Colin Kaepernick speaks — full transcript

SANTA CLARA – Here’s a transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s first press conference of the offseason.

Q: How is your health?

KAEPERNICK: My health is doing well. I was happy to get back on the field this week. Everything is coming along, progressing as planned. At this point, I can really start to get rolling. I’m excited to get back on the field, get healthy and get ready for this training camp.

Q: You expect to be full go come training camp?

KAEPERNICK: Yes. Full go come training camp. Ready to compete. Ready to give this team everything I have.

Q: Has this been an odd situation for you these last couple of months coming in after the trade request? How have you handled that, and do you have to smooth over some waters with teammates?

KAEPERNICK: No, I don’t think it has been an odd or awkward situation. That was the business aspect of football, and at this point I’m here, I’m excited to be with Chip and these coaches. The offense has been amazing. My teammates have been great with their support. I’m excited to be back on the field with them. It was a great feeling to be out there this week.

Q: Why did you request a trade?

KAEPERNICK: Organizations at the end of the season go through and evaluate personnel and opportunities. That was something that I sat down with my team and did the same thing. That’s how we handled the business.

Q: What led you to that? Why did you think it was better for you to go elsewhere?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, we were looking at different opportunities. I really don’t want to get into specifics of what happened, why things happened. At this point everything is football, I’m a 49er, once again excited to work with Chip and this coaching staff, Curtis (Modkins) and Ryan (Day) have been amazing and I’m excited about what’s to come.

Q: Are you confident that your best opportunity now is here?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, I’m very confident in that. What Chip, the coaching staff and my teammates have done this offseason and the work they’ve put in and how everything’s going, I’m very excited to be here, I’m very happy to be here and looking forward to being here?

ME: Have your agents dropped the trade request?

KAEPERNICK: Have they dropped the trade request? I haven’t even thought about a trade request in a long time. I’m here. I’m a 49er. I’m excited for this offseason, the work that I’ve been putting in this summer to get ready for training camp and to come in and compete.

Q: Chip said you were able to do more on Tuesday than maybe they even expected. Is it a fine line of pushing your body to do as much as you can while also remembering you had three surgeries and you might not be able to do everything you want to do right away?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, it is a fine line. Tuesday, I was only supposed to do individual drills. I felt good where I could do 7-on-7 and some of the 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 drills. And I was happy I was able to participate in that, get some live action against a defense, but also keeping in mind that I can’t just jump back into everything and get out there and start going full go. So, it is a balance of, “What’s the limit? How far can I push things?”

Q: Where are you at upper-body-strength wise? Are you still getting some of that back?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, still working on gaining strength throughout my entire body. It’s something with three surgeries that it took a while for me to be able to get back in the weight room and start lifting and being able to put some of that muscle back on, which is what I’m really excited about this summer. The point I’m at now is I can start doing those things and really get prepared for the season.

Q: With regards to the trade request, did it have anything to do with Chip Kelly becoming the head coach, or was it something more that you had going on with the organization?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, I’m not going to get into specifics. I know you’re trying to do your job and get all the information you can, but right now I’m a 49er, I’m excited to be here, I’m happy to be with Chip and my teammates and I’m excited to be here.

Q: What have you been told about the training-camp competition and how the pecking order will go, and do you feel you have a shot at the starting role?

KAEPERNICK: You know, they haven’t said anything about pecking order or anything like that. All I’ve heard is Chip has told me it’s going to be a competition, as well as Ryan and Curtis, and to come in and be ready to compete. That’s going to be my mindset and I’m excited to do that.

Q: You have a fairly significant injury guarantee in your contract. Do you see that as a hindrance at all as far as them wanting you on the field where you could get injured and collect that money?

KAEPERNICK: To be honest, I haven’t thought about that. My focus has been getting healthy, learning this playbook and getting ready for training camp and doing everything I can to prepare this team and my teammates to help win.

Q: After the Broncos took Paxton Lynch, John Elway said he was surprised that it didn’t work out. What kind of sense did you get meeting with Elway, and were you surprised that the draft came and went and you were still here?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, that’s a better question for the organizations. For me, I’m not going to get into that. I’m focused on football. I’m happy to be here. I’m excited to be here with Chip and my teammates.

Q: How does Chip’s system suit you?

KAEPERNICK: I think Chip’s system is great for me. I think it’s very similar to what I’ve done in college. More detailed and more complex, but I think it’s something that I’ll be able to thrive in and I’m excited to be a part of and really get on the field and get those reps and see what we can do in games.

Q: Does the fast-break stuff suit you too?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, most definitely. It’s an explosive offense – he has proven that with his track record through college and the NFL. And it’s something that I’m excited to be a part of and to see what we can do this season.

