Colin Kaepernick resumes throwing in practice

Colin Kaepernick threw in front of the media during the warm-up portion of practice Monday morning. According to players, he also threw during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 team drills when the media was not allowed to watch.

Cornerback Jimmie Ward told reporters Kaepernick made “some good throws today,” including a deep completion to slot receiver Bruce Ellington.

“You’ve got to get used to that cannon,” Ellington said while standing at his locker. “Kap’s arm is still strong and he’s still throwing it in the right direction.”

Kaepernick made a brief appearance in the locker room after practice and said his arm feels fine. For what’s it worth, he seemed genuinely pleased to see the media for the first time in his professional career, although he didn’t say much. He made casual conversation as he lay on the floor and massaged his lower back with a softball.

What do you make of all this? What do you expect from Kaepernick this week? Big week for him.

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  1. Kap is motivated. Barring injury he will win the job. Ellington seems to be his go to guy. It could a nice year for him.

    1. How can you say or think that…for a competition he has been MIA about 50% of it, if not more. He has to prove and outright outshine Gabbert (no ints/no sacks so far) and that has never been Colins strong suit.

      Seriously, the kap-aide you guys drink must be 80 proof

      1. Kap doesn’t have to do as much as you think. Chip has always wanted Kap. Shannahan wasn’t hired because he wanted to get rid of Kap. Chip knows this is his last chance in the nfl and needs Kap, BTW, My Kap-aide is #80 proof.

  2. I don’t know what to expect….its not like Gabbert has ran away with this competition.

    I’m interested to see how many snaps they give Kap, especially considering the 3rd game has long been considered the dress rehearsal. Also will he start?

    If he starts, and has significant snaps, that will be an indication they are not satisfied with BG’s play and want Kap to show he can win out.

  3. ‘What do you make of all this?’
    All what, lol?
    We heard last week he’d practice and throw today. He threw today; with zip. ‘kay.
    We’re all waiting for the eyeball test: decisions and delivery. Tbd

  4. Granted, Gabbert has not been impressive. However, for all of those who think Kaep is coming in this week and will earn the starting spot – he will have to be lights out. If it’s the same old Kaep, then he does not deserve to be the starter.

    I do not understand why all the pro Kaep people keep thinking that Kaep is going to come in and be great? Kaep was never great – he was good and sometimes made spectacular plays, but not consistent enough.

    Is Kaep all of a sudden going to come in and be better at his pre-snap reads? Is Kaep going to do a better job of looking off defenders? Is Kaep going to come in and go through his progressions? The last 2 years has shown that he can’t.

    Kaep can run and probably is the best at the read option, but you can run the ball so many times – this is a passing league.

    My hope this year was that Gabbert was going to take the next level and become a steady, accurate and consistent passer – but that has not really materialized. Kaep just does not have the instincts to become a great passer, regardless of how much work he has put in.

    1. Gabbert played well for first two games last year. After that he became gun shy and still is when real bullets are flying. Kap with all his flaws has much more confidence and swagger. We would have Super Bowl victory # 6 if our idiot offensive coordinator had known what to call.

    2. The problem with your assessment is that you have decided that there is only one way to be a quarterback. Kaep may in fact have all the deficiencies that you’ve pointed out. But in spite of these alleged deficiencies he was still able to put up major points back in 2012 against the Patriots in the regular season and later against the Packers and Falcons in the playoffs. And even though its convenient to forget this. Kaep’s and his offense all had better numbers and stats than the Ravens’ offense in the Super Bowl. The Ravens were extremely fortunate to get that kickoff returned for a touchdown. Otherwise offense to offense Kaep would have won that game. I point out those games because the vaunted 49er defense did not keep its opponents under 30 as they had done with many others and we found out that Kaep could win even when defense under-performed. So I think you should take into consideration that a game does not have to be won in any one particular way. There are plenty of stereotypical quarterbacks who have have bad years. Brett Favre was horrible with the Jets and almost went back to a Super Bowl with the Vikings. However you play the game, you have to be able to play at the best of your specific ability to win. When Kaep plays his game to the best of his ability – he wins. My guess is that he didn’t “read” defenses any better or worse when he was winning. He was simply playing his game at his best. I expect him to be back to his best and I expect us to win more games with him at the QB position.

      1. James—
        Your citing his greatness from 2012?????????

        May as well be 1912. The league studied and caught up to Kap. Kap has NEVER been accused of being a bookworm i.e. the playbook. Former NFL QB’s have so noticed.

        Reading this, Seb?

  5. Grant the reason Kaeps so casual and relaxed is because he knows he’s competing against Blaine freaking Gabbert lol

    1. You mean the guy who nailed his ass to the bench last year and sent him off to Colorado a couple weeks later to shop for a doctor to find all those “injuries” and make sure he wasn’t healthy enough to be cut on April 1.

      1. Come on, you can’t really judge anything from last year. You are talking about the same CS that nailed Tiller & Brown to the bench in favor of Devey & Pears. Gabbert has never done anything to give confidence that he’s a starting QB in the NFL.

      2. You do know he had legit surgeries? So yeah that’s what doctors do they repair your body when it’s hurt genius smh

        1. Doctors will operate on anything you want if you pay them. Look at Michael Jackson. Kap only has to pay a few k to earn 15 million. Easy call for him.

      3. If it wasn’t for Dontae Johnson’s block FG in the last game last season Gabby would’ve won the same amount of games Kaep won which is 2 lol I guess we’re on our way with Gabby huh lol

        1. If they went off last season’s pre season performances Gabbert would have started from day 1 and Kap would be long gone from the team if you want to get into hypotheticals.

          1. When Gabbert has even one game where he plays as well as Kaep did in the loss to the Chargers in the 2014 season or the loss to the Giants in the 2015 season then you can start to compare them. Gabbert hasn’t ever done anything comparable Kaep’s best levels of play. And yes I used losses on purpose. Gabbert’s best in his 3 wins is not as got as Kaep’s best in those losses.

            1. Last season was the only time that Kap and Gabbert competed on an equal basis though. It was the first time in Colin’s career he had to adapt to a new system and staff. Gabs has had to do it every year, twice in his rookie season. Last year they were on an equal footing, playing a new system on a bad team, and Gabbert dealt with it better. In all ways.

              Every year Gabbert has been a starter in the NFL his team has been rated worst in the league pre season. 3 yrs in Jax and last year and this in S.F. Also, the two years he started most of the season in Jax, the team set injury records. Same/same I think last season with 9ers. NO QB EVER in the history of the league has had to deal with the obstacles BG has starting out his career. He played full time for the Jaguars with all the injuries Kaepernick went on IR for. Torn left labrum most of his second season, he played wearing a brace behind one of the worst O lines of all time. Nerve damage in forearm shut him down in 2012 and he couldn’t throw until August of 2013. Started 2013 while healing a broken thumb that kept him out most of training camp, then got a deep cut on same throwing hand. Played with broken toe and separated cartilage most of his rookie year.

              For all the whining about Kaepernick’s laundry list of injuries discovered AFTER he was benched, Gabbert played through worse and no one even heard about it. That’s the fundamental difference between the two. Gabbert is a standup guy, Kaepernick is a self absorbed sleazeball.

              1. One must also consider that last years o line was the highest ranked pass blocking o line Blaine has ever played behind…

              2. I must respond. Kaep was sacked 80 times in a season and a half. Sacks are not love taps, they are sledgehammer blows. He was also tackled many times. Kaep played hurt. The doctors told him to ice his shoulder and he played with a tear in his left shoulder. After he was benched and had a second opinion, they discovered a significant tear.

                The NFL has protocols in place so there are no fake injuries. Everything is documented so teams cant declare a player injured so he can be stashed away. Any doctor would be subject to review if he performed surgery on a healthy player. Kaep did not have 3 phantom surgeries. After 80 sacks, I am surprised he did not have more injuries.

