Where Colin Kaepernick might land in NFL’s open market

Attention shoppers. There will be a sale on Colin Kaepernick at 1 p.m. Pacific Time March 9. We want to share this exciting news with our premium shoppers, and that means you! Be the first to purchase a quarterback some people used to think was really good. We’re slashing prices right and left. Money talks, nobody walks.

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  1. Colin, I wish you the best, young man. Any reasonable fan will admit you gave it your best while you were on the field. Of course, you are a multimillionaire and I am not. But I think you were seriously misguided to take that knee while under an employment contract.

    1. Nice fiction, but devoid of reality. Kaep will not opt out of a 19 mil contract, and the Niners will not cut him so late, because that would mess up their QB plans. Why allow Kaep to compete and take away snaps from the next QB? They will tell Kaep if he is in their plans March 1st.

  2. I don’t see any team signing a 29 year old project as a starter. Maybe as backup. He could end up pursuing baseball like Tebow.

        1. He’s no Bumgarner or Lincecum to blow through the minors in two or three years. He was a guy drafted in the 43rd round by the Cubs. And while he was good for a HS player, so what? That’ll get a line a Springsteen song… “Glory Days…”

    1. I agree. What owner would even want to sign him. Most are both fiscally and socially conservative. That means a) they won’t pay him 19M and b) won’t remotely agree with him socially/politically. Bad combo for someone looking for an NFL job. The only way he comes close to getting one is if he agrees not to kneel, or be a distraction.

  3. I suspect Colin will work in the NFL again. Just a hunch. I haven’t got a good guess where.
    Grant- Maybe you should call Ron Jaworski for comment on Colin, who he once breathlessly called potentially the best QB of all time.
    : -)

  4. Wow, Grant! Who pissed in your cornflakes? There are pros and cons to this, but all I see here is a stream of venom. I have seen no evidence that his coaches think he is uncoachable. When Greg Roman wanted to make him a pocket passer, he worked with Kurt Warner in the off season, to try and learn that. Chip Kelly and his other coaches have said that Kaep did everything that was asked of him. Some of your criticisms may have validity, but what I see here is a personal vendetta. You may have your reasons for that, but I don’t think most of your charges against Colin line up with the facts. Because of his political views, most teams, won’t want to deal with him. I suspect that is what your main issue with Kaep is.

      1. Don’t get me wrong Grant, I usually enjoy your columns. I appreciate your analysis and thoughtful comments. This article was just pure venom and again, doesn’t really correlate to reality. Kaep has his flaws but did seem to improve a bit this year in some aspects of being a QB. He seemed to want to look downfield and not immediately try to run. He also seemed to go through his progressions much more than in the past (when he had the time to.) He has matured and knew that he had to win over the locker room. If he was the person that you describe, he wouldn’t have won the Len Eshmont award. I get the feeling that if the 49ers don’t sign him, nobody will. It’s definitely not because of his abilities, but his political views. I get the feeling that is the undercurrent of your feelings towards Kaepernick. I think Colin has tried to be coached, but maybe he isn’t capable of certain things. That’s very different than refusing to do it.

        1. I appreciate that.

          When Kaepernick said he’s not big into mechanics and needs to just go out and play, he confirmed to the league that he isn’t coachable.

          1. Okay, Grant. I see where you are coming from. I researched and found your column from October 16th, 2015. “Colin Kaepernick’s mechanics need a trip to the garage.” I see where Colin first says they matter and then made the statement you mentioned. I think it’s really a shame. Chryst and Tomsula were definitely in over their heads and should have consulted Ault. In fact, I always wondered why the 49ers didn’t hire Ault as a consultant. I think Colin did improve his mechanics some last year, but I can’t be sure and will defer to you on that. All this being said, I still think your column was too vindictive. Maybe your just tired of this whole mess, and I can’t blame you.

          2. Agreed! That tells me he wants to do his own thing, and not as he’s coached..like it or not, the NFL is a business, and when you’re being paid the kind of dough he was, you damn well better listen to the coaches, and do your best to follow their advice, because you are an employee…he was a one hit wonder, and yet, numerous people defend him, and treat him as if he’s the second coming of…..Jeff Garcia…he’s not even in the same class….I say “Good Riddance”, and don’t let the locker room door hit your ass on the way out

      2. And our “talented” roster would make any Coach inept.

        I hope and pray Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch succeed because I love my 49ers but if they pull a Baalke during free agency like the last 2 years then get ready for a looooong season guys.

        1. Thats why you build through the draft. Trade that 2nd pick back to acquire as many 1-3 round picks (better when that was the 1st day of the draft). If you can get 5 to 7 guys in the top 96, that would fill a lot of holes. Go this year with youth, growing pains, and then this team will be better off for it in the future.

    1. Kap threw away his career when he decided to protest on the job. If I pulled a similar stunt at my workplace my ass would have been fired on the spot. He is a one trick pony of a QB and the NFL figured him out over 2-3 seasons. He doesn’t have touch or accuracy, winds up forever, and stares down receivers. He is obviously self centered in his beliefs, which makes it hard for him to be a leader of men younger than him. Doubtful he is a leader figurehead when he sits around oblivious with his head phones on. Wish him well somewhere else! 49ers should forget drafting QB, sign FA, and maximize draft picks on position players they need to contribute NOW.

      1. AZ, I have refrained from responding, but I see you are repeating your criticisms and stating them as fact.

        First of all, I have owned my own business for 30 years. Do not make a lot, but I have used my hands and brains to create beauty and functionality. Guess that would put me solidly into the middle class. As many can see, I have built it up so I can pick and choose my jobs and work when I want to.

        So, no, I do not give a rat’s ass what some one’s political or social belief’s are. As long as they do not try to impose their beliefs upon me, or denigrate me for what I believe in, I will not tell them what to believe, or fault them for demonstrating their commitment. I have worked with and directed people who are slightly to the left of Atilla the Hun, but since they worked hard, that was all I wanted. They know I am a proud liberal, who espouses ideals like peace, liberty, justice, and participating in the American dream. I try to treat others like I want them to treat me.

        Kaep did keep his beliefs and is within his rights to make non verbal, non violent statements or actions to correct a wrong. He did not do it on the field, he did it before the game. It has nothing to do with the game, but you and many others seem to take umbrage, as if what he is doing is against everything that he wants to accomplish. People were ignoring what was going on, and I am happy to say that I have seen less police shootings of unarmed civilians since he made his stand, so he has helped achieve more social justice.

        I wish to pointedly refute your claims. I wish to do that so you will see there are people with different points of views. You may have your point of view, to but you can not make up facts without a response.

        Touch. You claim Kaep has no touch, but I have seen the ball laid in there, over the LBs, and in front of the safeties. He had enough touch to hit players in stride so they can score TDs. Unlike Gabbert who inexplicably missed Hyde on a very simple and easy pass to make, Kaep has made those quick short passes many many times. In one game, in the first half, he was perfect, except for a WR dropping a ball that hit him in both his hands. So you can claim he is not accurate, but I will counter with game film which shows exactly what you claim he cant do. An inaccurate passer generally will not throw for 400 yards.

        Self centered? No. Kaep is advocating for social justice. A time honored American Tradition. He is bravely taking on the hate, even with death threats, so that does not sound self centered at all. Kaep is trying to right a wrong, so every decent American should see the logic in reducing police shootings of unarmed civilians if they want to live in a peaceful civil society.
        Kaep is not a one trick pony. He is a Swiss Army knife. He has so many skills, I bet KS is rubbing his hands together and licking his lips just thinking of all the ways he can utilize all his skills. Maybe you do not know this, but for the last 2 years, I have been advocating that they accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses.

        Kaep is a leader, and expressed his desire to keep being a leader of the San Francisco 49ers. Kaep won the Len Eshmont Award, so your assertion that he is not a leader who inspires and shows leadership and courage, fall on deaf ears.

        I hope Lynch will consider how important locker room dynamics are, and factor the Eshmont into his criteria when assessing Kaep and the situation.

        So go ahead and say what you will, but I will just take the opportunity to counter your ‘facts’ with some facts of my own.

    2. Considering all the NFL coaching he got and he never progressed… I mean, come on, he’s become 88% of Alex Smith… If that. Because the much maligned and hated at least Smith made the Pro Bowl twice. And he holds 49er records:

      Most game winning drives in a single season: 6
      Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season: 6
      Fewest interceptions in a single season: 5 in 2011 (16 starts)
      Most consecutive pass attempts without an interception: 249

      SOmething the ‘Future HOF’ QB (and 59.8% career passer) Kaepernick never did.

      I mean, when will you people give it up? Kaepernick’s not special. He’s not even good. You fell in love with a mirage because when he’d make some big ‘street ball’ play, your amygdala would stimulated like crazy and plant delusions of QB greatness in your mind.

    3. KT, As to Grants feeling about CK as a man its called unconscious bias. I’m pretty sure he has no idea of his motives. As to his opinion of him as a player, I mostly agree.