Q: How much do you think the mental reps have helped you?

KAEPERNICK: I think it’s something that I wanted to be able to take those mental reps and at least get a semblance of what the picture is that I’m going to be seeing on certain plays, and work through my reads and get those mental reps. So, I think that’s something that greatly helped me when I got to 7-on-7s this week and started working 3-on-3s, 2-on-2s where mentally I felt like I was already in it, now it’s just getting my body to catch back up.

Q: Was there a moment when you said, “Oh, I can do that!” Or a moment when your body said, “Not quite yet.”

KAEPERNICK: It was a balancing act. The first time being back on the field and getting live action, there is a little bit of that coordination that you have to regain. Somethings in my mind I was on time, but physically I was late. So there was a little bit of catching up there, but I thought Wednesday was a really good day as far as making a step and coordination and being on time with throws and things like that. So, I was excited about that.

Q: Do you feel like you can benefit from the coaching change and Chip Kelly comes in and it’s just a fresh start for everybody?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah. Chip has been phenomenal. Chip, Curtis, Ryan – they’ve all been phenomenal. Very focused on details and making sure that everybody is prepped for what we’re doing, we know what we’re doing when we step on the field so we can go out and play with a clear mind. Chip brings a lot of excitement with this offense and what he’s been able to do in the NFL. I think everybody on the team is excited to play for him.

Q: Blaine has been taking all of the first-team snaps for two-and-a-half months and he finished last season as the starter. What do you feel you’re going to have to do to reclaim your job?

KAEPERNICK: Compete. That’s all I know how to do. Every year that I’ve stepped on the field it’s a competition. Whether people like to say you’re the No. 1 or not, it’s always a competition. There’s always someone trying to be that starter, trying to make that step, and this year is no different. To me, I’m going to go out and compete and make sure I’m doing everything I can to go out and start

ME: You seem really happy and talkative. We don’t really see this side of you. Where is it coming from?

KAEPERNICK: From the soul.

Q: Is there less weight on your shoulders now though? Because you can only go up, right? Is that less pressure on you now?

KAEPERNICK: That depends on whose perception it is. I always put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. Those are things that I want to do. But at this point I’ve really had an opportunity to sit back, be with my family, be with my woman and really view what’s important and making sure that when I do step in the building I’m focused on football and that’s it.

Q: Just following up on his question, with everything that happened to you last year, the injuries, the trade talk, everything. Are you still the same person you were, or did that change you somehow?

KAEPERNICK: No, definitely not the same person. What I try to do is grow. And that’s not just on the football field, that’s in life. That’s in my relationships. That’s in everything. Being able to grow and have that growth is something that I strive to do, and I think that’s something that I took a big step in in this past year.

Q: How much muscle mass would you like to put back on?

KAEPERNICK: That really depends on how training goes and everything like that. There is a pretty substantial amount of weight that I want to put on this summer.

Q: You were wearing a visor today. That’s kind of a new thing for you. Can you tell us why?

KAEPERNICK: For me, it was something I need to protect my eyes. I’ve been doing a lot of things to make sure that my vision is correct and everything like that, so the visor has been there to help with that.

Q: Three weeks after you reported here, Trent Baalke said he still hadn’t had a conversation with you, which seemed odd given the fact that you had made a trade request. Have you since had a sit down with Trent, whether it was to clear the air or just have a conversation with him?

KAEPERNICK: No, haven’t had any discussions with him. But once again, don’t want to get into any specifics. I want to focus on football and making sure I’m prepared for this up and coming season.

Q: You had the shoulder injury in October. You played several games after that. How hurt were you last year? How difficult was it for you physically to play in those games?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, it was something that at the time I didn’t realize how bad things were until I went and got a second opinion and really saw what had happened. But, at this point to being 100-percent healthy, close to where I can start training again and really looking forward to the progress I can make this summer and being ready for training camp.

Q: There were a lot of whispers about your rapport with the locker room and how your teammates view you. How do you feel that is, how are you with some of those veteran teammates and do you think you have their support? Do you think they have your back through this competition?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah. From my standpoint, I have a great relationship with my teammates. I really can’t answer that question for them how they view me. That’s a question better suited for them. But for me, I have a great relationship with them and we’re all working hard trying to make sure we’re prepared to win this season.

Q: Were there times last year when you went back to pass and you felt like injuries were preventing you from making throws?

KAEPERNICK: To be perfectly blunt with you, I didn’t play my best football last year. Injury, no injury, I wasn’t playing my best football. And that’s something that I’m excited about for this season is being able to redeem myself, go out there and play well and prove to everybody what I’m capable of.

Q: How would you characterize your relationship with the front office?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, that’s not something I want to get into. I’m here to talk about football. I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to play football. I’m excited for this competition this fall.