                So you whine about Gabbert’s injuries, but diss Kaep’s. What kind of sports fan are you?

                Calling Kaep a sleazeball is calumny. I bet the Kids at Camp Taylor would disagree with you. Kaep gives so much to those kids, of both his time and money. A sleazeball would never do what Kaep does for those unfortunate children.

                A sleazeball is some one like Paraag, who leaks smears and lies, or some one like you who uses the anonymity of the internet to hurl invective and insults.

              3. NO QB in the history of the league. Wow, that’s some research, fella. Hopefully it stuck on the wall somewhere for you sheep.

              4. I wouldn’t call Kaep a Sleazebag he made a smart decision for himself.

                I personally don’t blame Kaep for shutting it down… with the short nfl careers, players have to look after themselves and economically its the smart play. However, there are going to be players who will think he quit on the team as he opted to shut it down (for injuries that are typically played through) after being demoted.

                That is going to be Kaep’s biggest test, winning the locker room. And this is why Eric Davis said Chip Kelly is the perfect coach for Kaep, if he were in any other locker room.

          2. So your saying if Gabby would’ve started from day one the niners would’ve went 12-4? Your still missing the point Robert LOL I’m not saying Kaep wouldve I’m saying Gabbert is not the answer and will never be.

            1. TTruth

              You’re beginning to sound like SEB… “…Gabbert is not the answer and never will be…” How about …Let’s give him a chance…You don’t like him ? So what.?

              1. Excuse me, I said that if Gabbert won the competition, I would support him. Quit putting words in my mouth.

                Unlike you, who hate Kaep so much, will probably root for the Niners to lose so Kaep does not do well.

              2. I didn’t say I didn’t like him I said he’s not the answer to our QB problems what part of that don’t you understand smh If he does good then I’m all for it but I’m not counting on it I still think our best chance for the niners to win is with Kaepernick.

  6. I don’t know how well he will play, but it sure seems like Kelly is holding out hope that he plays well and wins the job.

    1. I agree, otherwise BG would be named the starter already. It will be an interesting game.

      I hope to Arik comeback this week, mostly just to set my mind at ease, seems a little too precautious to hold him out half of TC for something so slight. Also would just love to see him come out and flat out bully guys.

      1. “otherwise BG would be named the starter already”

        I don’t think that’s the case at all. I don’t think Kelly will officially name the starter until he absolutely has to.

        He’s stated a number of times so far, “we don’t play until Sunday and things can happen out here at practice.”

        He’ll tell the guys inside the building, but not the outside world.

        1. He hasn’t named a starter because he’s hoping Kap shows more than he’s seen from the others imo. If he liked what Gabbert was doing he would have named him the starter already. He had a built in excuse to do it with all the time Kap has missed, and is still talking more about Kap coming back than what Gabbert has done so far.

          Kap may play terribly and make the decision easy, but if he shows anything positive this week and Gabbert continues to underwhelm, we will likely see this go right down to the wire.

          1. Rocket, the more likely scenario is that Kelly plays Gabbert the first 4 games of the year. He pleases the owner and GM who clearly don’t care for Kaep. If Gabbert falters then Kaep gets his chance. This ownership has washed there hands with Kaep. They have to be proven wrong before a change has to happen. That’s there track record. It’s disturbing but it’s there theme.

            1. What makes you think they are wrong? Has he done anything to prove otherwise or are you basing this on his play from 3 years ago? You know 3 years ago there was a snow storm up here in Canada. Haven’t seen one since!

              1. This front office and owner have been wrong about everything the past 3 years there bud. That’s why we are here now.

              2. Yes they have had some bad picks and signings but what team hasn’t? You act like the 49ers are hopeless but with CK they can rise from the ashes! Get outta here!

              3. Well he is the only QB we have on this roster that has accomplished more by a WIDE margin. Whether that’s been 3 years ago or not. He was a big part in delivering the most enjoyable niner football since 1994 that I have ever watched..

              4. “He was a big part in delivering the most enjoyable niner football since 1994 that I have ever watched.”

                Yes. That 2011 season was quite unexpected.

              5. 2014 was not a bad yr for Kaep? He threw for 19 TDs to 10 INTs for over 3300 yds. To me that is good for him. He will never be Brady,Manning,Brees, or Rodgers. He along with team, had a down year. We as fans need to stop looking at other teams QBs and try to compare him to them.

              6. Correct, Rueben. No one is saying Kaepernick will ever be your prototypical quarterback, but Chip Kelly doesn’t run your prototypical offense. People need to quit hanging out around the hater-aide cooler, and wait and see what he looks like against the Packers….

            2. RAW,

              I don’t know how the FO feels about Kap at this point, but if he plays well I’m betting any animosity is quickly forgotten.

              I agree with you in that Gabbert likely starts the season, but probably doesn’t finish it.

            3. RAW, you state the following:

              “He pleases the owner and GM who clearly don’t care for Kaep.”

              You’re not the only one saying this but I don’t follow. Many also state that the best coach for Kap’s current abilities is Chip Kelly. Read option or at least threat of the read option and an ability to make mediocre QBs look better among others are cited as reasons why Kap should perform better under Kelly. What other quality HC could they have hired that would be a better fit?

              If this is true, why do people keep saying that the owner and GM don’t care for Kap? It seems that they are potentially putting Kap in the best position to succeed? This is also probably true for Gabbert.

              Now clearly they didn’t just hire Kelly because of Kap. But was it a major reason for hiring Kelly or just a side benefit. If the GM and FO really wanted to get rid of Kap, they could have hired a HC who strongly favors pocket QBs.

          2. You’re repeating yourself.

            My comment was in response to someone else, and in no way should have been construed as disagreeing.

            Even if Kaepernick sets the field on fire with his play on Friday night I doubt Kelly would name him the starter to anyone outside the building.

            1. Yes understood, but I was responding to your point about Chip not naming a starter until he absolutely has to. He hasn’t been able to name a starter because Gabbert hasn’t played well enough to win the job.

          3. I think you’re partially right rocket. Kelly isn’t impressed with QB play and that is why he has not named the starter. Not sure if the second part of your premise is sound though. He may also not hold out much hope in CK either. It seems his language has been a bit less than effusive about Kaps efforts and he keeps emphasizing accuracy and going through reads, something CK is known to struggle with.

            1. Agree EC9. Chip’s w#1 choice won’t be safe. I think, barring an elite talent, he may see QBs like RBs; use ’em while they last until you find Mr.Right.

            2. EC,

              He hasn’t said anything negative about Kap that I’ve read or heard, and has let a QB competition continue even though one guy hasn’t practiced in a week or played in a game yet. He may not be convinced Kap will play well, but I don’t think there is much doubt that he’s hoping he will.

        2. How can Chip name a starter when Kaepernick hasn’t even played in the preseason? If Kaepernick was actually injured and wasn’t going to have a chance to take reps in a preseason game then It would be reasonable for Kelly to name a starter but with Kaepernick still technically in the ‘competition’ it wouldn’t even make sense for Chip to name a starter until he’s seen Kaepernick in the preseason.

          If Kelly did name BG the starter without Kaepernick playing then everyone and their mother would be going nuts and why would he(Kelly) want to deal with that BS? He can let Kaepernick go out and suck eggs in a game situation and then when he ultimately names BG the starter no one can raise a ruckus about it.

          1. CFC,

            If one guy can’t play and you are preparing for the start of the season in less than two weeks, it is all the reason in the world to name Gabbert the starter.

            If Gabbert had played lights out in the first two preseason games, Kelly would have named him the starter by now and wouldn’t give two sh*ts what everyone and their Mother said. He’d have a built in excuse that Kap was too far behind and they needed to start preparing Gabbert to start the season.

            There’s a very real possibility that Kap will suck eggs in a game situation, but that doesn’t change the fact Kelly is allowing a guy who hasn’t played or practiced much at all this offseason and TC, to win the job this late in preseason. The only reason he’s doing that imo is because no one else has stepped up to make the decision easy.