      1. Thanks. I guess that’s what I was objecting to. Opinions of him as a player don’t faze me. I just thought Grant went over the top on the personal stuff. Of course, I’ve never interviewed or met the man. There might be some deeper personal reasons that Grant doesn’t want to go into. I like Grant’s edge and don’t always agree with him, but this column was just very unusual for Grant, IMO. I think Colin has really matured in the last year, but it might be too late for him now. I wish him the best.

  5. Even though I have pointed out Kap’s shortcomings even when he was riding high, I’m not sure why you want to come of as a puerile pundit with an axe to grind, Grant. Did Kap snub you ?

      1. Which means what exactly? The whole team acted like they did not care about anything, so stating Kaepernick won an award from it is moot.

  6. All harsh comments on Colin’s personality aside, his glaring faults as a QB are quite sufficient to severely limit his future chances in the NFL. He will most likely get another brief chance but the same flaws will haunt him. He has shown himself to be consistently unable to turn in four solid quarters of professional football. No, I’m not talking about the occasional “spike” exceptional game that CK is capable of, I’m talking his normal week to week dismal performance. It has nothing to do with his TD to INT ratio; it has everything to do with his fatal tendency to all but disappear in games, especially in pressure situations. He will will shine bright and beautiful for the first quarter, but then as soon as the defense adjusts he becomes like a spooked rabbit in his burrow, suddenly bolting rather stepping up into the pocket, slinging the ball off his back foot, wildly missing his receivers, or worse, not even seeing his open receivers. Are these notorious flaws of CK’s game fixable? I don’t think so at this stage and those so-called specialists who have worked with him, including Kurt Warner, have had no success in redeeming him. I seriously doubt there are many if any professional coaches who rub their hands together at the prospect of trying to fix Colin Kaepernick’s on-field short circuits, or that there is an NFL organization that’s going to invest much time or moola in him. However, he might have some success somewhere else.

    1. The whole thing with Kurt Warner was such a joke. In the first place it was just an offseason football camp with KW only an occasional participant, not like he was one on one coaching Kap on how to be a QB.

      In the second place, Kurt could spend years of intensive work with Kap and Kap would still not be 1% of the QB that Kurt was. It’s not really in the windup, or the arm, it’s between the ears. One of those things where you either have it or you don’t.

      Kurt had it, Kap didn’t.

  7. Grant Cohn: “Kaepernick also wants to lecture people on social issues he doesn’t fully understand. He sees himself as the next Malcolm X. And if you don’t think he’s the next Malcolm X, he sees you as a symptom of the problems in America. No one is enlightened like he is.”

    “Kaepernick is not coachable. That’s because he’s the coach. He’s the expert. How can anyone turn around a quarterback who thinks he’s leading himself, his team and his country in the right direction? Bill Walsh couldn’t resurrect Kaepernick’s career.”

    Absolutely, 100% spot on! I could hardly say it better myself, although I cam close last week! Cue the Sebnynah waterworks! Does anyone have a box of tissues?

          1. Defines me? Wow, you are so desperate, now you are parroting me. Kaep will do fine, here or elsewhere. There are many players with extreme views, both left and right, but it never affects their play on the field.

            Grant just wrote a poison piece. If he is angling for an interview, this is the wrong way to go about it.

          1. Despite the hate. The hate towards Kaep is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

            First Grant declares Kaep is being let go in a fire sale, then he states that Kaep ‘s agent is the leaker. If Kaep’s agent was truly the leaker, Kaep should fire him immediately, since he just cost Kaep millions of dollars.

              1. Kaep declares a fire sale on himself? Sure does not sound like a good business model.

                If other teams had not scouted Kaep before, then they should be fired for gross incompetence, especially teams that need a QB.

                One team you conveniently forgot to mention is Arizona. Ariens said Kaep is scary, and he should know since he has played against kaep many times. Palmer just pulled his kids out of school and left the state, so it sounds like Arizona is going to be in the market for a QB.

                Hmm, Kaep would be able to play against the Niners twice a year. Hope Lynch will take that fact into consideration.

              2. He’s serving notice.

                All coaches praise the QB they’re about to face. Arians and Tom Moore would have no patience for a QB who thinks he knows everything.

              3. Arians likes Long Ball. He knows exactly who Colin is. Colin’s politics won’t play well in Arizona.
                He’d likely make a play for Romo if CP retires (prolly not). Perhaps Glennon, or maybe spend a 1st for a QBotf.

              1. The fact is, this is the eve before the SB, Kaep would not leak this out because he does not need to. He should wait until after the SB when KS can sit down with Lynch and study the personnel. Then he will declare on March 2nd, after he sits down with them.

                The fact is, Kaep will make more if he stays with the Niners. I hope you will agree that no team would accept him for that high of a price tag.

                This is all Paraag, and I feel sorry for Grant who is being made into a tool to do Paraag’s bidding.

              2. You have not one single fact; as usual. Three bs speculations. All laughably wrong. Hundreds of thousands of words. No content. No logic. No facts. No common sense.
                But hey, prattle on

              3. Grant thinks it is a good business model to discount ones’ services, even before an evaluation.

                Funny, I did not know we were on a word count.

                I guess you disagree with the ‘fact’ that Kaep will make 19 mil if he plays under this existing contract, but maybe you think he will be paid more elsewhere.

                Roll out some more of your ‘facts’. I need a good laugh.

              4. You’re so goofy, LOL! The ‘fact’ that he will play for $19M is NOT a fact, which is why Kap’s leaving. Nobody, including the Niners will pay him that. He’d be cut. In August. So your fact is….yeah…not a fact. It is an Alternative Fact.
                Who’s gonna pay him $19M? Noooooo-BODY!

              5. BT maybe you missed a word. I said Kaep would be paid 19 mil IF he plays under the existing contract. He may be cut, it all depends on the evaluation.
                That is an irrefutable fact, despite your protestations.

                Even with 90 mil in cap space, you think Kaep will be cut because they do not want to pay him. That is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Despite all his flaws, he still gives the Niners their best chance to win. Cousins is the only QB that may be superior, but Gruden is not brain dead and will retain him. Every other FA QB is inferior to Kaep, and he is way better than every rookie QB, because this class is weak.

                I thought Lynch really wants to win, unlike Baalke. i really want to hear Jed say he really wants to win, too, instead of talking about being rewarded for losing.

                In fact, I would like to hear Jed declare that he wants to pick last every year.


                He has won exactly 3 games out of the last 19 he’s started.

                Gabbert has won 4 games out of the last 13 he’s started.

                He started almost 1/4 as many games as someone no one would ever want as their qb, and won 1/4 LESS games, yet you think “he gives them the best chance to win”…when he hasn’t won more than someone else during that same time!

        1. Seb, you ever worked in the private sector, in a mgmt job? Your workplace and your time on the job are NOT yours to preach/protest. The only possible QB’s that could get away with that stunt are Brady and Rodgers… Kap is no Brady or Rogers. Doubtful Grant thinks enough of you to feel like he has to troll you… That i

        1. No, Grant is channeling Prime, You, at least try to justify your arguments with facts. This is pure unreasoned hate, which is Prime’s specialty.

  8. Of all people to accuse someone of else of having the “disease of Me”, Grant, in all my 50+ years, I have never read a sports columnist of being more obsessed with self, self-righteous, arrogant and thinking that yours is the definitive word on everything. Not to mention, the negative, destructive and judgmental attitude you have toward others. You really should be looking in the mirror and doing some serious self evaluation. Your word means nothing compared to others professionals in this business……learn some humility.

    1. True, Yukio, Grant could learn some humility.

      But, can you really argue with what he’s saying here? While I like Kap, and think he probably means well, Grant is absolutely correct in calling out his righteous stand on civil rights, while Colin wears a Fidel Castro t-shirt, and admits to never pulling the levers of democracy in his entire adult life. You don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch.

      I hope he finds his calling as an activist, studies up on the true causality and consequence of police brutality, and the Blue Wall Of Silence, because these issues do exist, and victims need a voice. However, from my prospective, anyone who thinks the November election meant nothing in terms of civil liberties in the country and equality for all regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disabilities, and military service, are simply misinformed, and haven’t been paying attention as Lady Liberty weeps!. But don’t dare call Colin out on his hippocracy like others have, but Colin seems to think he knows it all.

      I’ve followed Colin’s logic on police brutality and civil liberties/rights, and, his heart may be in the right place, but I can assure you he clearly doesn’t understand as much as he’d like the rest of us to believe, and therefore, regardless of the color of his skin, he needs to stop playing football and start reading history books.

      At least, that’s the way I see it!

      1. If less people felt like elections don’t have consequences, like Colin seems to believe, because in his opinion, the entire system is unjust, this country would be a far better place, IMO. This has been a passion of mine for some time. Men, women and children have given their lives in order to protect our civil liberties, MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, the right to vote. Shame on Colin for never having realized this fact!

        Barely half of eligible voters in this country went to the polls in November, and quite frankly, because of his message, Colin shares some of the blame. Like him or hate him, Lebron James actually took a position, and got involved in democracy, while Colin probably spent November 8th at the gym, watching himself work on his biceps in the mirror.