Q: How was it psychologically to be the rehab mode this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: It was tough. It was something where I wasn’t able to do a whole lot for a pretty substantial amount of time. That’s why this week I was so excited to be out there. Really felt like I got to be an athlete again and start moving around and being on the field. It was something that really helps your confidence and gets the wheels turning before summer.

Q: How much weight do you think you need to put on before training camp and how much did you lose?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t know exactly how much I need to put on, but I need to put on quite a bit. But that’s not something I’ve had a problem with in the past.

Q: Would you care to say specifically how low you got?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t know how low I got. Wasn’t where I want to be. But I have put on quite a bit of weight, and I will be prepare for training camp.

Q: You’ve been a workout warrior. As a quarterback, is it possible you worked out too hard and got too muscle-bound up top and too tight?

KAEPERNICK: Too tight? I do think that’s possible. Too much muscle for what I do and how I play? I don’t think so. I’ve been heavier in the past and played just as well and better. So I don’t think that’s really the issue. It’s making sure I do everything on the recovery end and making sure that I stay limber as well.

Q: You said you were too tight. What didn’t you do enough of?

KAEPERNICK: There were things as far as stretching, soft tissue, icing – all those recovery methods that help keep your muscles loose, flexible, all of those things so when you step on the field you’re ready to go.

Q: Have your injuries led to reassess your style of play and be more cautious?

KAEPERNICK: No. My style of play is my style of play, so I have to be able to continue with that and be able to do those things and do what this offense requires of me. It’s really just building a new foundation for what this season is going to be.

Q: Do you think you will have more or less opportunity to run in this offense than in the past?

KAEPERNICK: I think it will be more, but it really depends on what the offense is doing, what the game plan is and what the calls that are coming are. All of those things are dictated by what the coaches feel as far as game plan is going to be giving up.

Q: Can you explain why you had your surgeries after the season rather than earlier, and why you did them in Vail instead of with the team doctors here.

KAEPERNICK: I’m not going to get into specifics on my medical side. Those things are the past. I’m trying to stay focused moving forward. Trying to keep everything positive energy, positive vibes, and excited for this fall.

Q: How do you see your relationship with Blaine Gabbert unfolding this fall?

KAEPERNICK: To me, I don’t see it any different. It’s always a competition. We’re going to help each other. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure we’re prepared for games. But it is a competition and I’ll be prepared for that as well.

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  1. Q: Why did you request a trade?

    KAEPERNICK: Organizations at the end of the season go through and evaluate personnel and opportunities. That was something that I sat down with my team and did the same thing. That’s how we handled the business.
    Translation: The team made it clear they were ready to move on from me and in an attempt to save face and not look like I was the one getting dumped I asked for a trade.

    1. Perhaps, but I thought his answer was a good one. He has every right to conduct his career in a businesslike fashion just like the 49ers do. They looked at their options and he looked at his.

      I’ve had employees threaten to leave for better jobs unless I paid more. I had to take the time to evaluate just how important that employee was to my small company. A couple of times I paid up and a couple of times they move on. As far as I can tell, grudges were not held. Business on both sides.

      1. Agree 100%. One of the reasons why I have never understood those fans suggesting Kaep needed to apologise for requesting a trade. Just part of the business.

        1. Scooter: Do you think that fan attitude is a holdover from the pre-salary cap days. Back then it seemed like the stars really did finish their careers with the teams they starred on. But now, with the salary cap coupled with short careers because of the nature of football, both teams and players have to have a business-like approach.

          1. There may a myriad of reasons why some 49ers fans have allowed CK to rub them the wrong way.

            I’ll just try to throw out a handful (sure some here can add more).

            1. unjustly (as many perceive) took over for an injured Alex Smith.
            2. highly offended by his wearing a dolphins cap (I wasn’t crazy about that myself).
            3. did not like his style of dress when doing pressers.
            4. did take to kindly to “kaepernik’ing” kissing his bicep.
            5. his inability to champion the traits of a “pocket QB.”
            6. his short and aloft demeanor when answering questions.
            7. oh, and everything that happened last season.

            But it’s a new day. Suddenly Kaep likes Chip, and Chip likes Kaep. We’ll know by mid-August if this is a marriage made in football heaven.
            My thoughts, I’m just looking forward to a highly contested TC battle between him and Gabbert – and may the best man win.

          2. Not sure cubus, but could be. Whatever the reason is, I think in general many fans find it difficult to understand how a player is not as committed to the team they support as they are.

            1. There are a lot “fans” who think free agency ruined football and everything else in the world.

              Cap in hand workers don’t ask for things that “fans” don’t want to think about like retirement health insurance for ex-players, better working conditions for current players, or better pay for players that out perform their contracts.