    2. Yes, regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, it should be clear that Kelly hasn’t seen enough from Gabbert yet to feel Kaep is out of the equation.

      1. I think it’s also possible that Kelly made a pledge to Kap to give him a chance to win the starting position. He made the pledge as part of wanting Kap to work hard and give it his all. There’s still two preseason games, so Kap still has a chance; therefore, no starter named yet.

        1. Cubus, I usually do not address you, but could you please find your article about how Kaep was solely at fault for the failures during the 49er-GB game?

          To tell the truth, I do not know where to begin to look, since it was last year

  7. What do you make of all this?

    Nothing honestly.

    What do you expect from Kaepernick this week?

    I expect Kaepernick will practice this week and not play against the Packers. However, he will win the job if he does play.

  8. If CK plays decently and better than BG against the Packers, does he win the job on that small sample? A preseason game? Does Chip go into P4 with it unresolved? I guess the opening day starting lineups won’t necessarily be permanent. A bit unsettling when that includes QB.

  9. What do I make of this? Gabbert has set the bar so low, Kaep does not have to jump over it, he will stroll over it.

    Chip is smart, and his handling of Kaep is even smarter.

    I think a storm is coming.

          1. Prime, now you have changed your tune. Since you do not mind, I will remind you that you stated that Kaep took the league by storm as a signature to your posts. Enjoy.

        1. I knew it!!!!

          All your blather, all your pontificating–seemingly using a thesaurus when simple, expressive words would work………

          Seb, you do all of this just to mess with people! I always thought so…………………

  10. They probably just stringing it out to give the fans and media something to talk about. Pre season is pretty boring. Plus they have to make Kap look as good as possible if they don’t want to get stuck with a $15 million backup or inactive for the year. Which is what they would end up with if they named Gabbert the starter right off the bat.

  11. Blaine hasn’t ran away with the competition because our #27th ranked WR Corp hasn’t been much help. He’s moved the ball pretty well against two of the better defenses in the league. Our backup QBs are working with the same WR talent as our starter, yet they’re going against far weaker competition. I think Gabbert is doing a pretty good job thus far. Two scoring drives out of five drives, would have been three had Hyde not fumbled

  12. There is absolutely no possible way Blaine Gabbert starts the regular season. The O-line appears to have remembered how to do something besides throw lookout blocks. Kap will be fine, not spectacular, but good. Gabbert will ride the pine for all 16 games, get dropped after the year, and Thad Lewis will be the new competition for Kap next year after a 6-10 season, and Baalke’s firing.

  13. The Chip has dropped anchor in the bay, bracing for the high winds and big waves. There’s a #7torm rising, look on the horizon. Where the darkened clouds roll, comes a redeemed soul. Baptized in the fires of adversity, he’s ready to forge a new destiny. The time has arrived for a reckoning, ‘cuz his zone-read options are menacing….

    When I think of Colin Kaepernick, I’m reminded of the World War II encrypting machine that was used to encode secret messages. That machine was called, the Enigma.

      1. The Enigma had weaknesses, but it was the failure of the Germans to regularly change their encipherment operating procedures, that facilitated the Allies cryptologists success. With Tomsula/Chryst busy greeting customers as they come into Walmart, I don’t think we’ll have to fret much about Chip Kelly using those types of poor operational procedures….

        1. Razor,

          Even more reason why the analogy fails. Kap, like the Getmans, failed to adapt to the changing realities of warfare, relying on their superiority and it backfired.

              1. Could be like Harbaugh did for Alex Smith, and the 49ers get some trade value next year for him….

  14. I truly hope Kaep has a stunning performance, I really do but I am not holding my breath. Green Bay seems to bring out the best in him.

  15. I’ll take the same old Kap. 4 playoff wins, over 300 yards in the Super Bowl, 4 TDs in a win over Brady on the road. He’s back, fans, this time unencumbered by a coach trying to get back at his owner by forcing him to be a pocket passer and almost getting him killed. Kelly already knows who his starter is and it’s Kap. He was salivating over him for years and he’s not going to let his weapon get away…

    1. The inability for Kaepernick to adapt when the opposition has figured out how to bottle him up is the reason why Kaepernick is where he is right now.

      1. Gabbert’s inability to defeat Kaepernick when he hasn’t been able to throw, doesn’t bode well for him now that he can….

        1. I agree with that, and that is why I do not view Kaepernick or Gabbert as the answer at QB.

        2. Kelly said from the get go he wasn’t going to make a decision until he’d seen them both play pre season games. Gabbert hasn’t been bad. His PR is 10th among projected starters who’ve thrown at least 10 passes pre season. Rushing he’s second behind Griffin. What more you want?

            1. Read what I said, what is the profit for Kelly to name Gabbert the starter early on? There would be virtually no outside interest in the team from the media, and Kaepernick would become worthless on the trade front. If he isn’t already. At least if they keep pumping up Kap there is some small chance another team will lift a 15 million dollar anchor off their back. They have to keep him visible and competing. On the open market it would probably take Kaepernick 3 years to earn $15mil. He has no incentive to leave the team voluntarily. He started preparing for this eventuality the moment he was benched last season.

              1. Chip Kelly, the coach who film studied every play of Kaepernick at Nevada. The same coach who tried to trade for him at Philly. The very coach who suffered through the likes of Foles, Sanchez, Bradford, Tebow, and now he came to San Francisco for more torture by the likes of Blaine Gabbert? Take that trash outta here. If Gabbert can’t beat out a quarterback who’s as bad as his detracters paint him out to be, who has yet to throw in a game this year, why, oh why would Chip name him the starter? If this is what Ethan Allen is selling, I’ll shop at Ikea!

        1. A NFC West DC is on record before last season stating how easy he was planning how to defend against Kaepernick.

          1. Same with NFC Safety Tyrann Mathieu. He basically said, of the Cardinals 4 INT’s, “they’ve had to simply the offense so much for him (Colin), it’s like taking candy from a baby”

    2. Yup. Kaep is back, and it is redemption time.

      Chip finally has the perfect QB to run his system, and he is smart enough to accentuate Kaep’s strengths and utilize him properly. Kaep will have a mobile pocket, and strike fear in the defense’s that have to try and stop him.

        1. I will bet a clown avatar, since you insist, unless you are too afraid to lose. Show some cojones. I do not want to take your money, but relish the thought of you being humiliated.

          Remember, a storm is coming, just like you said.

            1. I will facilitate the transaction which will name me as stakeholder, as long as I am given naked authority to deliver it over upon the proposed contingency….

              1. Seb,

                Your reaction to the thought of naked clowns comes off like Homer Simpson contemplating a bag of donuts.

                In the future, please keep your sick, twisted proclivities to your self.

            2. Prime, you cannot put a price on shaming you. I will immensely enjoy affixing a clown on your avatar. To me, that would be priceless.

              You challenged, I set the terms, and now you refuse the bet. Cowards renege and run away, after acting like a big bully.

              1. Money talks Seb! That’s why your boy crawled back to the 49ers because he wants his money and other teams think he is worth half that. Put up or shut up. I’ve given you an open ended bet to dictate what CK will do but you won’t bet. Weak!

              2. I offered a gentleman’s bet, but obviously, you are not a gentleman. You are a bloviating bombastic belligerent bullying blowhard too afraid to even bet an avatar.

              3. Avatar please? It takes 2 men to makes a gentlemens bet. I’m confident that I am one half. Are you?

            1. I did not bet you, I am trying to bet Prime.

              However, if you want to bet an avatar, I will accept, with the same terms as Razor. Contingent on no injuries, for 4 weeks, right?

              1. Let’s bet Lego’s or how about Barbie dolls? Seb it won’t be long now before you start making more excuses for CK. I will remind you daily the storm fizzled! You will blame injury, Jed, Baalke and Praag and maybe even the nail polish you wear!