      2. 49, this is America. One has the right to vote, and the right not to vote. By not voting, one does not lose his right to stand up against injustices. Kaep said he did not vote because the system is flawed, and if he voted, it would mean he supports a flawed system. Considering the minority vote getter won the election, how can you say that he was wrong?

        1. I could care less if Kap voted or not. That’s his time and his call.

          Don’t protest at your workplace, unless you OWN the Company.

      1. I don’t think Judgmental is the right word. It has a purely negative context. I believe you might mean critically objective.

        What I want to know is if the 49’rs get a comp pick if he signs with someone else.

    2. You pretty much summed up the Bay Area media, there usually always wrong and will never admit it not to mention most of them are Raider fans

  9. It seems to me that a key factor in where CK lands (assuming) is where Romo lands.
    Romo chooses, then the next tier of guys shake out like Tyron and Glennon and Garrapolope, then it’s 52-pickup for the chaff. Cousins gets tagged.
    Or maybe something else happens, but either way, I said it first.

    1. BT – What’s with the Garrapolope stuff? At the Senior Bowl Jimmy made it clear, It’s Italian, duh…”It ends with a vowel”. Mama mia, wassa matta you? BTW, how’d it go the last time we had an Italian at QB? Just askin.

    2. There’s been some speculation that Cleveland would be strongly considering a trade of pick #12 for Garoppolo. Given the way they fleeced the Eagles and left them with nought but a jockstrap last year, they certainly have the wherewithal to do so. And New England would, in effect, get the first round pick back that they forfeited last year. So it makes sense for both teams.

      Despite all the buzz about Shanahan’s interest in Garoppolo, I just can’t see the Niners doing it with their current picks. Maybe if they were able to successfully trade down, it could happen, but I’m doubtful they’ll be able to swing the deal they need.

  10. Good riddance. TOO bad we couldn’t have traded him and at least got a draft pick or another player in return. IMO, Jets will be his destination because his girl friend lives there. Man – how stupid since she’ll be gone. On the downside and knowing NYC very well – any disrespect toward the flag and there will be a firestorm. The NYC Press & Media are relentlessly brutal.

      1. No. Because his deal was restructured in the way it was this last season, the 49ers will receive zero compensation picks when Kap leaves.

  11. His name was Sebby,
    He was a poster, with red/gold streamers in his hair, and a Kap jersey down to there,

    He meraangue, after posting, and while he thought posts were stars, others thought he went to far,
    across a crowded floor, Seb typed from 8-4, he was young and loved Kap, who could ask for more?

    At Jed’s cabana, the kapcabana, the hottest spot north of nirvana, at the cabana, Kapcabana, posting’s the fashion and always Seb’s passion, at the cabana, Seb fell in love.

    His name Marate, he was Seb’s rival, because retaining Kap’s contract meant Seb’s survival,
    he saw Jed reading,
    All Seb’s postings,
    thougt seb went a bit too far, so he sailed across the bar,
    and then Jed’s punchbowls flew, all Seb’s posts were through,
    their was a gun shot, confusion, but just who shot who,

    At Jed’s cabana, the kapcabana, the hottest spot north of nirvana,
    At Jed’s cabana, the kapcabana, Seb’s posts were through.

    Good by Seb, and good luck !


          1. It just means you are fun to laugh at trying to defend Kap. You realize you are just a side bar on here right Seb? No one takes you seriously, you know that right?
            Just keep up the bad work and don’t get banned, we need you!

            1. Prime, it just means that I am so powerful, they consider me such a threat, they waste time making up songs about me.

              You, I do not put into that category, because you are incapable of generating an original thought, and are such a lightweight, I find you mildly amusing.

  12. Grant,

    Our PC obsessed society will say this was a racist article. It was not. Kap is delusional, it’s almost like he’s in some sort of cult and cannot see things for what they are. I honestly think he is disconnected from reality, and that he does see himself as some sort of larger than life societal icon that will be remembered in the history books for generations to come for his actions. I’m just going to remember him for his inability to go through reads, throw a 5 yard out, or you know… get better instead of worse over time.

    Let me throw one out there: I think he will get picked up for a song by the NY Giants so he can be with is equally fanatical girlfriend full time. After 1 – 2 years of not playing at all, he’ll drop out of the NFL and convert to Islam and carry on his delusional crusade without looking back.

    What’s the over/under on my scenario playing out?

    1. After shaking off his rust this year, he wound up with a 90.7 QB rating. 16 TD’s and 4 INT”s. Not bad considering that the 49ers had pretty lousy receivers. They were far enough behind in most of the games because their defense was terrible. The opposition just blitzed the crap out of him. Last year was a big improvement over the previous 2 seasons.

      1. If his stats were representative of how good of a QB he is, there would be articles all over the place saying “Browns are rumored to want Kap behind center” and things like that. All you will hear is crickets. Nobody wants this guy because he isn’t any good.

        Kap had the 17th highest passer rating in the NFL in 2016, ahead of Eli Manning, Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston, Carson Palmer, and Philip Rivers. Enough said.

        1. “Nobody wants this guy because he isn’t any good. Kap had the 17th highest passer rating in the NFL in 2016, ahead of Eli Manning, Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston, Carson Palmer, and Philip Rivers. Enough said.”

          Your logic befuddles me. You wouldn’t want Manning, Wentz, Winston, Palmer or Rivers? I’d love to have Winston! I live in Tampa and get to see him play. I think 2017 will be his breakout season. I’m not saying that Kap is the greatest, but we have rights to him and it wouldn’t cost us a draft pick to get him.

          I can’t see how anything Grant said can be taken as racist unless he had shown those tendencies towards Kaepernick in the past. I’ve never seen anything that Grant has written to show racism towards anyone.

    2. Dude, you probably just lost 3/4ths of this blog (not that you obviously care) with your bigoted Islam comment. You should have stopped after your first paragraph because, one thing is certain, Colin’s shortcomings when it comes to football, and social activism, have nothing to do with Islam.

      Get a life!

      1. Need flash, his gf is Muslim and prognosticating his conversion is not bigoted. It is however ignorant and highly PC to interpret it as such.

    1. True that Larry, but I would think if Kap is smart enough with what he has already earned, he can now afford to dedicate his life to his social causes, and I would fully support that decision as long as he vows to study up on the history of oppression and civil rights, and understand MLK would be rolling in his grave hearing Colin’s preaching about the subject while simultaneously wearing Fidel Castro on his t-shirt, Fidel Castro whom by the way, converted Cuba into a one-party, socialist state under Communist Party rule, while his administration oversaw human-rights abuses, along with the exodus of a large number of Cubans, and the impoverishment of the country’s economy.!

  13. Gee, Grant, you must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Kaep did not leak that. That leak had Paraag’s fingerprints all over it.

    I bet Lynch is hopping mad. He probably thought that he stopped the leaks, but they are gushing like a fire hose.

    Kaep is playing it cool, and had no intention of tipping his hand until March 2nd. The wild conjecture that Kaep’s agent would leak this is specious, because he would have been better served to keep quiet, and let his value stay high. If he had leaked it, it would have shown that Kaep is desperate to leave, and his value would have dropped.

    This leak stabs Lynch in the back, and will force him to declare if he wants to keep Kaep or not. The idea that Kaep wants to leave is secondary to the fact that there are more leaks. Kaep did not say a word throughout his rehab. He would not want to leak anything, because he has been the victim of so many leaks.

    Bet KS is ticked off, too. Last thing he wants is to have to deal with leaks even before he accepts the HC position, and it is premature to think he is evaluating Kaep before the biggest game of his life.

    KS does not know, Lynch has not taken part in any 49er player evaluations before. He should be concentrating on assembling a coaching staff. They need to hire a coaching staff, then they can get into the player evaluations. This is putting the cart before the horse.

    I am disappointed in you, Grant. first you declare that Cutler is superior to Kaep, when everyone and his cousin knows that Cutler is a cancer and coach killer. Now you double down on this screed, which frankly seems like a hater post, not worthy of a journalism major. It is way too formulaic to diss Kaep to generate blog hits, but you brought out the haters en masse, which lowers the discourse.

    I hope Lowell will chide you over this post. You let way too many personal feelings leak into it, and made it seem unprofessional. I really expect better from you, I know you can do so much better.

    Sorry to pop your bubble, but you are way off, make erroneous assumptions, and this really does not enlighten or entertain in any way.

    If I had not known better, I could have sworn Prime wrote this, it is so bad. better stick to the mocks, or surmise about possible free agents.

    Kaep never would have leaked this, because he is making 16 mil as a Niner. Even I recognize that Kaep would need to take a big pay cut if he leaves, so the Niner gig looks good to him.

    This has Paraag’s fingerprints all over this leak, so I hope Lynch banishes Wormtongue from the facility.

    1. The Niners’ gig does not look good to Kaepernick and I explained why. He needs to create a market for his services or else he’ll be out of the league.