              Joe Perry the greatest running back in 49er history, before Frank Gore, drove a milk truck in the off season, and when his “bell was run” they used smelling salts and put him right back into the game.

              Perry most likely wound up some what “Punch Drunk” which is what we call Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) now. Potential law suits made the NFL pay attention to CTE, and “fans” don’t like that.

              If it interferes with their entertainment or makes them think, there are a lot of things “fans” don’t like.

      2. He has every right to conduct his career in a businesslike fashion just like the 49ers do. They looked at their options and he looked at his.

        I’ve had employees threaten to leave for better jobs unless I paid more.
        That’s not really the case here nor really how it generally goes down with players in the NFL. Kaepernick wasn’t asking for a trade until it was made clear that the team was ready to move on. This wasn’t an employee that was asking for more money that you now have to evaluate his worth to the company this was an employee that found out he was about to be replaced and was trying to save face. There wasn’t a mutual evaluation going on here, one side evaluated and decided to move on and the other reacted, period.

        1. This was a situation where an organization went to Sh*t in a hurry. Players lost confidence in this team and how it was being run. The owner thought he was the reason for the success. He got so cocky that he hired a PE teacher as his HC.. So the QB took exception on how this team was being built so the organization soured on him before the start of the 2015 season. He stopped giving a Sh*t cause they did NOTHING to help there supposedly franchise QB… Chip comes in and tells them that he wants Kaep as his QB.. They say we prefer Gabbert.. He is cheap and won’t stand up for himself… There is going to be major problems with Chip and Balke mark my words…

          1. I beg to differ. I think Jed likes Chip and has given him enough power so that he will not be cowed like Tomsula was.

            Proof? Well, the fact that Kaep is still on the team is solid proof. Even Elway said he was surprised how it all turned out.

            Another proof was the draft. Buckner was an obvious Chip Kelly pick. Garnett seemed like another Chip Kelly selection, and the fact that Baalke moved up in the first round to take him, was proof enough for me.

            Baalke, by picking ACL Redmond in the third, was proof to me that Baalke had control of the later picks. Robinson was another Baalke pick. Good value, even with red flags.

            Chip is nobodies’ fool, and wants to win. Baalke, with his whiffing on free agents and past drafts, better keep his head down.

        2. CFC,

          If the 49ers were ready to move on they should have worked out an injury settlement and let him become a FA. Keeping him through all of this and guaranteeing his full salary doesn’t strike me as a team trying to move on from the player.

          I also don’t see that as Kap’s reason for requesting a trade. It’s pretty clear that he has a problem with Baalke and the FO, and thinks the team medical staff either screwed up by not diagnosing his shoulder injury or just didn’t have his best interests at heart.

          Whatever the case it doesn’t appear that this was a simple matter of the team being ready to move on. They didn’t try to extend BG or draft a successor early in the draft which is what you tend to do if you are ready to move on.

          1. If Kaepernick hadn’t been benched last year and if there already weren’t rampant rumors about the team ready to move on and in fact was looking for a trade partner before Kaepernick had requested his trade then I would be willing to believe his version a bit more but his trade request really came across as nothing more then a reaction to the seemingly set notion at the time that the team was ready to move on. It was only after they couldn’t get someone to pay their price that everyone seem to back away from the idea of a separation.

            1. The only rumor that was actually verified from what I remember was Kap asking for a trade. I don’t recall many rumors about the team being ready to move on and certainly none that were verified.

              Everything the team has done has insured Kap would remain a 49er, from not working out a settlement, to not picking up part of his contract to facilitate a trade, to not having any kind of depth at the position or long term option. I see nothing here that shows the team wanted to move on.

              1. Well If we both remember the same situation differently then there’s not point continuing. From the moment the season ended most people were just waiting for the announcement of a trade. It was discussed by analysts on both tv and radio at the time. Would the 49ers trade him or cut him was the story and it was going on before Kaepernick requested his trade. It wasn’t until the end of February that Kaepernick announced his trade request by that time, and our host even wrote about it, it sounded like nothing but sour grapes given how the team was already trying to trade him.

              2. Baalke stated that the Niners would not accept anything less than a second round pick, and up til the day before the draft, was threatening to trade him. the Niners had moved on, and while I cannot say with any certainty, Paraag Marathe is still the chief financial negotiator concerning contracts, and I am not gullible enough to believe they were offering Kaep more money. In all likely hood, they threatened to trade him if he did not accept a pay cut. Kaep was totally within his rights to ask for permission to talk with other teams, because the Niners showed absolutely no loyalty to Kaep. If anything, Baalke and Jed should apologize to Kaep. Of course, that will happen when Prime and I agree on anything.