              2. George, I said that I would let Razor choose which Bozo to use, unless you wish to choose your own. So the bet is for a Bozo avatar that Kaep starts or Gabbert does. All bets are off due to injury to either, and it will last for 4 weeks.

                If you have anything to add, or change, please tell me.

              3. More,and even more hate from the Seb!!!!!!!!

                Seb, perhaps your not as filled to overflowing with love and tolerance as u make yourself out to be…….?

                Seb–show-us-some-LOV E!!!!!

      1. So a whole season is based on 1 game? It wasn’t just the QB, the scheme was to run the ball and pass when needed. No QB in the JH/GR system was going to lite it up. I don’t think it was just CK who failed to adapt, his coaches needed to adapt too realizing that if they stacked the box they could thwart the whole game plan. CK has his flaws for sure but its not as black and white as people like to make it.

        1. No, a whole season is not defined by 1 game….but 10 games of under 200 yards passing (4 of those 10 less than 150), 14 games of under 300 yards passing, 4 games with no TD thrown, 12 games with less than 65% completion percentage…those make up a season of average QB play.

          And again, 91 total passing yards, 50% completion, 42 qb rating, 0 tds, 1 int, and 6 sacks for 45 yards lost (which brings that net passing to 46 total yards)…yeah…no good.

          1. You can’t look at total passing yards if a team doesn’t pass enough to get them. What you look at is yards per attempt and Kap was very good in that dept. in 2013. He also won in Carolina in the playoffs, so I’d say that made up for the stinker in November. Kap also finished that season ranked 10th so your season of average QB play comment isn’t true either.

            I know some hate to admit it and try to rewrite history, but Kap was pretty good for this team for a couple of years.

  16. The last time I recall anyone writing about Kaep being layed out on his back was the Packer game with that Matthews character standing over Kaep after clobbering him telling Kaep he was no Russell Wilson.

      1. Most of the pummeling he took and bad throws he made were on Kaepernick during that game. Cubes provided the visual evidence last season to support that reality.

        1. I just used my own eyes, The O line sucked. It was putrid. Gabbert was the beneficiary of the fact that Devey was benched, and Tiller and Brown played.

          1. You viewed it with a biased outlook then, because the visual evidence was clear that Kaepernick was largely at fault during that game. I also recall a large numbers of the blog family, before the evidence was even presented, stating the OL held up fairly well during it.

              1. I was able to watch the game Seb. Kaepernick was clearly at fault almost throughout the entire game, and the visual evidence provided by Cubus confirmed his failings. Believing otherwise is just purposefully ignoring the facts.

              2. The O line allowed 6 sacks. You cannot sugar coat 6 sacks and say that Kaep was at fault for all 6.

              3. At least 4 were on him for collapsing his own pocket, being tentative and not reading the defense. Open your eyes Seb!

              4. Prime, maybe the coverage was good, and it was a coverage sack. I do not recall the commentators mentioning that the Niner receivers were wide open and Kaep missed them.

              5. You don’t remember Seb? Well just recall the words of Ty Mathieu when describing CK’s play last year. Don’t believe anything on here what people say, believe his colleagues!

              6. Prime, TM said that they knew where he was going to throw the ball before the snap, so they could jump the routes. Sounds like stellar coaching to me. TM also said that their strategy was to contain Kaep in the pocket, which collapsed like a house of cards. The Niner coaches played into their hands, and were out thought all game.

                You can blame Kaep all you want, but the DJ told Kaep to throw the ball at only 85%, and declared in a video that the sideline pass should be an automatic checkdown completion.

              7. Seb keep spinning it how you want. We all know what the players from the Cards and Hawks said about CK. Our division rivals said he was easy to game plan for and knew what he would do because he was limited in seeing the field and wanted to run exclusively.
                You keep telling yourself what you want to here. Time will tell. Make sure you stick around unlike Mary to eat your crow!

              8. Prime, so now you are taking the side of the Niner opponents? Gee, I am sure they would never say any bad things about Kaep.

              9. Whatever they said was true. Precision, accuracy, leadership, decision making ability, all lacking. You disagree CK possesses those qualities?

              10. Its funny I got beat down for saying last season that our OL wasn’t as bad as our QB’s made it look. I think both our QB’s contributed to quite a number of extra sacks. They were still awful on the right side until Tiller and Brown started playing and Kilgore’s return as well. They we bad and the QB’s made them worse.

              11. Wilson,

                Assuming that the 49ers QB’s contributed to the sack total (probably true), isn’t it understandable that a QB would be a little skittish in the pocket, if they were under insta-pressure on a significant number of pass plays?

                BTW, I’ve seen great QB’s (Brady, Marino, Rodgers and others) look unsure in the pocket in games when they were under constant pressure. It’s not necessarily a fatal flaw for a QB’s performance to suffer under extreme pressure, most of the time.

                I expect either CK or BG will be better than last year, just because of the improved OL. I also expect both QB’s to be better than last year due to the vastly improved coaching.

                This doesn’t necessarily mean that the QB play will be good, but it could surprise.

            1. I just saw 2 lowlights. In one, Nick Perry ran by Staley to sack Kaep. In the other, Mathews ran between Devey and Pears untouched to sack Kaep.

              Like I said, the O line was putrid.

              1. Kaep was not responsible if a defender runs by an offensive lineman untouched to sack him. Did not see the other 4, but at least 2 were on the O line.

                It was not ONLY Kaep’s fault, like you want to drive the narrative.

              2. Once again, you are trying to alternate the conversation in too your own liking. Sorry, but I refuse to take the bait Seb because it just shows the arrogance you have about your belief and the absolute refusal to believe any form of evidence that proves otherwise.

              3. Mid, google the 49er- GB highlights. Perry ran around Staley and had a straight run at Kaep. Mathews ran straight at Kaep and between Devey and Pears. Look at those 2 plays and I dare you to tell me that they were entirely Kaep’s fault.

              4. Go back and locate the evidence presented by Cubus if you are willing to Seb. It broke down the offensive plays of each game while displaying undeniable visual evidence.

              5. Mid, I just vividly described 2 plays that I watched a few moments before, but even though I am telling you specifically how to see them, you refuse to do it. How can I argue against such a closed mind?

              6. So you are not willing to do so. Thanks for proving me right about your biased stance.

              7. Mid, since you want me to see what Cubus posted, why dont you scroll through the archives and find it for me and link it?

              8. Why? Because you will come up with some outrageous excuse. That’s what you do. Misdirect the reasoning and wonder why you always wear the ass hat on here!

              9. Mid, I would be happy to watch it, but do not know where to look exactly. Sounds like you do, since you are referencing it many times.
                I just googled 49er – Green Bay 2015. It really is not that hard to do. I just provided visual evidence, but you refuse to watch it. Sounds pretty biased to me.

              10. Because I currently have more pressing things to deal with rights now, and I would like to see you actually make an effort here.

              11. I just provided visual evidence, but you refuse to watch it.

                You only stated what you saw and suggested using Google to look for highlights which can easily be misleading.

              12. You insist that I find it, then you say you could not be bothered, Sounds like you do not think it is important enough, but blame me for not going on a wild goose chase. Then when I provide the visual evidence, you refuse to look.


              13. It showed 2 plays that were the crux of your argument, but you dismiss them as irrelevant because they disprove your assumptions.

                Maybe we should both rewatch that game. I concede that Kaep did not play well, but you cannot bring yourself to admit that the O line had something to do with his failures.

                I will emphatically state that the O line was putrid, and do not need to scroll through the archives to find something that will prove that the O line was stellar, because with Devey and Pears, it was putrid.

              14. Mid, I provided the visual evidence for 2 plays from the highlights. How can they be misleading? They are what they are, and I did not edit them. They definitely showed defenders running untouched to sack Kaep, but you refuse to watch them and say that Kaep was solely at fault the entire game.