      1. This is the wrong way to create a market for his services. It just destroys his market value.

        If you will not believe that Paraag had his fingerprints all over this, let me spell it out to you. Leaks do not help Kaep. Leaks stab Kaep in the back. To my knowledge, Kaep has never leaked anything. However, leaking is right up Paraag’s alley. It is his MO, it is how he conducts business. Tomsula left and would not come back until Paraag was demoted. Too bad Jed went back on his word, and retained Paraag. Then Jed doubled down and dragged Wormtongue along with him, which resulted in several candidates withdrawing, further humiliating Jed. Finally, Lynch comes in to save Jed more scorn, but Jed and Paraag pull this latest stunt. They essentially kicked Lynch in the teeth. Jed and Paraag just do not know better. I bet Lynch is HOT.

        1. No, it’s the only way to create his market value. How do the 49ers benefit from this? Kaepernick is in their rear-view mirror.

          1. Exactly. Paraag is the leaker, because Kaep wants to make 16 mil. So your whole premise is flawed, especially since KS will be the ultimate decision maker, but he is preoccupied with a little thing called the SB.

            1. You think Adam Schefter is silly enough to say Kaep wants to opt out of his contract on Paraag’s information? You clearly don’t think much of Schefter.

              More likely Schefter is getting his information from Kaep’s agent.

          2. Grant I don’t understand this hate for Kap. While he has things to improve on he has shown progress and growth. And if he can find a situation where he can grow further he could be hidden gem kind of like Steve Young when Walsh brought him to the Niners.

        2. I stated on another site when they ran the article that Lynch was testing the Niners if they could keep a secret, that them not leaking anything about him meant nothing. It would not have served their purpose if they leaked anything about Lynch getting the coaching job. Contrar it would have blown the deal. The only leak when it serves their own agenda’s.

          1. Guess what, Torrey himself knows he is on thin ice. The Niners tried to trade him before the deadline, so he is towing the company line, realizing that he may also be cut or traded. If they cut him, he, too, will have to take less elsewhere, so what he said is totally predictable.

    2. I never saw anybody write so much and still be wrong. Kap’s agent leaked so teams know he is available and can plan accordingly. If teams don’t know he is available they will work other plans which reduces the likelihood of having competition created for his services, which is what he wants.

      1. Wrong. His agent could have talked with reps not associated with teams, but have connections with teams, who need a QB, he did not need to leak at all. It could have been done legally, but out of the spotlight, and they did not need to tip off all the teams who do not need a QB.

        Maybe you do not know anything about negotiations, but broadcasting your intent to leave just diminishes your bargaining position.This leak was done by Paraag to destroy Kaep’s bargaining position, and if you want to say that Paraag would never leak, I have a bridge to sell to you. To my knowledge, Kaep has never leaked, and since he has been stabbed in the back by leaks, he probably does not like leaking or the leakers.

        This is all premature, because the smart thing to do is to wait until after KS is done with the SB, then wait until he is done with his personnel assessments. Lynch should be concentrating on assembling a coaching staff, so he should also wait until he can sit down with KS and go over the roster.

        Competition created for his services? What a bunch of hooey. Posters on this site think he should never play another down and should be blackballed from the league. Anonymous GMs call him toxic and flatly stated that they would never let him near their team. Kaep’s best strategy is to keep quiet, and play out this contract. If he moves to another team, he would never get as much as his present contract. This leak just cost Kaep millions, so it was not in his best interest to leak.

        Paraag probably did this leak at the behest of his buddy Baalke, as a parting shot to Kaep. Jed was cowed by Lynch’s insistence for no more leaks, but Wormtongue just could not help himself.

        Paraag is hailed as a contract wizard, but that contract was deemed terrible last year. Maybe Paraag is not as smart as people think.

        1. Play out his contract? What does that mean Seb?

          As I posted below, he has NO GUARANTEED money left in his “contract” Look it up yourself, if you don’t believe me. Like I stated below, the only downside of the way the new contract was structured for the 49ers is, the 49ers will receive no compensation for him when he leaves. In return, Colin had last season salary, plus easy to obtain incentives fully guaranteed. What probably happened is Lynch, classily I might add, made Colin aware PRIVATELY that whether he opted in or not, the 49ers weren’t going to be put him on their roster next season. That would give Colin (thru Colin’s agent) the best, earliest opportunity to get word out to the league that his services will be available. The sooner it’s out there, the sooner teams can adjust their FA strategies and draft boards accordingly.

          Geeze Louise Seb, it’s not rocket science!

          1. And yes, there is a very niche market for Kap at the moment Seb, which is another reason to get his name on the FA market, ASAP!

            It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance Colin goes unsigned until after FA and the draft and some team figures out the are in dire need of debth at the position. At that point, they tell Colin, “we’ll sign you, but you need to make a public statement explaining your protest, and vow publicly that your protest is over!”

            Whether it’s morally right or wrong to force Colin to end his protest is a decision only Colin can make. That’s just the way our world works Seb..

          2. 49, Kaep does have a contract. That is a fact. If he plays for the Niners, he will play it out. That is not rocket science.

            No, Lynch will not be classy if he unilaterally decides to cut Kaep without letting KS study his tape. That should be KS’s decision as the Head Coach.

            The whole idea of them trying to save money by cutting him is specious because they already have a boatload of cash, and there is no guarantee that they will be able to spend it all, especially since Baalke poisoned the well and the Niners have a bad rep.

            The only way the Niners should ask Kaep for some relief, is if they do not have enough cap space to sign a FA who will help the team win. Not spending money got them in this mess in the first place. Cutting the best player on the team just to save money, when they have 90 mil in cap space is obtuse

            This early crap is delusional. Other teams have already done their due diligence, so they have already decided if they want Kaep or not, and everything hinges on Cousins, Garropolo, and Tyrod Taylor, before they will even consider Kaep. None of the other QBs have been mentioned in any trades or FA deals, because it is way too premature.

            If Lynch is classy, he would stop the leaks, and he never would disclose to Kaep their intentions without even having an OC or QB coach to help KS decide. This is way too speculative, and they have a whole month to sort it all out. Yes, many want to dump Kaep, but they really need to think it through. KS is not giving an iota of thought towards Kaep. He is scheming with Ryan at this moment. It would be a disservice and slight towards KS to be making personnel decisions with out consulting him.

            Lynch should be spending every second trying to assemble a coaching staff. He will not be whispering things to Kaep because he needs to have KS sit down with Kaep and him to make decisions.

            Grant is the one wildly speculating, and you are buying his spiel, hook line and sinker. Just because he says it is true does not make it set in stone. Too bad it is strategically flawed and illogical. KS is a smart person. He is way too smart to go emo like some posters do. He is mature enough to realize that Kaep may be the best option, and NO ONE has presented a better QB, other than Cousins, but Gruden is not brain dead, and will retain Cousins.

            You still seem to deny Paraag is the leaker, when every indication was that he is the source due to past history.

            Maybe it would be better to wait until KS’s initial presser. It would make my day to hear him say that one will only discover the true worth of something, only from the moment it leaves his hand, while throwing it away.

        2. Seb, I strongly recommend you look up Occam’s Razor, think about it deeply, internalize it, and consult it when you’re trying to understand why things have occurred…

          Everyone else should as well. I enjoy mathematical puzzles and trying to follow tortured logic, but too much commentary about the Niners is just beyond-the-pale loony tunes.

          1. Yes, I have determined through logic and figuring out the most simplest conclusion due to past history, that Paraag is the leaker.

            I also know that Kaep, due to his being the victim of so many leaks and smears is not going to stoop to their level and start to leak, especially if it will hurt his bargaining position. Occam’s Razor.

            I do not have to look it up, I know all about Occam’s Razor.

        3. It doesn’t cost him millions. He is already under contract unless he opts out.
          If he wants to opt out its better that the other teams know so that they can start making plans to sign him if they want him.

    3. You don’t understand Kap’s new contract. The 49ers could very well have simply cut Kap this offseason, BECAUSE he has NO GUARANTEED money in his opt-in deal. Collin could opt in, and get cut, all on the same day, and the 49ers walk away with zero cap hit.

      What the 49ers cannot do was franchise tag him this season. Also, because the deal was restructured, the 49ers will not be able to receive compensatory pick if he leaves.

      The new language to change Colin’s injury guarantees was a critical component for the 49ers, given both parties mutually decided to allow Kap to play midseason.

      In the restructured deal, Colin Kaepernick would get his 46-man roster bonuses (2016) converted to guaranteed salary + play-time bonuse added. Additionally, the 49ers gave Colin Kaepernick easily-attainable $1M incentive and took out a $7.5M insurance policy for him, per sources.

          1. Seb, Colin was privey to contract negotiations. There was no way the 49ers were going to take a chance on Colin getting hurt, thereby making his 2017 salary full gauranteed. So, the two parties COMPROMISED. That’s how contract negotions work Seb, it’s a two-way affair.

            The last four years of Kaepernick’s deal were erased, making his contract a one-year deal with a player option. He did not take a pay cut for this season.
            Kaepernick can either extend his deal another season or void his contract after the year, which means he would become a free agent. The 49ers cannot franchise tag him after this season, and if Kaepernick wants to stick around in San Francisco for the 2017 season, he’d earn a $14.5 million salary. However, none of that money would be guaranteed.