              3. There was a lot of speculation around here but there was no report of the Niners wanting to get rid of Kap. In fact both Baalke and Kelly were saying Kap was going nowhere right up until his trade request.

                This has been about Kap wanting out; not the Niners wanting him out.

              4. The only thing i can find is an ian rapoport article that said the Niners could explore a trade and Kap would likely be open to it. Nothing about the team having made the decision to move on from him.

  2. I posted something on a different post, so I will try not to repeat myself, and let my other post speak my viewpoint.

    I would just like to point out that Kaep’s reps asked permission to talk with other teams just minutes after the leaker, Paraag Marathe, demanded that Kaep take a pay cut. Sounds like the Niner FO was playing hardball, and it backfired spectacularly on them. Kaep essentially destroyed any trade value, so now he is getting paid fully, and is seriously competing for the starting QB position, despite the FO animus.

    1. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a center, a receiver, and a QB. for instance, that would be like the warm up before a game.

  3. I would like to point out that Kaep has matured, and that PC was a spectacular success for him, compared to past PCs.

    Kaep played it smart. He did not say a word up to this point, so he did not throw anyone under the bus or burn any bridges.

    I hope everyone follows his example and moves forward.

    1. Until he can demonstrate he’s all about team and show he can be accurate and make good decisions, he is nothing more than a try out.
      And Mary why are you hiding?

  4. Kaepernick sounds as if he’s taken Steve Young’s advice to heart. If he’s locked in, he could be weapons grade plutonium in this offense….

      1. Prime, I thought you were going to ignore me. Wut ‘appened?

        Sounds like you are a glutton for punishment. Like a moth to a flame, you cannot resist.

        Guess what? Like you said, Kaep will take the league by storm, AGAIN.

      2. You sound like you’re afraid he might take the league by storm again. You want your boy Gabbert to earn it don’t you?

        1. Razor,
          Like you, I would love to see Kaep have a renaissance season because I’m just a “cheer for the underdog” type of guy.

          I don’t put much stock in the negative opinions about him being formed because of his apparel, demeanor and kissing his bicep after a TD.
          But I do pay attention to his QB play and his regression on the field over the last two years.

          Kaepernick is being given an opportunity to recover/resurrect his career from all the negative events of the last two seasons and the best thing he can do is take every advantage to prove his detractors wrong by working his tail off in TC and have the right mindset.
          Right mindset? Yes, i.e., coming to TC knowing that nothing is owed to him, he has to go out and take starting QB job.
          If CK7 can succeed in doing this, he has my support, if he can’t Gabbert has my support. Btw, Gabbert also has an underdog storyline.

          While I like certain players, it’s comes down to what is best for the team and who gives us the best chance to win.
          May the best man win!

          1. AES wrote:
            “If CK7 can succeed in doing this, he has my support, if he can’t Gabbert has my support. Btw, Gabbert also has an underdog storyline.

            While I like certain players, it’s comes down to what is best for the team and who gives us the best chance to win.
            May the best man win!”

            I agree completely. I support the team, not particular players or coaches. I have been a fan of Kap’s since his Nevada days, but if he does not give the 49ers the best chance to win, I will pick the team over the player every time.

            1. Yep that is how I see it too. It’s what’s best for the team; not the individual. Whoever gives the 49ers the best chance to win is all that matters.

            2. Yep. If Kaep is relegated to the second string, I hope he is professional, takes his demotion with class and dignity, and works hard to help the team win. He should study hard and prepare for the opportunity if Gabbert is injured.

              I also hope Gabbert does the same thing.

      3. Prime, now that you mention that, I wish to point out that, yes, I have been advocating that the Niners run the no huddle with quick snaps for the last 2 and a half years, while you were so clueless, the thought never crossed your tiny little mind.

        I also said that they should counter the stacked box by employing 4 WRs and spread the defense out. By shaping the opponent and weakening the middle, I also advocated for years that they should spread them out, then gash them up the middle. Sounds like Chip does that, and a good reason why is because I was advocating a Chip Kelly style offense. Too bad you were spouting some bombastic drivel that I can’t remember except you thought Kaep sucks.

        I am glad that you read the same things over and over until they were imprinted in your psyche. That was my intention. Here is another.- Trying to force Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. I know that any military reference will go way over your head, so I will make it simpler for you. Play to your strengths.

    1. Hope yer right.. Razor ..

      just maybe … I’ll be able to pull my
      #7 jersey out of the closet .. and
      wear it again ..

      1. Be a man and wear it now when it can set you up outside the herd.

        I have two new sports related shirts. One has Kezar on the front, and the other has Seal’s Stadium on the front. My wife does have Sharks memorabilia and as the true hockey fans say, she has a Marleau game sweater.

