Colin Kaepernick says the Rams have a lot of different things they can do

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday interview, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

How was the time off? Did you do anything fun?

“Rested up.”


St. Louis this weekend, what are you expecting, especially seeing an opponent for the second time so soon?

“They have a lot of different things they can do. Very good defense, we have to be ready for them.”


They’re doing a lot of trick plays. Did you see a lot in that Seattle game? Did you look at that film at all when they played?



It seems like you have to be ready at all times when you face a team like that? Is that true?

“Yeah, very much so. They have a lot of different things they can unveil. You just have to be prepared for those.”


Now this team, it’s been able to get a little more healthier. What are you expecting from the teammates coming back this week?

“Production. That’s the biggest thing we look for. Come back, make plays.”


RB Marcus Lattimore, he’s coming back. What’s his journey been and what have you been seeing out of him?

“He’s had a lot of time to get healthy. He’s looked good. I think he’s ready to go. We’ll see what he does this week in practice.”


Can you discuss the transition in changing centers right now and what you want to see out of C Marcus Martin?

“To perform well. He’s someone that we’ve worked with, we’ve had work with and he’s been on top of things in meetings. So, looking forward to seeing what he does.”


Do you have separate one-on-one meetings with him so you guys can get on the same page or is that just more of a team-wide?

“His communication is more with the offensive line than me. Changing protections, things like that, he has to know. For the most part, we’ve had time to work together through training camp and we work with centers every day. So, shouldn’t be a huge transition.”


Do you have to know those changes of protections as well?



What’s that chemistry like as far as with you and Marcus right now?

“We tell him we’re changing the protection and he changes it.”


Do you tell him?



What’d you think of the team wearing their college shirts at team photo day and what’d you think of that idea just celebrating that achievement for you and your teammates?

“It was a pretty cool idea. Something different I haven’t seen before.”


Do you think that’s a good message for NFL players to send out to college players and let them know that professionals like yourself are proud of graduating and have that diploma?

“Very much so. You don’t know how long this is going to last. Having a degree is a big thing.”


How’d you spend your bye week?






Do you plan on watching Game 7 tonight?

“I’m going to catch a little bit of it.”


Do you have any predictions of the score?

“Nope. But I’m saying the [San Francisco] Giants are coming out. Sorry, [49ers senior manager of communications] Dan [Beckler].”


Do you think the Giants should pitch Madison Bumgarner?

“I’m going to leave that up to their coaches and GM.”

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        1. u-mmm … could be, Razor.. but
          they also play a heckuvalot more games …so ..
          if you average it out … wouldn’t it be less ?

            1. “….Less chance of losing your life when you step out on the pitchers mound versus setting foot on a NFL field….”

              Unless the pitcher gets hit in the head with a piece
              of a broken bat, or sumthin’ …

              At any rate …

              The San Francisco Giants are
              World Series 2014 Champions !!

              They defeated the KC Royals 3-2 in Game #7 !!

              Congrats to the Giants …

              This is a harbinger of things to come … (next February !)

              Remember … Super Bowl #49 …

              (do you .. believe in fate ?)

              1. Bill, did Mora comment? The reason I ask is it would be significant if he did and its been removed.

              2. Wilson
                I think a couple of Moron’s comments got deleted last night.
                This other nut job is trying to pick up the slack of pathetic posts; kinda like the bad smell when the Dairymen fertilize their fields.

          1. MLB guaruntees their contracts. Over 40 mlb payers have a 100+million dollar contracts compared to roughly 8-10 nfl players who are not guarunteed.
            I am talking the three major sports. Basketball is close to mlb, boxing is a self promoted sport, race car driving is heavily sponsored for drivers.
            From what I’ve always read was mlb for the money is the best sport to get in to.

  1. Note to Kaepernick:
    these are home town sports writers, fella.
    So one and two-word answers are a copout.

    Resting. Resting up.

    Any new hobbies…?
    Things to occupy your time when the 2014/15
    season ends early? Some special leisure interest
    to turn to “after” your NFL career has concluded?