            Kaepernick was scheduled to make $14.5 million in base salary next season, with a cap hit of almost $19.5 million if they released him. Those numbers are now off San Francisco’s books, but his numbers in 2016 stay the same.

            Markets drive contracts seb. If Colin were actually worth Drew Brees type money, he’d have a similar contract. He’s not, so he doesn’t! Plain and simple!

            1. Interesting, People were hailing how Paraag is a contracts guru, but he wrote up one so bad, they had to restructure it.

              Sounds like Paraag is not needed, especially if he keeps leaking.

              1. They would never have insisted on a restructure if they thought Colin was worth it. Plain and simple. Unless you think Tomsula, Baalke, and Marathe would rather lose than sign a quality QB long term.

                The Texans know they screwed up. So do the Bears. I wouldn’t use those as a shining example of good business.

  14. This sounds more like a personal vendetta towards Kap than an actual article with any sort of intelligence and maturity.

      1. Bears, Jets, Browns, or 49ers. Look at the list of FA QBs, its pretty bad in comparison to Kap. Cousins will stay in Washington so who on that list would be a better option?

        Kirk Cousins WAS
        Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ
        Case Keenum LA
        Shaun Hill MIN
        Matt Schaub ATL
        Matt McGloin OAK
        E.J. Manuel BUF
        Blaine Gabbert SF
        Matt Cassel TEN
        Mark Sanchez DAL
        Brian Hoyer CHI
        Geno Smith NYJ
        Austin Davis DEN
        Kellen Clemens SD
        Dan Orlovsky DET
        Josh Johnson NYG
        Ryan Mallett BAL
        Christian Ponder SF
        Mike Glennon TB
        Thaddeus Lewis SF
        Kellen Moore DAL
        Ryan Nassib NYG
        Landry Jones PIT

        1. There could be other options that become available but I dont think it will that easy as we think it is. I just posted this in your previous article, I will copy paste here:

          Romo – but he will play for a team with a chance and not a loser like SF.

          Palmer – see Romo

          Tyrod – this is possible and only if the Bills truly move on from him

          Cutler – this is downgrade from Kap and brings more baggage than Kap. His teammates in Chicago hate him, poor attitude, always gets hurt, not a team player. However I am not convinced the Bears let him go because he is still their best option. If they draft a QB, it will be round 2 earliest so he isnt forced to play right away. They will not pass up on Jon Allen, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Reuben Foster…guys who have all-pro potential and sitting there at 1.3 overall. Would not be wise to pass on any of those guys over a QB who is questionable. Then again I dont think he is a better player than Kap. He turns the ball over and makes much worse decisons than Kap. He doesnt see the field to ax extent like Kap. Just like we see he is what he is for Kap, same applies for Cutler and the guy is 33-34 years old. If he can be bridge, I could say the same about Kap.

          Foles – this is possible. No way Chiefs pick up his 10M option to be a backup.

          So SF option from all of this is either Kap, Foles, or a rookie QB. But a rookie QB in 2017 is risky considering the team around him will not be very good. This would usually overwhelm a QB and make him feel burdened to carry the team early in his career.

          One thing I can agree with you Grant is taking a QB early in 2017 and I agree that it would detrimental to the organization especially since the team has so many holes on this squad. If there was an Andrew Luck or Winston level QB then he would be worth it but this draft doesnt have that guy.

            1. I tend to agree with Grant on this. Not the Cutler is some sort of “catch”, but unfortunately for Colin, his activist stance has made him a controversial figure, which hurts his value. Trust me, Colin hasn’t lost respect from the majority of players around the league, but he has become a risky player in the eyes of NFL front offices around the league who need to manage their PR. That’s just the way it is. Not every owner is a right winger, but plenty are, and for those who sympathize with Colin’s message, he’s still considered a risk in terms of public perception.

              I say that as someone who originally supported Colin’s stance on police brutality. But Colin lost me when he said there was no reason to excersize the most precious of civil rights in this country.

              1. We shall see? Like I said a hundred times not a Kaepernick fan but if anybody thinks Jay Cutler is a better option and will make the 49ers better then I guess I’ll be waiting for my cat to fly

          1. So assuming your boy Cutler doesnt become available, who from that list I posted above or what options would be available? Im listening…

            BTW your boy Cutler was worse than Kap in 5 games. Any 5 game stretch Kap had was still better than those very few games Cutler played. Cutler: 1059 yards, 4 TD, 5 INT, 59.1% comp rate…but he is better than Kap lol.

            Kap isnt great but lets not act like SF has so much to choose from elsewhere…

              1. Im not so sure, Grant. Cutler isnt great but he is still better than Hoyer or Barkley. Each of those guys had their shot at trying to dethrone him, but didnt do much to outperform him. Hoyer and Bark are also FAs. I think Bears will keep Cutler, draft a non QB in round 1, then draft QB in round 2 with Cutler as their bridge so the rookie isnt forced to start right away.

              2. If I had to pick between Kaepernick vs Cutler it’s Kaepernick everyday of the week and it’s not even close.

                Wow Grant you seem to want the 49ers to be worse then what they already are, atleast Kaepernick will stick it out till he gets benched Cutler will punk out and pull himself out and it’s pretty well documented

              3. And I’m not a Kaepernick fan and I’m sure he’s done as a 49ers but if the plan is to sign Jay Cutler smh Then might as well give Blaine Gabbert a shot!

              4. Grant has predicted Kaep would be cut before the draft, cut before TC, cut during the 53 cutdowns, and benched before the end of the season so Ponder would play.

                So far, he has been totally wrong.

                Now we have him doubling down about Cutler. He will be totally wrong about him, too. Just read some of the comments from the Bears Den. They are not too kind to Cutler.

                Cutler is a quitter, a cancer, toxic, and flat out terrible as a leader.

                Kaep has stuck it out, put his nose to the grindstone, worked extremely hard, and has shown he can be clutch, with a burning desire to win. He has the locker room support because he won the Eshmont, so he is everything that Lynch wants in a leader.

                Lynch will realize that it takes a lot of courage for some one to stand up for his principles, even in the face of death threats.

                Kaep is advocating for social justice, something every non hater should be for. He has shown a spotlight on a problem, and has made a difference, since incidents of police shootings of unarmed civilians is down.

          1. I can hear the outcry from a rather vituperative fan base but I happen to agree with you George,he has had a rather mediocre 4 year (?)career but with KS he might be a decent stop gap option while the team rebuilds.The QB situation will need to improve but this year (as has been discussed )may not yield the hero’s face. Next year perhaps young Falk will be that guy ,this year we go mid round Webb or Peterman to add young blood!

            1. Hightop – I like your analysis and agree with George and you that the stop gap qb may likely be already on board. This obsession with a new qb is puzzling to me because what I saw last year was a defense that could be scored upon at will, which leads me to wonder if any qb could score enough to win games. I could be wrong but I think the strategy with Kelly was to try to rebuild the d to the Harbaugh days and hope Chip could work some magic with the offensive scrubs. The problem was that Baalke is incompetent. Personally I would stick to that plan now with Lynch and Shanny added. This team goes nowhere until the defense is reconstituted IMHO. Making a big splash in FA or using a high pick for a QB will be counter productive in the long run.

              1. I’ll duck after saying this but Kaep should even be a consideration temporarily FOR THE RIGHT PRICE.

              2. We will see in a few weeks but I just think it is time to start a new chapter Seb,I know it is a drag for you as you value Kaep’s potential and want it to work. Time to take heart and move on.

      2. Do any Canadian teams run a variation of the Pistol? Given the CFL rules, I have to think it could be very successful with the right players.

        1. 2 downs to gain 10 yards or punt puts a premium on accuracy in the passing game. Kap has enough trouble with 11 defenders on the field. How will he be able to handle 12??????

  15. Wherever he ends up, he isn’t likely to be handed the starting job. But I can see some teams being interested in having him as insurance or to compete for the starting job, at the right price.

      1. Jets, Jags, Broncos, Dolphins, Cowboys, Chargers, Browns I suppose. I don’t see Rams or AZ. Houston is a market that might resist his politics. Thinking no to Bills.

        1. If he went to the Cards or Rams, he would possibly go to one of 2 teams who have good defenses, good RBs, but lack good QBs.

          Kaep may be motivated to play against the Niners twice a year, just to stick it to Jed and Wormtongue.

        2. BT – On the politics issue, don’t you think that some of the NFL teams would just tell him that they do not allow political demonstrations during business hours. The reality is that the vast majority of employers demand that you do your political activities on your own time. I’m certain that some NFL owners have made it clear that it is not allowed. If Kaep wants a job and some team wants him, I could imagine that an owner with a pair would just tell him to do his activism on his own time and that means the politics issue is neutralized.

          1. Whine
            Jerry Jones has a propensity to ignore ‘optics’ when he wants to, and gets away with it. He shrugged off the criticism of the Hardy signing and offered alternative facts about his locker room leadership.
            Other markets might be more reticent. I think an owner and GM would have to make up their minds before picking up the phone whether they wanted that baggage or not. So to me, it’s not about promises.
            The only thing worse than signing him and having him kneel, would be to sign him and have it leak out that’s he’s a martyr whose First Ammendment Rights are being muzzled by the Big Bad Billionaire.