        1. HT … you’re good for a laugh, there ..and ..
          I’ll go ya one better ..

          Late in August … the wife and I will be making
          the trek to the Bay Area .. to meet our
          new grand daughter … and.. I’ll be wearing it
          proudly … if fact ..
          If I can find an infant 49er jersey, when I’m there ..
          she’ll get one, too …

          Question is.. though …

          How much flak do ya think I’ll be getting
          for wearing it in the Bay Area ?

          1. MWN,
            I wouldn’t give you or anyone wearing a Kaep jersey any flak. I live in the Central Valley only a few miles from where CK played his high school ball and he is still looked at as a hero in these parts.

            Even if Kaep never plays again, I’ll still wear my 7 jersey proudly to remember how much joy he gave me to be a 49ers fan during the 2012 SB season.

    2. I concur. It was nice hearing him say that he was excited and happy to be with Chip and the other coaches. I believe Kaep would fit well in a Chip Kelly offense.

        1. Prime, why are you mentioning the Seahawk troll so much? I love the Niners. She hates the Niners. Maybe you are exhibiting some Stockholm syndrome symptoms. Since you hate Kaep, and want the Niners to fail if he is the QB, maybe you are becoming a Seahawk fan.

          1. Nice try Mary! I don’t hate CK. The NFL is all about what have you done lately. There is no optimism in my mind about players performance 4 years ago and what was.
            Until I see it on the field your Pom Poming Mary is boring. You bore me with your 50 posts a day about it. Your the gal I dislike!

            1. As for the Seahawks, yes how can you not respect how they have built that program. It’s text book. NFL model

            2. Prime, now that is is the off season, I have reduced my posts. I have not posted 50 times, it more like a few times, except at times to engage other posters. If you could stop engaging me, there would be a lot less posts.

              I have not hijacked the site, or like what JC claims, post 85% of the posts. I will say that I have been relentlessly attacked, bullied and insulted in a tag team manner, yet will still be civil and polite to like minded posters.
              I have not become upset about how many posts are on this site because it does not make any difference if there are 3 or 300 posts.

              I have not become upset like other posters because this is not my first rodeo, and posters should realize that I have been calm and restrained.
              I easily could go nuclear, but have toned it down because I respect some other posters on this site.

              You on the other hand, lead with your chin, then devolve into an infantile potty mouth. You do that because you cannot win an argument using logic, so you lose it, and become a true loser in every sense, This irrational accusation that I am a Seahawk troll is another manifestation of your delusional thinking.

  5. Good interview by Kap, I hope to see this Kaepernick more often. He seems matured and focused. I’m still pulling for the guy, but its all about the success of the team, may the best man win.

  6. Any way you can ruin the blog, I can do worse
    I can do even worse than you
    Prime – NO YOU CAN’T
    Seb – YES I CAN
    Prime – NO YOU CAN’T
    Seb – YES I CAN

    …and so on and so on.

    1. Oh what a beautiful morning,
      Oh what a beautiful day.
      Ive got a wonderful feeling,
      Everything’s going my way…….

    2. Mid,
      Yes, the sun rotates every 24 hours, my alarm clock sounds every morning at 4am, and prime and seb will tangle daily on this blog.
      I’d much prefer just enjoying the first event over the other two (lol).

  7. KAP SPEAKS! Who knew he could be so eloquent? His succinct responses, acceptance of blame and responsibility, not pointing fingers, all reveal a more mature, thoughtful and engafed personality. No hint of annoance, two grunt responses- none of that. I must say, Kap ahs grown up. I thought this was his shining hour of press conferences.

  8. We’re all so desparate for football people are arguing about CK’s Q&A. I mean seriously nothing really matters minimum til first exhibition game and some first real look at Kaep. Until then, why get too excited? BTW, who’s Mary? She should be welcome like everyone else right?

    1. Mary is a Seahawk troll who used to come here to needle the Niner fans.

      However, once the Seahawks lost to NE, she kinda dropped out of the picture.
      Maybe she did not like the fact that I kept on bringing up that last pass attempt and needled her over the fact that Marshawn Lynch would have won their second SB ring, except Carrol went brain dead.

  9. I don’t know what it is about Summer shows but I’m having a lot of fun with AMC’s Preacher. I was thinly familiar with the Comic but given how different the show is it kind of doesn’t matter. Anyway, it’s only two episodes in and if you have a chance give it a watch.

    1. I’ve been digging preacher too. Sort of a different project for Rogen/Goldberg than we’re used to, but very entertaining so far.

      1. I think Preacher benefits from the pair’s first venture into comic book character adaptation. A lot of mistakes were learned from Green Hornet.

