among other things, and Kizer is lacking in most of these areas.

              13. The only reason Kizer is considered to have the highest ceiling is the fact that he’s so far away from it compared to some others.

              14. The only reason Kizer is considered to have the highest ceiling is the fact that he’s so far away from it compared to some others.

                This is coming from someone who said Dahl would start over Reid. Said Anthony Davis was better than anyone we had at the time, despite mixing paint for Ponder the last year…;>)

              15. Funny thing is, despite not playing for almost a year and a half Davis was in line to be a starter until he quit again.

              16. Funny thing is, despite not playing for almost a year and a half Davis was in line to be a starter until he quit again.

                I’m glad you’re able to laugh at yourself, and have a self-deprecating attitude. It’s served me well…;>)

              17. Bottles still hasn’t cleaned up his mechanics, so….how much faith can you have in a rook? Sometimes…..but…..
                Don’t we know 2 somebody elses who haven’t cleaned up their mechanics? Thinking locally.

              18. That’s right BroT, it isn’t that easy to clean up your mechanics as an adult. These guys have been playing QB for years, and it is ingrained by this point.

                And the more time you spend fixing your mechanics the less time you are dedicating to learning an offense. Even if it is just from the point of view of constantly needing to think about your mechanics – if you are focused on that you aren’t focused on learning other things, and during the season you don’t have time to focus on anything other than learning the offense.

              19. Yea, I only see one mechanical flaw and that’s that he turns his right foot out on some throws, restricting the torque from his lower body and causing sporadic inaccuracies. The Jaguars intended to develop Bortles, but the road to quarterback hell is paved with good intentions. I’d feel outstanding about Kizer’s chances if he were developed under a Linehan, McDaniels, Arians, Haley, Shula, McCarthy or even Bevell at the NFL level….

            2. I think that’s rubbish, razor. There is nothing to suggest Kizer is further along than either Goff or Bortles. In fact he has started less games than either of those two had leaving college.

              Yet he ranked in the top 25 nationally in five different categories including TD passes (18th, 26), passing yards per completion (24, 13.80), points responsible for (17th, 204), points responsible for per game (18th, 17.0) and total offense (26th, 283.1 per game).

              It’s accuracy, footwork, decision making, leadership, and poise among other things, and Kizer is lacking in most of these areas.

              212 of 361 passes for 2,925 yards with 26 touchdowns. He rushed for 472 yards and eight touchdowns. He was voted MVP by team mates. ND lost a lot of elite talent, and Kelly coached his worst season at ND. Kizer was their offense.

              Guys, I love Kizer. You guys like Goff/Bortles better. That’s cool. In the spirit of disclosure, I do not want the 49ers to draft him. They have no in house developers….

              1. Razor,

                Those aren’t great numbers that’s the problem. Goff was ranked top 5 in some of the categories you listed. A less than 60% completion percentage in an offense like that is really a red flag. Team awards are also not indicative of future success. What stands out is that he was down the list in a number of QB categories behind some players that are not good prospects at the next level.

                As I’ve said previously, I like Kizer’s upside. He is physically superior to any QB in this draft and way ahead of Goff. If he had decided to return for another year, I think he could have been in the conversation for the #1 pick in 2018. What he has to improve on are the fundamentals to success at any level of football which I posted above. He’s not going to make it based on physical ability. He has to be able to beat teams with his accuracy and decision making, because as we’ve seen, running the ball in the NFL doesn’t get you very far.

              2. Team awards are also not indicative of future success.

                Never said they were, but they do indicate he is a leader of men and his team mates respect him. Something we are sorely lacking at the position. With the right developer, Kizer has the potential to turn into a franchise quarterback….

              3. I don’t like Goff/ Bortles better. Kizer reminds me of Bortles.

                I’ll remind you when Kizer excels at the NFL level, as I’m sure you’ll Grant me the same courtesy…;>)

              4. Both Bortles and Goff put up better numbers than Kizer in college. So using those statistics to try and show why Kizer is a better prospect is meaningless. In fact it tells the opposite story to the one you intend to tell.

                I get that you really like Kizer. But like Seb with Kaep, you are letting it blind you to some truths.

              5. “With the right developer, Kizer has the potential to turn into a franchise quarterback….”

                So did Bortles.