            1. BroT – I can see it going down like this: Call goes out to Kaep’s agent inquiring about his services but the caller says that company policy is to protest only on your own time, is that going to be a problem? I think that if the distraction element is a problem, it can be handled informally without involving Kaep in public. If the agent runs his mouth regarding a confidential inquiry, he will be looking for another line of work soon. Sensitive issues are handled informally all the time and I see no reason why it couldn’t happen here. I think Kaep will not just fade away yet. Even Tebow got one last shot in spite of his distraction issues – and no matter how much I don’t like Kaep’s skills, he is better than Tebow. I say he gets another chance and either succeeds or fails based solely on his skills. It’s just up to him whether or not he wants to or not, and money is an issue.

              1. Yeah, at the top of the thread I said he might sign with an NFL team. It’s not impossible, but seems unlikely to my wild guess that he re-signs a new deal in SF. But if he does opt out and hit the market it would be a bit awkward to then return.
                Oh, by the way, neither Lynch nor Shanny will base their calls on fans’ preferences.
                To your point, the scenario you present does seem like a good way to open the conversation out of public view to the advantage of all.

              2. So you think that sports agents are like newspaper reporters – anything you say is going to end up in the news. Off the record conversations take place in every walk of life every day. If a team rep makes an off the record inquiry of an agent and the agent blabs I suspect he would rusk needlessly wasting some capital with the team and for what purpose? Also, I can’t see how it would be in Kaep’s interest to make it public. It’s simple to me: Hey off the record can your guy live with cutting out the activist stuff yes or no. Yes means they talk more about a deal; No means we never talked. Maybe it’s the Italian in me.

            2. Domestic abuse and DUI’s, etc. are completely different than sitting for the National Anthem. Chris Simms has said that most of the NFL owners are very right wing and Trump supporters, so they would NEVER sign Kaepernick, even if he stopped taking a knee.

        1. That’s my AZ Fall League hometown team #80. Unlike Spring Training where seats cost MORE than league games, you can see some good baseball for $5. Many of the players end up in the Majors the next year. Last time I went, a Giant’s scout comped me and my son into the game. I’d love to see Kaep flinging that 92 mph fast ball and the price would certainly be right! I will wait until after the National Anthem before I go in though.

          1. Rib – the Cyclones are a regular Minor League team. The Scorpions are part of the AZ Fall League that has a short season with all stars from all of the Minor Leagues. They’re supposedly the guys just ready to be called up to the Bigs. Tebow played for the Scorpions this fall and proved that he can’t play professional baseball any more than football. My guess is #80 was making a Tebow joke with his suggestion.

      2. Cowboys is my main guess as to where he ends up. Prescott’s backup.

        He’ll find a home because he can be a functional starter if he has the players around him. Makes him a good backup to have. But it is possible a team in need of a starting QB brings him in with ideas he could compete for a starting job.

        1. The Cowboys make the most sense, but I would be surprised if Jerry Jones wants another polarizing player.

          1. Not sure if you noticed, but all the Cowboys players stood during the National Anthem when they came to Danta Clara this past season. The people in Texas would not allow such disrespect during the national anthem. They would run Kaep out of the Western Hemisphere.

            1. That is not a good question to ask since all anybody can do is assume a team is interested in a player at this point. We will know more when free agency starts.

              1. Well I’m going by the list you posted above that’s why I asked you the question.

                I watch all the NFL shows everyday and so far the only QBs they’ve been talking about in trades or free agency is Romo, Gurappolo and Cousins. Pretty much crickets on Cutler.

              2. That is because it is not as certain that the Bears will cut Cutler. The last time I saw, the Bears had stated they would be keeping all options open.

              3. On THE HERD today Colin mention a report today that the Bears are rumored to go all out on trading for Jimmy Gurappolo and Jay Cutlers days are numbered in Chicago.

                But yes he could stay if a trade for Gurappolo fails

              4. Hey Midwest, can I ask you an honest question?

                Do you really think that Jay Cutler makes the 49ers better then Kaepernick???!

  16. Will you still be posting Kepscuses 5 years from now? And obsessing about Darth Marathe? Dude, you have more urgent worries! Just wait until Trump finds out that Sebastopol is a Nuclear Free Zone. Y’all be ducked.

    1. Naw, I have become jaded, and have expected him to leave so many times, it will be no big deal. I will wish him well, and move on, just expecting the Niners to suck for 5 more years, instead of 3.

    1. Those are reasonable possibilities razor. The Steelers in particular wouldn’t surprise me, if he is ok taking a short term, relatively low money deal. Big if though.

  17. Wow was the article supposed to be rooted in hyperbole? Your positives section is all more or less objective stuff. Yet, the negatives section speaks in certainties about his character without any source to back up your assertions, be it quotes from team officials, personnel evaluators, “unnamed sources”, or Kaepernick himself. You’re obviously not obligated to back up any of your assertions but it would make for a stronger article. Without, it reads much like a Ratto transcript without the prose and humor or a Lowell article without the context and coherence.

    Also, strange to assert who he is and isn’t and to use a photo from 2015 as the sole visual representation of who he is. I don’t see how it connects to the overall scope of the article if it’s intentional and if it’s not, well then it’s just plain lazy journalism.

    The point about the Jets was a good one, given that a lot of rumors were flying around about how he’d want to relocate to be closer to his partner but the fit obviously isn’t there.

    Also, it’s usually in bad taste to talk about purchasing folks when the person referenced is African American and the analogy is almost non existent in the body of the article, save the opening and closing paragraphs.

      1. Which five? I’m confused where it’s unclear.

        1. You give no source material for all your assertions of Kaepernick’s character.

        2. You use a two year old photo when the article is about who Kaepernick currently is to prospective teams.

        3. Your point about NYJ as a bad fit is very well supported.

        4. You use a weakly integrated anaology of a person as a product to be bought and sold when such an analogy is in bad taste given the historical context.

        1. 1. I have covered Kaepernick’s entire career.

          2. I don’t pick the pictures and that’s a trivial point.

          3. Thanks.

          4. What do you think free agency is?

          1. 1. Fantastic! You should have a ton of material to reference which would add more substance to this article.

            2. Really? Seems strange to no have control or input over something like this.

            3. You’re welcome. It would be a really interesting and insightful article if you carried that level of analysis to other teams.

            4. Free agency is when you’re free to elect to sign a contract with a given club for your services. They don’t possess or own you as far as I know.

            1. “4. Free agency is when you’re free to elect to sign a contract with a given club for your services. They don’t possess or own you as far as I know.”

              Once you sign that contract, they pretty much do for the duration of the contract. The extent to which you’re owned depends a bit on your agent, but the NFL owners club is the house, generally speaking, and tends to have the most leverage in matters of this sort.

  18. His adopted role as an activist is going to limit his market. IMO, few owners/managements are going to want to deal with a backup like that, which is what he is, some opinions to the contrary. Seattle? LA? Minnesota?

        1. Good points, BT. But it’s all accuracy based, no? Crab being there will hurt for sure, you’re right. What do you think about Seattle or Minnesota?

        1. >>Do you think Nessa would move to Cleveland?

          She’ll be keeping their Tribeca lovenest warm while Keap toils away… wherever. He could end up in the Giants training camp since Jordo’s fave Josh Johnson, Giants 3rd stringer, is a free agent.

  19. Writing this article is pretty ballsy. I mean I know you are the king of predictions, but to write this article before Kaepernick has officially opted out is a stretch.

    I’ll roll with it though.

  20. I wouldn’t want him on the team because when you look at what he did to his teammate Aldon smith then he is not really a team player. If this is the leader of your team then who would want to play with or for him.

    1. It seems obvious to me that Nessa was the one calling the shots in that triad. She is obviously smarter than either of them and was looking for someone to radicalize to serve the purpose that Kaep is serving now. Smith would not have served her purpose at all. Smith is not the sharpest tool in the shed and Kaep well he is just really naive.

      1. Willtalk,
        I’m content with the specter that CK may not return next season, but to berate the guy’s intelligence and speculating that his girlfriend has “radicalized” him is asinine.

        I said it back in September and I’ll say it again, I did not agree with Kap’ form of protest (taking a knee during the NA), but I do respect his stance that has brought a serious societal issue to the table for discussion. Maybe many years from now we can better understand what Kap’ stance is about – the way Jim Brown, Muhamad Ali, Tommy Smith and John Carlos stood 30-40 years ago.

        That said, perhaps we should judge CK solely on his QB skill set or lack thereof. Kap has not improved over the last few years and in many ways has regressed. The new regime will need to make a decision regarding accuracy with his arm rather than his knee.

  21. “Thinks he has all the answers in football and society and life.”
    …says the beat-writer who thinks he has all the answers in football and society and life. You might want to humble yourself, Grant. You come off as way too presumptuous on what’s right and wrong with the 49ers without having earned your stripes (guest writing columns for your dad doesn’t qualify — neither does less than 5 years on the beat).