                I wish another poster would at least watch those plays, and tell both of us what his impressions were of them. To me, the O line was at fault, not Kaep. It is revisionist history to blame everything on Kaep, when everyone knows that the O line stunk last year, especially while Martin, Devey and Pears were playing.

              15. Mid, notwithstanding the fact that Kaep had a poor performance, I think all of that is in the rear view mirror. They are moving forward, and burying the past. Kaep will learn and grow from that experience.

                I do not expect him to repeat his poor play. I concede that he did not play well, and the score reflected that reality. However, I will reiterate that it was a team wide effort, including the coaches and FO.

                I am confidant that Chip will figure out a way to put him in the correct position to succeed, and provide the support that he needs to achieve his goals. Chip will be hailed as a genius if he can fix and resurrect Kaep. I surmise, It will be an easy fix. Kaep, if healthy, has the intangibles and intrinsic talents, that someday will lead to greatness. Chip will turn Kaep loose, and when Kaep is out of the pocket into open space, he is the most dangerous.

                If a house painter can walk in, study the playbook 3 days, practice twice, then lead the Niners to 2 TDs, Kaep should be able to figure out the system that he has been studying for months.
                Chip, with his innovations, will surprise a lot of folks.

                I gotta laugh. Those posters at MHR have a bludgeoned expression from their texts. They are dumbfounded that their team, which shut out their first opponent, would lose to the Niners so badly.
                They lament the poor play of their QBs, and expect a rough season ahead. They might be desperate enough to start their rookie.

                Back to Kaep. It sure was nice to hear that Kaep threw, and had some long balls. Sounds like he is ready to compete, and I hope he wins in a fair competition. If he loses, I hope he becomes more humble, and works hard to be a team player to help the team win. If Gabbert wins, I will be surprised, but will cheer him on because I want the Niners to achieve greatness again.

                Walsh had it right. Losing to get rewarded with a good draft pick is self defeating, and begets a losing attitude. He would rather go for it, and pick last. Walsh was a winner, and I bet he thought that winning was contagious, because he tried to win both on and off the field.

                No matter what his detractors say. Kaep, with his playoff experience and records, gives the Niners their best chance to win. Within the Chip Kelly system, all he has to do is get the ball into the hands of his playmakers, and take what the defense gives him.

                Those Oregon QBs achieved success, yet they did not go on to NFL careers. At Philly, Foles and Sanchez did well in his system yet were mediocre elsewhere., so Kaep does not need to dominate to do well. he just needs to be efficient and take care of the ball. Even just the threat of Kaep running will make Chip’s system even more potent.

                I am optimistic. Kaep, will redeem himself and prove to his naysayers that big fast smart QBs who have rocket arms will dominate the league, and help win Super Bowls.

                By some miracle, Kaep is still a Niner, and with Chip, is poised to take the league by storm, again.

              16. I am not interested in your fairy tale weaving or sheer arrogance Seb. I am on record saying that I am currently dealing with tough online course work and personal issues which I wish to leave off of this blog. They are why I cannot head a fantasy league or participate in the pick ’em league belonging to Coffee. So unfortunately, I do not have the time to look up something for you Seb. As for your ‘evidence’, it was nothing more than bluster coming from you, as usual. Try actually providing the proof to back up your claim or to debunk mine. I gave you at least an idea of where to look for the information Cubus provided last season while you just kept telling me to watch the game again (which is impossible for me to do) and watch highlights.

              17. Mid, I apologize. I am sorry to be a distraction to you, and hope you do well with your studies. To tell the truth, I do not know where the archive feature is, looked but do not see it.

                Also, we are talking past each other, so I will let the matter drop after just saying that Kaep played poorly, but was not the sole player or coach who failed that game.

  17. Seems like we are finally getting the Colin we knew from his college days.

    Or maybe Colin Kaepernick’s and Anthony Davis started taking the same happy pills at the same time.

    OK, its likely a coincidence. Both realizing they hurt their own long term value by being sour. The presence of Gamble, the coaching change or new player engagement staff could be a factor.

  18. “What do you expect from Kaepernick this week?”

    Whether he succeeds or fails on Friday I hope he is spectacular at it. Anything in the middle will be disappointing.

      1. It was said tongue in cheek. No matter who wins the job we’ll talk about it forever unless one of them just kills it in the next two weeks.

            1. They do not have to play great to win. They need to reduce the unforced errors and play smart and efficiently.

              In 2012, I believe Kaep did not throw for 300 yards, yet still won.

              1. Seb, wake up its 2016 and the top five defense we had from 2010-2013 are in retirement. Chip’s teams are designed for QB’s to execute very well not mediocre. His teams are designed to run the ball and get maximum effectiveness out of QB’s. Mediocre doesn’t work in this formula without a shutout defense. Someone has to step up.

                Even back then had we had better QB and WR play we’d have one more super bowl to our trophy case.

              2. Wilson, look at the Oregon QBs. They did very well, but other than Mariota, have not taken the next step and become NFL QBs. Why? Because the did well within Chip Kelly’s system. Kaep is way past that rubicon, considering he has been in the playoffs and even in the SB.

                I wholeheartedly agree, the Niner defense propelled them into 3 NFCC Games, and last year showed how much those players were missed. However, it looks like the Niner defense is rounding into form, and they just beat the World Champions without Armstead or Buckner playing.

                I agree, if JH did not call a TO, Kaep would have strolled into the end zone and the Niners would have won another Lombardi. If Roman had just been a little more innovative, maybe they could have had 2.

              3. We can all play the what if game though…if CK had better vision he would have seen another open target in the end zone too and we’d have a Lombardi. See how that works?

                Perhaps JH and GR called the plays they called because of the person they had running the show.

              4. East , you are right. I MOSTLY blame the refs. They had it out for the Niners, calling a ticky tacky foul on the first play that wiped out a 20 yard strike, the bear hugging of Miller on the KO, and the helmet to helmet ear holing of Crab when they swallowed their whistles.

            2. You’re point doesn’t really work because most college QB’s don’t work in the NFL. Urban Meyer’s QB’s don’t work out save for Alex Smith. How about Alabama’s QB’s? USC? Palmer’s done well but look at the rest. Its not a good argument.

              There’s no guarantee that CK will blow us all away. Every knows he has potential, but does he realize it this preseason?

    1. Had to pay sometime for having 20
      Plus years of great qb play. You don’t see that often. It was bound to catch up sometime. But damn it’s been 20 years since we’ve had another great, maybe it ends soon??? ??

  19. Two things that wake up a “dead arm”
    1 stick this arm in a big bucket of coffee.
    2 act like it was sleeping when having to face a tough defense and then say the coffee trick worked the following week vs a weak defense.
    Shaamooo! You’ve got a “determined” player again.

  20. If Kelly named a starter early on, no one would care enough about Cohn’s terrible opinions to have a running comment thread on them. So, everyone should be happy for the suspense and not read too much into it.

  21. I hope Chip makes it a fair competition, and both do well.

    Maybe Chip should make the whole game competitive. Flip a coin. One QB starts and plays until the team does not score. Then the other QB gets to lead until he fails to score. Maybe one QB continues to score and does not let the other play. It would give each a huge incentive to keep scoring, and rewards success. The QB who stays on the field will be the winner.

  22. This is not about Chip. This is all about Kaep not stepping up. He had an open comp and came up with a dead arm. I’ve never heard of a QB (a former pitcher non the less) having a dead arm. Now he’s behind 2 weeks no matter what Chip does. Unless Gabbert implodes I think he’ll start week 1.

    1. Bandit several other guys including Cordell Stewart and Blake Bortles were reported as having dead arm. Just because its new to us here in SF doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. He is two weeks behind. I think the fact the Chip hasn’t named BG starter yet says something about what he sees in BG. He may very well start week 1.