              6. Those statistics indicate he WAS the ND offense, as well as being voted MVP. I get your reminiscence for Bortles when you look at Kizer, but you might want to cast hoop pine out of thine own eye; so then shalt thou see more clearly…;>)

              7. So did Bortles

                Exactly, Bortles had no one to develop him and they had to insert him into the offense before he was ready. Same exact thing for Goff. That’s why I don’t want the 49ers to draft him. Didn’t I just say that?

              8. And didn’t I say from the start Kizer reminds me of Bortles? You clearly took that to mean I thought he was rubbish. I did not. I meant Kizer will struggle the same way Bortles has if he is drafted high and inserted into the line up too early.

                Kizer has potential, but he needs development. Like Bortles did. He isn’t worth a very high pick because he needs development time. Too much of a risk to take really high.

                Some team probably will anyway.

              9. Fair enough, Scooter. I respect both you guys. Yes, and Jack too. I look at it like this. If Kizer has the right answers at the chalk board, shows maturity and a calm demeanor under duress. If his mechanics improve through the process, which I suspect they will, he’s a lock to be a top ten draft pick for mine. He’s thickly built from the waist down, which gives him the rare ability to run inside, just like Cam Newton. That is indefensible as a Defensive Coordinator. Now if I have the chefs on staff, Kizer is at the top of my list of ingredients if quarterback is one of them….

              10. Having the right Coaching staff is big no doubt about it. Winston was the most pro ready prospect I’ve seen in some time and he still needed a fair bit of development in his reads and pocket awareness.

              11. I agree he will likely clean up his mechanics ahead of the draft, but teams will have no idea how those improved mechanics hold up under game like stress. Kaep cleaned up his mechanics too, but reverted to old habits as soon as has was under live fire.

                I expect he will also hold up well under classroom stress, and impress people with his book smarts and demeanor. But the film doesn’t lie – under stress on the field he makes mistakes and can be flustered.

                Despite that, he’ll probably still get taken high.

              12. Having the right Coaching staff is big no doubt about it. Winston was the most pro ready prospect I’ve seen in some time and he still needed a fair bit of development in his reads and pocket awareness.

                I agree with this and I thought Winston was further along than Luck. Jimbo Fisher is probably the best offensive mind in college ball. I advocated for him briefly after Harbaugh, but he wasn’t ready. I think he’s pretty damn close to ready. Francois is one tough cookie at quarterback for him, and Jimbo has done an outstanding job of developing such a raw prospect. I’ve seen that quarterback grow by leaps and bounds this year!

    3. Chiefs need a DB, ILB, and DT. They need a backup QB at the worst, so drafting one in the 1st round is not ideal.

  15. Kaep took the GRE — preparing for graduate school, I guess. As many of us are probably guessing, he may be looking past NFL to the next stage of his life. I took that test a few decades ago — a key to one of the doors to move here from abroad. Hopefully the GRE test will open up new doors for Kaep.

  16. OT, but while sitting down, sipping coffee and watching the rain come down. I saw a red shouldered hawk drop like a rock. When he flew up onto a branch, he had a gopher in his talons. Interesting, I did not know they hunted in the rain.

  17. Pollian saying there are only 15-16 true 1st round talents in this next draft. He’s high on Garrett and Peppers especially; game changers.

    1. Peppers will be worth his salt, but you have to wonder about durability. Take a look at your recent hybrid players and you’ll find quite a few on IR. I like an enforcer in my secondary. Adams reminds me of Chancellor. Call me crazy, but I like him better….

      1. I don’t think you can go too far wrong with either player. Adams for mine is the safer pick, but this is the rare occasion I would take upside and athletic ability over the player with better/ more developed instincts. Peppers is an elite athlete, and has pretty good instincts anyway. He could be special.

      2. I agree with you on Adams Razor. I think he’s a better player and has a more clearly defined position in the NFL. Peppers has athleticism through the roof, but he is a little overrated imo.

  18. What about hiring Ron Wolfe or Pollian as a consultant to do a search for a GM and then let the GM decide about the coach? Both of these men were successful GM’s and neither are looking for jobs so hopefully the would not have an agenda in the search.
    If Jed keeps Trent as GM he had better have close to a prefect draft and sign at least one significant free agent a la Justin Smith or the fan base will go nuts, more so than this year.

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