        1. I think kommon senze is Colin kapernick

          Little bit of a tangent but why do people think that paraag is the leaker. Doesn’t make any sense. Even if he is the designated leaker it would be with Jed’s blessing. Paraag is not secretly leaking behind Jed’s back (visual).

    1. Grants an okay beat writer when he wants to be the problem with him is he does not look at the whole picture(team) just points out certain players and coaches he has a problem with pretty much like his daddy.

      1. Yeah Truth but Grant is being paid handsomely for his writing and the rest of us are not. We all just have to wonder what he would say if he was just running his mouth like everyone else does. That’s the Truth!.

        1. Also just because he’s a writer/columnist doesn’t make him right or wrong it’s just an opinion like mine and yours and that’s the Truth.

          1. You are correct. My point is though that he doesn’t have to make any of us happy, he only needs to please whoever signs the checks. As long as the boss is happy, we’re just part of his shtick.

  22. Kaeperstink is toast. Anyone with half a brain could see he does not want to play anymore. He and Alson Smith’s ex-girlfriend are perfect for each other. Greg Roman told an NFL insider two years ago that Kaeperstink could not be coached, which is why Harblaugh bailed as well.

    1. That’s why Harbaugh bailed out? Really? Baalke and York didn’t push him out? So you’ve had the scoop on this for years and kept it to yourself?

  23. The same brain who relates civil rights violations with the national anthem
    is the same brain who kneels
    and is the same brain that can’t read a defense

    he’ll never start another nfl game

    and probably never be on another nfl team

  24. The team averaged more points with Gabbert at QB than Squid over the past two seasons. They didn’t put Jerk on the field until they’d basically written the season off, with Bowman, Ellington, Rogers, McDonald etc. out and the team 1-5. Only after they assured themselves of no 2017 cost for him as well. Last season they had to pay Squid a ton of money whether he got his greasy butt off the bench or not, may as well get some value for the expense. At the same time, if they had longer term plans for Gabs they could save wear and tear while limiting his FA alternatives by not playing him in his contract year. Plus the politics. Squid was in the news, and Chip Kelly was an alleged racist, so playing Kaepernick killed a few birds with one stone. It drummed up a bit of fan interest, got the team a bit of national interest, and got the monkey (if you’ll pardon the expression) off Chipper’s back. But there was no offensive improvement with Kap in the lineup. Actually a deterioration.

    1. The Cowboys lost Romo? Is there some sort of trade I’ve heard nothing about?

      Romo’s retiring as a Cowboy. At least, that’s my guess.

  25. For this particular blog topic and all the associated posts..well…Rocket’s avatar is the High Point this time around!

  26. I think he is headed for a rude awakening unless he backs off his Knee protest. Nobody is going to want that distraction from a guy with limited processing skills or accuracy..

  27. ” His biggest negatives are his words and his attitude. He’s addicted to himself. Has the “Disease of Me.” Thinks he has all the answers in football and society and life.

    He thinks he can play quarterback devoid of mechanics and fundamentals, and he thinks he knows more than his coaches. He doesn’t want to change the way he plays. He wants to prove his recreational style works. Wants to prove the “haters” wrong. Everyone who disagrees with him is a hater.

    Kaepernick also wants to lecture people on social issues he doesn’t fully understand. He sees himself as the next Malcolm X. And if you don’t think he’s the next Malcolm X, he sees you as a symptom of the problems in America. No one is enlightened like he is.

    Kaepernick is not coachable. That’s because he’s the coach. He’s the expert. How can anyone turn around a quarterback who thinks he’s leading himself, his team and his country in the right direction? Bill Walsh couldn’t resurrect Kaepernick’s career.

    Johnny Manziel has a better chance to turn things around than Kaepernick does. Manziel is an alcoholic, and he says he’s sober now. At least he admits he has a problem”

    So besides all that he’s pretty good.

    1. Only if beleive there is anything good after all that. Kaepernick is trash. We should have traded him two years ago when we had the chance.

    1. Whine, I am not so sure. Before his protests I would say yes, someone would pick him up but now, he’s limited his landing spots because some teams like the Jets have a political stance of their own.
      Others will look at his performance over the past 3 years and have to decide can they help his game.
      Looking at both scenarios, it’s not promising.

      1. Prime – I think they’ll tell him that company policy is to protest only on your own time. He’ll have a choice, say OK and sign or not play. I say he chooses to play – for the money if nothing else. He might be in love with “his woman” but I don’t see him wanting to be a kept man – like Mr. Mom who joins the Women’s March….Nah.

  28. For Seb (to Barry Manilow’s ‘Weekend in New England’)…

    Last night Seb waved goodbye,
    Now it seems years
    He’s without Kaep, his QB
    And nothing is clear
    But thoughts of Keap running free,
    Bringing us wins
    And tell Seb, when will his eyes meet?
    When can he touch you?
    When will his strong yearning end?
    And when will Kaep score again?

    Kaeps’s time with the 9ers
    Took Seb away
    To NFC playoffs
    And storms by the bay
    Kaep started a story
    Whose end must now wait
    And tell Seb, when will his eyes meet?
    When can he touch you?
    When will his strong yearning end?
    And when will Kaep score again?

    Seb feels a storm comin’
    He feels the wind blow
    Seb feels brave and daring
    He feels his blood flow
    With Tomsula
    Kaep could bring out
    All the skills that he has
    With Kaep there’s a heaven,
    So earth ain’t so bad

      1. Oh c’mon! Baalke gave Harbaugh his guy to choose. Harbaugh ‘picked’ CK. Who doesn’t know that?
        If CK lands in Balt as a backup, we’ll know that Jim told John that he still believes in him. Prolly not though.

        1. That would be ironic since the “Star Spangled Banner” was written in Baltimore. My guess is that signing him there would be way too controversial because of that.

  29. One of the seasons great scams
    Justifying Kaep based on a win against the Rams
    Gabberts could also claim
    His legacy is based on the same
    No one cares about the Knee
    It’s only about converting on Down Three
    In that simple quest
    Kaep laid his chance of starting to rest
    True dat he went to the Bowl
    And fell short of the goal
    He’s a One and Done got lucky to get there
    He does not have the talent or drive to again breathe that air
    Sure the 9ers could keep him, and suck o they would
    No coach that is building culture would consider that good
    Can we move off this topic, say bye Kaep go away
    And focus on the future and build a team that can play

  30. Nobody will pay this guy 19 million dollars.not the 9ers not the jets nobody.he will have go out and prove himself and sign for a lot less.If the 9ers take him back and let him compete for a job it will be for a lot less

    1. Why would a club take a QB who says he doesn’t need to work on his fundamentals or mechanics and whose discourse with the media focuses more on social issues rather than football and his teammates?

  31. OT, but relevant to the SB, I hope the Falcons just assume the playbook was compromised, so they should design plays that takes into consideration that the Pats know the plays. They should then be flexible enough to add wrinkles to those plays to set up the Pats.

    Actually, I think they should just assume the Pats are stealing their signals, anyways, so they should be totally unpredictable, and employ play action, reverses and misdirection plays.

    Sure am glad they put a man in motion, so Ryan can read the defense’s reaction before the snap, something I have wanted the Niners to do for years.

  32. Grant,

    You probably caught this but I’ve been away most of the week. Looks like Jeff Garcia interviewed as QB coach in Cleveland.

    1. in interviews, Garcia sounds kind of arrogant. It’s a tone you can have when you’re an analyst but not when you’re looking for a job in the NFL. I dunno, there’s something keeping him out of NFL jobs. They’re are far less qualified QB coaches in the league. Maybe he needs to prove himself as a CFL coach? He certainly has the experience with that league and probably some connections.

  33. This article is why the nation is where it is. The people who writes these articles is why this nation will be no better than what it is. To write what was just written is nothing but bias thinking from someone who doesn’t get it, thinks they know it all, and seemingly refuse to see what is going on from the one minded teaches of his father. Could you please write about the truth and not your one sided thinking of someone you dislike.

  34. Grant, you need help. You have some personal issue with Kaepenrick. You still spout your “alt facts” about his attitude….DESPITE EVIDENCE BY HIS TEAMMATES TO THE CONTRARY. Is it because he made your daddy look bad a few years ago when Lowell made comments about how he doesn’t look like a leader QB with his tattoos and stuff? Lowell’s a big boy…he can take care of and defend his old man comments. The stuff your dad writes, he has to have a thick skin. I suggest you grow some too.

    You have some disturbed issue with Kaepernick. A guy that is no longer going to be part of the 49ers! You cover the 49ers….you have no professional reason to discuss him anymore. Sure speculate if they’re going to keep Blaine Gabbert..which QB they’ll get in free agency (you’re right Cutler seems to be a good veteran stop gap measure…to lesser degrees Hoyer and Shaub are possibilities) and in the draft. But Kaepernick has no future with the 49ers… so what’s the point of taking another personal shot at him?….seriously…I know you’ll mask your behavior by saying you’re just having some fun and discussing an NFL topic….but you’re venturing into bizzaro obsession mental health issues

  35. Personally, I don’t see anyone picking him up. Who wants the distraction, negative media attention and overall cancer that is Krapperpants. He has screwed himself out of a job with his antics. Where is he now? I don’t see him leading protests or standing up for anything. Where was he during the March on Washington last month? He thinks this is just black problem. What a joke. It’s a black, hispanic, muslim, white, green, red, blue, problem. It’s a racial and religious disconnection across all lines. Dude is a simpleton. One trick pony. he never really grasped what he was trying to achieve. Never could articulate it, nor recognize the error in his approach. I mean, National Anthem, that’s all you got. That’s it? Seriously, thank god the circus is leaving town. Good riddance.

