Cosell: “The Patriots went to their speed no-huddle and the Niners’ defense got tired.”

This is what Greg Cosell said on KNBR Thursday morning about the 49ers win over the Patriots.

Q: Should the 49ers consider themselves lucky they beat the Patriots? There were so many fumbles they got back.

COSELL: They won the game, but you know what struck me? The second half the Patriots went to their speed no-huddle and the Niners’s defense got tired and they couldn’t rush the quarterback – it was really interesting watching it on film. It was really interesting for that long stretch there to see the 49ers on their heels, little pass rush, having to play some players that they probably didn’t want out there for that many snaps because they needed to get some guys some rest. It was really interesting.

But who else is going to do that? Seattle? I don’t know. They haven’t really done it this year.

Q: How much of the lack of pressure had to do with fatigue, and how much had to do with the absence of Justin Smith?

COSELL: Probably both. And then it’s funny, because all of a sudden late in the game after they were worn out, they had back-to-back sacks – the incredible one by McDonald, and then the great one by Ricky Jean where he just beat Solder. But for a long stretch, they got no pressure on Brady at all.

Q: Did you learn anything new about Colin Kaepernick from his performance against the Patriots?

COSELL: I wouldn’t say I learned anything new about the kind of player he is. You just want to keep seeing him play more and more snaps. He made some very good throws. I thought the touchdown to Delanie Walker was a really nice job by Kaepernick, because he looked left initially. It was a great designed play out of two backs and two tight ends. They actually shifted from the pistol to Kaepernick under center. I thought he did a really good job being patient in the pocket, looking to his left initially, then coming back to his right to Walker. I thought that was really well done by Kaepernick.

And the other element that Kaepernick gives you is running versus man coverage. Most teams when they play man coverage, they do not account for the quarterback. So if it’s third and eight and they play man-to-man, the quarterback can run, and he did that in that game in the first half. He gained 19 yards on third and eight, it was man-to-man, no one accounts for the quarterback and he can run. He gives you that added dimension.

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