    2. I’ve never heard of a QB (a former pitcher non the less) having a dead arm.

      So, because you’ve never heard of it, we’re asked to co-star in your new sequel to Dumb & Dumber? Do some homework before spouting anymore nonsense….

    3. Bandit, for me, the implosion came when Gabbert threw those 2 incompletions to Hyde. He had most of the first team snaps and practiced throwing to his team mates over the off season, yet was not on the same page with his wide open RB, and missed on 2 easy passes that were short and uncontested.

  23. I have never heard of “Dead Arm” but I have heard of arm fatigue. He had not thrown in about 8 months and then spend a month getting his weight and muscle back and then come in TC and throw a 100 balls a day,I’m sure will take catch up with him. I promise you,if you never worked out and then go work out intensively for a week,I promise you by the weekend you your whole body will be sore and stiff.

    1. Ruben Hector

      My bet is that your exageration (8 months ) is just that….Who knows what he’s been doing for those 8 months ? Was anyone keeping track of his activities ? In that he wasn’t ‘injured’ before he was benched, I believe that he ‘injured’ himself….

      1. No, no, Devey is a QB killer. I saw with my own eyes the many times when he allowed a defender to run past him to bludgeon Kaep.

  24. Also,to say Kaep is behind is understated. He has been in the classroom and out on the field getting mental reps.That in itself shows dedication and will. I commend Chip for waiting to say who the starting QB will be in which I think it will be Gabbert but because he can’t really name Kaep the starter after one game…good or bad.

    1. Ruben, I don’t think its quite the same to be in the classroom and to have two more weeks playing in the offense. He may not be behind conceptually but he is behind playing it with his teammates.

      1. Considering a house painter dropped his brush, studied for 3 days and practiced twice, then scored 2 TDs, the whole notion that Kaep, who has been here for months and has practiced a lot, cannot pick up Chip’s system, is puzzling.

        Kaep will get his chance, and I commend Chip for being fair, and keeping his word.

            1. No. He wants Kaepernick to show everyone what he can do, good or bad. Put it out in front of the people on game day. It serves a number of purposes.

              1. CFC says, “He can let Kaepernick go out and suck eggs in a game situation and then when he ultimately names BG the starter no one can raise a ruckus about it”.

                The whole premise of CFC’s comment, which you so sarcastically praised, was that Chip Kelly needs to let Kaepernick play and flop in front of everyone, so he doesn’t have to tolerate the BS from naming Gabbert, the presumptive starter. Secondly, if Kaepernick is as bad as is detractors, Chip already knows it. Why do that to his trade value, and instead stretch out the injury that so many like to question. You also do not risk him to injury just to appease the BS slingers. Then, you could safely and prudently name Blaine Gabbbert as the starter….

              2. I praised the comment because it was in line with my thinking, that Kelly wants this to be public. He wants to show that he gave both a shot.

                As for Kaepernick’s trade value, there isn’t a whole lot there. The only teams really interested in him a year ago went with retreads instead. That should tell us just about all we need to know.

                And I also stand behind my original comment, Kaepernick better be spectacular either way. If he’s middle of the road it’ll be quite disappointing and should be for everyone.

              3. I think it makes much more sense that Kelly knows he’ll be good, and this was planned with the Packers as the target return, since Colin has had success against them. Chip has to show Baalke he was wrong, he doesn’t have to justify being fair had Gabbert seized the job….

          1. Kelly and coaches have been saying that from the very beginning, haven’t they? As far as I can tell, they haven’t changed course.

          2. Jack,

            Do you believe this competition would still be going on if Gabbert had come out and played really well in the first two preseason games?

              1. Why? What purpose would it serve to keep the competition going if Gabbert had shown an ability to be really good in the system? Kap hasn’t played since November, missed a week of practice and two games. He didn’t throw a football until late in the offseason. He’s obviously behind at this point, so why drag it out if you know you have a guy who can do the job?

              2. Because you still haven’t seen Kaepernick against live competition and owe it to yourself and the team to leave no stone unturned.

              3. You owe it to yourself to leave no stone unturned if you have doubts about the guys who have been playing. If Gabbert had come out and led TD drives against the first string defenses we aren’t having this discussion imo. In fact I can pretty much guarantee many in here would be calling for Kelly to name Gabbert the starter based on his playing well in the first two games.

              4. If Gabbert had come out and led TD drives against the first string defenses we aren’t having this discussion imo.

              5. No he didn’t. They had a number of players out and were substituting backups by the time the 3rd drive rolled around.

            1. Not Jack, Rocket, but yes. They’ve been saying all along that they would let the competition run through the preseason. They haven’t strayed from that statement (although they probably would have if Kap was on IR). There’s been no ambiguity that I see on this topic from the coaching staff.

              1. Cubus,

                I understand that, but there has been no competition for more than a week because of Kap’s sore arm. The longer you leave this open the less time the eventual starter has to get prepared and take the majority of reps. If Gabbert had come out and played well, I doubt we are still talking about a QB competition. He is still likely to win it because it’s doubtful Kap impresses very much this week, but he had a chance to end it if he had played better than he did imo.

              2. “less time for the starter to get prepared”

                Gabbert got the lions share of the reps throughout the offseason program and the last two weeks while Kaepernick was out.

                If he does become the starter that won’t be an issue.

              3. Gabbert took the majority of the reps all offseason and then for the last 2 weeks. I was only about a week and a half that he needed to share reps with Kaepernick.

                In reality, this is more of a concern if Kaepernick is named the starter.

              4. It is a concern if Kap is named starter I agree. All the more reason to have named Gabbert the starter.

              5. Again, you give everyone a shot. Kaepernick has been hurt so he gets his this week.

                This whole thing is moot if Kaepernick doesn’t start on Friday as well.

                As I said a day or so ago, I doubt Kelly will publicly name his starter until he absolutely needs to. There’s no need to let that info out of the building.

            2. Of course Rocket! Chip has to show the lockerroom that this is an equal opportunity environment. He has to win the boys over im that everyone gets a chance, nothing given, everything earned. That’s coaching 101 especially in year one of a rebuild. Why proclaim starters after only 3 weeks. Makes no sense to do that.

              1. Agree with what you are saying, Prime, except that I think in most cases it would be preferable to know who the starting QB is at the beginning of TC, because QB is the most important position. However, in this particular case the coaching staff has already committed to a competition through the preseason and since Kap can now physically play, it’ll continue.

              2. If Gabbert had come out and played well, Kelly wouldn’t have to win the boys over or continue the competition. He would have full support of his decision because the players want to know who the QB is going to be and will support the guy they believe gives them the best chance to win.

                You proclaim a starter as soon as you can so he can start getting the majority of the reps and start preparing for the season. What doesn’t make sense is leaving it until a week or two before the season.

              3. “What doesn’t make sense is leaving it until a week or two before the season.”

                If Kaepernick had not been injured I would completely agree. I said early on in camp that Kelly and the team would be best served to name the starter as early as possible. The injury kind of threw a wrench in there.

              4. Rocket have they declared Jimmy Ward a starter? Wilhoite? Celek? They have not even identified a real depth chart.
                You are so off on this only because of the blinders on for CK. Soon enough you Seb, Razor, Rebuild will be crying in your soup!

              5. Rocket: Maybe, but I posted yesterday that I think Kelly probably made a commitment to Kap to give him a full opportunity to win the starting position. Maybe in the final analysis this is just Kelly keeping his word.

              6. What in the world are you talking about Prime? There isn’t a team in this league that wants a question mark around the QB position this late in TC. They don’t have to name Ward a starter, even though O’Neil has said that is likely. You know he is because he is starting every game. That is the point. You need your starting QB to play as much as possible at this juncture. If Chip Kelly believed Gabbert was worthy of being the starter, he’d have named him already. The only reason this is still a question is because he’s not happy with what he’s seen so far.

                I’ve clearly said I doubt Kap shows much and that I don’t think the future at the position is currently on the team. Some real blinders I have on there.