    There is life after football. It represents an eternity
    in which to wonder: why no Super Bowl ring, ever…?

    Good enough to be drafted by the Chicago Cubs and yet
    he tells us that he is doing to watch only “a little bit” of the
    final game of the World Series (and home team the Giants).
    Kaep, you are too, too, too cool. Way too cool.
    Next time, instead of resting, howzabout this: chillin’ …???

      1. The problem with “game manager” is it’s one dimensional far to often. Smith struggles vs top defenses because they take away his short quick reads and he’s lost. Although he’s a solid scrambler who can make plays with his feet occasionally he’s not a threat down field. This has always been my problem with him. He faces a defense that takes away his strength an only strength and he can’t manage to hurt them another way. This is why he will never win a Superbowl without a #1 defense behind him. He is the Dilfer and Johnson of today… Without the great defense. Ok better than Dilfer. But you get my drift. Lol

            1. Because that’s all you talk about. That’s your bread and butter. Hating on guy that does not even play here anymore. You sit there and run your mouth about how others should not compare Kaepernick to Alex Smith, yet you are the one who cannot let him go. That’s why Ninermd.

              1. That’s what MD is, a hater. He cries about others when they defend Smith when in turn look at the thread, he is the first one to jump in and hate. Haters gonna hate FDM.
                And the other guy Razor is nothing more than a crap disturber/peanut gallery!

              2. Really? I hate on the guy? That’s my bread and butter. GTFO.
                I talk all kinds of topics. The post is there I posted in it. I didn’t put it there. So it being my bread and butter? Prove that.. Throw up some posts I STARTED about Alex smith, besides the one when KC was in town.
                For a guy carrying a loaf of bread with bay’s name on it, you have room to talk. When do YOU ever talk football? Your bread and butter is posting trash when someone had an opinion. ESPECIALLY if it’s on Alex Smith.
                And what did I say about him that’s not the truth or hurtful? Let it go Dude. Ex qb’s can be talked about. Especially when they were replaced by the qb playing now. Who’s making you read it anyways? Truth hurt?

                Now que the Alex smith fan club. Like you they swear it’s what’s always on my mind, but yet. They just can’t help reading it or getting hurt over it. Wonder why. Smh

              3. MD,
                you are no more a hater than I am a troll. Think about it this way, that’s all he’s got….

              4. That’s my point Bay…. Where’s a rational counter point? Oh and like I said….. Here come the second biggest defender and idiot on the blog. Right on que. Looks like razor got off Scott free. For posting it Lol

  2. Do you plan on watching Game 7 tonight?
    “I’m going to catch a little bit of it.”

    Colin (rested up, resting, yep) Kaepernick
    just told us everything we need to know about him
    and the likelihood of his ever winning a Super Bowl.

    It seems that the coach of the Clippers, Doc Rivers,
    is a big believer in visualization. He and his players
    attended the Los Angeles Kings’ NHL championship
    banner-raising ceremony last month. Interesting….
    (Rivers himself won an NBA championship in 2008.)

    Guess what? I predict that the Clippers will become champs
    long, long, long before the Niners & Colin Kaepernick do.
    If they do. Reason? This young QB just doesn’t care enuf.
    He believes that he does not need to watch a team
    finish a game, finish a series, finish a season with
    an X in the win column. Both the Royals and the Giants
    have World Series success stories to revel in. And Colin…???

    1. Wow, now that’s as idiotic a post as I’ve seen in quite some time. You realize that Kap has had as much Super Bowl success to revel in as the Royals have World Series success, right?

        1. I guess so. Anyone coming to a Niner article to sing the praises of the Los Angeles Clippers obviously brings zero credibility.

          1. It’s not credibility he’s after, Leo ..
            His mommy doesn’t give him the attention
            he wants (at home) .. so he
            seeks it here

              1. Yeah … it’s sad, really, that
                people find themselves in a situation where
                the only way to garner attention .. is to
                be a butt head ..

                Shows a complete lack of maturity

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