  36. A slow Saturday, and just finished watching Chato’s Land, starring Charles Bronson and Jack Palance. Bronson is ripped in this flick, and also is the tough guy who delivers justice in all of the Death Wish flicks. As JH would say, “tough as a $2 steak.”

  37. Seb’s game has stepped down a notch.

    He had a semblance of respect for his independence to Grant.

    Tough to see him grovelling (or sniveling as Prime stated) by asking Grant to stop being a meany for typing Kap news.

  38. Shanahan Comes With Reputation as a Good Talent Evaluator
    (Sounds like Bill Walsh)…..TomD

    If Kyle Shanahan does come to the 49ers as the team’s next head coach, as expected, the franchise may be getting a man whose abilities as a talent evaluator are as good as his expertise in Xs and Os.

    LaFleur told Dan Graziano of ESPN this week that Shanahan lobbied for the signing of free-agent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu this past offseason, and Sanu responded by becoming a big part of the team’s passing game in 2016.

    “He’s an excellent player evaluator, and I think he can evaluate any position,” said LaFleur, who’s worked with Shanahan on staffs in Houston, Washington and Atlanta. “He has a vision for what he wants and he knows how to find those players to fit exactly what that vision is. He can recognize what players do well and put them in position to be successful. I think that’s one of his best attributes.”

    Source: Shanahan Comes With Reputation as a Good Talent Evaluator | NBC Bay Area http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Shanahan-Comes-With-Reputation-as-a-Good-Talent-Evaluator-412690113.html#ixzz4XlUABqp7
    Follow us: @NBCBayArea on Twitter | NBCBayArea on Facebook

  39. “If I’m going to bet on anybody, I’m going to bet on John Lynch,” Shanahan told Nick Wagoner of ESPN this week. “He’ll have to learn some stuff as he goes, just like we all do, but you’re going for the person. John Lynch has succeeded in everything, and that excites me about him. The people who know him know how special of a guy the 49ers got.”

    Published at 9:23 AM PST on Feb 3, 2017

    Source: Shanahan Comes With Reputation as a Good Talent Evaluator | NBC Bay Area http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Shanahan-Comes-With-Reputation-as-a-Good-Talent-Evaluator-412690113.html#ixzz4XlUxPEBR
    Follow us: @NBCBayArea on Twitter | NBCBayArea on Facebook

  40. Kyle Shanahan praises 49ers potential QB options: Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins
    Odds are 49ers will start season with fourth different QB in six years

    “Everybody wants to have a great quarterback right away, but if it were easy to have one, everyone would have one.,” Shanahan added.

    Source: SJM

  41. All signs indicate the 2017 draft class, while not lacking talent, doesn’t have any quarterbacks who are ready to start right away. So what to do? Some believe their best option is to seek out an experienced veteran.

    Jay Cutler has gone through a significant roller coaster run in Chicago with the Bears. He went 51-51 as a starter, the NFC championship in 2010 .

    why should the 49ers be interested?

    . So why Cutler? Why not Mike Glennon, or Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Brian Hoyer?

    Something that shouldn’t be forgotten is that Cutler, once upon a time was a Pro Bowl quarterback. Drafted in 2006, he was developed for three seasons by Kyle’s father Mike Shanahan in Denver. Their final year together Cutler threw for over 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns.


  42. Damon Bruce stated: “I like the no tweet test Lynch gave Jed, to see if Jed had the will power to keep things in house for 72 hrs…And the Adam Peters hire was excellent and was surprised his name was not mentioned by the media after reviewing his sterling resume.”

    “Their are some indicators that John Lynch will be successful–one is that he thinks outside the box.”

  43. No TO in HOF….good….Roger Craig should be first anyway. Then Michael Carter, Jessie Sopolu, Randy Cross, Kina Turner….then we could talk TO……football is not baseball & being a great teammate and champion matters. Craig sacrificed yards for his teammates, TO was about TO.

  44. Well I missed out on my MVP prediction. However, Brady being runner up shows that they didn’t seem to care that he didn’t play a full season.

    1. Gregg Rosenthal ✔ @greggrosenthal
      DROY Voting

      Bosa: 37
      Ramsey: 10
      Deion Jones: 3
      4:39 PM – 4 Feb 2017

      Apparently he wasn’t even considered.

  45. Why was that contract with Kaep so bad? It was deemed very team friendly, and Kaeps’ agent advised against signing it. Kaep signed it for the express reason that he would let them write out such a team friendly contract because they promised to Kaep that they would use those savings to retain veteran talent, and veteran leadership.

    So what happened? Baaalke went back on his word and let Iupati walk, Boone leave, Gore was not even offered a contract. Neither was Boldin. Crabtree was lowballed, by offering a little more, but without the promise for playing time, and if he did not play, he could not gain his objectives. Crabtree took less to go elsewhere, but they guaranteed Crab playing time and a promise to renegotiate if it works out. Near the end of the year, he received a way better contract than Baalke was offering. Baalke was essentially throwing away a first round pick, and he replaced him with an ACL player.

    So Jed let Baalke go back on his word. Jed, until he makes things right, and fulfills his promises, will just keep losing. A winner keeps his word, even if it hurts.

    How can Jed fulfill his promises? By reaching out to the abandoned players, to get them back. They should offer Bethea, Brooks and Mike Davis for Frank Gore. They should sign Boldin, if he wants to come back. Maybe offer Theus for Boone, with a fifth round thrown in. Jed should get on his knees and ask for forgiveness, then beg Anthony Davis to come back. Jed would go a long way to turning around the culture by eating some humble pie for the sake of the team. He would be telling AD that they want to start treating players like they are human beings instead of a piece of meat. Only by doing that, will he keep his word to Kaep by retaining veteran leadership.

    It all starts at the top, and Jed may try to fix things by hiring a fine upstanding high character guy, but until he changes, nothing will change. Jed must lead, and fix his problems so the new guys can have a chance. Keeping his word should be priority number one.

    Better yet, he should never make brash promises, if he does not want to have to honor them. ‘Hold me accountable’ should haunt him in his sleep. ‘Chip will be head coach for years.’ Jed just needs to shut up.

    This latest leak must have driven Lynch wild. Oh sure, they will blame the agent, but we all know who has been leaking since before Singletary, who smelled a rat, to today, with another smear job against Kaep. Paraag Marathe has his grubby little fingerprints all over this.

    Some try to couch this as a competitive advantage,and a shrewd business move, but that argument is specious, because Kaep will undoubtedly lose money, no matter where he lands.They are essentially arguing that Kaep will make out like a bandit, when in actuality, he will be getting mugged.

    So let me reiterate, Paraag, or Wormtongue as I call him. is up to his slimy tricks. I want to inform Jed that Paraag Marathe is the leaker, and I want to hold Jed to his word. Once he found out who is leaking, Jed promised he would part ways with him. Well, now he knows, and I wonder if Jed will keep his word. Maybe Lynch should show Jed the way.

  46. At lunch today with my wife a couple of guys come in. One looks exactly like Vic Fangio. Seriously. I check him out and eventually realize it’s not him, but I might have stared a bit. So as we’re leaving about the same time he grins at me and says:
    ‘No and No.”
    I blinked, and he said
    “No I’m not Vic. Not his brother either.”
    Heard it before I guess.

      1. Guy in Topeka looks exactly like Mary Todd and his wife is a dead wringer for Abe Lincoln … and she’s pregnant with their first … gonna be triplets too ..

  47. Until reported by an official source, either way, it’s still speculation and undeserving of all the hate. It’s a game, and he, like most players, plays hard, faults and all. Remember he gave up a significant portion of his salary so the team could re-sign key players, which they did not do. Good riddance to bad management, good job Jed York on the GM hire and the probable HC hire, and if you’re leaving, thanks Kaep, if Harbaugh hadn’t called a timeout you’d have won SF another Championship.

    Maybe Mr. York can swing bringing Nick Polk with Coach Shanahan and have Mr. Marathe handle the Soccer Club. Nick won’t leak anything.

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  48. I hate to say it but unnamed sources have really hurt journalism. Without knowing who the sources are we have no idea as to their validity.
    I don’t think Kaep is bad but I think at this point it’s best for everyone involved if they move on. He and the 49ers both need a fresh start. Personally I think he could be a great backup who could win a couple of games should the starter goes down.

  49. Grant,
    What’s wrong with Malcolm X? You seem to imply that he didn’t understand social issues. That’s complete BS. He gets a bad rap because he was Muslim – just say it.

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