              7. Cubus,

                If he did make a commitment to Kap it would have been based on playing and competing for the entire preseason. Missing 11 days and two preseason games changes the situation quite a bit.

              8. “The only reason this is still a question is because he’s not happy with what he’s seen so far.”

                I think that is stating it a bit too strongly. I agree with Cubus in that my suspicion is that it may be more of a due diligence issue at this point than an issue with him being ‘not happy’. Given the competition was framed as both being on equal footing, if there is any reasonable possibility that Kap may be a better option than Gabbert, then it would make sense to at least see some game action before making a decision. Sometime is is important to balance competing concerns, and while I agree it would have been better to name a starter sooner (for preparation purposes, not PR purposes), making this decision without due diligence could be problematic on a variety of levels.

                Personally, I would have done this differently. I would have made Gabbert the presumptive starter prior to training camp and made Kap outplay him, but that is not what Kelly did. He put them on even footing, which set up the situation in which due diligence would include seeing Kap in game action so long as he was not physically unable to perform.

              9. JPN,

                if there is any reasonable possibility that Kap may be a better option than Gabbert, then it would make sense to at least see some game action before making a decision.

                Sure I agree with that, but it’s only a possibility because Gabbert hasn’t been very good. That’s the point. If Gabbert came out and played like Dak Prescott (can’t believe I’m writing that) we wouldn’t be having this discussion imo.

              10. The very fact that Gabbert received all the first team snaps in the OTAs and had profited from throwing to his receivers over the off season, he should have been way ahead of Kaep.

                However, Kaep came into TC and threw well. I think Grant mentioned that Kaep threw into tight windows, so Kaep deserves to at least get a chance to start in the preseason.

                Gabbert had many opportunities to outright win the competition, but he did not seize the day. Like what some are saying, Kaep may win by default.

                May the best man win.

              11. Rocket:

                There’s one other issue here. Two things:

                1) Fact: I heard Kelly state in an interview that he has had to use two QBs during his years with the Eagles. Although I don’t think he actually stated it, he strongly implied that it was due to injuries and that because of the zone read his system could lead to injured QBs. Therefore, he needs more than one capable QB.

                2) Conjecture: Kelly promised Kap that he would have a fair chance to compete for the starting job (of course the implication is that Kap has to be healthy).

                Therefore, if Kelly named BG the starter now, Kap could see this as another instance of the team going back on their word to him. Based on his experience, Kelly considers it highly likely that he will need two QBs this year. It’s better to keep his promise to Kap because he wants Kap to be a happy with the team in case he has to play.

                Normally, I would agree that the starter needs to get as many reps as possible especially with our WR corps, which leaves a lot to be desired. But I thought Jack made a good point when he said that BG is in effect getting all of the snaps and preseason play as if he were the presumptive starter (because of Kap’s injury). So, why name him as the starter at this junction and risk alienating Kap when he is pretty sure that he will need him to play down the line.

                To those who say Kap should be a professional and try to play his best regardless, imo Kap will play his best if he is happy. If he is not happy, then we get “dark, and introverted” Kap like we had last year as evidenced by his pressers. Obviously, just my opinion.

              12. Rocket,
                Kelly should still want to see CK.

                It’s not like someone else was getting the other half of the reps with the ones, while CK was out, and the benefit to naming BG the starter (not having the starter’s reps shared this week is the only benefit I can see) is fairly insignificant to the downside to not at least seeing CK in a game before making the decision. IMO, this is what would’ve happened, irrespective of how well BG played in the first two preseason games (barring BG suddenly becoming Joe Montana – of course, in that case, it wouldn’t hurt to “wait” to see what CK did in game action, because the answer would’ve been obvious, anyway).

              13. We’ll find out Friday whether the competition is still in full swing or not. Sure, there is little use in Kelly actually declaring a starter right now. But there is some benefit to having one of the QBs effectively practicing as the starter.

                3rd preseason game is where the starters usually have there dress rehearsal. If Gabbert gets the first team reps, then its not really a competition anymore. If they split snaps, or Kaep gets the lion share to make up for lost time, then Kelly really does want to see what he brings and doesn’t think Gabbert has done enough yet to win the job.

              14. I feel pretty confident this week is going to be all about Kaepernick. He will start the game against the Packers and play extensively….

        1. Seb why do you insist on perpetuating non-sense. He was painting his own house. He was playing against guys who won’t make a roster this year.

          CFC’s right, if CK doesn’t compete well Chip’s been more than fair. If he succeeds Chip’s been more than fair. Though this will never stop one QB camp or the other from crying foul. I like the way Chip is handling it.

            1. Right, he’s a first round draft pick talent. Was a starting QB, he wasn’t painting houses for a living. He was painting his own house. He has enough money to live out his life comfortably.

              Every preseason some QB plays great against the 3’s and 4’s and we go bananas. Lets not do that.

              1. So was Gabbert, whuppidy doo! I think the point Seb was making is that it’s a reasonable assumption that if Chip can do that with Ponder, why can’t he do it with Kaepernick. And why hasn’t he been able to do it for Gabbert? ; > )

              2. Razor, pump the brakes on Ponder. I was calling into question him calling Ponder a house painter. He’s not. You could put anyone of a dozen former QB’s in with the 3rd string and they’d look brilliant. He hasn’t really shown anything yet. What’s BJ’s last name that was everyone’s crush after preseason that was cut and then went to Seattle and cut again? He’s a perfect example of this. Or Tolzen is another one. Its no surprise people play well against that kind of competition.

                Chip’s system is QB friendly and we see all the QB’s in his system play better.

              3. Chip’s system is QB friendly and we see all the QB’s in his system play better.

                Except Gabbert….

          1. Wilson, I think you take things too literally. You and I both know he was a former QB, and is not a professional house painter. However, when he spoke about painting, he did say he dropped his brush and ran out the door when the Niners called.

            1. I disagree with your assertion that Ponder’s evidence that CK will just kill it in this system. Its a lot like our scoring drive against the Bronco’s last week. Pause the video and look up the jersey numbers of the Bronco’s in the game. None of them are 1st string. We scored on their backups. People can say all they want but the level of competition is really important for a fair evaluation.

              Also if its so easy how many throws did BG make to WR’s against the 1’s? He didn’t start moving the ball until the 2’s were in the game. Chip’s offense isn’t magic or as easy as you make it sound against real NFL starters.

        2. Seb, I’m trying to be objective about Kaepernick. Let’s see how he does first against Green Bay. As for Ponder being a house painter, I know you say that tongue in cheek, but I think he should be given more credit for his savvy. I do agree that Chip is giving him a fair chance. Also, due to his salary, the organization is likely to want him to succeed, so if he does at least as well as Gabbert, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get the job.

          1. George, you are right. It will all be determined on the field.

            I will accept whoever wins the competition, and just want the Niners to win.

      2. As many have reported here in the past; CK’ biggest issue is mental aspects of the game. So getting in the class time should help him to better assimilate Kelly’ system.

        Of course, the true implementation of what he’s learned in the classroom will only be seen with his on field results.
        Last year, the Cards’ Honey badger said that they wanted Kap to throw from the pocket (paraphrase). That is a damaging statement.
        No matter how well CK gets acquainted with Kelly’ system, if he still has issues while in the pocket – he will not get his mojo back.

        1. For what seemed like forever, but was really just 3 seasons, we heard of how much Tim Tebow had changed his throwing motion, improved his mechanics, etc etc…and then when the games came he was same ol’ same ol’ Tebow. This applies here to Colin. He worked with Warner, he worked with “qb guru” George Whitfield (who I think is beyond overrated), he had Harbs for 4 years…and yet, when the action started he was still loopy windup, staring down receivers, one look and go, half the field Colin.

          It take a lot and lot of effort for an athlete to change form, and I don’t think Colin has the focus to do so…he’d rather be in the gym doing squats (something we all should do, but not qbs).

