Crabtree is beginning at the beginning

When receiver Michael Crabtree signed last season in October, he had to get ready to play a game in quick fashion. Now, he can actually learn the 49ers’ offense thoroughly at a more leisurely pace.


“It’s a good thing, learning the basics,” Crabtree said today after the second of two days of 49ers organized team activities. “When I first came, I was cramming a lot in a little amount of time. So I feel like right now we got the time, so we’re taking it step by step.


“I’m learning routes, and combinations, and even blocking schemes for the offensive line, so we know what’s called in the huddle. Everything is looking good.”


Despite no offseason program and no training camp, Crabtree had a strong rookie season with 48 receptions for 625 yards and two touchdowns in 11 games.


* * *


Right tackle Alex Boone, an undrafted player a year ago, has gone through a body transformation. He has changed his diet and is working hard to become a factor for the 49ers. He spent his rookie season on the 49ers’ practice squad, and he didn’t like going a full year without suiting up for a game, he said.


He said he wants to play, so he took some drastic measures.


When Boone came to the 49ers last year, he was 330 pounds. He ended up at 340 pounds. Then, he dropped down to 300 pounds before the end of the season. In the offseason, Boone has added 25 pounds — that’s 25 good pounds.


During that process his body fat went from 25 percent, he said, to currently 19 percent. He said his goal is to get down to 15 percent.


He’s eating 6,000 calories a day with 500 grams of protein. He no longer eats fast food. Instead, he’s eating a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables.


* * *


Linebacker Takeo Spikes provided his thoughts on whom the 49ers should draft next month. He said he really likes the “two-for-one” that Clemson’s C.J. Spiller would provide for the 49ers as a running back and return specialist.


Spikes also mentioned Cincinnati‘s Mardy Gilyard of Cincinnati as a player to watch in the second round.


On the defensive side, he said he would not be surprised if the 49ers select Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes – a distant cousin. Spikes said he would love to be able to mentor Spikes at the “Ted” linebacker position. Takeo said Brandon also has the versatility to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.


* * *


Linebacker Patrick Willis was seen in the locker room on crutches. He recently underwent surgery to remove a bursa sac from his right knee.


* * *


Coach Mike Singletary did not attend the two days of OTAs. He and director of player personnel Trent Baalke attended the pro day for Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford on Monday. Today, Singletary and Baalke were in Texas to watch Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant work out.


Singletary and Baalke departed Sunday on their scouting trip to bond and better get to know each other’s scouting preferences.


* * *

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