        It’ll be tough for Preacher to have a mainstream audience given the proclivity for graphic violence/gore and it’s ‘religious’ setting. GoT get’s by with gore/violence because they have a cast full of gorgeous actors/actresses that commonly get naked and of course you have Dragons, you can never go wrong with Dragons. Preacher is going to be a tougher sell but I’ll keep my fingers crossed they find their audience.

    2. CFC,
      Haven’t caught this one yet, but I’ll see if I can catch it on Demand. Sure miss the Son’s of Anarchy, hope there is something in the works for another (next) generation.

      1. AES, my wife loved SOA and I believe the next one in the works focuses on the Mexican gangs. She’s been hooked on Vikings lately. The last show I really enjoyed was 11-22-63 by Steven King….

      2. I watched the first season of Son’s. I liked it but it didn’t grab me like it did many others. When the second season came around I decided to watch other shows instead and never got back into it.

        1. CFC,
          I actually started watching Son’s in it’s 4th season and eventually caught up to season’s 1-3 on Demand.

          After watching a few episodes of Son’s the wife and I were hooked. I also liked that most of the show was centered in the Central Valley where I live.
          My son tried to get me to watch his favorite series “Breaking Bad” but I just couldn’t get into it.
          Different strokes for different folks I guess ; )

          1. We’re part of a small group that exists in secret that hides the fact from society that we not only think Breaking Bad wasn’t a gift from God but that in fact it was really just an alright show that required you to be willing to suspend a lot of disbelief. After finishing the first season I compared it to Weeds. Another show where a white washed suburbanite got into situations that a) they would have likely been killed or arrested for early on or b) even if they were lucky enough to survive the first time they got into a crazy scrape they certainly wouldn’t the next time.

            1. You’re right CFC. We may be part of just a handful of people that didn’t get behind the Breaking Bad phenomenon. Not really having watched it enough to give it a fair assessment, I’ll defer to your take on the show.

              I haven’t been able to find a show that has me hooked for the season since Son’s series and maybe that’s a good thing since too much TV is not healthy especially when I consider the fact that I’m an avid fan of watching the Giants, Warriors, and 49ers – already gone through 3 pairs of eyeglasses over the last couple of years (lol).

  10. Thanks Seb. I thought Prime’s new moniker for you, Sebnoying, was creative. What do I need to do in order to establish enough cred to also get my name on Prime’s hit list?

    1. Just throw his own words back in his face. Prime once said that Kaep took the league by storm, and I will remind him of those words every time engages me.

      Believe me, it is too easy to get him so upset he devolves into petty tantrums, but frankly, I just want to discuss team strategies and tactics, and debate player potential with like minded, die hard faithful Niner fans.

  11. Barring arrests, surprise personnel moves, car mishaps and crazy twitter statements, for the next several weeks there will be absolutely no 49er news what-so-ever.

    And it won’t slow us one bit. We will march forward, chattering away, holding the fort until the 49ers return for camp. Much of our dialogue will be repetitive speculation about the motives of 49er higher ups, but there’s also room to hash out concrete football concepts and probabilities.

    I’m especially curious about O’Neil’s defense. Will it really be a single high safety? Will they play what Steve Logan called “quarters” underneath coverage? Will they abandon single high safety if the new corners are less than sterling press cover men? Are they really going to employ Buckner or Armstead as an edge rusher? How will the Blair Blitz Project work? Is the “we’re really exited about [bubble player name] just nonsense?

    Grant, have the 49ers released the exact date when camp re-opens?

  12. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and ruminating about what Kaep said, I must say that Kaep hit a grand slam. You could tell that he was well coached and that he had prepared by having a PR person run through questions with him. I hope he puts his past PCs behind him, and this is the new Kaep. I still hope he dresses better, but it looked like he had just come off the practice field. At least he dropped the head phones.

    It was nice to see Kaep being open, honest and engaging. He took the high road and did not discuss any dirty laundry, preferring to put that all past him and concentrate on the future. It sure seemed as though Kaep has forgiven the slights, has grown and is moving forward. It is a good sign that he has evolved, and has shown class and maturity.

    It was disconcerting to hear Baalke not talk with Kaep, since he is the GM and in charge with personnel. Maybe Baalke needs to work on his people skills, but maybe it is best for all concerned to keep them apart since Baalke seems to hold grudges (AD).

    I am ecstatic that Kaep is still a Niner, and hope he helps lead the team to victories.

      1. Since you mentioned dart throwing, I hope Kaep works on his short passes by using a quick flick of the wrist. He does not need to wind up and deliver a fastball, so using a motion similar to dart throwing will get the ball out quickly to the nearby intended target.

        Additionally, I hope Kaep (and all the QBs) work on deception by taking up juggling. Sleight of hands moves will make opposing defenses confused if they do not know where the ball will be.