  25. What’s the line on Kap throwing a pick six?

    Wondering what will happen if he does. Don’t want it to, but I just think it may be a possibility given his poor ball placement in the past. Who knows though, perhaps he’s been reborn.

    1. What’s the line on Kap throwing a pick six?

      Probably the same as the ones that said he would no longer be on the team. Hope you didn’t make that bet….

  26. Not a betting man. Just curious. You know LAs Vegas has to have one…

    Bet an avatar good one…how bout a dollar sign;-)

      1. So if he throws a pick six you’ll change your avatar to a dollar sign for how long? And I suppose if he doesn’t how long must I forgo my beloved John Taylor?

        1. Razor mentioned 4 weeks, so that is what I am going to say.

          Since it is improbable that there will be a pick 6, you can keep JT, and just insert a dollar sign next to him. OK?

  27. I like the old basketball analogy:

    There’s 2 second left to beat out Gabbert and Driskel. Kap has the ball at half court and has to put up or Seb shuts up.

    1. And now that Hayne is gone, Seb’s only chance to remain relevant on this blog is if his Kap prediction comes true.

      As of now, Seb is hanging off a cliff by Kap’s jockstrap if he thinks Kap can win it all in one game and be named the starter by Chip after all the hard work, on and off the field, organizing team activities to get the team together and learn the playbook during the offseason, and winning over the locker room.

      Kap and Seb were loners, standing like the “Fool on the Hill.”

      Written by the Beatles, performed by The Sergio Mendes Band

    2. TrollD, back for more? Still claiming you played the game? That is the oldest trick in the book. Glad you posted that the Niners would lose 0-55, so I can throw your prediction back in your face.

      1. Lets stay relevant, not dig up your past loser Hayne and 49er 2015 playoff predictions under Tomsula.

        This latest fiasco prediction of yours is in serious jeopardy. Kap winning the starting Job. Give me a break. He’ll be lucky to beat out Driskel, a rookie.

        My prediction, however, and Primes are the winners.

        If you are a real man, Seb, Like RA Winner did, you should apologize for your brazenly off target roster picks in Hayne and Kap, and congratulate Prime and I for our astute pick in Gabbert being your day 1 starter.

        We’ll be waiting for your concession speech. (PS, if you declare Kap’s a loser now there will be less bloggers to embarrass you then on the weekend)!!!*****

    3. Shut me up? TrollD, I am just getting started.

      I wish to point out you were the one talking about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.

      You call yourself Nostradamus, but when you predicted Denver would trade VONN MILLER for Kaep, you somehow got that wrong.

      Keep engaging me. I have a million ways to describe how clueless you are, and want to use your own words to show the world how lacking you are in even common sense.

      Prime may bloviate, but you are a blithering blatherskite.

      1. Prime and I are still waiting for your concession speech, apology, and declaring us the WINNERS!

        Seb, how terribly off base you were with Hayne and Kap a starter. What a Joke!

        Be a man like RA Winner, declare the victors and move on….There’s a man you should take notes from Seb.

    4. Enough of this crap, guys. Stop fighting on this blog. There’s no room for it. If you like it so much, get in touch with each other through Grant and have a dueling match. I’ve got the pistols you can use.

      1. George, please, TrollD is such a gun nut, he may think you are encouraging him.

        I seriously tried to ignore him, but he is relentlessly attacking me. I will not be his punching bag, so I will defend myself. Get him to stop, and I will be civil and courteous.

      2. George,
        Nothing is going to change until Grant steps in and for some reason Grant doesn’t respect the majority of us enough to do something.

        1. I know they are disruptive to others on the site, but the unintentional irony that permeates their attempts to deride each other is, for me, a source of humor. Further, their interactions provide a fascinating case study of what happens when two individuals with similarly manifesting pathologies and cognitive challenges act in opposition to each other.

          1. Gosh, all I want to do is calmly and civilly discuss the team I love. For some reason, a Raider lover gets to incessantly attack me, and his constant negativity is a downer and distraction to this site.

            I think Grant lets me stay because I will defend him against screeds, but for the life of me, do not know why he puts up with a hate filled troll who brings nothing to this site.

            Sounds like you are easily amused. I would rather talk about the O line permutations and strategy, but like what some poster said- whatever floats your boat.

            1. Well, to an extent, all such fora are a research project for me. I find the interplay among largely anonymous posters to be quite revealing of the inclination of human beings to act in ego-driven pathways when not constrained by discourse mores. Indeed, I often read such fora for no other reason than to try to understand the motivation for the misanthropy so often revealed therein. ;)

              1. East, JPN and I can get into it a lot, but one thing, I really respect him, and hopes he posts more.

                His discourse elevates this site and I learn a lot.

          2. “two individuals with similarly manifesting pathologies and cognitive challenges act in opposition to each other.”

            That definition is a gem.

  28. Also noted,

    I see all of your Eastern philosophy in Sun Tzu failed you in this battle.

    My Western, Greek philosophy and logic courses prevailed again. Plato, Anaximander, Asclepiodotus of Alexandria, Plutarch, and Plato send regards. At least their gentlemen in victory over you and Mr. Tzu!

      1. That’s like blaming Hery Ford because you can’t stay in your lane, or abuse Mr. Tzu’s philosophy when Walsh applies it correctly.

        1. TrollD, there you go again. You are the one dissing Sun Tzu, not me, and I never misrepresent what he wrote. You, on the other hand have no clue about truth or reality.

  29. What has Blaine to soft Gabbert done to become the starter? So far as I can see only two things – participation and no interceptions.

    What has Colin don’t want to be a Niner Kaepernick done to become a starter? Not one dog gone thing.

    Is this competition live and well? Yup and unless one of them step up their game the QB controversy will rage on. That’s nothing new for the last 15 to 20 years.

    The only QB I want to see is Driskel – next year or year after. I continue to shake my head at the depth or the lack of depth at the most important position on a football team. I am not against either one of our projected QB’s but I am not on board either, the sad thing is I want to be but……give me something to get on board with.

    1. Watch Ponder,

      After a cram session he impressed.

      And if this season goes south, expect Mama York to take Jed’s new toy away and hire a new President, GM!


    In the wake of a report from Yahoo sports writer, Frank Schwab, that Blaine Gabbert is inches away from being named 49er starting quarterback comes this statement from San Francisco beat writer, Mini Bach:

    Mindi Bach Verified account 
    The question was in response to Modkins saying he’s happy with Blaine Gabbert the first two games, so why not name him the starter? #49ers

    This is the strongest evidence to date that San Francisco 49er Head Coach, Chip Kelly, will name Gabbert as starter, not even waiting until preseason game 4.

  31. Cam Inman Verified account 
    #49ers Anthony Davis taking first-team reps at right guard at practice. OC Modkins said nothing decided on possible switch, getting AD comfy

  32. Chris Biderman
    Anthony Davis (RG) and Joshua Garnett (LG) both getting work with #49ers starters early in practice.

    10:53 AM – 23 Aug 2016

  33. sebnynah

    August 22, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Hmm, a naked clown…..

    August 23, 2016 at 11:44 am


    Your reaction to the thought of naked clowns comes off like Homer Simpson contemplating a bag of donuts.

    In the future, please keep your sick, twisted proclivities to

    TomD’s response to ExGolfer’s astute, Seb, psychoanalysis:

    Just when I thought I’d prepared myself for the low bar Seb sets for himself and his tawdry pulp fiction comes ExGolfers psychopathology….

    TomD’s and Cassie Balke’s observations of the Seb have remained stedfast: That is his overuse of weaponry lexicon are directly tied to the War psychology of Sun Tzu (Seb’s fixation on weaponry are cited by himself in his weapons manifesto above)

    However, as ExGolpher astutely observed, Seb nudity predilection is his new psychosis that bears watching…

    Notes: see horror films of the 70’s for further study.

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