      2. Along with the dart throwing, it’s been rumored that CK is on his way to mastering looking one way and throwing another.

        It’s also been rumored that CK has been heard muttering verses of Kipling and passages from The Art of War under his breath as he drops back to pass.

  13. Chip is in a tough spot. It will be hard to name Keap starter. But the 2nd time Gabbs throws for 4 yards on 3rd&6, all 41,400 fans in Levi’s will scream to yank the QB. Setting off the classic QB controversy. Has there EVER been a QB controversy with 2 healthy QB’s that worked for winning? Here we go 9ers fans…..

    1. Why exactly would it be hard to name Kaepernick starter? If he is healthy and outplays Gabbert in the training camp (not a huge hurdle in my opinion) Kaep will be the starter come game 1.

      Kelly wants to win. Most unbiased observers (Sorry Prime Time, you do not qualify as an unbiased observer) will agree that Kaepernick gives Kelly a better chance of winning. End of discussion.

      1. Considering the FO, and Baalke meddling with the personnel and coaching, I could easily see Kaep getting the RGIII treatment.

        1. You and I are on the same page most of the time but I disagree on this one. Kelly will simply not allow Baalke and the FO to meddle. All he has to do is to go to Jed and threaten to walk out the door and Jed will tell Baalke to back off. Jed has too much invested in Kelly to let Baalke sabotage another head coach.

          I know you do not like Jed York, but you have to give him credit for a) hiring Kelly, b) handling the Kaepernick request for trade in such a calm low key manner that to the surprise of all the NFL pundits and most fans on this blog (including you) Kaep is still on the team today.

          I was the only poster here who thought Kaep would stay and I was right. Barring injury, I believe Kaep will be the starter week 1. I think I will be right on that point as well.

          1. Rick, I was being facetious. I fully expect Chip will protect Kaep’s back so he will not be stabbed again, and will be given a fair chance to compete.

            I totally admit I was wrong about Kaep leaving. However, when John Elway had Kaep over to his house, you must admit that it did not look promising that Kaep stays.

            I may bring up Jed’s failures, but I want him to learn and grow from his mistakes. To his credit, Jed has not said much this off season. I agree, hiring Chip was a great move.

            If Jed wants to lead the Niners, and truly wants to win, he should stop being so cheap and pay AD his signing bonus, promise him a fair chance to win back his starting job, or promise AD that they will trade him to a team of his choice. Jed should realize that Baalke should stop meddling with the coaching, and I agree, he told Baalke to back off on Kaep.

            I give you credit for predicting Kaep stays a Niner, but I will not predict he becomes the starter, due to the FO animus, even though I agree with you that Kaep should start

  14. Here’s some good books. “How to Run a Franchise Well, get good Mgmt,good Coaching, Build a solid Roster” by Mark Davis And Reggie.
    ” How to completely F-up Something that was succeeding based on Ego, Inexperience and Arrogance” by Jed with a Forward by Trent

    More chapters written in both tomes this year

  15. Mark will have a book signing at a tailgate prior to first playoff game.

    Jed will have a book signing tomorrow at The French Laundry.

    1. MWD

      That Hafley piece is a true masterpiece for anyone playing or studying the cornerback position

      good stuff

  16. Wonder if this record will ever be broken.

    In 1978 the New England Patriots set the NFL rushing record for a single season – 3,165 yards. The remarkable thing is that not one RB had over 800 yards. Sam “BAM” Cunningham led the attack with 768 yards, Ivory 693 yards, Johnson 675, and QB Grogan 539 yards. A host of others made up the additional yards.

  17. Before the preseason begins, a schematic or Sebmatic, playbook for Chip’s consideration so Seb doesn’t have to repeat his outdated Sebopythicus playbook adnauseum:

    1. Pass the football left or right
    2. Make sure the pass hits a runningback
    3. Sometimes include the WR’s in a bunch formation–left or right–(According to Seb direction does not matter.
    4. Call a play before the timeclock expires (but if it expires that just gives coach more time to think of the next play–no worries)
    5. Install Kap for the next play since the ref’s just added 5 yds. for the delay you’re going to need a strong arm.
    6. When the pass launced at 95 mph and clangs of the back of the running backs helmet into the LB’s hands for a touchdown blame Chip, the OL, the front office, (fans name whose next in line to blame).
    7. Have a strong punter, because Seb agreed with the Tomsula hire, therefore he agrees with his philosophy: You can’t be afraid to pund witn two minutes left, down by 2 pts.
    8. Call a double reverse, flea-flicker at least 5 times per game.
    9. When the 49ers are down this year in any ball game Kap’s in, in the last 5 min. quickly replace him with Gabbert so Kap won’t get the blame.
    10. Install Seb as OC at the end of the season

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